still crying forever crying

Oh, he’s no stranger, we’ve met before, once upon a dream.

goodbye, forever, i literally can’t believe this happened,,,,

damon salvatore. the selfish brother. the evil brother. the narcissistic brother. became the better brother. became the brother that his brother always wanted him to be. became selfless. became good hearted. became everything that he could always be. he got what he wanted. the life that he deserved. the life that he had wanted forever and worked his ass off to get. this show ended with my fave showing everyone, every anti stan, every fucking one that he could achieve what everyone thought was impossible for him. Redemption. Forgiveness. This show went out with damon salvatore happy. With the girl he loves. The girl he deserved. The life he deserved.

and im so fucking proud of him.

Root & Shaw love scene with no background music. You hear everything. Thank me later. (Quality isn’t the greatest but…)

Not to be dramatic but the looks Mako and Korra give each other in the series finale are and forever will be the most loving and heartfelt expressions in any fiction universe and nothing will convince me otherwise

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endless movies (1-?): Celeste and Jesse Forever 

Beth and Tucker. You guys are lucky, so lucky to be best friends. Work hard at that and respect that. Be patient and you don’t always have to be right, even if you are. It doesn’t fucking matter anyway. Fight for it everyday. I wish I had.  


“And like a rook, I mate for life


get to know me meme » [2|15 favourite movies] - Babe

And so it was, that in all the celebration, in all the hubbub of noise and excitement, there were two figures who stood silent, and still.  Side, by side.  And though every single human in the stands, or in the commentary boxes was at a complete loss for words, the man who in his life had uttered fewer words than any of them, knew exactly what to say.

That’ll do, Pig.  That’ll do.


- Anything you want to do tonight? Go out, see your friends? You should, it’s fine.
- No, this is fine.