still doesnt have a nose

only in lestallum

got sudden inspiration from @kaciart‘s wonderful promptis fanart and so yeah take a quick drabble uwu

Noctis couldn’t help his amused grin as Prompto practically squirmed at the sight of the nearby couples. PDA at its finest was on full display – pressed against the walls of the quiet side street, arms and legs tangled, gross kissing sounds louder than they should be – and Noctis honestly hadn’t noticed at first. Prompto however… his attention had honed in on the additional people without fail. He always had been sensitive to the presence of people – or anything else for that matter.

“Only in Lestallum.” Noctis commented, turning to see Prompto’s disgusted expression. A chuckle bubbled from his own chest as he pat Prompto on the shoulder. “Hey, come on. A festival like this? Alcohol involved? I’m not at all surprised to see this.”

“Yeaaaaah…” Prompto muttered. “Which is why I suggest we get back out to the crowds. Not that I like crowds any better but it’s better than whatever this is and – ”

A frown over his eyes, Noctis gripped Prompto’s shoulder to halt his steps. “Prom.” He said, sliding his hand down Prompto’s arm, over the bare skin and then the leather of the wrist guard that was a part of Prompto’s revealing costume, to slide his fingers between those of his blond friend. “Come here.”

A yelp flew from Prompto’s mouth as Noctis tugged him, none to gracefully into the nearest little alleyway, protected in shadows where the glowing lights of the streets did not reach. In the tight space, barely enough for two people to stand side by side, Noctis pressed Prompto against the wall. “N-Noct!” Prompto gasped, hand gripping under Noctis’s elbow. “W-what are you – ?”

The prince slid his hood off, slowly, carefully leaning in. “No one will see.” He promised, hand on the wall beside Prompto’s head, pulling his friend in with a grip on his waist. “Trust me.”

Mouths so close, Noctis could feel each breath from Prompto’s lips and he pressed in, kiss firm and desperate. It had been a while – too long – since they’d even had a moment where they felt safe enough to let go, to focus on nothing but the heat of each other’s skin. Either Gladiolus or Ignis were always around or there were MTs falling from the sky. In general, the mood was always effectively squashed before he could even reach for Prompto’s hand.

Now though, at a festival where hearts raced with elation and excitement, hiding alone in a tiny corner of their own world, Noctis wasn’t about to miss this chance. 

Lips slowly parted and Noctis leaned his forehead to Prompto’s, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth as he watched Prompto’s stunned expression melt away. His grin of amusement was an attempt to hide his flushed cheeks and Noctis adored both. Prompto smacked Noctis’s chest, laughing at the prince’s faked expression of betrayal. “You’re seriously getting bold, dude. Does that costume really have that much of an effect on you?” He questioned.

Noctis smirked as he brought his fingers around Prompto’s chin, tilting it just so to kiss him again.