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Celestial Navigation:  Prison Break

Okay, so here you go!  This is for the Anon who was having a rough time of it like a month or so ago, and I said I’d write this, then got started and couldn’t get it to go anywhere.  It just…sucked.  I don’t know.  I’ve tried to clean it up some, so hopefully, it is fun and will lift Anon’s spirits if they are still out there.  I didn’t forget.  I just had a hard time with this one, so I hope it is remotely close to what you were hoping for.  Anyway, enjoy!  Thanks everyone.  

Summary:  Tony and Rhodey end up in jail because they were protesting Trump.  Steve is very displeased by this. Or, the “No One Puts Baby in Cell” Edition. 

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I wish you would write a fic where: Ransom is a team physician and Holster is a referee. (They first met on the ice during a particularly physical Aces v. Falcs game?)

Prompt Free For All, Accepting until Sept. 1st! This fill brought to you by @omgpieplease‘s amazing Holsom sketchpage and ref!Holster sketches. 

Justin Oluransi, MD, has a complicated relationship with his job. One one level, he loves it. There’s something so pure about the rush of adrenaline when he has to run onto the ice and assess a situation. He loves hockey and he loves helping people, and being the team physician for the Providence Falconers allows him to do both. There’s just one part of his job that he hates: he’s only called in when something terrible happens. Fighting is expected - he’s sewn up more busted lips and tracked down more teeth than he can count - but injuries are always horrible to witness.

As much as Justin loves his job it’s never fun to see a player go down, especially now that he’s gotten to know the Falconers individually. It had been a little easier to watch them go down when he was still terrified to speak to them for fear of embarrassing himself (in his first conversation with Tater all he’d managed to say was hello and goodbye), but now that he counts them as friends instead of colleagues every time he rushes onto the ice there’s a heavy dread sitting in the pit of his stomach.

Justin’s particularly busy whenever the Aces come to town. He’s not sure what it is about the Aces and Falconers, but guys who aren’t at all prone to fighting tend to end up in the worst scrapes of all whenever their paths cross. It’s so bad that he’s kept even closer to the ice than usual, tucked almost on the bench itself instead of back in the halls underneath the stands. It’s only because of this vantage point that he sees him.

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Hi Sera! I don't know if you have a tag about this but, what would you think would be the most intimate moments between these two lovely guys? like when you see them and you may want to turn around and say let's give 'em some time alone. And I'm talking 'bout the ones that we had a chance to see... sorry for this strange question... idk feel free to not answer it.

Hello, dear anon!

It’s not a strange question at all, but a very good one. One moment comes to mind before any other - the snot incident from Burbank con 2016. I just can’t get over the pure care and attention Jensen gave Jared at that moment and Jared’s implicit trust on his man. 

Just look at how embarrassed Jared is and how Jensen’s reaction is not laughter, but…

.. to give his man a hand. How, just HOW, are they like this? Most couples wouldn’t do this. I’ve asked around. 

Jared looks a bit like he’s baffled that they just did that in public. Jensen still doesn’t laugh, even though the audience finds it very funny. 

A little bit later Jensen picks up a tissue and hands it over to Jared, who actually looks like he’s expecting his nose wiped for him

It’s been closer to a year and looking at this moment still gets to me. I will never understand how two people can get that close to each other. Jensen didn’t laugh once while this was happening, but continued responding to the question once he was sure that Jared had been taken care of. This moment was 100% genuine and incredibly telling - just how much must you love a person to willingly take his less erotic bodily fluids on you? This was absolutely incomprehensible to me. 

Ahem. If your idea of intimacy isn’t snot on a shirt - or you’re just insatiable like me - you can always look at my tag romance. I haven’t remembered to use it in a while, but there are a few posts that fall under the category. I will try to do a better job in the future with adding to it. Thanks for the wonderful question, sweet anon! I hope the rest of your week goes smoothly.

Interactive Introverts Warsaw (matinee show) highlights

About the show (some of those are probably not specific for the Poland show but I tried to avoid spoilers from other countries so yeah)

- they tried to say “good morning” and “hi” in polish and it came out as “dżen dobry” and “szeszcz” (which I’m sure none of you can read but well, it means something for polish folks),

- they ate pierogi before the show (they even said “piegori”, not “pierogis”, which was unexpected),

- we planned to sing Dan a “Happy Birthday” at some point but Phil brought Dan’s bday up at the very beggining of the show and so we sang it first in english, then in polish (it was pretty out of sync and by the time one half of us finished singing, the other still had like 4 lines to go. They said it was great and the english version had to watch out, though),

- “Any last words?” “Dad.”,

- “Smite me daddy”,

- at one point Phil said “yee” to himself and some people in the audience responded with another “yee”. Dan asked us if we really think we’re that great at yee?? “Watch this”, and he proceeded to singing the whole song with Phil, leaving it for the audience to do the final “yee”. He then went to the back of the stage to cover his face with his hands and laugh.

- Dan failed to take one of the shoe-covering thingie (the one he wore with the jumpsuit for the Dan Sacrifice part) and only noticed it during the part when he and Phil were answering some questions from the survey.

- every complaint Dan had was followed by (it shouldn’t be like that cause)“it’s my birthday”,

- “Phil’s cactus Loki? He dead. He is dead af”,

- the mystery box under Dan’s bed contained Dan’s furry boyfriend, Dan’s phone and a bodypillow,

- Dan commented the fact that he supposedly kept his bf in a tiny box with “in this box? He dead af”,

- Dan actually did wear the birthday hat for the whole first part of the show and the begging of the second one. He took it off while undressing from the white jumpsuit and got annoyed when everyone got disappointed (because we’ve picked him for the sacrifice and were all happy abt it and Now we are disappointed??),

- while Dan was taking off the jumpsuit on stage and Phil was talking, some people started cheering and wouldn’t stop until he got behind the prop chest to change,

- “No, I don’t need your help undressing, Phil”,

- the metal shooting target apparently didn’t fit through the door? so they had a handmade one which Dan said was made by him and was the real danandphilcrafts example. He tore it after the bit was finished,

- we actually got to see the good ending of Phil’s simulation (Phil starts a band with BTS and Harry Styles). Dan still died in the underground furry rave bathroom, though.

- “during job interviews, ask a lot of questions to show you’re engaged!” (this one’s not a joke, it’s, to quote Dan, “actual good advice” and I just found it really nice),

Not about the show itself (organisation, meet and greet, just some general observations about the vwnue and people):

- okay so I have this question I ask everybody, which is “which Fiona is prettier, the human one or the ogre one?”. It’s not even for jokesies, I’m really interested in why people would ever say the human one. Fortunately, D&Pboth answered ogre (“it’s who she is on the inside!”),

- i went to the m&g with two friends and we were really not feeling like being on a photo ourselves and so two of us took polaroid pictures of only the boys to get them signed. But they said they’re not letting us leave without a group photo (which was actually super sweet) so we got one with all of us as well.

- the merch tables were being set up downstairs and the m&g took place upstairs. The problem was, though, that the toilets at the venue are located downstairs and there only. And so no one could actually use them until the set up the merch tables (so until people with regular tickets started to line up).

- i don’t know how it looks like at II, but when I went to TATINOF, the VIP merch bags were given to us right after the m&g. But this time we actually had to leave the venue without them and then come back before the show started and talk to staff to get the VIP packages? It wasn’t even announced that we had to talk to the person. I only found out about it by asking someone who had the vip bag already.

- there were some people wrapped in flags. Rainbow flag, trans flag and well Ukraine flag apparently.

All in all, I had a great time with some friends and the boys, would come again!

Reyna Writes: Hello Again - A Louper Reunion Fic



(Two things: let it be known that I know nothing about hacking, and that this is canon divergent…but I’m a fanfic writer, so that should surprise no one. :P)

Okay, fiddle with a code here, enter a new algorithm there–whoa, seriously? Someone was trying to trace him? Really?

Louis snorted and ducked through another digital backdoor, leading the tracer astray with a false IP address. Once that was done, he continued on with his work, smirking all the while. This was way too easy at this point–either Louis had gotten way too good at what he does, or his targets just kept getting dumber and dumber. Either way, this was basically child’s play now.

There was a small tap to his arm, and Louis paused.

Speaking of children…

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I Don't Mess With Drugs- Derek Luh Imagine

Request: Can you do imagine, Derek’s “bad” drug user & one day he’s in cafe selling drugs. And y/n is waitress in that Café. Before that Derek is selling drugs to some unknown person. You’re coming take his order. And when his taking his order. He fall in love you in right way. And you like change his life. In bout one second. Because y/n can’t stand drug user. Sorry if this is so messy request.

