still don't like this new costume


Part 1 (Yuuri’s Eros, Viktor’s SbMS, Yurio’s Agape and Yuuri’s YOI)

I’m. Dead. Completely dead. God dammit, if I thought the others were hard, well, these were HELL. Chris’s costume was the hardest so far (It’s name should be INFERNO. Not Guang-Hong’s), but omg it really does SHINE in the game I love how it turned out!!! Phichit’s was hard as well and I’m still not 100% happy with it but it looks cute in game too so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Probably gonna do more since I FELL TOO HARD IN YOI’S HELL!! So if you have one specific costume you want to see, hit me with an ask

Me, at a party, talkin about Star Wars: Yeah so I’m SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THE LAST JEDI TRAILER please TATTOO THE NEW POSTER ON MY FACE I love Rey so much

A dude: You know, you kinda look like Rey… you should totally cosplay her!

Me, changing into my old costume and sewing a new one as we speak: Hold on buddy I’m about to blow your mind

kill-ian-jones  asked:

How come you don't like Harley's new origin?

Speaking comic wise, it takes the decision away from Harley. In her original origin story, SHE makes the decision to become Harley. Yes, Joker definitely influences her to do it, but it’s her that breaks into the joke shop and steals the costume and breaks him out. It’s her in control of becoming a villain. Here, it’s like Joker gifts her with her new identity. He throws her into the acid and kinda forces it on her. And I don’t like it.

Suicide Squad found a mediocre medium between the two. It still kinda sucks because it was less “I’M going to break Joker out because I want to” and more like “Joker asked me for a machine gun so might as well amiright?” The one positive change Suicide Squad made was it was very clearly Harley’s choice to go into the acid. There was no coercion, there was no “Well gee I don’t know”. She was like “Hell yes sign me tf up!!!” It’s still not as great as her original origin, but at least Squad gave the final decision back to her.