still convinced that he should have been clark kent in the new superman

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Can you maybe make an imagine where batmom is Clark Kent's sister (so she is also from Krypton) and it's at the beginning of Bruce's and her's relationship, and Clark is the typical overly protective brother?? BTW I absolutely love your blog❤️❤️

You’re really giving me the feels of wanting to explore this further!! Maybe I should consider making this an actual series?? What do you say, sweets? Anyways, hope it’s what you wanted! Thank you for sending in your request! 

The pounding on your apartment door wakes you up and you let out a groan before turning to your other side. A pleased sigh left your mouth when your nose hits something warm and hard. Taking a whiff, you realized that it’s your boyfriend and a smile appears on your face. Opening your eyes, you are greeted with your boyfriend’s beautiful eyes and he is smiling at you too.

“Good morning, Y/N.” His voice is still thick with sleep but it still manages to make you blush and you smile, burying your face on his chest. Bruce chuckles, wrapping an arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him. He doesn’t remember when was the last time he had slept so soundly and peacefully. The night the both of you had last night flashed in his mind and he lets out a satisfied sigh.

Someone is pounding on the door again. “Y/N, I can hear you, you know!” Clark’s voice causes you to pull away from Bruce, groaning in annoyance. Bruce lifts one of his eyebrows as he stares at the door before turning to look at you. “The both of you better not be naked…” Clark trails off before he begins to pace.

You sigh and try to pull the covers over your head but Bruce pulls it out of your hands, causing you to pout at him. He looks at you with mirth in his eyes.

“Is he going to do this all the time?” Bruce asks and you slowly nod your head. This isn’t the first time Clark has appeared outside of your door, come morning. Although this is the first time he has ever appeared when Bruce stayed over and judging from what he had said earlier, Clark probably knows that he had stayed over last night too. He chuckles, shaking his head.

“God, I hope not.” You mumble before rolling off of the bed, wincing when you feel the soreness from last night’s activity. Your cheeks flush slightly when you remembered the crazy fun you had with Bruce. You slowly pick up your discarded undergarments, frowning when you realize that Bruce had torn your favourite pair of panties and you threw the remnants in his direction, causing him to laugh.

“I’ll buy you a new set.” Bruce gets off the bed, smiling to himself as he watches you maneuver around the bedroom. He picks up his boxers and puts them on. He contemplates on appearing before Clark just like this but he doubts Clark would be amused at all. You throw his shirt at him. “Thanks, Y/N.”

When you finished getting dressed, you walk in to Bruce’s arms, leaning on the tip of your toes to press a loving kiss on his lips. “Come on, let’s go see Clark before he wears down the hallway with his constant pacing.” You chuckle at the thought of your older brother.

The moment you open the door, Clark rushes up to you and he frowns when he spies Bruce making some coffee in the kitchen. He pulls you aside and stares at you. “I don’t want you to get hurt.” He tells you – this is the one thing you loved about your brother, he never beats around the bush whenever it came to his feelings regarding your relationship. Normally you would adhere to his request but sadly, today is not that day,

“Clark, Bruce is amazing.” You try to butter him up and Clark shakes his head.

“He has a reputation – I don’t want you to be just another conquest.” Clark cups your face with both of his hands, staring at you, communicating with his eyes just how much he does not want you to be hurt.

You place your hands on top of your brother’s. “But Clark, Bruce and I have been dating for over two months now.” You reminded him and Clark sighs before nodding his head. Bruce is rarely ever seen with one girl but as of late, he is normally out and about with you and not to mention, Bruce has also stopped clubbing or getting drunk here and there. Clark would know – he normally gets told to proofread those articles. “I promise, if he ever hurts me, when and if that moment comes, you have my permission to pummel him.” Clark chuckles before shaking his head, ushering you inside your apartment.

“No need – now go take a shower, I can smell him on you.” Clark wrinkles his nose and you laugh before rolling your eyes. You head towards Bruce first, placing a kiss on his jaw before telling him you were going to shower first. Bruce nods his head and pours himself a coffee, watching you head to your bedroom.

“So, why my sister?” Clark asks as he, too poured himself a cup of coffee.

Bruce sips his coffee, leveling his stare with Clark. “She makes me happy.” He confesses before shrugging his shoulders. “I’d like to think I make her extremely happy too.”

Clark nods his head. “You do.” Bruce smiles and Clark lets out a sigh. “If you ever hurt her, Bruce,” Bruce shakes his head. “I know you won’t – Y/N’s convinced that you won’t too but as her big brother, I really do hope you will never hurt her.” Clark narrows his eyes at Bruce. “This is me – as Y/N’s older brother – telling you not to hurt her.”

Bruce finishes his coffee, placing the cup on the sink. “Don’t worry, Clark – I really have no want or need to hurt her. Like I told you before, Y/N makes me really happy.” Bruce tells him before a mischievous smile comes on his face. “Not to mention, she’s an amazing kisser and the thing she does with – “ Bruce should have known Clark would throw the cup of coffee at him, missing him just by a few inches. Bruce simply chuckles as he pads towards your bedroom, leaving Clark fuming in the kitchen.

“Just you wait, Bruce Wayne!”

Supergirl: Mon-El

Mon-El was added to Supergirl this season, and he is unique among the main/supporting characters for a number of reasons. The first, and most obvious, was that he grew to adulthood on another planet, and the audience is seeing his character adapt not only to learning of his planet’s fate but also to living in a whole new planet.

Under the cut for length. Seriously - this is long and rambling.

Supergirl spoilers through 02x13 “Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk.”

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conspire against the odds

“Well, I’m sorry that I’m not as good with plants as you are, petal,” Hanschen smirks, “Well, unless you count two-lips.”

Flytrap groans theatrically and opens his mouth to reply before physically stopping himself with a hand. THAT WAS HORRIBLE, the flowers exclaim, despite the tell-tale crinkle of Flytrap’s eyes. Hanschen sighs fondly.

Or: The superhero au that no one asked for


((Okay so @musicalmientus gave me like a million prompts, and i’m almost done with all of them, but this is one of them :) enjoy!))

Hanschen doesn’t know when people stopped being too afraid to make fun of him, but he realizes it when he hears one of the interns refer to him as ‘Lois Lane’.

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