still crying wat

Don’t even get me STARTED on them crying faces tho.


Okay, hold up, I gotta say it. 

The face Tip makes when she’s about to break after her phone dies while looking for her mom. The face of utter defeat.

It gives me chills on how accurate and REAL it looks. How it FEELS. It’s unbelievable. Before I know it I’m the one crying, because honestly that is what some people look like when they cry. Like- legit cry. It’s what I look like. It was almost like watching myself when I sobbed in the mirror this one time when I had gotten so upset. (For a completely different reason than Tip..) The scrunched up face, teary eyes, shaky hands and then just- just collapsing down.. I-

Yeah, that piece of animation really hit me hard. 

Not to mention they way Oh reaches out desperately for Earth, for his best friend, as the Boov ship rockets away. How it limply falls at his side and he knows he really just effed it up big time this go around. The regret in his eyes, how blue his skin turns, and how he cried too. He honestly looked.. Helpless. Then he understands what Tip was saying about family. That you never turn away and leave those you truly care about.
He could have gone away ya know. He saved his race, he’s a hero Boov and he could have left ran from the Gorg again.

But he didn’t.

If there’s one thing Oh learned from humansgirl that he’s more than “just a Boov.”

Woo, Okay.
Lemme stop now, before I get carried away.

So yeah, animation is magical..

So wow, wow, okay you guys. I guess I just hit a follower milestone and I’m a bit overwhelmed ?? (灬º 艸º灬) So I suppose this is the thing to do? I’d draw stuff for everyone if I had the time but here goes,

Art Giveaway! Thing?? Yea!

Starts today, November 1, ends November 15 @ 12PM EST

Three winners, chosen with random number generator, will get a fully lined and colored drawing of up to two characters from whatever thing you like!! (If I don’t know the source material I may ask for refs. OCs are ok!) Restrictions: NSFW, gore, mechs

Rules: Obv this is for followers so you actually have to be one of them, only reblogs are counted and giveaway blogs will be ignored. Winners will have 24 hours to respond before I roll for another person!

aah thank you everyone ;o; ilu ♥