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from @sean_ono_lennon on Instagram:
-Happy Birthday Brother! I’m sorry I lost that leather jacket you gave me! You always looked way cooler in it than me anyway! I still owe you one! I love you always and forever! @julespicturepalace @whitefeatherfoundation-

my friend from school texted and told me she was going to be in town this weekend and wants to hang and i literally suddenly remembered how much i miss her and like how she was basically my best friend this whole year because she’s one of the few people to actually reach out to me and make me feel wanted

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Like just wanna put it out there tht I’m msging lots of ppl 2 nite.
1. I mean whut I say.
2.if I do msg u u prolly cool In my book
3. If I dnt msg u 2nite Itz Cuz I’m super shy and I feel like u r 2 cool 4 me
3 the ppl I do msg r still cooler than me.
4.i said 3 2 times.
4. Ily I’m so fucking smashed but I love my mutuals I love the ppl I follow thnk u have a great night.
5 . I fucking said 4 2 times.
6. I love my boyfriend.

Love texts me when I’m sad and grumpy and dont deserve her company.
Love makes sure that I’m okay, even when it’s 5am and she’d rather be sleeping.
Love is a mess; trashing her room and leaving clothes everywhere, but that’s okay; that’s love.
Love is way cooler than I am but she still loves me for my boring self.
Love pretends to like my siblings more than me to make me mad; because that’s what love is like.. messing with each other.
Love calls me names and makes fun of me; it wouldn’t be love if it was any other way.
Love wrote me a song one day; and each lyric is etched on my heart like a tattoo.
Love tells me i’m wonderful, even when I disagree.
Love calls me on the phone at 3am and we talk about nothing; sometimes, we just sit in silence and do our own thing. But that’s okay, because just being in love’s presence is all I really need.
Love lives 12 hours away from me but that doesn’t change how close we are at heart.
Love would pay her entire life savings for a plane ticket to see me, and i’d do the same.
Love has the sweetest heart and the most beautiful personality; love cares about each and every person in this world, good or bad; she’s my pride.
Love knows exactly how to make me smile, even in my darkest days. I could tell Love to “fuck off” and she’d still hug me close and tell me that she’s there for me.
Love puts up with my breakdowns, my meltdowns, and my fits of rage.
Seeing Love makes me feel like a dog when it’s owner comes home from the army, like a newborn baby’s parents when they first see their little bundle of joy, like a child on their birthday.
Love may not feel the same kind of love that I feel for her, but it doesn’t matter to me, because love is love and I know that Love loves me, no matter what the type or form.
Love is my best friend, and I treasure her more than a thousand jewels.
—  Personifying Love

~ Based on Error!Sans recent events of askerrorsans blog by loverofpiggies~

~US Sans Stream of Consciousness~

It’s terrifying.

Or maybe “It” is a “he?” It looks like me… sorta… but it doesn’t act like me.

It doesn’t act like anyone I’ve ever met before.

I look into its eyes and I see nothing. Even when it stares at me, it doesn’t look at me.

It looks through me. It doesn’t look “at” anything. Not here, anyway.

It must know where everything is down the inch. How long has it been like this?

Unchanging, always… I’m not sure how to handle it. Papyrus would know…

I-I miss my brother.


It’s terrifying.

It doesn’t talk to me. I’ve been hanging here for… a day? I don’t know…

Time doesn’t pass normally here, I don’t think. Sometimes I feel like I blink and everything has moved.

Sometimes I stare for what feels like hours without the slightest change occurring.

When it gets worked up sometimes, it leaves. It opens a… a hole? A hole into other worlds.

Sometimes it comes back happy, sometimes it just looks empty.

I want to help it, though. I want to understand why it does what it does. I want to bring it back.


It’s terrifying.

It talked to me today. I don’t know how long I had been hanging, but it talked to me.

It was nice to speak to something again. It liked to talk about “Undernovela.”

I wanted to learn more about the Error, but it only talked about other universes.

It calls them anomalies. When I tried to talk about its past and its old friends…

It hurt me. The strings, they tightened around my soul. It burned.

It felt like I no longer fit in my own body and every inch of me just wanted to burst.

