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give me haunting silence, a deathly quiet, a blanket of stillness broken only by the sticky creak of my feet breaking kiss after kiss with the floor. give me copious darkness, silken shadows to chase me around the chamber as my eyes glaze over. i slip into a trance, repeat my ritual like a ghost caught between the stars, wavering through dimensions, weaving in and out of worlds.

i am not a girl like you. i am like nothing you’ve ever known. there are secret realms within me dying even now, and some yet to be born.

—  stars within me

hey im really close to 5k and id really appreciate if you guys could reblog this or whatever bc im almost there !! here’s a few things abt me/my blog:
- im anti-shaladin
- i live for klance
- keith is my fav
- yeah lance is probs my fav sorry keef
- hunk !! and !! pidge !! are !! my !! children !!
- i love my space parents;; ain’t no way texan keef getting in the way of them ok

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Is it just me or your mafia au comic got shorter and shorter everytime you update? I know that it's not easy to draw them, and you've done a good job coloring them so it must take a bit long to finish, i'm just kinda disappointed that it's short? But i'm still looking forward to your works everytime i'm on tumblr, I just want to tell you how i feel. Please don't take it the wrong way!

Okay, um, a couple things
I know you’re not trying to be rude, but, honestly the last installment had two pages, which is basically the average
Honestly, the pages are becoming more and more detailed as I go along, if you look at the beginning you can see that I didn’t bother to have panels or backgrounds.
So, I don’t think it’s short?
And even if it is, that’s just how it is
I’m making this comic for free and with my own time.
It’s summer now, but I started this back when I was doing school, and I also work
just, I understand that you like it a lot and want more, but, each page is a labor of love
And it isn’t something that can be rushed or forced ^^;

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How did you start your comic blog? I am think about starting my own for a fan-comic, but I don't know how to begin!! Do you have any tips or things I should try to do?

Hey that’s awesome!!! First off let me say congrats in advance, and that you should totally go for it, and that I’m sure you’re going to do a really great job!

Secondly, and honestly? I just went for it! I was working on another comic at the time and still really new to comic making and tumblr in general, but I had ideas and I wanted to tell this story because 1) I think it’s an awesome story and 2) I didn’t want someone to beat me to the punch somehow :P Since it heavily relied on other people’s characters I either got their permission first or made sure that in their FAQ they OK-ed people using their characters for comics/art, and once I was good to go I just started with where I felt comfortable - with just separate panels of art and a small handful of them per update. Eventually I got more ambitious and tried proper comic page paneling (also because I lowkey want to print me a copy of this someday), doing side comics, planning in advance, and all that good stuff. And um, here we are, still doing the thing :’)

Hands down, the best advice I’ve ever received and that I could ever give is to have fun with it. That might sound kind of basic but it’s SO super true. If your comic stops being fun to create, or to share with your followers, or to look back on, then you need to reevaluate some things and figure out what you need to do next to make it fun for you again. Notice how I said for you. It’s really easy to fall into people-pleasing mode, but you should stick to your guns and make content that not only you’re proud of, but that you enjoy. Besides, if you’re having fun, I think the people who read your content pick up on that!

Aside from that, remember that no one said it’ll be easy - but it’ll be worth it. Let yourself grow as an artist and a storyteller! Do what you think is right and do your very best and don’t give up. Even when it’s hard, impossibly hard, or you feel discouraged or worried or stressed don’t give up because it’s too hard. If you need to stop or take a break it’s not a big deal, and don’t let anyone make you feel like it is. But don’t give up because of self-doubt. Figure out what you need to do to make it fun for you again. Ignite that passion and then go for it! You can do the thing!! You’re going to be okay!!

Good luck, you got this! :D

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i'm trying to find a job but i have like a five year gap in my resumé from when i was too depressed to work and i don't know how to explain that to prospective employers. i don't want them to judge me.