Warnings: I don’t think you have anything to worry about ☺️

If there was one thing that I couldn’t stand more than rude customers, it was drugs. I mean weed, is barely an exception, like it’s right there on the border for me, but drugs like cocaine and heroine are a big no-no.

Just the whole concept of injecting and snorting things into your body for the feeling and destroying your insides simultaneously is just stupid.

Anyway, today is a slow day here at Starbucks. A new customer every five to ten minutes. My observation is confirmed accurate when a new customer walks in. His hair is messy, eyes are red, clothes ripped up, and smells like drugs.

Oh brother. He sits down at a table where a previous customer was already sitting and the begin to engage in a conversation. Drug boy whispers something to the guy and passes him a very suspicious brown bag.

Previous customer hands Drug Boy a couple twenty dollar bills and makes his way out of the cafe in a rushy fashion. Hey, they just did a drug deal right in the middle of the cafe.The barista next to me, Kathy, taps my shoulder and says,” Hey can you take his order for me? I got a couple coffee orders that I’m busy with.’‘

Where did all of these customers come from? Was I that intrigued with what that guy was doing?

With slight hesitation, I make my way over to Drug Boy and we make eye contact. Past those bloodshot red eyes are actually really pretty brown eyes, too bad he took drugs. “Hey, can I take your order?”

He didn’t respond. Did he not hear me? Is he too high to understand anything? He’s staring at me like I’m the first human being he’s ever seen. Okay, let’s try that again.

“You ready to order?” I ask again, trying to keep my patience. “Huh? Oh, yeah let me get a vanilla cappuccino, please?”

I write his order down and begin to walk back to my rightful spot behind the counter. He grabs my wrists and turns me around ever so gently. I quickly shake his arm off. I don’t know him. Who does he think he is grabbing onto me like that?

“Wait, can you sit down with me for a second, please?” Hell no. What is he about to do to me?

“Um, I’m sorry, I have to get back behind the counter, it’s kinda my job”. He grabs my arm again and pleads,”Please, this will only take a second”. Once again, shaking his arm off of mine, I look back at Kathy who seems to be doing a good job at handling the orders. I guess she doesn’t need me. I sit down on the chair opposite this boy, whose name I still haven’t learned yet and try to find out what he could possibly want out of my life.

“Oh, I’m Derek, by the way”. There we go, that’s his name. There’s a silence. He’s still staring at me like how a five year old boy would look at a pretty girl in his class. “Soooo, why am I sitting here?”, I break the silence.

“Oh yeah, I just really wanted to get to know you. You just give off this indescribable vibe. I’d like to explore you”, he says leaning back in his seat and studying my face for any rejecting signs.

“I’m sure you’d like to but, Derek, was it?” He nods. “Yeah, I don’t mess with drugs”. He throws his head back and laughs. His laugh was adorable. “You don’t mess with drugs?”, he says trying to confirm that, that’s what I had said.

“Precisely”, I say with a smile. I begin to get up to go back to my job, when he stops me again. “Who said I do drugs?”, he asks furrowing his eyebrows.

“It’s written all over you, babe”,I tease. His eyes light up at my meaningless nickname for him. “What if i told you that I’d stop taking drugs, for you to go on a date on me?”, he questions with a hopeful smile.

“You don’t even know me”,I say squinting my eyes at him. “That’s the whole point of a date isn’t it?” I roll my eyes. That was a good point.

I look to side and smirk to myself. I mean he had potential. He was cute. He had nice hair and pretty eyes. He just needed to stop taking drugs, and he just cleared up that problem. Okay.

“I’ll think about it”, I smile and walk back behind the counter and begin making his order.

A/N: Thank you guys so much for reading! This is the third imagine within the span of 7 days, oh my god you guys I’m gonna cry, lol. This was requested by adsku. I love you guys and I’ll talk to y’all later!

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My ace bum has a request! Could you make headcanons with RFA + Saeran (+ Vanderwood if you're confortable with them) with MC who was apprehending to tell them she is asexual because of people telling things like "it's not normal to feel nothing" or "you cannot know before testing" or "you need to see a doctor to be cured from that and educate you" (a 'friend' really said it to me and I'm still shocked and I said a big NOPE)? Sorry if it's too specific or you don't know how to deal with it ;;

Request granted! I hope I did a good job at this, but if theres something I  got wrong or that offends anyone please tell me!! Ill change it or take it down!




  • “Boys at this age have their hormones everywhere, there’s no way he’s just going to understand”
  • “Why don’t you try it before saying you’re not interested? You won’t know unless you try
  • Sigh
  • You were terrified of telling your boyfriend that you were ace
  • What if he didn’t get it- hell, most people didn’t
  • Or worse…what if he didn’t accept it?
  • When you told him that you needed to talk to him about something serious, he was the one who freaked out
  • You sat him down, and told him everything
  • How you always felt different from others, how sex wasn’t something you were interested in and probably would never be
  • He blinked at you a few times before responding
  • “Does that mean…you’re not attracted to me?”
  • “No! I am! I just…I don’t feel the desire to have sex, that’s all…”
  • “Oh, thank God,” He breathed, pulling you in for a hug, “I thought you were going to break up with me.”
  • “Wait, so your’re…okay with it?”
  • “As long as you’re okay with it, MC, there’s nothing for me to be worried about.”


  • “Maybe this Zen guy she’s dating will teach them a thing or two.”
  • “Yeah, they just need to be dicked down to know what they’re missing.”
  • Dicked…down?
  • Your friends were always in denial ever since you had told them about your orientation, saying it wasn’t real
  • “Sex is in the human DNA, MC.”
  • Uh, sure. Call me an alien then
  • And Zen…
  • He always talked about ‘The Beast’
  • How all men were wolves, animals
  • How could he possibly understand how you felt? How could he accept you like this?
  • He’d probably think I’m lying to get out of doing it with him, you tortured yourself with these thoughts
  • He hadn’t really initiated anything before, but as your relationship progressed, you felt as if you should tell him
  • “Maybe The Beast doesn’t have to be sex, it could be a tickle attack.” Was the fist thing he said after you told him
  • “What about, ‘All men are wolves’”
  • “MC…look at this God-given face. Do I look like ‘all men’?” He winked


  • Before you two started dating, she would always fangirl to you about Zen or some Kpop idol she liked
  • “Oh my…MC, doesn’t he make you feel some type of way?”
  • And honest to God, you could not relate
  • You watched as she visibly got fired up when talking about them, and wondered if you’d ever feel the same
  • “Oh! They’re into girls, no wonder they didn’t feel any sexual attraction to guys before!” was all you heard after you introduced Jaehee as your girlfriend
  • But you still didn’t feel the Attraction™ everyone seemed to feel
  • As you two got closer, so did you bodies
  • She seemed so eager to take things to the next level…
  • What if she didn’t want to be with someone who couldn’t please her like this? What if she misunderstood it and thought you weren’t attracted to her because she was a woman?
  • You loved her so much, you didn’t want to hurt her
  • But you couldn’t keep on doing things that made you uncomfortable
  • “MC, I can’t say that I understand, because I’ve never been in your position before, but of course I accept it. You don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with.”


  • “If I see the tiniest bit of opening, I’ll own you completely.”
  • “Don’t entice me, MC, or I’ll lose control.”
  • These things Jumin said swirled around your head often
  • It hadn’t been long since you two started dating, but he seemed to really want you like that, saying so with words, actions and touch
  • You were worried, you were so worried about coming out to him
  • “A man like that will never be satisfied with someone who can’t give them that kind of pleasure.”
  • What if they were right? 
  • You procrastinated telling him until the last very moment, when he was on top of you and kissing yo hungrily, whispering those words again in your ear
  • “Wait…Jumin…I can’t do this.” You pushed him away lightly, sitting up and catching your breath
  • “Is something wrong? Did I hurt you?”
  • It’s not that you were repulsed by sex, or scared of it
  • You were scared of losing him because of it
  • “MC…Why are you crying?” He took your hand in his, concerned
  • You then explained everything to him, how you felt broken, that there was something wrong with you for not feeling the desire to have sex
  • And that you were afraid 
  • “What if I can’t give you what you need?”
  • He shook his head, bringing you close to his chest in a tight embrace, “The only  thing I need is your love and companionship, MC. I don’t care about the rest.”
  • You let out a sight or relief, “I love you.”
  • “I love you too, no matter what.”


