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It still kind of blows my mind how nice Kuroo and Bokuto are. Like, when they meet Tsukishima he’s literally The Least Likable Person on Karasuno™, and he’s doing his little asshole shtick just to isolate himself at this point, and they’re just like:

“You know what we should do? Shower this bitter, unhappy little jerk in friendliness and encouragement and in the process help him rediscover his  passion for volleyball”

I mean

Good Intentions

Summary: Seven, Zen and Yoosung decided to hang out over at Jumin’s place (Jumin did not sign up for this) when the three get into a messy wrestle fight. Unfortunately, Seven and Zen team up on poor Yoosung and decide to take things to the next level as soon as they pin him down: tickle the absolute hell out of him. 

Author’s note: Was finally able to finish this asdfjkasdf I finished Yoosung’s route a long time ago, totally fell in love with this adorable cutie and here I am, pulling this fic out of the trashcan. I think anyone with an older sibling, or worse siblings, has gone through this at least once in their life. I salute thee, I’ve been there 8]]] 
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‘Twas one of those rare nights where all the members of the RFA had found a gap in their busy schedule to hang out and catch up face-to-face instead of chatting all the time. Jumin hadn’t really agreed to this, though, but that didn’t stop them from barging into his apartment and making themselves at home. Seven had quite literally forced the paperwork out of Jumin’s hands and pushed him onto one of his expensive couches.

Even after convincing him that one night off wouldn’t hurt, Jumin wouldn’t leave his phone alone, texting Jaehee and calling his colleagues every five minutes to make sure they did exactly as they were told. Zen even threatened to take his phone to which Jumin snarled in response and got up from the couch to finish his latest business call in the kitchen.

Right now they were watching a random drama Yoosung had found while flicking through channels and Seven got out some of the snacks he had brought along.

“’Cause I was sure Jumin didn’t have any,” he said and sent a mocking glare towards the kitchen door, fishing out some chips and popcorn and laying the bags on the glass table in front of them. “If you make a mess it’s your funeral, though.”

“The guy says he eats super healthy but maybe he has something like a guilty pleasure,” Zen mused after he had taken a seat right next to Yoosung who was already stuffing his face and moving towards the edge of the couch to be closer to the food. “Offer him some of those chocolate thingies. I’m pretty sure he’ll like those.”

Ooh, maybe I will. Let’s see if we can get him to admit he’s not a perfect human being after alls.”

Yoosung vaguely registered their words as he held the bag of potato chips, listening intently to every word of the actors on screen. His hand worked like a robot: scooping up a large amount of popcorn and practically throwing it into his mouth, barely giving himself time to chew before he’d throw in the next handful.

The other two didn’t seem to mind as much, probably because Seven had bought a lot of food and there was practically enough for the four of them to last for a week. Zen was leaning against the back of the couch, one arm lazily draped over the edge while Seven was busy playing a game on his phone but also trying to keep up a conversation with Zen about the series they were watching.

At last, Jumin came back from the kitchen and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw them. “Oi! Stop eating on my couch!”

“We’re keepin’ it clean, so stop worrying,” Seven spoke up without even looking up from his phone. “Yoosung here, on the other hand…”

“Haven’t dropped a single thing!” Yoosung quickly said and held up his hands in defense. “You know I’m not a messy eater!”

“Right, you’re a messy cook,” Zen smirked and got a good punch in the arm for that remark. “Hey, hey! I have a photoshoot tomorrow! Be careful with my beautiful shoulder, will you?”

“Yoosung’s that one friend with anger issues, Zen, how could you forget?”

The three of them got into a rather messy wrestle fight, which Jumin definitely did not appreciate. Zen, thanks to his strict work-out routine, easily got the upper hand and worked together with Seven to help pin Yoosung’s wrists down, but Yoosung was having none of that and kicked out as much as he could. Jumin was yelling at them to “fucking quit it because I will call the police,” but the three easily ignored him, too busy trying not to lose.

It only took a few seconds before they rolled off the couch, almost knocking over the table, and Yoosung cried out in frustration as Zen finally managed to pin his wrists down on either side of his head while straddling his waist. Small bits of candy and chips were thrown into the air as Yoosung whined and flopped around like a fish on dry land and Seven barked out a laugh because Jumin looked so very offended and so done.

“You two always team up on me,” Yoosung huffed and screeched again when Seven gladly took a seat on his lower legs to keep them from kicking. “Oof, Seven, you’re heavy! Get off!”

“Nah, I’m quite comfortable. And hey, you didn’t say Zen’s heavy!”

“That’s because I’m not.”

“Muscles are heavier than fat, you idiot. I think you’re heavier.”

“Didn’t hear little Yoosung here complaining, though.”

