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W A L L P A P E R || Requested

 Yoooooo guess who’s alive! This sope edit is for the person who requested the namjin and sope matching wallpapers (I know I know. It took me forever and I’m sorry 😅😔) but I hope you like these nevertheless ❤️❤️ 

 - Admin YangKkoChi


7/23/17: Basketball was on the agenda….

This morning I was suppose to play basketball with the fellas from the studio…kind of a team building get together, but then they gets to talking about how my flex game ain’t strong…it was a setup from jump…i know it was…they knew what they was doing…Little did they know what ya gurl can do…They captured some real good shots of me tho..So glad my IPod didnt fall!

I had a ball…I still got it!

What it do tho on this beautiful day??

I’m on a bus to a camp I’ll be attending for a week! We’re not allowed to have electronics so I’ll be M.I.A. until Saturday evening guys. The bus arrives in Orlando in like four hours and I’m counting down hoo boy

[fic] Oh, don’t you want my love?

“Kuro runs his thumb over Keith’s pale cheek and his skin is as soft as he’d always imagine it. He knows Shiro - the weaker, softer Shiro - could only imagine ever being this forward with the beautiful boy. The fool didn’t know what he was missing out on.”


or, an HP au where the dark side of Shiro decides to try and get what they both want: Keith

read here on ao3

Some of my favorite facts from Castlevania canon

* Dracula and Death himself are BFFs.

* An alternate dimension exists that contains nothing but 24 different kinds of chairs to sit on.

* Dracula rides a unicorn.

* Vengeful spirit monsters can be defeated by throwing pies at their faces.

* Skeletons ride motorcycles. In 1852.