  • “MC,” He poked you, “What’s on your mind?”
  • You could barely look him in the eye
  • How were you supposed to tell him?
  • You had gone through this because you wanted to see if it was true…If you were actually broken and needed to be fixed
  • In what way were you supposed to tell the man you loved that you didn’t feel any sexual attraction to him or to anyone, right after you had sex with him for the first time?
  • You were both facing each other, still naked and in bed
  • He was in the midst of telling you some story, maybe to easy the awkwardness between you two, but you weren’t listening
  • You felt awful
  • I should have told him before, he’ll think I hated it or he did something wrong
  • It wasn’t as if you hated what you two had done, or found it disgusting
  • You just…didn’t feel the desire to do it again
  • “Saeyoung…I’m sorry.”
  • “What’s wrong? Hey, talk to me.” He pulled you closer, stroking your hair
  • “I should have told you sooner, I…”
  • God, how could you ever find the words to explain this right now?
  • “MC, don’t tell me…did you…did you sleep with someone else?” He stiffened, his voice growing cold.
  • “No! God, no…” You hesitated, “It’s quite the opposite, actually…”
  • He visibly relaxed, “What do you mean?”
  • “I’m ace, Sae.”
  • He paused for a moment, before squeezing you against his chest, “You should have told me sooner! What we just did…I’m sorry, I should have made sure you-”
  • “No, its fine. You didn’t do anything wrong, and I don’t regret what we did. I just…I don’t know if I’ll want to do it again. I didn’t know how to tell you, I’m sorry.”
  • “I’m fine, I’m glad you told me now. I guess you could say you…’Aced’ it!”
  • “…”
  • “ :D “


  • Out of everyone, V would be the most understanding
  • You had always admired his open-mindedness, his calm demeanor when it came to understanding what was foreign to him
  • The only reason you were hesitant to tell him… was because of his ex girlfriend
  • Even before you two were together, you felt a constant comparison between you and the blonde
  • Even if the other members didn’t do it on purpose, they put Rika on a pedestal and, since you now filler her place as party coordinator, you felt a huge pressure on you
  • And dating V wasn’t any different 
  • You were constantly asking yourself if Rika would have done this, wouldn’t have done that…
  • Would Rika be able to fill his physical need? Even if she didn’t want to?
  • Probably, you thought, she’s nothing like me. She’s not broken like me
  • “MC…I love you now, not her. It hasn’t been her in a long time now.” He reassured you when you expressed your concern, “And you’re not broken because you don’t feel something.”
  • His words were so gentle, so soft that they immediately put you at easy
  • “Yes but…How can I know for sure if I’ve never tried?” You wondered, even though these words were not yours, they were put in your mouth by numerous people around you who didn’t understand
  • “Just like someone might know they like it even before trying it. Don’t let them feel abnormal, MC. You’re just as valid as the rest of them.”


  • Honestly, he wasn’t that interested in sex to begin with
  • The only thing Saeran craved was love and affection, no matter what form in came in
  • And you knew that, you did
  • But your friends’ words would not leave your head, going on about how you both just needed time to discover yourselves
  • What if he had already discovered it, and was just waiting for you?
  • Oh God…you remembered how he had confined in you that he didn’t feel attractive, and that he was always insecure because all the other RFA members were really good-looking
  • What if he thought you were just making up this asexual nonsense to hide the fact that you weren’t attracted to him at all?
  • “Listen, Saeran…” You began, telling him everything
  • “MC, I think I…feel the same way. I’m still taking some time to discover myself, I’m really happy to know that I’m not making you miss you out on anything.”
  • You were so shocked he understood you so easily, and it felt like a thousand pounds had been lifted from your shoulders
  • “As long as we can keep holding hands like this.”
Best Friends Don't Use A Couple Hashtag

For Day One of NurseyDex Week - Getting Together/Mutual Pining

Nursey/Dex Week: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7

(Read on AO3)

It started the summer between sophomore and junior year. Dex was trying to spend the summer ignoring the fact that he had to start sharing a room with Nursey and ignoring Nursey all together. He was doing a pretty good job of it until he began noticing a guy pop up in Nurse’s social media more and more. His name was Huntington and Dex hated him on principle because of that name.

Every time he opened up Snapchat it was filled with Nursey and Hunt’s faces using the latest filter. If he tried to open Instagram there would be photos of the latest meal Hunt and Nursey were eating with the tag #Nursington. And forget Facebook. There Dex had to hide posts from Hunt all together because he tagged Nursey in everything. Clearly Nursey had a boyfriend and hadn’t mentioned it to the group or his to be roommate and d-man. Best friends don’t use a couple hashtag after all.

He found it odd too that none of the guys were asking him about it. Usually fledgling romances were like a drop of blood in the water that sent Holster and Ransom into a frenzy. But somehow the chat was silent and the comments left on posts were innocuous.

One afternoon Dex opened his phone and was greeted with the sight of Nurse and Hunt at NYC Pride and threw his phone down with a huff.

“What’s wrong?” his sister asked.

“Nothing Erin,” he mumbled, looking at the ceiling.

Swiping her brother phone Erin opened it and looked at the photo of the two men on screen. “See you’re still pining over your friend,” she smirked.

“I am not pining. I do not like Derek Nurse for the last time.”

“You do. You know you do. I know because you argue with him a lot. Which means you can’t figure out how to process feelings like a real person and find really weird things to get angry about like that jaywalking story.”

“He wouldn’t on the grass because it would wet his loafers wet Erin! Who does that!” he exclaimed looking frazzled.

“Yeah and you weirdly like that about him,” she teased.

“I hate you.”


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I don't like being told what to do.

I was in the middle of a very good dream and I mean very good. I was laying on a bed, watching as Theo took his shirt off. I slowly licked my lips, definatly approving of what I saw.

He looked over at me and laughed,“Liking the view?”

I nodded, eyeing him up and down,“Oh you have no idea.”

He smile, then looked to wear my shirt was still covering my body, “Your turn.”

I sighed and gave a slight shrug of my shoulders, “I don’t know. I think I might need some help taking it off.”

“You don’t gotta ask me twice.”, He said, making his way on the bed.

Once he was hovering over me, he leaned down and pressed his lips to mine. I egarly kissed him back, wrapping my arms around his neck.

He pulled away, looked me in the eye and said, “Y/N, it’s time to wake up.”

I looked at him extremly confused, “What?”

“Y/N, get up. I have a job for you.”

I opened my eyes and saw Theo standing in the doorway to my room. I groaned and rolled over. Maybe if I go back to sleep right now, I will be able to finish that dream.

Theo wasn’t on bored with that plan, “Seriously! Get up already. We have work that needs to be done.”

I rolled my eyes, gosh he was such a nag, “You are so much better in dream form.”

“What?”, He asked, not sure if he heard right.

“Forget it.”, I say, sitting up and streching, “So what’s on the agenda today?”

He shook his head, getting back to reason why he so rudly woke me up, “Right. I need you to spend the day with Stiles. Keep him away from Scott.”

I looked at him like he hd just spoken a different language,“Excuse me? You want me to babysit? I don’t think so. Get one of your little minnions to do it.”

He sighed, closing his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose, “Hayden is on Liam duty and Corey is on Mason duty. So that leaves you.”

I hummed and pretending to be thinking about it, then said,“ Yeah, I don’t think so.”

Theo’s eyes snapped open, “What do you mean you don’t think so? Did you forget who you’re talking to?”

I got up and walked over to him, looking him in the eye,“ Did you forget who you’re talking to? Do you not remember why I left my pack in the first place? I don’t like being told what to do.”, I paused, a sly smile aprearing on my face,“ That is, unless I’m naked.”

His jaw dropped open and eyes widend in shock, “What?”

I laughed at his reaction, then I got a brilliant idea, “You know what? I think I will pay Stiles a visit after all.”

That seemed to snap Theo out of it, he grabbed my arm and glared at me, “You’re not seriously thinking about sleeping with him are you?”

I pulled out of his grasp and walked over to my dresser, pulling out the shortest pair of shorts that I owned. Then I walked over to my closet and pulled out a black tank top. Once I was dressed I quickly put on my sneakers and left my room.

As I was walking towards the front door, Theo grabbed my wrist, “Answer me Y/N. Are you really thinking about sleeping with him.”