“Guys!” Yoosung called out and tried moving his legs but Seven’s full body weight was enough to completely immobilize them. “Can you at least get off me if you’re gonna have some random pointless discussion?”

This was not very uncommon and even though Yoosung still had a lot of fight left in him, he knew he wasn’t going anywhere soon. This usually lasted until he’d get tired of struggling or give in and say whatever they wanted to hear from him and it was so frustrating because they always combined forces and it wasn’t fair.

It appeared they had stopped paying attention to Yoosung for the time being because Zen was very offended that Seven was practically insulting his beauty and grace while Jumin was still trying to get them out of his house by threatening to leave the RFA, which didn’t work, either. Neither Seven nor Zen seemed impressed by his words and calmly continued to debate and Yoosung laid his head on the floor, blowing his bangs out of his face.  

“Will you three stop acting like you’re five years old and go home already? I’m sure Yoosung still has a lot of homework to do anyway.”

“Was actually planning on playing LOLOL tonight but if these two oafs won’t get-off-of-me-right-now,” Yoosung puffed out, trying to lift up his hands and bending his knees again, but Zen casually pushed his wrists a little harder into the floor while Seven shifted a little to divide his weight more. “I won’t be able to.”

“You should do your homework, though,” Seven said and tapped Yoosung’s thighs. “If you promise you’re gonna do homework and do some reviewing, Zen and I’ll let you go.”

Ugh, no. They released a new weapon this morning and I haven’t had the chance to gain enough experience to buy it yet!” Yoosung started struggling again because now he really wanted to go back home to play. “It’s one of the strongest weapons yet so homework can wait!”  

“No, it can’t,” Jumin sighed, forever annoyed.

“Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I agree with our nerd here,” Seven added and nudged Zen with his elbow. “Yoosung needs a little encouragement, Zen.”

Uh-oh. Yoosung’s eyes widened at those words and he started jerking around once again when he felt Seven’s hands on his thighs and Zen calmly lifting his arms so he could wrap one hand around both of his skinny wrists. The only thing he could do was dig his heels into the floor and beg and plead before the attack would come, but his pleas fell on deaf ears.  

His arms were now pinned above his head, his thin shirt ridden up enough to bare his taut stomach and Yoosung knew his fate was sealed as soon as Zen smirked down at him, wiggling his fingers right above his trembling skin.


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Just thinking...

If Sherlolly was never intended to be canon, why bother ending her relationship with Tom, keeping her lonely & hopelessly in love with Sherlock? There is NO reason she couldn’t have done everything she did for him & to him (slap much?) if she was in a relationship. They were good friends with a long history. As such, she still would have done all those things for him.

Every little glance, every smile, every kindness, every favor, every jealousy between them… for no reason at all? But keep her single because…..? No. It doesn’t make sense.

Sherlolly is canon.

For the most part, I have a lot of trouble talking to people and am perfectly content to stay withdrawn. Sometimes, though, a person will stand out to me, as if something about their energy is calling me to them. Unfortunately, I still don’t know how to start a conversation.
—  I can’t explain it

Lydia Martin learned at a very young age that men could not be trusted. Her dad never came to her dance recitals, her neighbor publicly denounced their friendship on the playground one day and still tried for weeks to get her to play with him in his backyard in secret, and she knew she was smarter than her fourth grade science teacher, Mr. Messerschmidt.

Instead of getting upset or angry, Lydia learned how to use it to her advantage. She learned how to use her dad’s frequent absences to guilt trip her mother into letting her do whatever she wanted. She learned how to use her clandestine play-dates with the boy next door as blackmail, holding it over the boy’s head so he’d basically do her bidding until his family moved just after sixth grade. She learned how to be completely self-sufficient.

Scott Mccall was a variable Lydia had never accounted for. He didn’t fit any of the data she had collected about boys over the years. She was smarter than him, but he never tried to outsmart her, never tried to prove his own intellect when she was playing dumb. Aside from their weird, hyper-intense make-out session in Coach’s office that one time, Scott also appeared to be uninterested in using Lydia, sexually or otherwise. In fact, he went out of his way to help her without getting or wanting anything in return on a number of occasions. And then there was the fact that he was always there for her when she needed him him. If Lydia was in trouble, she knew she could count on Scott to be there. Scott Mccall was unlike any other boy she’d come across. 

Which was why she had no idea how to date him. At first, she didn’t even realize she wanted him. Sure, she always felt a low-grade physical attraction, but he was firmly placed in the Allison’s boyfriend, hands off portion of her brain for so long that she just didn’t think about taking him out, even after…everything. (Again, Coach’s office excluded.) That changes during their junior year of college. Scott was over at Lydia’s because Stiles sexiled him and he didn’t feel like going all the way back to campus to hang out at the library for a couple of hours. Scott was starting to doze off on Lydia’s couch, one of his textbooks spread open across his chest, and Lydia thought, this would be nice to have. And then she dove right back into her work.

