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Any advice for someone wanting to start skateboarding? No tricks or anything just cruising.

first figure out your stance!! ask someone to stand in front of you and shove you, and whatever foot you throw backwards first to keep your balance, thats the foot you put first on the board (left foot in front is regular, right is goofy)

pushing off and braking will be the scariest part at first, so practice stepping onto the front truck (put your toes on top of the 4 screws) with your lead foot and get used to keeping your weight there, AND KEEP IT THERE, it will be really tempting to shift it to solid ground but don’t!! throwing your weight to the side every time your push off makes it really hard to control the tilt and really easy to loose your balance
when you cruise you wanna keep your toes pointing off the side of the board while your chest is twisted forward, and to push off the ground to get more speed you pivot your front foot so its parallel to the board, keep it on top of the screws, then swing your back foot around and kick off

also pushing off with your back foot is regular, pushing off with your front foot is mongo which is more difficult but its usually a rookie mistake lol, you don’t have any control over which way the board will go if your front foot isnt on it so do it regular
practice keeping your feet about shoulder-width apart, bend your knees if you’re picking up too much speed and drag your back foot to brake, and just practice gliding around! take it easy, maybe do it on a sidewalk near grass so you can jump off and if you fall you won’t hurt yourself. and wear a helmet at first omg