Hey angel. I still experience some anxiety when I get asked this question. Not wanting to be judged is completely valid and understandable. You’re human! I think the most helpful advice I’ve ever seen regarding this topic, is to simply say “I haven’t worked (or attended school, etc whatever fits) because I am (or was) recovering from an illness.” 

I actually found this tip while browsing through Tumblr a few years ago so I did some digging to find the original post for ya. Even though it takes some time to get used to talking about it, it does get easier. You build confidence and coping skills every time you handle a tough situation. I hope this is somewhat helpful darling, stay strong 💕


September Journal Challenge created by @journaling-junkie! ❤️

After this month, I won’t be able to use Tumblr for a while since I’ll be focusing on my exams and a big project I’m working on. I’ll still keep up with the journaling prompts, since I love them so much! But I just won’t be as active on this site until the end of the school year.

Enjoy the queued posts. There’s a LOT! ⭐️

Dean’s new job

Dean’s new job does not fit with him. His father laughed when he heard what his son was doing while he was hunting and promised him to be quick. Sammy looked pretty doubtful when he heard where his big brother was going to work…. and Dean himself? He was also not sure about this at all.

But now after two weeks as a helping hand in the local kindergarten of the small town, they are staying in, he has to admit he kinda likes it. Which surprised himself the most. He never considered that he would like or be good at working with young children. But surprisingly enough he does both.

He doesn’t tell his dad about this. His father thinks he hates the job and just took it because they need to get some legal money for a change and the kindergarten was so desperate for a helper that they didn’t look too long at his fake diplomas and licenses.

Sam on the other hand, who actually sees Dean coming home, humming a children’s song fingerpaint all over his hands and sometimes even his face, eyes glittering with joy and seemingly more happy and relaxed than he ever was, knows that Dean enjoys it. But he knows better than to comment on it.

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I have bleeding fingers and cracked nails,
Clawing my way from the darkest parts of hell,
If you’ve been there, I don’t need to explain it,
I’m sorry if you’ve ever seen it,
You don’t need to save yourself, that’s a goddamn lie,
Here I am,
Reaching my hand back into the abyss,
I will pull you out, even if those demons touch my soul again,
It’s okay if your heart is still made of darkness, so is mine,
Together we can heal, paint this world with our blood,
Red is the colour of victory and warriors, we have survived,
Smear the walls with the blue of the eyes of your first attacker, show them you mean war,
You’re a fucking beautiful work of art,
And they say all art comes from tortured souls,
I guess they’re right
—  Searching for good health // things I don’t know how to say

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Hi, I read your reply about Verizon buying Yahoo and the possibility of people (who have ATT emails). I wonder what email would you recommend (examples, gmail or outlook, etc) that I use for my Tumblr account? I live in the UK and I don't know how this new changes will affect me? Thanks

As far as I can tell, this is actually due to fuckery on AT&T’s end. At some point in the past, they struck up a partnership with Yahoo that made all their customers’ email addresses function as Yahoo accounts, so that one login would work across the whole range of Yahoo sites. Including, apparently, Flickr and Tumblr. And now AT&T and Yahoo are parting ways and they’re awkwardly disentangling everything they linked up.

So, still an ominous warning sign about the dangers of consolidating a bunch of internet infrastructure in the hands of a few mega-companies, whose users are all at their mercy of their mergers, horse-trading, and attempts to undercut the competition. Just not from the direction it initially looked like.

Gmail is a damn fine service with the best security in the business–and that’s nothing to sneeze at, because internet security in the year of our lord 2017 is such a raging clusterfuck that it takes mega-company resources to keep up. Google, however, engages extensively in the same login-bundling fuckery as Yahoo. Like, probably the best way to understand wtf is going on with the AT&T email addresses is: “remember when Gmail accounts got forcibly merged with YouTube accounts? okay, now imagine they have to undo that.” So that’s a risk on all the sites Google owns… but Tumblr isn’t one of them. Unless Google is dumb enough to acquire it.

