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I can’t get it up for a chick without a head or a chick without a body

  • ot*yuri shippers: reaching a certain age doesn't instantly make you an actual adult!! otabek just turned 18 and it didn't automatically make him mature a ton
  • also ot*yuri shippers: lol yuri's 16 aka he's an adult in his country so it's legal :)


outer senshi dramatics!

first of all, i cut like an inch off maker’s forehead, so YOURE WELCOME 

second of all, aint it some shit that they’re yelling about exactly what they had planned to do to hotaru like, two seasons ago? like, taking out hotaru was, in their mind, what had to be done for their benefit (along with the world’s yeah, i know but still). it didnt matter if it hurt someone else, so long as they did what they had to do.

the starlights feel the same way- do whatever THEY have to do to protect their princess. doesnt matter who gets hurt in the process. both mentalities are wrong, because its never okay to hurt someone to get what you want, even if its to help someone else 

but i love haruka in moments like these. like she goes to THE FUCK U TALKIN BOUT, ILL KICK UR ASS so fast its not even funny. and michiru’s little glare? fuck me its perfect. no need to yell but as equally intimidating as haruka. i wouldnt want to be on the other end of it, thats for sure 

i have a video of car radio from 2014 at a show that had less than 1000 people (the smallest syd show) and you can just hear the whole crowd singing so loudly it makes me so happy 

bts is so painful bc chloe is pretty fucked up already but still shes so YOUNG shes not that far down that road yet and u just want 2 help her and take care of her and make the choices that will be best 4 her but u still know in the long run no matter what u do she’s still going 2 become the lonely sad angry unstable chloe in lis :(

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idk if someone has said it but what fucks me up the most about peridot is how she was pretty much the only person with the task of checking on the cluster but she still didnt matter apparently?? they killed so much potential for an arc of her and her development (and maybe evena better arc for her and lapis and the crystal gems) just bc they wanted a funny gremlin who acts like a kid. sorry i needed to take this off my chest. i just loved peridot so much but they did her and lapis so wrong

I and some else actually has pointed this out!! Where the fuck is the crew to kill the Gem who literally fucking insulted Yellow to her face??

        never trust anything.

170116 MADTOWN Twitter update:

[#매드타운] 새벽부터 고생 많은 우리 매드피플 많이 먹고, 잠시 후 또 만나요! 저희도 맛있게 잘 먹겠습니다 #MADTOWN #조타 #허준 #아육대

TRANS: [#MADTOWN] Our madpeople who have suffered since dawn, eat a lot. We’ll meet again in a little while! We’ll eat very well. #MADTOWN #JOTA #HEOJUN #ISAC

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everything you said in the tags on ur lawlight art is so real like I ship them hardcore but I wish I didn't because light is an asshole but they're so clearly in love and I'm still in lawlight hell even though death note is old and the fandom is dying out I can never leave lawlight hell I'll just slowly roast here forever surrounded by my tears

lets suffer together

Live A Little (Final Part)

(In case you missed it, here’s part 3)


Groaning, you locked your phone, immediately sliding off the bed to the floor. Laying on your back, you stared up at the ceiling, completely torn.

First Calum decides to throw his feelings at you, and then in a matter of minutes, Ashton decides to do the same thing.

But who do you choose?

Or do you choose between them at all?

Did you even have the right to choose? 

They were best friends, you could be the thing that breaks them apart. The reason their friendship shatters between them.

You knew you couldn’t do that.

Shaking your head, you got up, making your way to the front door, not bothering to text Ashton back.

This was something you had to do in person.

Once arriving to the house, you walked up the driveway hearing muffled shouting coming from inside.

Ringing the door bell, you were greeted by a very distressed Luke, groaning at the sight of you.

Jesus Luke, its nice to see you too”

Ignoring you, he quickly shut the door behind him, slightly pushing you to turn around.

You need to leave. Nows not a good time. Try back tomorrow… or next week. Yea… next week would be good.”

Pushing his hands off of you, you turned around, staring at him with annoyance.

“Sorry to burst your bubble Luke but i need-”

Before you could finish your sentence, you were cut off by a loud crash coming from the house.

Both wide eyed, you rushed inside, instantly hearing Calum’s voice.

You knew how i felt about her, and yet you still DIDNT CARE

It doesn’t matter, SHE WAS MINE FIRST

Rushing in the living room, you saw Michael trying to hold Ashton back while Luke ran over to keep Calum from rushing forwards.

Quickly glancing around, you noticed various objects were shattered across the house.

They had been fighting.



Snapping back to what was happening in front of you, you focused again on the boys.