Then, it opened a hole. I saw twinkling against a dark, but color streaked sky.

When the hole closes, the twinkling goes away, and the void returns… but the strings loosen.

Were those stars? I had always dreamed of seeing the stars our shiny stones had emulated…

But, when I see them now… it reminds me of that awful pain of the strings squeezing my soul.

It scares me… I don’t think I like stars.


It’s terrifying.

This place, I don’t know how to describe it. It is so deafeningly quiet, so chaotically barren.

I… I don’t know what to think half the time. I can barely comprehend what my mind is telling me.

Sometimes when I shut my eyes to sleep, I’m startled by a voice…

Sometimes it’s my voice, sometimes it’s the queen… sometimes it’s Papyrus.

It’s like my dreams are so eager to get me out of this place that they try to start before I can sleep.

And so I stay stuck for indescribable periods of time, alone in this vast void… anti-void?

The error-me. It calls it that sometimes, the anti-void. But it has been gone for so long…

When it is here, at least something else moves, something else speaks, even if not to me.

I get so lonely when it isn’t here. I’ve… I’ve never had many friends, but Papyrus was always there…

I don’t know how to think when I’m alone. I don’t know how to handle this.

I miss him. I miss Error.


He’s interesting.

He talks to me more these days. I feel like he has been staying with me longer.

He told me why he does what he does. He says he doesn’t want any anomalies getting out of control.

I think he said that’s how errors are made. If there are other errors, they would destroy everything.

I don’t know if my world was going to cause an error, but if he stopped it, that’s a good thing, right?

He’s been letting me watch in on certain universes with him. He loves to talk about them.

He loves to tell me which ones are interesting, which ones are problematic…

But sometimes he grumbles about “number thirteen,” then strings me back up before he leaves again.

Usually when he gets angry, he opens a hole to the world with the stars and leaves…

It gets lonely without him around, but whenever I see the stars again, I know he’s coming back!

I think I like the stars.


He’s stimulating.

It’s nice of him to spend his time with me. When he’s gone I can’t seem to function.

I cannot sleep due to the restless voices. They never talk with me, though… they only talk around me.

But when he’s here, his voice grounds me. It keeps my mind settled and I forget about the endless nothing.

He talks to me all the time when he’s here now. He talks about universes, he talks about errors, and he talks about me.

He said he likes having me around. He even put his hand on my shoulder, even if just for a moment.

I can’t remember ever feeling so happy. I forgot what it was to touch anything, let alone a person!

Well, anything but the strings. He still ties me up from time to time when he leaves…

But at least the strings remind me he is coming back.


He’s great.

I understand better why he does what he does. Not completely, but better.

He assured me that without his intervention, many errors would be destroying universes left and right.

I’m not sure why he necessarily has to kill monsters himself, but I’m sure he knows what he is doing.

Sometimes he doesn’t even tie up my soul at all when he leaves anymore, though!

He even leaves me a couple strings to rest on, but when I try to sleep I just get excited about his return.

The voices have also started to talk back to me when he isn’t here.

He must have been putting in a good word for me! It’s so nice not to be alone when he’s out.

But… Sometimes I still get scared when he’s gone and I can only stare into the nothingness.

The voices are nice and all, but still… he’s just so much cooler than the voices.

He distracts me from the anti-void. He makes me smile. He gives me hope…

I… I just hope he comes back soon… I miss Error.


Exo reaction when they are being asked embarrassing questions by your siblings

Sehun: Listen here snoty don’t you have something else to do like homework or picking your nose other than asking me if I have sex with your sister?

Kai: How to answer that question… you see…back in the days it was …. and she came ….and basically that was it 

Tao:*regrets the day he set foot into that house* 

Kyungsoo: Kido give up there is anything embarrassing about  my whole existence , you are just wasting your time 

Chanyeol:*suddenly gets up* Who wants to see me holding two…no wait three books on my head?

Chen:Is the word privacy to much to ask in this house? who is the next to ask me those questions? the dog?

Baekhyun: I rather not answer you that with your dad in the same room….