I rolled my eyes and laughed at him, “Hey, you’re the one that me to spend the day with him. You just never said doing what. So now you’ll get what you want and I’ll get to have a little fun while doing it.”

“I mean why would you even want to. He’s not even that cute.”, He mumbled, looking everywhere but me.

I eyed him for a second, then it hit me, “Theo why do you care so much?”

“Because…”, He started to say, but trailed off.

“Because why?” I asked, wanting for him to finish.

He sighed, then looked me dead in the eyes and said, “Because if anyone is sleeping with you, it’s going to be me.”

Before I even had a chance to respond, he crashed his lips to mine. It only took me a couple of seconds to start kissing him back. I mean it’s not like I hadn’t dreamt of this happening.

After we had been making out for about five minutes, I pulled back and whipsered in his ear, “So are we doing this or not? I mean I did have previous plans.”

He growled, then picked me up and tossed me over his shoulder. I laughed as he made his way back into my room. He layed me down on my bed, then climbed on top of me.

He kissed up and down my neck a couple of times, before reaching down to tug on the end of my shirt, “Off now.”

As much as I wanted to comply, I decided to give him a hard time, “I thought I told you. I don’t like being told what to do, unless I’m naked and from what I can see, not naked.”

“By the time I’m done. You will be.”, He said, voice low and ruff in my ear, causing shivers to run down my spine.

He pulled away and sat up to remove his shirt. Once he had thrown his shirt to some place on my floor, I reached up and ran my hands down his chest.

“Way better than my dream.” I say, not missing the amused smile that appeared on Theo’s face.

“So you were dreaming about me earlier.”, He teased, remembering what I said this morning.

I shrugged like it was no big deal, “Not the first time and probably not the last.”

“So what exactly did we do in this dream of yours?” Theo asked, leaning back down to kiss my neck.

It took me a couple of minutes to form a coherent sentence, “Sadly not much. Seeing as someone woke me up and just when it was starting to get good.”

He laughed and pulled back to look at me, “How about I make it up to you by really giving you something to dream about.”

“Sure you can do that?”, I ask, with a playfull smile.

“Don’t you worry about it.”, He said, crushing his lips to mine once again.

en-perpetua  asked:

Hi! I'm sorry, you seem like a nice person and all, but don't you see how your URL is a quote of an abusers threat, and how spreading that is entirely a bad example for impressionable kids, abuse survivors, unstable toxic relationships etc? I'd genuinely like to know how you see this/excuse it

This is gonna be loooong, so buckle up kids.

First of all, I️ don’t excuse abuse.

I’ve been through actual abuse, love, and this is NOT abuse. Sure, it’s unhealthy at times, but it’s a FICTIONAL SPACE OPERA, between TWO ENEMIES ON OPPOSITE SIDES OF A WAR.

There’s this kind of relationship dynamic in GOT, in The Tudors, in the fucking telenovelas I️ see on TV. Hell, even the Kardashians.

That being said, where the fuck is Kylo ‘abusing’ Rey? Y’all throw around this word like you know what it means but I️ don’t think you do…

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Do you have any tips on finding a mentor? Like I get you start a conversation and maybe get their contact info but do you like hit them once a month with a question or? What if you don't have any questions/ can't think of any? How do you not lose contact with them? What's okay to ask in the first place? Everyone tells me to network and I do get business cards and send thank you emails and add people on linkedin but I have no idea what the steps are afterwards.

Yes, a few tips below.

Why are mentors important?

Because you don’t know what the hell you’re doing and having someone who already does with valuable knowledge on what you’re trying to do will help you screw up less along the way.

Finding a mentor

Some methods:

  • School. Your university is your main portal into the professional world because it’s rich with connections, resources, and people who are literally paid to do nothing but help you succeed in life. Utilize career centers and alumni networks heavily.
  • Internships and jobs. Pick someone in a role relevant to your career goals. 
  • Family of friends / friends of friends: Self-explanatory, you have an instant in from a shared connection.
  • LinkedIn: Look for people who work for companies and in roles you’re looking to break into. Send a short message about who you are, what you’re looking to accomplish, and a request to chat over the phone. I often get random messages from college students on LinkedIn and the ones I respond to are concise (what you need) and well-researched (you’ve done your homework prior to contacting me, you’re only asking for information that’s not readily available on Google).  

Potential mentors

  • Professors: All university professors are accomplished in their respective fields. They’ve got big shiny credentials, robust networks, tons of academic accomplishments, and industry knowledge that can help you. In business schools, our professors are executives in companies that are looking to hire us. Do well in your classes for this reason.
  • Upperclassmen: They have limited real world experience because they’re still in school but they can help you see ahead a few years down the line. Their experience is immediately relevant because you can learn immediately relevant things like which classes are best to take, which events are worth attending, and which companies are hiring. 
    • TAs: Also good resources, typically graduate students with depth of knowledge.
  • Alumni: Why are alumni so keen to mentor? Aside from shared fondness for your school, the more successful you (current student and future alum) are in life– the more valuable their (the alum’s) degree becomes. It’s in their best interests to help you because it raises the reputation of the university if their alums are successful. Studies show that there’s an inherent favoritism built into most people that compels them to hire someone who graduated from their alma mater over someone who didn’t– use this to your advantage. 
  • Family of friends / friends of friends: Self-explanatory.

Questions for mentors

I prefer speaking over the phone rather than email because I don’t like typing dissertations. A quick 15-minute phone call is faster but people vary so always ask what their preferred method of communication is.

Some suggestions:

  • How did you break into your industry/role?
    • What’s your academic/professional background?
  • What do you credit your success to?
  • What are your career goals down the line?
  • What kind of projects do you work on?
  • What do you spend the majority of your time doing?
  • What skills and experience are relevant to your role?
    • What programs and/or skills do you use often?
  • What’s the toughest part of your job?
  • Is there anyone else you recommend I connect with/get in touch with/speak to? - this question expands your network further.
  • How can I assist you? - this question is always a curveball but it’s a good one. It changes the dynamic of the relationship so that you’re actively contributing something back to them. It also opens up the potential for them to extend any opportunities to you.

General advice

  • On engaging a mentor: Successful people are usually busy people and busy people don’t have much free time. Don’t bug someone to meet you in-person unless they offer first because that takes a huge amount of effort, email and phone will have to suffice. With an understanding that everyone’s different, I would be very to the point (but still polite) when engaging mentors to avoid wasting their time. The more you write, the more they have to read.
  • On keeping in touch: An email once every few months is ideal but only if you have relevant updates, always add on LinkedIn if possible because it helps with staying up to date with the mentor’s career.  
  • On what not to ask: Salary questions are usually taboo unless they bring it up first. I’m very open with salary questions over the phone because it’s a data point that someone should know when considering a major career decision but most aren’t comfortable with this question. 

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Was it just me or was anyone else really uncomfortable with how Lin was forced to spend time with her sister and her family when she obviously didn't want to? Going through that discomfort all because Suyin wanted her to? Like I don't care how many decades have passed if I don't want to see a close relative again I have definitely made up my mind and wouldn't plan to see them either and them having a family wouldn't change it. It was frustrating to see her get grief for it. Maybe it's just me.

Mary Suyin

Bryke have a tense relationship with a lot of their online fans. They don’t take criticism well, and when they do try to pander to their fanbase, the results are … unfortunate. Such is the case with one Suyin Beifong, another character they liked waaaay too much for her own good. The creators of Korra had been on the receiving end of fan exasperation for their dearth of present and living mother figures. They responded to this in typical Bryke fashion: with a good idea executed poorly and with absolutely no effort at nuance.

It’s obvious that Suyin’s presence was correlated to fan criticism, not only because they tried too hard (You want a mother figure? How about a daughter of a fan favorite character? And she’ll have four, no, five children! And everyone will look up to her! And she’ll be an artist and happily married and the leader of the bestest city ever!), but because they awkwardly had to introduce her in Book Three as Lin’s sister that no one had seen or heard of before. The entire sibling rivalry plot with Lin only existed because they couldn’t explain Suyin’s sudden introduction any other way. (Still, you’d think Tenzin would have mentioned her at some point in the first two books! Oh, well.) And as Mary Sues are wont to, she does terrible things throughout The Legend of Korra without acknowledging her mistakes, much less growing from them, and without suffering any negative consequences for her actions.