As he was yelling, Ashton pushed Michael away, instantly running towards Calum.

The next thing you knew, you saw his fist connect with Calum’s jaw, sending him flying to the floor.


Finally aware you were standing in the room, he turned to face you, letting complete guilt fill his eyes.

Rushing towards Calum, you got on your knees trying to make sure he was okay.

Ashamed to have you see him like this, he looked to the side, refusing to meet your eyes.

Grabbing both sides of his face with your hands, you tried smearing off the blood coming from his now busted lip.

“Cal, are you okay?” you whispered so softly, scared to set him off.

Nodding his head, he still wouldn’t look at you.

Completely fuming, you got up off the floor, spinning around to face Ashton.

“We need to talk. NOW.”

Pissed, you stalked off to the back door, letting it slam shut, not waiting for him to follow.

Once on the porch, you stood there shaking.

No matter what, he had no right to go after Calum like that. If he wanted to be mad, he should be mad at you. Not Calum. You needed to end all of this right now.

Hearing Ashton slide open the door, you felt your breath hitch, slightly scared.

You didn’t know what he was about to do.

Turning to face him, you saw him facing the floor, scared to meet your eyes.

Feeling your anger bubble up again, you stalked over to stand right in front of him.

He did not have the right to look so upset.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? In what world did you think its okay to go after your fucking best friend like that?”

Shaking his head, he just shrugged.

“I was…no… I am pissed”

Rolling your eyes, you continued to stare him down.

“Fine, then be pissed at me. Not him. He did nothing wrong. This is about you and me. That’s it.”

Shaking his head, he finally looked up, meeting your eyes.

“But it’s not just about you and me anymore.”

Sighing, you moved to walk back over to the end of the porch, sitting down.

“You know, I’m getting real sick of you speaking to me like I’m stupid. Beating around the bush didn’t get us anywhere the first time, what makes you think its going to work now.”

Walking over to where you were, he sat down next to you.

“I know. Im sorry.”

“Don’t say you’re sorry. That doesn’t mean anything anymore. Just tell me the truth”

Looking over to him, you met his stare. 

Nodding, he looked forwards, clenching his jaw.

“Earlier when i said this couldn’t work, it was because of Calum. I’ve known for a while how he felt about you. And honestly, i got really jealous.”

Pausing, he looked down to play with his shoe strings.

“I just thought if you ended up with him, you’d forget about me and our friendship would die out.”

Taking in what he was saying, you were finally starting to understand.

“So, when you said you were in love with me, you were lying?”

Looking back up, he turned to his head to face you.

“No. I meant it.”

Shaking your head, you looked away.

“Ashton I’m finding that really hard to believe.”

Looking back to him, you saw confusion written all over his face.


“Because, from the sound of it, the only reason you’re saying that is because of Calum. If he hadn’t actually acted on his feelings, we probably wouldn’t even be having this conversation right now. You acted on jealously of our friendship, not love”

“But what if Calum made me realize i do love you the way you thought you loved me.”

Stopping what he was saying, he gave you a strange look.

“Do you still think you have feelings?”

Looking away, you didn’t know what to say.

Did you?

After everything that happened today, were your feelings still the same?

“Um… well… honestly… i don’t know”

Looking back to him, you saw his expression change.

“Close your eyes.”


Don’t fight me one this, just close your eyes. Trust me”

Staring at him, you slowly nodded your head. Even if you didn’t completely trust Ashton right now, you owed him that much after everything you caused between him and Calum.

Closing your eyes, you sat for a while, completely confused what was going on.

At first you could feel him getting closer, hearing his shaky breathing, and then you felt it.

His lips.

Slow and steady, he played it safe, completely grabbing your attention.

Feeling him pull back, you opened your eyes, watching him eye you carefully.


Thinking about it, you turned to look away from him.

This was something you always wanted.

Dreamed about it.

Wished for it.

Craved it.

But now, actually having it happen…

You didn’t know.

Well actually you did know, it was the first thought that came to your mind as soon as you felt his lips.

He wasn’t Calum.

Looking back to him, you shrugged your shoulders.

“Honestly…. I didn’t really feel anything.”

Holding your breath, you were scared for his reaction.

After a few seconds, Ashton let out a big breath.

“Oh thank god”

Feeling you jaw drop, you turned to smack his arm.

“Well fuck Ashton you don’t have to sound so relieved!”

Laughing, he moved to put his arm around your shoulders.

“Im sorry! I didn’t mean it like that! I really thought i was going to feel something, but apparently not. I guess you were right, i was a just jealous of Calum taking you away from me.”

Shaking your head, you slightly giggled.