Lay: Babe can you tell your little sister to go and play and stop asking me those questions cause she may be small but she is making me uncomfortable 

Suho: Ummmmm…….well….can I think for a bit and then give you the less embarrassing answer?

Kris: Kido no matter how many embarrassing things you will ask me I will still be cooler than you, keep that in mind

Luhan:*his brain freeze right at the first question* 

Xiumin:*so done with your sister* Next time let’s meet your parents when your sister is not around here 

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Honorable Mentions ~ (aka essays declaring my love for pingu squad noot noot)

@fairymyungho ,,,shveta darling. I love u so much and ur the best mom I’ve ever had. you are literally the sweetest person I’ve ever met on here and I’m so thankful for you. sometimes I still read that email you sent me a long time ago bc it is honestly one of the nicest/most motivating/heart warming things someone has ever sent me. i love it when u send the group chat voice notes of you laughing hysterically at something one of us said they literally make me SO happy and no ! u don’t sound like a dying whale ! u sound like a beautiful majestic bird ok I love u so much. i always know i can rely on u and ask ur for opinions or advice. ur the wisest chick i know and i look up to u. i’m so thankful that i can have real meaningful conversations with u. (p.s thanks for stopping the fights w Kaylah before they get too serious ) I love u shweeda

@simplesanha gravy,,,the cause for all of my suffering,,probably the reason why I returned to being an official woozi Stan once again. Gaby I love u so much you’re my favorite hoseok Stan. I know u don’t talk a lot in the group chat (except for when someone mentions jhope or smthing shady)…but when u do….u make me laugh a lot. you’re so sweet but also so savage which I admire about u…I love u so much. u have this light about u that i really love!!!! ur so bright and thoughtful. u always have smth good to say. u are so kind and thank u for sending me pictures of dogs a lot I’m so grateful (burger king still sucks)

@pastelsuga Hanna!!!! my wife!!! I’m so grateful for u and ur puns..although they’re not as good or as frequent as mine, they’re still really gud ok and I really appreciate them. ur the best Hanna montanan/goat/egg I have ever met. ur always so happy and energetic and I love u so much I picked a gud wife. you’re literally such a goddess and I love u and ur fluffy hair !!!!! I love torturing u with jongin pictures..,u always brighten my mood and I love u a lot u nerd. ur so strong and i admire u so much. I love u even tho u put the group chat on silent a lot :/ stay tru

@joyridingmikey maru child….1/3 of the beagle line,,I love u and ur memes. over the past few months I have collected a lot of memes but I will never reach ur collection,,,I’m still amazed. I’m also amazed by ur artistic skills!! like wow!!! thank u for drawing Kim jongdae (a while ago) …I really appreciate it. truly. even tho u make fun of my height and say u don’t care about woozi the “old small man” and u like to spoil shows and u suck……I still love u. ur still one of the three stooges ,,godo lick in life Maru,,,ur still young,,,and way cooler than me when I was 13 :/ stay cool. Stan Maru.

@dinosgf-deactivated20161019 Kaylah,,,,i know u aint on here anymore but imma include this anyway,,,,,most of the time when I’m sad I go back and listen to ur voice notes tho. Kaylah,,,,,,,,,I loaf u so much. ur always on the same exact page as me,,u always know exactly what I’m thinking,,,we hate the same people, we say the same things at the same time, we’re practically the same person. if there’s someone who makes my day every day it’s u Kaylah. I never get tired of ur shadiness or ur typos. I love how creative u are,,,u truly express it through your 50 Dino urls. u are literally the funniest person I know,,,,u never fail to make me laugh. I love that we can joke around and make fun of eachother and fight all the time but still when I need something ur really there for me!! ur truly my number one fan…always being the first to reblog my edits and leave compliments. sometimes I think about when u asked ur dad to tell u to do ur chores so u could get out of a certain call ! and i just laugh out loud. ur constantly full of humor and love for Dino,…I truly admire how quick witted u are. I love u so much Kaylah. thank u for having Lipgloss jam sessions with me and tagging me in numerous pictures of dogs and jongdae. I love u so much !!!!!!!!!!! I honestly can’t even express in words how much I appreciate u and everything u do. ur such a great friend and I’d sell my left foot and all of my hair to meet u irl. ur truly so genuine and I know that whenever I need anything I can come to u. no one hypes me up more than u do and u help me love myself!! there’s no doubt that if knew eachother irl we would dominate the world. ilysm more than words can say.