The initial setup for Suyin was great. A metalbending mom who is in charge of a city and defined by more than her familial status? Sign me up! But as with so many Bryke endeavors, Suyin’s character path breaks down on closer inspection. We need look no further than “Old Wounds.” When Lin and Suyin were teenagers, Lin:

  • Arrested Suyin for criminal activity.


  • Hung around with criminals even when her mother was chief of police
  • Helped gangsters steal property
  • Resisted arrest
  • Scarred her older sister for life
  • Proceeded to blame all of the above on Lin and her mother

It’s pretty obvious which sister was more in the wrong. Now, people might excuse Suyin for this by saying she had an absent mother and was only fifteen:

But yes, she was not the first teenager to make a mistake via a series of rash actions in the name of rebellion. The problem isn’t that she has a troubled past. Tons of people do. The problem is that we never see her grow from those past mistakes. From troubled youth to presiding over a city, happily married with five children—how did she do it? What growth did her character undergo to make her shape up the way she did? Toph tears up the arrest report and feels so guilty she resigns from the force a year later; Lin is scarred forever and carries that resentment with her. But all Suyin gets is a trip to her grandparents’ house, who, while terrible guardians in A:TLA, seem to have been converted into trustworthy parents that magically transformed Suyin into a responsible adult.

Suyin’s actions cause other people to suffer consequences while she gets rewarded.

Fast forward a few decades. Lin is compelled to visit her sister and gets no end of needling for her lack of desire to have contact with the person who put a mark on her face. Upon reuniting with her sister, Suyin doesn’t offer an apology or try to make it up to Lin. Instead, in the face of Lin’s understandable coldness, she says the most hurtful thing possible:

You know what, Lin? You’re the one who hasn’t changed. You’re still a bitter loner who only cares about herself. No wonder Tenzin ended things with you years ago.

Is it any wonder Lin wants to fight her? And again, there is no chastising of Suyin for this, no pointing out how poorly she acted or how badly this reflects on her as a sister, hostess, and head of the city of Zaofu. Rather, the entire burden of making amends and changing her ways is fobbed off on Lin.

Despite Suyin’s assertion that Lin is the one who hasn’t changed, Lin is actually the one we see change, not Suyin. It is Lin who undergoes a fever, who recovers and apologizes to Opal and gets the ball rolling with the reconciliation. It’s only after Lin offers to mend fences that Suyin apologizes—not for her criminal behavior or for scarring her sister, but because she “gave [Lin] a hard time as a kid”. Um, no. Putting bugs in someone’s bed is giving them a hard time. Calling them an embarrassing nickname is giving them a hard time. What Suyin did was more than just childish shenanigans; it had a profound effect on the rest of Lin’s life.

Speaking of life-changing experiences, yes, Bryke are aping Zuko’s character development with respect to Lin’s fever—because what else are they going to do?—but at least they’re trying. With Suyin, they ignore her wrongdoing because they’ve decided she’s a character they like, and that’s that.

But the misadventures of Suyin Beifong don’t end there. In Book 4, the Earth Kingdom is in shambles with the assassination of the Earth Queen, yet Suyin refuses to be the leader the Earth Kingdom needs in its time of turmoil. She frames this as not wanting to grab power, but misunderstands the situation. She is the most visible Earth Kingdom leader left in a land with a history of monarchy and growing civil unrest; it is her job to bring stability back to her homeland. But instead of the message, “With great power comes great responsibility,” we get, “With great responsibility comes great power … so do nothing while your country descends into chaos!” Why didn’t she work together with the other Earth Kingdom leaders and form a coalition government, or at least pick an actual strong head of state, rather than Wu? She could George Washington it and hand off power once things were more stable if she felt she had to stand on principle. Instead, knowing the Earth Kingdom’s history with tyranny and the growing banditry issues, she turns her back on those who most need her help. This creates the ideal climate for someone like Kuvira to take over—a fact neither Suyin nor anyone else on the “good side” acknowledges.

And perhaps the most egregious example of Mary Suyin is with Kuvira herself. Suyin is on the record saying that Kuvira was like a daughter to her growing up. Considering Kuvira ended up conquering the Earth Kingdom and wiping out anyone who opposed her rule, something must have gone pretty wrong during her upbringing, wouldn’t you say? But watch what happens when Suyin comforts her biological son (who also participated in this conquest):

Baatar Jr.: Mom, I’m so sorry. I betrayed you- the whole family. I gave my life to Kuvira, and she just fired that weapon at me. How could she do that?

Su: I don’t know, sweetie. She’s a complicated person.

Baatar Jr.: Wing and Wei will never forgive me. And Opal…

Su: Yeah, they might take some time to come around, (takes Baatar’s hand) but we’ll work through it- as a family.

 And now watch her reaction to the person she said was like a daughter:

Kuvira: And Su, I’m sorry for all the anguish I’ve caused you and your family.

Su: You’re going to answer for everything you’ve done.

Of course, Suyin never admits any guilt over either party’s actions, since with Baatar she doesn’t even know what she’s apologizing for (“I don’t know what I did to hurt you, but whatever it was, I’m sorry”). But there is a spectacular double standard on display with respect to Baatar and Kuvira. No calls her out on it. No one challenges her. And if you still don’t see how morally reprehensible this is, consider Iroh and Zuko.

When Iroh said:

Ever since I lost my son …

I think of you as my own.

 He meant this:

Zuko: How can you forgive me so easily?

Iroh: I was never angry with you. I was sad, because I thought you lost your way.

Zuko: I did lose my way.

Iroh: But you found it again. And you did it by yourself! And I am so happy you found your way here.

Yet Suyin condemned Kuvira at the first opportunity, despite Kuvira apologizing.

This scene:

And this scene:

Tell us everything we need to know about Suyin Beifong. (And about Bryke’s writing vs. Aaron Ehasz’s.) Her lack of development is just one casualty in a long line of ethical dilemmas that LOK squanders by focusing only on the character performing an action, not on the action itself.

Title: Arduous
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Characters: Spencer Reid x Reader
Warnings: None
Notes: Thank you to the lovely @emmcfrxst for beta reading this for me. ♥

Originally posted by dr-spencer-reid-though

You had never before encountered someone who was so difficult to date, prior to meeting Dr. Spencer Reid. You had chatted with him a few times, being that the two of you frequented the same book store, before finally mustering up the courage to ask him out. He had looked so stunned that you were certain that he was going to decline your offer, thus ruining your habit of sharing interesting little conversations with him. Instead, he choked on his coffee a bit, then stammered out a timorous acceptance of your invitation.

Generally, the initial task of asking the person out is the most difficult part of dating. However, dating Spencer turned out to be a bit more complicated than that.

After you sat alone at the restaurant for nearly an hour after the time you were supposed to meet, you accepted that the supposedly sweet, handsome man had stood you up. You ate your dinner alone, scrolling aimlessly through your phone, nursing a glass of wine as you questioned what it was that had made him change his mind. Did he get asked out by someone else – someone more attractive? Did he only say yes in the first place to be nice, rather than just outright shutting you down? Did he just eventually decide that he had no desire to go on a date with you?

Ultimately, none of that mattered. You returned home that night with a sinking, sorrowful feeling enclosing around every aspect of your being, and tried to tell yourself that it was his loss. When, in reality, you felt that it was more so yours.

