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“If we believe in the person who’s urging us forward… then we have to start walking…”  

“Why do you still believe in me, Shuichi?”
“My belief in you is gonna lead me to the truth!” 


 Caesar(Ozmafia!!) Wallpapers Requested by sulika 

the foxes:  aaron minyard // #5 // backliner

The strangled noise Aaron made was his best attempt at Andrew’s name. It was barely intelligible but it was enough.
Andrew, who’d barely acknowledged Aaron’s existence in the entire time Neil had known them, looked immediately to his brother. Andrew snaked a hand out from under the sheet and curled his fingers in a demand. Aaron clambered onto the bed and reached for Andrew.
“Andrew,” Aaron said, desperate and frightened. He held onto Andrew like he thought Andrew would disappear if he let go.


she’s already won

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