@all of the pingu squad

……I love all of you guys so much. I had a really tough school year last year but I joined the sanha net and met you guys and I honestly believe y'all are how I made it through the year without breaking down completely. y'all make me so happy. there’s not a day that goes by that y'all don’t make me laugh. you guys are so supportive and always have my back, even tho y'all live far away. you guys boost my confidence so much and motivate me and make me laugh and cry and scream and I’m literally!!!! so glad I met y'all. I’m comfortable telling you guys anything and I can’t even express how much I love y'all and I hope we can all meet one day ️️️

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Normally Gabriel entered the Winchester motel rooms with flare, gusto, or at least some finesse. But one morning, Sam didn’t realize Gabriel had appeared until he was tapped on the shoulder as he was researching their current case. He looked up, maybe expecting to see Castiel, because appearing silently was his thing.

“Gabriel?” Sam blinked, seeing his heavy eyelids and a flushed, or even green shade, to his face. “You don’t look so good.” Gabriel gave a half hearted smile.

“I don’t feel so good. Must have been something I ate,” Gabriel said, arms folded over his vessel’s stomach, which gave a disturbing whine in protest. “Hush you.” Sam raised his brows.

“Did you actually eat too much candy or something?” Sam had joked about Gabriel eating too much chocolate before, but Gabriel always said the perk of being an archangel was that he got all of the good taste and none of the belly aches.

Gabriel shrugged and plopped down on Dean’s bed on his back. “Or something. I think I was poisoned.” Sam waited for the punchline but Gabriel just let out a painful groan.

“Y-you’re serious?” Sam stood up from his research, ready to call Poison Control or take Gabriel to get his stomach pumped. Though he paused, wondering if poison effected archangels. “You’re susceptible to poison?”

“Certain kinds.” Gabriel muttered, his eyes closed and his hand waving about sluggishly. “Magical or cursed poisons. I do have a long list of enemies. I mean, it probably wasn’t Kali because she’s more likely to leave a burn mark. She likes to destroy people in person. Maybe it was Odin. He’s a spiteful asshat.”

“Do you need something?” Sam asked, because poison was not something to take lightly.

“A place to rest,” Gabriel said. “Can’t really do anything except wait for my being to heal from it. It’s like the worst case of indigestion in the world. Only an angel sword can really kill me, you know.” Gabriel then sat up, sounding thoughtful. “I bet it was Baldr, or even Frigg. She never did forgive me for nearly killing her precious, perfect little princess. Seriously. Do you know how tired I was? Hearing how perfect he was? Perfect little momma’s boy more like it…” Sam sighed, figuring Gabriel was being dramatic. If he was energetic enough to rant about Baldr, he was well enough to heal on his own. Well, that’s what he thought until he saw Gabriel cover his mouth, and then a second later he disappeared, only for Sam to hear him in the bathroom retching.

It was lovely timing when Dean came in with breakfast and heard an archangel puking in the bathroom. Sam sighed, having to explain that Gabriel had to stay for a while. Dean is not happy with this fact but he at least grimaced when he heard Gabriel the second time, with a bit more of a choking sound.

Then Gabriel said, “Oh, well mystery solved. It was Frigg. She’s the only one that would send me mistletoe.”


Sam loaned his bed to Gabriel and left a bucket for him beside the bed. Not that Gabriel couldn’t make it to the toilet, but it was the thought that counted in Sam’s opinion.

“TV…” Gabriel bemoaned in a zombie like fashion. Sam rolled his eyes when the motel room’s brick television became a plasma widescreen… -what ever it was- on the wall and turned to the nearest cartoon channel. “Hey, hey, don’t mock the healing power of Television.”

“You’re a grown angel, I would think you’d chose something better than Loony Tunes.” Sam adjusted his tie because he and Dean were going undercover again.