But now that she realized she wanted him, she had no idea how to tell if he wanted her back. All her usual tricks - the ones she used to get a guy interested, or to get a guy to make a move - wouldn’t work on him. She loved that he was so unpredictably good and surprised her in the best ways, but she kind of wished he was a little more like other guys so that she could figure out what the hell to do about him.

The decision was thankfully taken out of her hands about a month after her realization. There was nothing special about the night. Scott was sexiled again, so he and Lydia were making dinner at her place. Half-way through chopping an onion, Scott said, “I don’t want to go back to my apartment tonight.”

Lydia looked up at him and smiled, tiny and hopeful, and said, “Then don’t.”

i just really love the fact that rhysand’s inner circle all accepted feyre and welcomed her into their court and wanted her to be part of the family and was worried about her going back to the spring court and and and

because you know how usually when the main character joins a new group or meets a bunch of new people, there’s at least one person who is mean because the protagonist will “ruin the dynamic” or they’re protective or they’re naturally ~closed off~ but its ok that they’re mean because they really have a good heart!!!

its really nice to not have that for a change???? there was no hostility or tension or “just wait, you’ll eventually get into their good graces”. feyre was one of them, and they all knew it.

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Embarrassed, lovely Ryan, confused by Gavin’s easy affections.

drabble time ;

                        ❝    honestly ,  i  would  do  anything  to  get  my  family  back.    ❞      family  is  a  loose  term  ;  he’s  never  had  one.  his  father  treated  his  children  like  a  coven  and  forced  them  to  practice  magic  even  kept  them  away  from  kai.  this  wasn’t  always  the  case  ,  though.  to  maintain  that  perfect  image  of  a  perfect  family  ;  kai  was  required  to  be  around  his  siblings  sometimes.  oh  …  how  he  despised  most  of  them.  couldn’t  stand  his  parents   but  with  a  gentle  touch  from  josette  he’d  calm  down.  or  even  a  smile  from  little  joey  who  so  excitedly  wanted  to  spend  time  with  him. 

                        family  ?  he’s  never  had  one   but  at  times  like  those  he  felt  close  enough.  perhaps  this  is  what  family  was  suppose  to  feel  like  ?  in  almost  a  normal  functioning  way.  he  remembers  when  him  and  josette  saw  their  parents  bring  joey  home.  another  kid  ,  he  thought.  as  if  the  others  weren’t  so  annoying  already.  but  joey  …  he  didn’t  cry  so  much  like  the  others.  joey  was  the  shy  one  ;  the  one  captured  kai’s  attention  when  josette  had  to  do  something  else. 

                          it  wasn’t  until  one  day  that  his  parents  bought  a  game  for  joey  that  he  felt  a  tug  on  his  pants  as  he  was  eating  something.  was  it  licorice  ?  kai  couldn’t  remember.  what  he  does  remember  is  those  huge  eyes  looking  up  at  him  with  such  excitement  that  he  only  saw  with  jo.  this  one  ,  this  one  other  family  member  ,  wanted  to  spend  time  with  him.  he  wasn’t  scared  or  rude  towards  kai  like  the  others. 

                          it  was  shocking  when  kai  had  said  yes  but  he  didn’t  regret  it.  they’d  binge  on  food   and  play  dr.  mario  for  hours  on  end.  both  of  them  laughing  and  playing  ;  sharing  secrets  too.  he  was  the  only  other  person  who  made  this  hell  of  house  feel  like  home. 

                           so  no  ,  he  wouldn’t  do  ‘anything  to  get  his  family  back.’  but  if  he  could  ,  after  a  long  time  of  self  reflection  ,  he’d  do  anything  to  get  back  not  only  josette  ,  but  joey.  the  only  two  who  never  looked  at  him  like  he  was  a  monster  until  he  was.

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just because actors/ of color know how to drop buzzwords about “diversity” and “representation” and “role models” doesn’t mean they’re committed to - or have the power to - dismantle a media industry that’s ultimately, at it’s core, wedded to white supremacy and capitalism. we should be constantly interrogating how “representation” becomes co-opted into capitalist logics of profit with its subsequent limitations, rules, and pitfalls. And we should definitely always remain doubtful that the industry could ever prioritize the subjectivity and humanity of queer/people of color.


Look :’) how far :’) she’s come since her first appearance :’) So proud of her :’) She’s so much happier :’)

bobbi ‘big sister to the entire world’ morse would absolutely convince daisy, jem & fitz to jump in the car and go with her on a shopping trip, only to then drive them straight past the shops and declare an impromptu road trip instead