still don't like my face

I finally watched the Bronze early yesterday and right after I knew I had to draw my favorite asshole

I rarely post photos of my at-con commissions anymore cuz i’m lazy af about making them all look nice and cropped o)-< But here’s an example of my ink + color commission

Someone asked me to draw Japanese mafia Akaashi and i really liked how it turned out (✽´ཫ`✽)


My present for the @lesmiserablessecretsanta​ gift exchange!  For the lovely @thesongof-purplechristmas​!  (my tablet is broken right now, so I apologize, it’s awfully messy!)

Modern AU! where Courfeyrac gets E and R matching shirts for Christmas after they finally get their shit together and start dating.  R is a good sport; Enj is not (”Grantaire is a grown man, Courfeyrac.  Is this really necessary?” “Yes, Enjolras!!!”)
(He secretly likes it.)

Two sides of the same coin

Arthur Pendragon & Merlin Emrys
The once and Future King & the greatest Sorcerer to ever walk the Earth

The last days mark my re-obsession with Merlin and here we are, I drew something. Funny to compare this accidental piece with the old one of these two (klick) from 2013.


he/him, even with the hijab picture

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I actually feel kinda presentable today! (for once…)

How are you guys? <3 I’m seriously struggling to find motivation for school right now… I recently turned in my college applications so my current grades don’t really matter anymore (as long as I don’t completely fail HAHA)… After working my ass off for four years to get really high grades and test scores, I think I’m just feeling… done with high school now that college apps are over? I mean, I love learning a lot, but every day I feel like I’m stuck in this fish bowl? I am so looking forward to college… Hopefully my motivation for school will come back after this semester ends and second semester begins and my schedule changes! Which is in… two and a half weeks… what am I going to do in the meantime LAUGHS


Don’t fall  a s l e e p .


Started filling the feeders again, and added a couple new ones!

So many birdies. The kitties are big fans of the new window feeder.

When the moon fell in love with the sun
All was golden in the sky
All was golden when the day met the night

you can blame @e-li-za for talking me into making it super cheesy!!