still crying in the fetal position over these two

Why ZnT is a masterpiece and why more and more series should follow its footsteps

As of now, we may be curling into fetal positions–with the fandom bracing themselves for the impending “feels wreck* that the next episodes might (okay scratch that, ”would“) bring to us. I have mentioned yesterday that the staff might just be made up of sadistic people–with Watanabe in the lead. 

So how do we adapt into this "week-long torture of a hiatus”? Let me bet. You’ve been excavating the “znt”, “zankyou no terror”, and of course, the “hisalisa” tag like some mad miner. And like the mad miner that you are, you look for those ores–ores that contain vital information and analysis of the teeniest bits of this series. 

The last time I felt this excited for an anime was towards Deathnote. If you are a fan of this genre, I reckon that you’ve found many similarities between these two. For one, both series are a battle of minds. Two, they belong to the suspense-thriller genre. You literally have no idea what the hell is going to happen next. But then, as much as I recognize the epicness of this masterpiece by the godly Obata-Ohba duo, there is something which makes Zankyou no Terror special, and superior in some aspects.

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PHAN: Don't Hide Yourself - Part 1

A/N: I had this idea and this desire to write a queergender fic for some reason so I did it. It was getting long and I wasn’t sure how to end it so this is just part 1. It’s totally fluffy and things and I really like it and would love for your feedback. I am no expert on queergender or anything, I just thought it would be interesting to write into a phanfiction. <3

Dan Howell had always been the shy boy that barely spoke. He grew up in a typical British family home with his mother and father and elder sister and he had a typical British education, starting from the age of 4 until he turned 16 he attended school and did well in his exams, allowing him to go on to college to do whatever he wanted. However, Dan Howell didn’t know what he wanted to do. For all of his life he felt as though he had been stuck inside a world which was too small for him, a world which he didn’t fit in. In his free time at home he would dress up in his sister’s old clothes – but only when he was home alone due to the fact that at the age of 9 he had been caught by his father trying on his sister’s bra and his father had yelled at him for hours.

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