Anyway, you’re cool using Gmail or another email provider of your choice for your Tumblr account. The thing to be wary of is when a company with its fingers in a whole bunch of pies starts going “your account here is also your account over on this unrelated site in a different line of business! magic!!!” Chances are they want to bundle the datasets to sell to advertisers, and/or use their stranglehold over one market to start fucking over competitors in another–either way, it’s not being done for your benefit. Maintain separate accounts if you can.

In general: don’t keep all your eggs in one basket, download everything to local backups (Google Takeout is your friend), use separate email addresses for different parts of your life (professional, personal, shopping, fandom, etc).

(Unsolicited but related advice: DON’T REUSE YOUR EMAIL PASSWORD ON ANY OTHER SITES. Your email is the skeleton key to every account you’ve ever signed up for with it, via confirmation emails and password-reset links. It also contains enough information about your interests/normal communications to craft extremely convincing social-engineering attacks. Reuse all the passwords you want for throwaway logins on forums/e-commerce sites/social media platforms/whatever, I don’t give a fuck. But when one of those sites inevitably gets hacked and has its data dumped, you don’t want your email password to be the one plastered all over pastebin.)

A couple of weeks ago, I figured out why it is that I can’t bring my mouth to let go of the words “Are you okay?” when you need me to. It’s not because I don’t care and not because I don’t want to be here for you, but it’s because this is how I’ve been taught to approach the situation. As far back into my childhood as I can remember, when someone was having a bad day, we stay away from them, give them space–my family isn’t fuzzy and warm, and never had been. So now when people seem to need that space, I give it to them. But I think you don’t always need space. Maybe sometimes you want me to be there next to you. Maybe sometimes you just want a hug. Maybe sometimes you just want me to hold your hand. I’m sorry for all of the times when I wasn’t there to do that. But know that I’m trying to learn how to.
—  My love. 🖤

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A background practice I’ve been doing this week as break time from work. Color is still pretty damn challenging for me, specially when I want to achieve an interesting and eye-catching palet. At the moment my process involves lots of linework, and modifying color values right up until the very end. Still, working with a sketch as a core point feels just right , I adore lines :) have a nice weekend everyone!

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I know this is not directly related to the mental illness discourse but I really like your posts and wanted to know what you think. If I'm correct the mysme wiki won't allow editing but V has a page on the villains wiki (I still don't know why) and someone wrote he is a villain because he is a wizard and tricked Rika/the previous MC and?? nothing about that is confirmed?? and it puts the blame on V once again which is pretty fucked up and I honestly don't know how to deal with these people

Firstly, thank you for your kind words about my post! I appreciate it. 💙

I remember the wizard fan theory. That’s just it- it’s a theory created by a blog here on Tumblr. It’s not confirmed by Cheritz officially or anyone working for them, but it gained some serious traction on social media.

My guess is whoever is the mod(s) for the wiki page edited it to support the theory since it was getting a lot of attention. They may have even given rights for the person who came up with the theory to insert it in themselves. 

It’s all just another way to discredit V because people refuse to acknowledge that he is a victim of abuse and is acting exactly how an abuse victim would act under these circumstances. It’s easier for people who can’t understand the elements of abuse to paint V as a villain. I’m just as frustrated as you are, anon.

We’ve got a tumblr and we retumble things that you tumble because we’re really into tumblr…

Rhett Mclaughlin (GMM 377)

They should replace ‘reblog’ with ‘retumble’, it definitely should be a word.

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For a high school writer, you are actually so so so helpful and inspiring! You have so much great insight and your videos are so high-quality. I don't know how you manage to get everything done (books, vlogs, answering Tumblr comments, etc) while still looking after Cliff and helping ensure he had everything he needs. You are such a role model for a teenage girl like myself to show that if you work hard you can accomplish! You don't take bullshit from anyone and you're such an amazing person! 💜

Seriously, this is incredibly touching. Thank you so much. I’m just trying to do my part and help out <3