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Seventeen But They Love You…Too Much pt.1


  • Professes his love to you 24/7
  • You get tired of it when you’re trying to sleep…but you don’t care anymore
  • Wrote a book and named it after you
  • The book is named “i love *you*” extremely basic but you applaud him for trying
  • Mingyu gave up his chances with Wonwoo to date you but wonwoo isn’t having it
  • Wonwoo: “keep your eyes to yOuRself buddy”
  • Mingyu: “you’re cute…NOT leave me and my girl alone”
  • *Wonwoo is defeated*
  • He finds it cute when you where his shirts-
  • Ok but like Minghao is a whole mess, He got paint on the shirt “accidentally”
  • You: “Um…Wonu I’m sorry i got a stain on it…I’ll put it in the wash”
  • *Wonu twitching his eye*
  • Wonwoo: “DoN’t WoRry iTs fiNe”
  • Wonu tried to fight Minghao later that day…it wasn’t pretty


  • Screams how much he loves you out in public
  • People look at you and the group weird you try to run away from his screaming just…keeps…following…you
  • He took you to a shinee concert, you were more into Taemin than him
  • He loves shinee but he was willing to fight Taemin at all costs
  • *Taemin singing* Taemin: “YOU MAKE ME THIRSTYYYY”
  • *He tries to jump on stage*
  • He danced the who performance for you but the guys saw and tried to jump him
  • He made you breakfast in bed once…
  • He dropped the plate by accident and food was EvErywHere
  • Mingyu was more pissed than you
  • Hoshi spends like 90% of his money on gifts for you
  • He got them at Target but still iTs cUte


  • He baked a pie just for you
  • You: “what did you put in it? iT tAstEs bOmb aF”
  • Mingyu: “oh you know love” *acts cute and makes a heart with his hands*
  • You: “that’s cute but what are the ingredients-”
  • Mingyu: “oh you know…”
  • You: “…”
  • *You question yourself everyday what you ate*
  • He hugs you every 5 minutes, he’s afraid you’d forget about him
  • You’re at work and he still shows up to hug you
  • You woke up one time and found him in your bed while you were asleep *i mean i wouldn’t complain* you were confused af but oh well
  • He makes you food everyday you’re probably gonna get diabetes from all the sugar (suga)
  • Made you a heart out of clay but as he was giving it to you he broke it
  • *nice job boi*
  • He cleans your room for you everyday
  • You: “You already cleaned it yesterday Mingyu…”
  • Mingyu: “I know but cleanliness is key”
  • *Let’s be real he’s only “cleaning” because he’s trying to see if dudes sent you shit or not*
  • You don’t know where Dk’s number is… Mingyu probably threw it away


  • He made you like 4 mixtapes
  • You still havent listened to them yet…
  • Vernon: “dID YOU LIKE THEM???”
  • You: “Yes…i loved…all the songs boi”
  • Vernon: “yEs”
  • He falls and stuff just to make you laugh
  • *Does the kiki do you love me dance for you atleast once everyday*
  • He broke him leg doing so but if it made you laugh he doesn’t care
  • He asks you weird questions everyday you don’t know how to respond but any answer works
  • Vernon: “Do you think Kanye dated Trump atleast once?”
  • You: “i…what…honey…what??”
  • He raps for you everyday but its mostly in korean so you have no idea what he’s saying but it’s lit tho
  • He once called S.coups’s raps weak and they got in an argument
  • Again over you and for Vernon dissing him
  • You caught Vernon staring at the washer machine once, you love him…but sometimes you question his sanity


  • He gives all of his food to you if you’re hungry
  • He ate like half of his sandwich and gave it to you
  • You didn’t want it but you ate it anyways to make him happy
  • He cries more than you do, so you comfort him
  • He made you hot chocolate one time and burned it…how do you burn hot chocolate???
  • He constantly sees Dk trying to make a move on you so he blackmailed him
  • He thinks you don’t know but you heard them
  • They were screaming of course you did
  • Seungkwan took you out for karaoke once, he got such a high score singing but you got a low ass score
  • He took you out for ice cream so you could feel better
  • The ice cream was cheap af so it didn’t taste that good
  • *ig you can say after singing your throat was hurting…ill stop*


  • He hugs you just as much as Mingyu does but the problem is his big ass muscles are like choking you everytime
  • He takes you everywhere he goes
  • You: “Can we go to macy’s then go home?”
  • S.coups: “YES YEP WE CAN”
  • *Goes to Macy’s, nope then go to walmart, then to the mall, etc*
  • He works out everyday so he can look good for you
  • Like you’re asleep at midnight and you still hear weights dropping, another reason you barely get any sleep in this house
  • *S.coups drops a weight*
  • S.coups: “shiT mY fOot”
  • Mingyu: “haha bitCh”
  • S.coups likes to check your phone when you aren’t looking
  • S.coups: “Why is Cha Eunwoo’s number in your phone?”
  • You: “…”
  • You didn’t know how to answer that…
  • Papa Coups likes to massage your feet too
  • He does it too hard tho so your feet hurt for days on end
  • *You try not to cry through the pain*

Admin 2-


tHank yOu fOr reaDinG *ya know if you read* :)))) *i hope you enjoyedddd*


Since I’ve been sent two similar prompts, I figured the writing gods were trying to tell me something. Not sure if it’s coincidence or fate, but it’s about time I finally try my hand at this story. Please enjoy :)

Jack takes one look at the dress, looks back up at Geoff, and says, “Absolutely fucking not.”

“C’mon, Jack.”

“Geoff, the guy’s sleazy. I’d put a bullet in him within ten seconds of meeting him.”

Jack had Geoff there; their target, who had so many aliases his real name has eluded even Gavin’s tech skills, had a smarmy smile and a wandering hand that should have been parted from his body a long time ago. Geoff feels bad for even asking Jack, but she’s the guy’s type. Alive and female.

“I told you she’d say no,” Gavin says from across the room, hanging off the couch upside down, watching CCTV footage on Geoff’s TV. “That man has been standing there, finger in his nose, for almost half an hour.”

“Why are you watching him?” Jack asks curiously, ignoring Geoff as he gestures to the dress, a pleading look in his eyes.

“Dunno, figured he’d do something else by now.” Gavin turns the TV off, flipping around so he’s sitting upright, clutching his head. “Probably shouldn’t have done that.”

Jack murmurs an agreement, turning her attention back to Geoff. “The answer is still no.”

“We need somebody to seduce the buyer…”

“Then one of you do it.”

“We would, but…” Geoff trails off, but they all understand perfectly. Ryan’s good looks and Gavin’s boyish charms weren’t going to catch this guy’s attention. Figures, one of the girls would be stuck doing this job.

With a heavy sigh, Geoff says, “I guess we could ask Lindsay…”

“I’ll do it,” Gavin announces, hopping to his feet.

“You’re a dude.”

“Well spotted.” He grins when Geoff glares at him. “I’ll have you know, I can pull off a dress. And heels. And makeup.”

“That was one time and you nearly died.”

I’ll do it,” Gavin repeats, brushing off Geoff’s concern, heading towards the door. “It’s not my first undercover job, Geoff. I can do this, you know.”

“I’ve never doubted your ability.” Geoff looks torn, but he knows they don’t have much choice, and Gavin is willing to do this job. “If you’re sure…”

“I am.”

Geoff sighs again, picking the dress up and carrying it across the room to Gavin. “Not sure this dress is going to fit you, buddy.”

“No worries,” Gavin responds, waving the dress away, “I have one in mind.”

Michael will never say it out loud, but Gavin looks good in a dress. The gold evening gown brings out his coloring, he seems to know his way around a pair of heels, and the light touch of makeup almost makes him forget Gavin is a dude. Almost.

And Michael realizes he’s been staring way too long.

“Shit, Gavin,” he comments, breaking eye contact, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Like what you see?” Gavin teases, laughing when Michael flips him off.

“Where’d you put your gun?” Jeremy walks around Gavin, studying him, tapping his chin. “Or any weapon for that matter?”

“It’s a bit rude, asking me those questions.”

“It’s a legit question!”

Gavin walks away from Jeremy, stopping next to Geoff, glancing over his shoulder at what little they had on their target. He’s disappointed he couldn’t find more, but any information is better than nothing.

“You ready for this?” Geoff asks for the fourth time, and Gavin sighs. “Okay, fine, you’re ready, but if things get heavy…”

“I’ve got it covered,” Gavin says confidently.

“But if they do…”

Gavin rolls his eyes, shaking his head, but he humors Geoff for the sake of shutting him up. “Michael and Jeremy will be posing as servants, Ryan’ll be lurking around acting like a party guest, and you and Jack will be parked down the street in a surveillance van. Am I missing anything?”

Begrudgingly, Geoff crosses his arms and mutters, “No.”

“I’ll be fine, Geoff. Don’t worry so much.”

For the most part, Gavin is fine. He waited until their target had a few drinks in him before approaching him, got him talking, learned more than he had through his extensive cyber research. He also got groped more than he’d have liked, which, he reminded himself, stopped any of the girls from getting groped, but it still didn’t mean he liked it.

He’s not sure when things went sour, but here he is, hiding behind an upturned table, firing a small .22 pistol. It had been the only weapon he could conceal in his thigh holster without giving away the fact that he’s armed.

He feels bad for women who have to do these types of things in fancy dress. His gown is hard to maneuver in and one of his heels snapped, he’s pretty sure there’s mascara in his eyes, and his wig kept obscuring his vision until he got so frustrated he ripped it off his head and threw it away.