“Old ones or the new ones?” Dean asked, finally finished in the bathroom and ready to hit the road.

“Classics, of course,” Gabriel said. Dean made a face that said that was an acceptable answer before he jiggled the keys at Sam.

“Okay, okay.” Sam looked at Gabriel. “You have our numbers, and we let Cas know that you’re here and not feeling good. Are you sure I can’t get you anything? There’s not some spell that will help?” Gabriel have him a smile.

“Just your tender love and affection,” Gabriel said, which was good for getting a gag reaction from Dean before he left the motel room. “At least give me a kiss before you go.” Sam gave a glance at the closed motel door before he leaned down to kiss Gabriel’s brow, completely missing his puckered lips. He was not kissing that mouth when he’d seen the black sludge that had come out of it.

“You focus on healing up,” Sam said, walking towards the door and ignoring Gabriel’s childish pout. “And no pranks.”

“Oh sure, take the fun out of everything,” Gabriel muttered. Before Sam closed the door he asked, “Still love me?”

Sam sighed but nodded. “Yes, still love you.” Then he shut the door and tried to focus on their case.


After some useful information had been gathered, Sam and Dean stopped by a corner store for some supplies. Sam found himself looking at the pharmaceuticals for more than a couple minutes, trying to figure out how much activated charcoal an archangel would need to purge the poison in his system. He would probably need a whole county’s worth; but it wasn’t magical, so he wasn’t sure if it would work on cursed mistletoe.

Sam grabbed the only 3 bottles that were left on the shelf and as he passed by the drink section he picked up a box of cheap chamomile tea because it was supposed to help with everything; magic induced stomach aches included.

Dean gave him a raised brow at the checkout line before he asked, “You going to make him homemade chicken soup too?”

“Shut up,” Sam said, he wasn’t just going to sit by and do absolutely nothing while his lover was suffering.

“I think he’s faking it,” Dean said. “Seriously, mistletoe? People use that for kissing.”

“It’s also a very deadly poison,” Sam informed him as they were getting their order rung up. “In Norse Legend, it was the only thing that the goddess Frigg had not asked to never harm her son Baldr. Loki used another god to shoot mistletoe to kill Baldr.”

“Then who was the guy walking around that hotel?” Dean asked, remembering Baldr and Kali had had a thing.

“I think that’s why Gabriel said ‘nearly killed’ Baldr.” Sam paid for the groceries and his things for Gabriel. He was eager to get home and check on the archangel to see how he was doing. “Gods can be spiteful.”

Making it back to the motel room, it was eerie to Gabriel still in the same spot he’d left him in that morning. Gabriel looked half dazed as Sam walked over to the bed and sat next to him. Gabriel’s face was flushed and there was a shine of sweat on his skin.

“Wow, you look like crap,” Dean said from the doorway.

Gabriel scoffed. “Well thanks, Dino. Remind me to return the favor when your insides are molten lava.”

“Stop it you two.” Sam opened the bag and showed Gabriel the bottle, but didn’t get any recognition to it. “I figured it couldn’t hurt to get something for poison. It’s charcoal.”

“Bleck,” was Gabriel’s only response.

“Don’t be a baby about it,” Sam told him.

Gabriel’s head rolled back as he rolled his eyes and slowly pushed himself up. “How much did you get?”

“They only had three left,” Sam said.

“Three cases? Three pounds? Three tons?”

“Bottles. Three bottles.” Sam shrugged.

Gabriel sighed and pinched the bridge his nose for a moment. “Better than nothing I guess.” Gabriel popped off the bottle cap and Sam got up to turn on the cheapest coffee maker on the motel room table to make hot water with. Dean was doing his best to ignore them and was changing from his crisp suit to more comfortable hunting clothes. Sam went back over to join Gabriel when he had a paper cup of hot water with two teabags starting to steep. Gabriel had already emptied the whole bottle down his throat and Sam blinked.

“I wasn’t expecting it to go that fast,” Sam said.

“Well if it’s going to have any effect, might as well down them all.” Gabriel closed his eyes, still sitting up. Sam pressed his hand lightly to Gabriel’s fevered brow but immediately pulled back, as though touching the red coils of a stove.

