still dead week


JohnDave week // day 1

Godhead’s heavy hoofbeats can be heard approaching and you look around the forest edge. He doesn’t come from there, though. He appears at the top of the waterfall, next to the river as it goes over the edge of the small cliff. Godhead rears back, going up on his hind legs. His front legs paw at the air as he lets out a noise that sounds victorious, even though they lost the race. But you’re not paying much attention to the horse. You’re more interested in Dave.

The way the sun is hitting his hair just right, and how the strands are pushed back from his forehead by the wind. The way his hands grip the reins. His legs ending comfortably in boots that rest in the stirrups. The way his expression has softened. His cheeks are slightly pink from the wind. His eyes are rubies in the light. His lips are parted slightly and more relaxed than you’ve seen them in a while. They turn upward at the corners. Oh gog you just want to kiss those lips.

-The Heir and His Knight by witty_name

Jyn Appreciation Week - Day 7: Weaponry

“Saw Guerrera used to say one fighter with a sharp stick and nothing left to lose can take the day.“ - Jyn Erso

Jyn is adept at close-quarters combat, wielding a truncheon/tonfa baton to take down a range of enemies in her path. When times call for her to step back from battle, a stolen BlasTech A-180 blaster serves her well, stolen from Cassian’s pack before their mission on Jedha.


Here’s a sketch for day 2 ! I’ve been meaning to do a proper drawing of this AU for a while but I didn’t do it justice rip 88,) . Since I didn’t have anything else good I figured I’d add the swap AU Demon Days cover I did a bit back lmao. I HOPE IT ALL LOOKS OKAY I M TRYING I’ll probably draw more for this AU at some point tho.

Sorry I haven’t really posted since the puppies were born, but being newborns they have been very time consuming! As much as mom does her best she still needs assistance. Hoping to jump back into things this weekend. I need to try out the new Timed Quest in FFXV afterall. I need to stream some games too. I miss doing it!

Adam's Mistake

So… we know Adam has taken… well, technically, four forms. The original Adam who seemed to know Katerina, Mana, Neah, and the current Adam (which is still… technically Mana, but not quite?). But I personally believe there might be more to it than that.

And by that I mean there may have been multiple Adams throughout the millennia.

….bear with me on this, alright? It’s a little complicated for my uncaffeinated mind, but I think I can do this.

I don’t think the four…. of him are the only ones.

There may have been others in the past.

If I remember correctly, there are some lines somewhere in the manga where something was mentioned about the Noahs returning to Adam and being likened to sacrificial lambs.

Now, I’d never really thought much of it until just recently, on my… umpteenth reread of the manga. I got to chapter 219, where the past Adam… splits himself.

And the babies that result from that split are Mana and Neah… who eventually become Noahs, and one of them Adam (sort of).

…going on these two facts, I… think Adam has probably split himself multiple times, likely in order to create the other Noahs, whose memories are all… well, sensations. Things that can be experienced, like dreams, judgment, or desire.

Why did something go wrong this time?
Because, loves, I think he split himself one too many times. Think of Adam’s conscience like twine. You can cut twine, but as it gets older and as you mess with it more and more, it begins to fray and unravel.

When you try to cut fraying line, it becomes very difficult, almost impossible, to cut it evenly

But the Millennium Earl disappeared this time, and he’s never done it before.
Because nothing went wrong those past few times. Everything worked out fine, so he was probably able to jump right back into the game.

This time, something went very wrong. Because Adam split himself that final time, and it didn’t work.

Because of that, the current Adam is no longer the true Adam.

And the true Adam no longer exists.

Instead, he’s divided between two separate individuals, and they’re both a part of him.

Mana probably drew the short stick and wound up with the greater sum of Adam’s memories, but what memories he does have are just unstable enough that the current Adam is Not Quite Right.

I think he meant for Neah to be a separate, new Noah entirely (the Noah of Destruction) but past!Adam miscalculated and so Neah wound up with bits of Adam’s memories–the bits Mana!Adam needs to become himself again, hence the desire to devour Neah.

Why would he do that if he was going to make a mistake?
Because, if I’m right, he would’probably believe he could do it that final time without a mistake. He’s done it in the past without a problem, so why would something go wrong this time?

As Admin Riah puts it, past!Adam picked himself a great big bouquet of whoopsie daisies.


Still slightly pissed at Telltale for making Luke die when he should have been a determinant (Scott Porter recorded a scene where he gets saved)

but nooOo they had to cut him off because apparently he didn’t do well in episode4. I loved every one of the endings. (Yeah, Jane was manipulative but I’ll find ways to forgive her) But the one I went with that’s best was Clem/AJ alone.

Personally I thought the game could’ve ended so much better with Luke instead of Jane in that truck.
Imagine. The 3 gets separated, as in the game. Still outdoors, Luke has the baby but he believes he can’t make it any more because he’s dying of hypothermia. He encounters a group but won’t let him join due to his condition, but begs them to take the baby in. They accept. He later finds his way towards shelter where he was supposed to accept his demise but sees Clem/Kenny. Luke tries to explain the gravity of the situation but Kenny’s too stubborn to listen and loses his temper. This is where the fight scene takes place. And you make the ultimate choice. Saving Luke prompts you to return to the group to take AJ back. Saving Kenny prompts you to encounter the group where they explain Luke’s actions.
idk this works better for me, haha. Anyways, it’s just my two cents. You can remove all the text if you want to OTL