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tobehappyandme  asked:

Hello! what are your recommendations for highlighting notes for science based courses (biology). I know you recommend highlighting notes (colour coordinated) to better organise and navigate your notes, I just don't know how to apply to science. Thx(:


I still do find a colour coding system helpful for Biology however this does depend on the structure of your course and therefore you may have to work with it a bit until it works well for you.

My colour coding for Biology personally goes like this:
-Yellow- key terms/words
-Pink- links between topics
-Green- real world/ethical applications
-Blue- calculations
-Orange- definitions

I’ve found this pretty helpful in the end as I know that I personally struggle with the maths side of Biology and so it lets me flip through my notes and easily see which parts have calculations in and so I need to revise them especially thoroughly.

Good luck!