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“The filmmaking in James Gray’s The Lost City of Z is so overwhelming in its across-the-board virtuosity that the entire production could have probably survived performances that were merely adequate. But besides being woefully undervalued among modern moviegoers in general, Gray is also an adept and equally undervalued actor’s director who has drawn out layered and authentically lived-in characterizations from performers of all stripes, each one stitched seamlessly into the fabrics of his period and milieu-specific creations.

Gray’s latest, a panoramic, golden-hued historical drama chronicling the life and exploits of the hard-driving British explorer and officer Percy Fawcett (Charlie Hunnam), is no exception, featuring invaluable and selfless character work from an extensive ensemble, including a bearded and barely recognizable Robert Pattinson, whose acting is largely undetectable as Fawcett’s sly right-hand man, Corporal Henry Costin. Exquisitely scaling back his own distinct presence, Pattinson finds grace notes of wry humor and warmth within a character who is never once allowed to seize the movie for himself yet manages to exude a fond and increasingly familiar personality that earns him a bittersweet farewell that Pattinson beautifully underplays. Meanwhile, Angus Macfadyen’s exceedingly manipulative biologist James Murray, who finds himself woefully underprepared for the grueling demands of an Amazonian expedition, could have been a figure of relentless, mustache-twirling slapstick and a character we’d have been more than happy to bid farewell to were it not for the actor’s praiseworthy refusal to play neither a villain nor a punching bag. Macfadyen ably captures the peacock posturing and haughty self-regard of a man of unseemly hubris, but it’s his psychological unraveling in the jungle that really impresses, evoking a feverish sense of desperation that isn’t just pitiful to witness but oddly haunting as well.

Of course, neither Macfadyen’s nor Pattinson’s interpretations might have existed in these exact forms were it not for the model set by Hunnam, whose utterly captivating star turn guides and grounds the efforts of every player who appears throughout the film. Hunnam has taken numerous and largely unsuccessful stabs at contemporary movie stardom throughout the decade, from Pacific Rim to this spring’s King Arthur, which may explain why The Lost City of Z comes as such a surprise to those who had all but given up on the actor. Here, Hunnam burns with the incandescent charisma of a classic matinee idol, his body a paragon of relaxed self-possession even as his eyes spark with the uncontainable energy of a man driven toward exalted ends that only he can envision. Hunnam’s quiet conviction anchors the movie that has been built around him, but his deviations from this stoic mode, those scarce and baldly emotional admissions of love and mortality, movingly set the stage for the ineffable conclusion of this rare and ambitious masterwork, whose gales of heartache can still be felt long after Fawcett’s dream has ceased to exist.” — Matthew Eng

The 10 Best Male Film Performances of Early 2017


June 12, 2016 marked the deadliest mass shooting in American history. It was at a gay bar, Pulse, and it was a hate crime. The shooter was an American citizen, targeting the LGBT+ population, who ended the lives of 49 people.

On this, the anniversary, please don’t forget. Don’t forget the 49 people who lost their lives, don’t forget the reason the shooter carried out the crime, and don’t forget that still, today, we aren’t safe.

This is not normal.

Harry Potter characters on Public Transport

Hermione. Listens to podcasts and reads The Observer on her phone at the same time. Has extra bag containing her heels which she puts on when gets to office; keeps it neatly under her feet freeing up the seat beside her.

Ron. Has no idea how to get off. Has no idea how he got on for that matter. Also why does this bus take so long? Why didn’t they take the Knight Bus? Although there is always the chance someone has taken their Hippogriff on the Knight Bus, and they do shit a lot, and Hippogriffs aren’t allowed on London Buses.. That said, something does smell like Hippogriff shit.

Draco. Casting disinfectant charms with no regard for the Statute of Secrecy. Knows how to swipe his oyster card thank you very much Pansy it’s not his fault the gates slammed shut early.

Pansy. Unapologetically does her makeup. Always misses the last train home. Spends a fortune on mini-cabs.

Cormac McLaggen. Manspreads.

Hagrid. Can’t fit through turnstile for the Tube. Sad that he can’t bring Buckbeak.

Harry. Stands always. Even when tube isn’t crowded. Can’t stop staring at the pale blond head in front of him. Is it? Could it be? Why is he here? It wasn’t him yesterday, or the day before, or the week before that .. But it might be today. Very suspicious. Is always late and blaming train delays because he keeps getting off at random stops and following random blonds to make sure that they are not a certain person getting Up-To-No-Good™ 

Luna. Has never seen such a concentration of Wrackspurts in her life as when she surveys the commuters on the 7.18 Northern Line Tuesday morning.

Calling out to all people on Tumblr that complain about the lack of diversity on television. 


It has a largely diverse cast in period costumes, like c’mon. 

The main female lead is Black and is in no way an accessory for the White male lead. They are equals (in fact she might have a tad bit more screen time). 

There are strong, bad ass women that really overshadow their male counterparts at times. 

*Also if you’re a fan of the enemies turned lovers trope, then you will absolutely love this. 

Please support this! We have lost some great diverse shows because of the undeserved low ratings. Don’t let this be another one.

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“Out on the verge of the rest of our lives tonight
Top of the world and we’re dressed to the nines tonight
Edge of the earth and we’re touching the sky tonight
Out on the verge of the rest of our lives…

This was my submission for the "Made With Pride” event on Deviantart. My entry on top with the yellow filter and the original transparent picture on the bottom. 

♥♥Happy Pride Month!!♥♥   

  • Alec [about Camille]: Does she still love you?
  • Magnus: I don't think so. She wasn't very pleasant the last time I saw her. Of course, that could be because I've got an eighteen-year-old boyfriend with a stamina rune and she doesn't.
  • Alec: *sputters*
  • Alec: As the person being objectified, I ... object to that description of me.

“I swear upon my birth name. That I am your friend. No matter what might come out, no matter what I was. If you would do me the honour, allow me to be a true friend, always.”

A toast to Lapp! The only character in all of Dark Souls whose story had a happy ending. :)

Bottoms up!

“We trust each other“

“I feel responsible for you“

“I’ll tell them that you’re innocent and kind… and a good friend“

“I’m not sorry“

Sharing a room at the inn? With only one bed.

Rosaline doing a lil’ sneaky sneaky at Ben as he gets out his bath.