“Ow…” Sam’s hand went to his mouth and Gabriel blinked tiredly. “You’re… literally burning up.”

“Oh great.” Gabriel groaned, his face sinking into his hands. “I hate this part.” It was obviously not the first time Gabriel had been poisoned like this, but it didn’t ease Sam’s mind.

“Um, I guess hot tea wouldn’t help at the moment then,” Sam muttered. Gabriel seemed to realize Sam was holding the cup in his hands.

“You made me tea?” Gabriel asked and a smile creased on his face as he rested his chin in his hand. “You’re sweet.” Sam shrugged and tried not to be aware of Dean making faces in the background.

“I… dunno if it’ll really help, but yeah,” Sam said. Gabriel look the cup and Sam grimaced as Gabriel started to drink it. “It’s still… hot.” The temperature didn’t seem to bother Gabriel though, which Sam was relieved to see. Archangel, he reminded himself. Sam watched a puff of steam leave Gabriel’s mouth as he let out a partly relieved sigh.

“Trust me, it’s still a few hundred degrees cooler than what’s going on in here,” Gabriel told him with a tired smile. Sam returned the smile and Gabriel laid back down, seemingly to rest, but since angels didn’t sleep, Sam could only guess that Gabriel was resting his eyes and focusing on healing.

“Come on, Sam, we got us a chupacabra to catch tonight,” Dean said, packing the essentials for a good old fashioned monster hunt. Sam changed out of his suit, but he looked at Gabriel and felt conflicted. Gabriel was still sick, perhaps even vulnerable to attack in his current state.

“Maybe you should ask Cas to go on this hunt with you,” Sam said as the sun was going down; a good time to head out and start a hunt. Dean blinked, confused.

“Why? You and me can handle it,” Dean said.

“Because… I think I should stay with Gabriel until he’s feeling better,” Sam said. Dean looked betrayed. “It’s one night, Dean, I think you and Cas can handle one chupacabra.”

“That’s our thing though,” Dean muttered. Sam rolled his eyes to the ceiling.

“Come on, Dean. Gabriel’s sick. Gabriel, the archangel that saved us from Lucifer…”

“Jesus, fine.” Dean looked up, getting out his phone. Several seconds after Dean asked, “Wanna go on a hunt?” Castiel had appeared in the motel room and said in person that yes, he would like to go on a hunt. Sam found it amusing and resisted to wish them a fun first date as they both left.

Gabriel started stirring an hour later while Sam had pulled out a book to read. An actual, fictional book. Not another tome on monsters.

“Hey,” Sam said, sitting up on the other bed. Gabriel made a groan in response. “I keep trying to figure out if you’re sleeping or not.”

“Nah, there are just periods that I feel way too dizzy to do anything,” Gabriel muttered, blinking his eyes open. He let out a mild belch that didn’t sound too pleasant and Gabriel made a face that confirmed it, his hands over his stomach. “Sam, if you ever get a pie from an anonymous admirer. Do not, I repeat, do not eat it.”

“Noted.” Sam shut his book and moved over to Gabriel’s bed. He carefully touched his cheek and found it wasn’t actually scalding hot anymore. “At least you won’t be burning down the motel tonight.”

“Yay,” Gabriel said with the scariest lack of enthusiasm. Sam made him more tea and had Gabriel swallowed another bottle of charcoal. This time he actually let the tea cool and steep properly. Gabriel gave him a tired smile as he laid down again. “You’re too good to me.” Sam shrugged, face flushing ever so lightly.

“You’re sick. I don’t even feel like I’m doing much.” Sam took Gabriel’s hand and it squeezed back lightly. Maybe he was just worried. He’d never seen Gabriel like this. Never imagined an archangel to be immobilized by something like poison or anything less than a nuclear bomb.

“You’re doing a human thing,” Gabriel said, his eyes closed, looking peaceful for the first time in hours. “Caring about me.” It sounded so alien when Gabriel said that. It made it sound like angels didn’t take care of one another. Or maybe Gabriel was still somewhat delirious and he was talking about the gods he’d been with for so long.