The gunfight ends within moments of starting; the buyer screaming in pain from a shoulder wound, two of his goons dead, and a lot of panic. On their end, nobody ends up hurt too badly; a bullet grazing Ryan’s arm, and Jack’s face has a few cuts from when the chandelier fell, but it could have been worse.

They hightail it out of there when they hear sirens, but not before handcuffing the buyer to the stair railing (they got all they needed out of him and there’s no use wasting another bullet on him).

In the van, screeching around the corner, Gavin kicks his heels off, grabbing the extra set of clothes he had bought to change into, glancing over at Jeremy who’s been watching him for the better part of five minutes.


“Never, ever use a thigh holster again, dude. Just no.”

“What do you want me to use instead?”

“I don’t know. A purse. Women carry purses!”

“I know, but I couldn’t find one that matched this dress.”

“Just promise me, next time, use a purse.”

“I make no promises.”

Seeing You Again

A/N: Hello cupcakes! I hope you all enjoy this! I’m in the process of finishing up a few other pieces so please stay tuned! Thank you, as always, for your patience! 

You froze when you saw her. Little goosebumps even covered you skin as her eyes met yours. 

She smiled. You smiled back. 

You felt…nothing. Which was better, you supposed, from wanting to fall apart right then and there. 

She began walking towards you, slowly. You’d thought about this day for a while, imagining how your first reunion would be. Maybe you’d run into her at the museum you both frequented. Maybe at a grocery store or in a crowded street. Maybe you’d see her with someone new, laughing at her jokes the way she used to laugh at yours.

She still looked beautiful. Her hair moved weightlessly in the breeze and you’d almost forgotten the particular way the sun would hit her face, highlighting her features. 

She finally reached you and the faint smell of her perfume wafted towards you. 

“Hi.” she said. It had been so long since you heard her voice. It sounded sweet, like a soft song you used to love. 

“Hi.” you responded. 

A silence fell between you. Not uncomfortably, but it made the space between you seem larger. 

“It’s good to see you.” you added. “How have you been?” 

“I’ve been good.” she said. “Busy, but good. How are you?” 

“I’m okay.” you said. “Nothing much to report…just working.” She smiled. 

“You’re probably running that company by now.” she commented, smiling affectionately. You chuckled, remembering how many emotional rants she sat through when you first started your job. 

“I’m handling a few major projects now.” you said sheepishly. 

“That’s amazing!” she said. “I knew they’d put your talent to good use sooner or later.” 

“I, um, I read that you opened a new restaurant.” you offered, not wanting the conversation to end just yet. She smiled proudly. 

“I did. It’s kind of a handful, juggling two places, but I love it.” she said. “You’ll have to stop by sometime! I’ve got a new menu and everything.” 

“Definitely!” you said. 

Another silence; this time a quiet, nostalgic atmosphere enveloped you. There was a time when you truly loved her, when the idea of being without her was like being without air to breathe. You shared a tiny studio that was constantly cluttered with her cookbooks and your portfolios. She’d always play her music too loud for your tastes and she would complain about how you’d leave empty coffee mugs around the place. But you were happy. You were both struggling to find your place in this world. 

She turned back and waved at a girl standing outside of a store. You looked over her shoulder, curiosity biting at you. She was pretty. You waited for the pang of jealousy to hit, but it never did. Instead, you felt a warm sense of peace, a happiness for her. 

“I’ve got to go.” she said, looking at you with a smile. 

“It was really great to see you.” you said. You reached for her first and, when she didn’t object, embraced you. 

You often had muddled feeling about what could have been. That maybe…if you’d tried harder to make it work…if you stopped worrying so much about your career and put a little more effort into your personal life…if you’d fought for her…then maybe she’d still be yours. 

“Let’s keep in touch, okay?” she said as she pulled away. You nodded and watched as she made her way back. 

People, you’d once heard someone say, come into your lives for a reason. Maybe to teach you something about yourself or about life or about love. And when they’re gone, it’s for a reason as well. 

You knew that everything had worked out. You were happy. She seemed happy. You were both successful. You were both better versions of yourselves than you were before. You wouldn’t change a thing. 

natasharomenova  asked:

Pls write Bellarke in Agent Carter (Bellamy as Daniel Sousa) because them bonding over being treated like shit for their gender/disability is what I live for. I would love to see dramatic Bellamy move across the country after being turned down by Clarke only to find out later that she actually was busy (but the wikia pages don't really mention it, so if you haven't seen the show, don't worry about it). (if you haven't seen it, the Agent Carter and Daniel Sousa MCU wikia pages have the best info)

The first thing Bellamy says to Clarke Griffin is, “You must be the new secretary.”

Her eyes flick up to him, barely even looking. “I must be.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m looking forward to working with you.”

“I doubt it,” she says. “Did you need something? Copies, coffee?”

He frowns, taken aback. “No, I just wanted to introduce myself. Bellamy Blake.”

“Clarke Griffin,” she says. She’s still not looking at him. “A pleasure.”

It’s as much of a dismissal as he’s ever heard, and he’s not sure what else to say but goodbye.

He figures it out when Kane comes in and introduces her to the room at large. “Everyone, this is Clarke Griffin. Our newest special agent.”

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anonymous asked:

Sorry for this ignorant question, but... why do Oliver and Barry hate each other so much? I mean, everyone knows the 'stupid hippie' vs 'fascist tool' fiasco---but why do they hate each other so much? Does Oliver really hate moderate centre-right people that much? Follow-up: is Barry even centre-right politically? I don't know a thing. Thanks :~)

alright there’s a few questions in here so I’ll try and break it up in a hopefully logical way

q: is barry centre-right politically? what about oliver?

a: he was considered to be “centre-right” back in the 60s/70s not really do to his beliefs or actions but just because of the sort of “conservative ideal” that he represented. like he was one of the few happily married dc characters for a long time and that’s what kinda of placed him in the more “conservative” side, but he mostly used to be considered conservative just in comparison to other characters. i will admit that barry had a few racist moments that seemed really out of place for his character and were put in i think mostly to create tension between him and ollie/hal during their roadtrip days.

right now, barry is portrayed as a socialist in pretty much every comic since his return in 2009. granted, his economic opinions are never really voiced, but he’s definitely a guy who supports and defends the rights of minorities, praises & encourages diversity/globalism, and goes out of his way to support welfare programs, all of which put him on the opposite of what we call “conservative” these days. he’s always had these traits, even since the 60s, but I guess the important thing to note is that the gap between liberal and conservative used to be a lot more narrow than it is today (in this age of literally fucking nazis vs ppl with common sense). another note: barry’s comics were always a lot less political than oliver’s, so it’s kinda harder to analyze his political tendencies. 

Oliver, on a kinda similar note but still fundamentally different, is an anarcho-socialist, i.e. a socialist who doesn’t believe or respect authority. that’s pretty much where their only political differences lay: barry respects authority and oliver does not. barry’s job is also being part of the CCPD and the fact that oliver shits on cops so much rustles him a lot, as he’s lost good friends who were cops and is, technically, a cop himself.

If you want it in sorta-accurate pictures here you go:

Oliver’s political alignment:

Barry’s political alignment:

They’re pretty similar on most things. It’s literally just their respect for authority lol.

q: why do they hate each other?

a: most, if not all, of the dislike between barry & oliver has to do with hal tbh. barry doesn’t like how oliver manipulates hal (who is very gullible) and disapproves of their friendship. oliver isn’t being cruel or w/e to hal, he just views their friendship like manipulating hal for the greater good is just making him a better person, which ultimately I think their “roadtrip” did, but oliver still kinda goes about it in the wrong way. he doesn’t let hal come to his own conclusions, he instead forces his opinions on hal until hal accepts them. barry’s the opposite– he believes in giving hal the options and letting him come to his own conclusions. barry’s approach is healthier overall, but yeah I want to reaffirm my belief that oliver is not a bad person, just incredibly overbearing & unconsciously manipulative.

the other reason for their dislike is the aforementioned fued between barry’s respect for authority and oliver’s blatant disregard & distrust for authority. this is usually more of a front for their actual reasons, however.. the whole HE’S MY BEST FRIEND– NO, HE’S MY BEST FRIEND!!

basically they are children fighting over hal’s company. i’m not even joking or reaching here, it’s literally canon.


anyways.. I wouldn’t go so far to say that they hate each other. they definitely grow to respect one another. oliver is genuinely happy to see barry when he gets escorted to heaven by spectre!hal so they definitely had some positive memories of each other (though… i guess death puts things in perspective a little bit). they just don’t get along and generally can’t stand to be in each other’s presence. they’re just too fundamentally different, like hal & bruce.

hope that helped anon! if you have any other questions feel free to ask.

eastofthemoon  asked:

For the holiday prompt, how about from your Don't Let's Start AU with Shiro and Ryou encountering huskies (or something close to huskies) and have to get them to pull a sleigh? Or maybe just the two of them just playing with huskies in the snow?

