still cool in my book

It’s not hard to guess who inspired this, hm?

I don’t really know, I’m not sure if you guys would be interested in this, but I’ve been thinking about making an art book for some time now, y’know one with all the good stuff, and maybe even some “never-before-seen” sketches and artwork… I mean, it could be interesting, right? ^^

teen wolf floriography • part 1/?

potato plant: benevolence, goodness


Best Book Photo Tag!

Since I started on booklr, I’ve taken a lot of book photos. Some are good, some were meh, but I decided to create this tag to highlight my best photos this year. I had so many to choose from, so I picked 10, but you can pick fewer if you’d like!  


  • Choose your top bookish photos that you took this year
  • Tag the post #bestbookphotos2015
  • Tag 10 people to do the challenge
  • Copy and paste these rules onto your post

I was tagged by @b00kstorebabe and @tsundakuholic! Thanks! I tag everyone that wants to share their best book pics from this last year.

Please don’t message me about Fates

;A; I really don’t want to repeat myself too much or sound whiny, but several people have sent me messages about Fates, including spoilers (minor ones, thankfully). But just a friendly FYI: I’m not in the US, I live in Europe, I don’t have Fates yet! I’m not going to import it or anything the like either.

You’re all still cool in my book, I’d just like to ask not to send me messages about it (unless it’s about a confirmed release date…) otherwise I will have to close my askbox which I prefer not to do, because I still like receiving messages. Thank you.