“Is there anything else I can do?” Sam asked softly. He felt a bit useless and anything he’d looked up for normal mistletoe just told him to call Poison Control. The least he could do was to keep Gabriel as comfortable as possible.

“Mmm,” Gabriel’s one eye opened some, “belly rub?” It sounded like a joke. It should have been a joke. Sam wanted to ask of Gabriel was serious, but he really knew Gabriel better than that. The small smile told him he WAS joking, but the watching eye hinted that Gabriel really did want some more pampering. Sam sighed, glad Dean was gone.

“Only because you’re sick,” Sam told him. Gabriel looked pleased as Sam pulled down the sheets and pushed up Gabriel’s shirts. Gabriel’s skin was flushed even under his clothes but it was a tolerable heat. Sam’s palm started a circular, clockwise motion over Gabriel’s soft belly. Gabriel let out a relaxed sound, closing his eyes again. He smiled a little and laid over Gabriel’s lap to get comfortable, his freehand tucking under Gabriel’s side for someplace to rest. It was a comfortable quiet; intimate in a non-sexual way. After a time, Gabriel’s hand found Sam’s, their fingers knitting together at his side in a silent thank you. Sam at least felt like he was doing something to help, which made him smile.


Sam woke up, half curled on Gabriel’s lap and his legs had found space along side the bed. Gabriel was sitting up and his face had returned to it’s original color and his eyes had life to them again.

“Morning, Sleeping Beauty,” Gabriel said.

“Morning.” Sam returned, rubbing his eyes and ignoring the princess name. “You look better.”

“Much.” Gabriel leaned over and out of the bucket (that Gabriel didn’t actually use for vomiting) he pulled out a handful of green leaves and white berries. “It all started coming out this morning.” Sam blinked at the pile that was dropped back into the bucket. He could only imagine Gabriel spilling up foliage, but Sam was grateful that he hadn’t seen anymore mysterious black substance that had been purged the first time Gabriel had to use their toilet.

Sam stretched out and sighed, his back popping from the way he’d been laying. “How did you eat so much mistletoe without realizing it was in the pie?”

Gabriel shrugged. “Well it was really good pie. You try to not eat an entire Asgardian baked pie in one sitting.”

“I’ll tell Dean not to eat Asgard’s pie.” Sam said and looked behind him, seeing Dean sprawled out on his bed, fast asleep. “Hunt must have been successful.” Gabriel shrugged.

“Hunt, date, what ever you want to call it,” Gabriel said. Sam smiled and pushed himself up to kiss Gabriel’s lips.

“I’m glad you’re better,” Sam said.

Gabriel sighed in a dazed, happy way. “I feel like I should say something about mistletoe and kissing.” Sam rolled his eyes and kissed Gabriel, pushing him back down so he could, lay on top of him.

“No mistletoe jokes for the rest of your life.” Sam told him and Gabriel made a noise that was probably temporary agreement. They snuggled up together until Dean woke up and started complaining about them being all mushy while he was in the same room.

Learning To Let Myself Fall - Calum One Shot - Requested



“I know you like him.” My friend said to me as we both slid into our seats in Theory of Knowledge class. I sighed heavily hoping she would think the sigh came from the mind hurting class rather than the conversation we had been having about Calum Hood.

Calum was a guy in our school that we’d known forever. We weren’t close really but when I worked with him in projects or something I didn’t mind and we said hi in the hall. He was polite and kind and funny but he was also pretty popular. Everyone liked him because he was real, honest, kind; one of the genuine people you meet in the world. Whereas I was the quiet girl, it wasn’t exactly that I was shy, I just didn’t see why I had to speak up or command attention. I didn’t want to command attention at all. Calum didn’t need to command attention, he just got it. He definitely had my attention a lot more than he should have.

“Everyone likes him. He’s nice.” I said to my friend getting out my notebook so I wouldn’t have to look her in the eye. She sighed heavily shaking her head. I’d become an expert on denial and she did not approve.

“That is not what I meant and you know that.” She said rolling her eyes.