“Have you seen Ryou recently?”

Shiro paused and glanced back at Lance, arms full of freshly chopped wood.   As he stood still, his feet sank deeper into the thick snow below him.  "I thought he was with you, still.  Did you lose him?“

Arms crossed, Lance frowned.  "You know, you make it sound like I’m his keeper.  It’s not my job to keep an eye on him.”

“You both kind of alternate who’s keeping who, really.  It helps when you’re together, because then I just follow the chaos to you both.”  Shiro’s lips quirked up, but his humor quickly faded.  "Seriously, did you lose him?“

Lance shrugged.  "He was talking to one of the locals.  They started going on about the sleds they make around here, and he was getting excited but it was honestly kind of boring.  I turned around for less than five minutes to talk to the supply manager, and when I looked back he’d totally disappeared.”

Shiro’s grip on the wood tightened.  "I see.  How long ago was this?“

"Twenty minutes?  I figured he’d pop back up.  You know how he is, and he’s really easy to overlook in this place.  On an ice planet, he’s practically camouflaged.”  Lance shrugged helplessly.  "I couldn’t even find footsteps.“  He gestured behind Shiro with a jerky wave of his arm.

Indeed, Shiro’s footsteps were already fading away.  The snow continued to fall in steady, fat flakes, and the wind rolled them over, smoothing out the banks within minutes.


(read more below)

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anonymous asked:

Odd request but I hope you take it, Mc gets turn into a little kid for the day and jumin has to look after her but she ends up wondering of because she went to explore the magical world but when jumin finds her just finds someone picking Mc and running away, Mc just laughing like lol person just bringing me everywhere. 10/10 love to see baby-sitter jumin you can add more if you want of course love to see what you come up with. Sorry if it's too odd if you don't want to I understand. Thank you!

I won’t lie this is an odd request, and it certainly could give off the wrong message to others so this will be altered accordingly. I don’t mean anything rude or bad by it please don’t take it that way I just do not want to give off any sort of negative ‘vibes’ I guess. 

Anyhow, thank you and have a wonderful day, enjoy.


“Are you sure this is necessary?” Jumin asked, peering out of the car window as his father dropped him off.

“Yes I am, every teenager should have some experience with the typical odd job!” He exclaimed, offering a hopeful grin. “Consider it a…‘ride of passage’.”

Jumin didn’t respond, folding his lips doubtfully.

“Listen, you know this family, they’ve worked very closely with us for a long time now, their child, MC is an angel. You shouldn’t have any trouble at least,” Mr. Han assured him, setting a firm hand on his shoulder. “This may even be a good opportunity for you to make a friend.”

“With a six-year-old?” Jumin withheld a sigh, glancing back at him. “I wouldn’t consider that much of an achievement.”

“We have to start somewhere…” He told him, lightheartedly. “If this is where you have to start, that’s just how it is.”

He didn’t respond.

What could he really say anyway?

He stepped out, giving his father a polite dip of his head before he approached the cozy, brick home ahead of him.

It didn’t even take more than a few knocks for your mother to answer.

She smiled at the sight of you, your father rounding about behind her, arms weaving around her waist.

“Oh, Jumin it’s so good to see you how long has it been?” She beamed, waving brightly. “You look more and more like your father every day!”

“…Thank you.”

“Well, we’ll be back by eight or so, MC is outside if you want to introduce yourself and I left some money on the counter so you can order pizza,” She laughed meekly. “I know it’s nothing in comparison to what you usually have but, I haven’t met a kid who doesn’t love pizza.”

“I’m sure it’ll be fine ma'am.”

“Nice kid,” Your father murmured, giving him a faint goodbye as both of your parents moved out to the car, delighted chatter between the two as the vehicle shifted into the ignition.

And he came to you.

You were, as they said, outside, swinging up to the very clouds in your excitement.

You didn’t even stop as you noticed him.

“Hi!” You yelled out, your voice shifting as you were thrown back and forth. “You’re my ‘babysitter’ aren’t you?”

“I am.”

“How old are you?”

“That’s not a polite thing to ask.”


It was clear it didn’t click in your head.

He resigned, sitting down in one of the lawn chairs across from you.

“I’m fifteen.”

“I’m eight!”

“You’re very young.”

“You’re pretty old!”

He didn’t entirely know how to feel about that.

“You’re Jumin right? My mom talked about you.”

As you stopped launching your legs you eventually lifted yourself from the swing, coming closer to him with curious eyes larger than dinner plates.

“What did she say about me?”

“She said you’re her boss’s son, said you’re real quiet, kinda shy.”

“Do you think I am?”



“You’re talking to me.”

“That doesn’t prove anything.”

“Then don’t talk to me.”


“You’re still talking.”

He crinkled his nose, leaning forward in his bewilderment.

“What does that prove?”

“You just needed someone to talk to.”


“Come on!”

Before he could even question you further you ran off, giggles erupting from you as you rushed down away from the backyard.

“Hey! Hang on!” He began to chase after you, already a spike of worry shooting up inside of him that he hadn’t thought possible.

Of course, you were only eight, so it wasn’t particularly hard to catch you.

He snatched onto your arm before you crossed the street, scoffing as you began to pout, pointing out to something on the other side he couldn’t quite see.

“I wanna show you something!”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“You’ll really like it!”



A bit of him cracked, the glimmer in your eyes and desperation in your voice somehow getting to him.

“I-fine…” He took your hand, keeping you from crossing. “But wait until the cars are gone, okay?”

You lit up like a firework.

“Okay!” You gave a crooked, exhilarated grin. “Thank you!”

And the most peculiar feeling arose in him.


It was a mere spark, but it nearly left the corners of his mouth tugging upwards.

“…You’re welcome.”

Eventually as the distance between the cars grew, he let you lead him on to where the grass drifted against his knees and the trees started to crowd more and more on the edge of the neighborhood.

“Surely your parents don’t allow you out here.”


“Then why do you come out here?”

“Because it’s nice.” You answered, glancing up for a moment. “Don’t you have something like that? Something special?”

He thought for a second.

And was met with an aching.


You thought, responding brightly, not even hesitating for an instant.

“Then we can share this! Together!” You cried. “This’ll be our special thing!”

“You don’t need to do that you know.”

“I know. I want to.”

He didn’t think a child could leave him so stunned.

But you did.

He couldn’t even come up with something to say in return.

He was simply quiet, a sort of awe etched in his expression.

You didn’t seem to mind.

You just continued leading him on, eventually stopping near the edge of a hill where the trees left a bare patch.

“Here! Sit down!”

He obliged, setting himself down beside you on the edge, looking out amongst the rest of the fields, hints of purples and pinks from flowers.

“Now look! Look up!”

He did.

And he was met with pure beauty.

The sun was setting, a blast of warmth decorating the world overhead, speckles of stars and blues peeking from the sun’s rays.

“…Whenever I’m sad I think about this place.” You said softly, meddling with your fingers awkwardly. “I always thought it was really pretty, but I didn’t know if anyone else would like it.”

“Why did you show it to me then?”

“You looked sad.”



“I’m not sad though.”

“Daddy says sadness comes in a lot more ways than just 'sad’,” You remarked, your gaze not quite meeting his. “I just felt sadness for you. I wanted to show you this.”

“I’m supposed to be watching over you, not vice versa.”

“I don’t know what 'vice versa’ means, but I think you’re doing pretty good.” You encouraged him. “I just wanted to be a good friend.”


“Yeah!” Your glee became muted, a bit more worried now. “I mean…I don’t have many friends-but you have to be here so I don’t know if that really makes you my friend-”

“Do you want to be friends?”

You nodded instantly, pleading in your eyes.

“Then I guess we can try it out.”

“Do you not have many friends?”

“I um-no…no I don’t.”

“Then we can just be each other’s friend!” You returned, hopeful. “We have to start somewhere right?”

He nodded, a sense of gentleness welling inside of him.

“We do.”

“Then, friends?”

And for the first time in what felt like ages, he smiled.

A true and actual smile.

And it was because of you.

And the wonderful thing you had brought into his life.