“Ashton, I’m actually glad you didnt feel anything. I think i always knew i didn’t feel that way but i got caught up in the idea of it after i woke up next to you.”

Pausing you slightly giggled. 

“You know its a total cliche movie thing. Best friends turned lovers. We could have made some money off of it”

Laughing, he pulled you further into him, jokingly agreeing.

Before the kiss, you would have thought it was him flirting but now you knew it wasn’t. 

He was like your brother. 

This was him showing you he cared for you.

“So i guess now we go back in there and you tell Calum the good news”

Pulling away, you looked towards your shoes.

“Im not going to tell him anything”

Snapping his head towards you, Ashton seemed distressed.

“Why not?”

“Because i put both of you guys through so much shit. I don’t deserve someone like him. He deserves so much better.”

Feeling tears starting to sting the back of your eyes, you quickly rubbed your face.

“I don’t think you realize how much of a mistake you would be making if you said nothing.”

Looking back up at him, he softly smiled.

“The whole reason i was so jealous of Calum, was because i knew he could easily not only get you to completely love him, but he could be so much better of a best friend than i could. He cares so fucking much for you. You guys honestly are so perfect for each other. Don’t let him slip away from you the way i almost let you go.”

Smiling back, you watched him get up off the floor, holding out a hand for you.


Taking in a big breath, you shook your head, following Ashton back into the house.

Going towards the kitchen, you saw Calum holding a bag of peas to his jaw. Turning his head to meet your stare, his quickly looked down.

Standing in front of him, you felt butterflies fill your stomach.

He definitely made you feel different than anyone else had before.

How could you really think there was ever a choice between him or Ashton?

“How’s your lip?”

Shrugging, he took off the bag, letting you see the cut.

“Fine, just sore i guess”

Placing it back, he still refused to meet your stare.

“Calum, look… there’s something i need to tell you.”

Shaking his head, he threw the bag on the counter pushing past you.

“Don’t bother, i already saw.”

Following after him, you tugged on his hand.

“Wait, whoa, where are you going? What are you talking about?”

Chasing him into the hallway, he turned to look at you, completely broken.

“I SAW YOU KISS ASHTON! I don’t need you to let me down okay i get it, he’s the one you want. You guys are so perfect for each other, i can’t believe i actually thought i might have a chance with you but he’s the better man and-”

Not even caring what he was about to say next, you wrapped your hands around his neck, pulling him down to meet your lips.

Rigid at first, he eventually relaxed, wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you even closer.

In sync with him, you let yourself completely get lost in his touch.

Being with Calum was different.

You loved Ashton, more than you realized but also not the same way you thought you did.

You loved him as family. 

As a brother.

But Calum?

You loved him the same was he loved you.

You loved him as your world.

Slightly puling back, you kept you arms around his neck, making sure he didn’t go anywhere.

Calum, i know what it looked like but i can promise you, it meant absolutely nothing. The way you tried to figure out what i felt about him was the same thing he did. Except, i didn’t get the same feeling i got with you when we first kissed. Being with you is just…right. I promise there is absolutely no competition when it comes to you. You’re the only one i want.”

Grinning, he closed the distance between your lips and his, making you melt all over again.

Man you were never going to get used to this feeling.

It was perfect.

He was perfect.


Annnnnd there’s the end! 

Calum was the winner for you guys! He actually won by like a landslide lol at least 30 votes more. 

A lot of you were super passionate about him winning like i couldn’t stop laughing at some of your reactions.

As promised, here are a few of my favorites:

lenirom was by far my absolute favorite omg❤️

But this person, like others was super ruthless like what is it with you guys and hating happy endings?😂

This was a perfect example of how passionate you guys are. There was so many people who HAD TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS LIKE WHY DO YOU FEEL THE NEED TO YELL😂

This person just made my day a million times better like its when i get messages like this that make me so emotional, you guys mean so much to me❤️

Lastly, pink-puffles-x also made me laugh because again it shows how passionate you guys are about this😂

In conclusion, this was so much fun to do. I understand there was quite a few of you who wanted alternate endings but for me i felt like that took away from the idea of voting. I wanted you all to feel a complete apart of this and voting was one way for me to do that. There was also some of you that had some pretty sick story lines that involved adding more parts but i want to start another mini series so sorry for not taking it that route. Ending it just felt right for now.

I really really reeeeeally hope you liked doing this as much as i did, i completely love you guys❤️

Maybe someday in the future we can do voting again😉

I have a list of requests that I’m seriously slacking on and I’m super sorry, the end of the semester is kicking my ass right now with finals and due dates but i promise I’m gonna get to them! 

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