“Why does it matter? I am not cool. He is cool. I like him since he’s cool but for the same he can’t like me so stop talking about it. It’s fine being just an unrequited crush.” I said with a edge. She just sighed taking out her notes and turning to the teacher.

I didn’t need her making me think more about Calum than I already did.


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mike posner’s ‘cooler than me’ is still, to this date, the worst song i’ve ever heard. man faces rejection from the woman he is interested in. proceeds to spend 4 minutes criticizing her for indulging in pretentious and unforgivable activities, such as wearing shoes, owning sunglasses, and using beauty products.

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hi yes hello this is my speed follow forever i do one every time i hit in the hundreds but this was some speed gaining and im kinda cryign bc i didnt expect it to come so fast who a im gonna have 2 do this sparingly but!! so many more friends came holy moly im :’) 

snazzy friends hello ((pls hmu))

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n last.. r my biases (ha ha its like writing valentine’s cards)

apogees - serena ur my favorite tao stan and ur selfies r so gr8 you r truly amazing
baekn0 - bethany ur a wonderful person and ur EYELINER HOW U DO THAT it’s awesome. ur awesome. 
baehwan - kay can take over a nation with her selfies its future life AND wife goals tbh i want to meet u someday
baldfather - cindy ur so adorable i would like a pocket sized cindy to make fun of on the go
chanyounot - i attempted justine’s leg thing n i almost broke my hip but justine is the cool n her leg thing is outta this world
choi-jae - kaede we’ve just started talking but ur just so cute ur probably cute irl what am i saying UR CUTE ALL AROUND
daddyong - nicole and I thirst follow buddies for LIFE
deepthoughtsbykanyewest - annie/kanye.,, we may not have kpop related url’s but we keep the game going B)
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equilibris - tay is love. tay is life., love u tay
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feeleo - janie i will visit u up in the canada just wait for me. all 43 hours of it. 
floatlikeajellyfish - shreya u know 2 much about me… but our fear of wearing dresses outside the home is something wonderfully shared
hswagn - donte aHH ur so pretty n funny i remember when u though t my room was the kitchen i m still laughing about that
ivyclub - sef you ruined my 699 but that’s ok ur really funny and PRETTY GOD youre the coolest
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jongisms - haley ur a gr8 person and a very cool person and so sweet fun fact spelling “blonde” describes females with blonde hair ive been using that to describe blonde kai what does that mean 
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lulakkuma - fei. still dont knOW WHERE U AT
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ninny-horse - natalie is a FASHIONABLE LADY natalie’s fashion sense is the goal
oppasassmilk - sarah ur tags r incredible and spicy and v graphic but still funny they make me smile
radboysehun - vanna u get super WILD at night and now i see shrek all i can think about is u mmM SORRY but ur so cool vanna super cool ;u;
sydsthename - sydney ur rockin rendition of nobody will make u famous
teurim - samantha um?? ur so pretty?? and u didn’t tell me?? ur humor is also making me smile i have the humor of an eleven year old
xiumania - penny ur the coolest and ur follow count is what i want in us dollars ur a very worthy person penny 
xiumeme - katie i cant believe u followed me i always like ur potes even when the baby exo fans come down on u ur hilarious 
xiuru - kira my fav suga stan i want 2 see u when i come down 2 LA we were so close the last time
zapdope - sydney ur my favorite pokemon and snsd stan i will tear u apart when we play cards against humanity again

ok i know FOR SURE i didnt miss anybody. unless i did. then im gonna slap my hand… n also… im literally less cool than all of u so if u stop by my inbox n say “hi” or “do it for the vine” then ur a friend automatically. 

im gonna b serious for a minute n say ive made more friends on here like record gaining of friends than i have ever gotten for the past 17 years… and that is so nice. like that is so cool. FRIENDS.., i was literally so happy that you started to follow me and then strike up a conversation or make jokes or even MENTION me. before i would just follow and admire you guys from here figuring out some way to talk to you without being weird lmao.„, but in the end I just started TALKING WITH YOU GUYS AS IF WE’VE BEEN FRIENDS FOR A LONG TIME… truly amazing

thanks u guys for making this whole thing so much more fun c: