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Hello! Can we have headcannons about how a wedding with the Chocobros would go. (Like who would probably get the most drunk and walk into a cake XD)

Oh dear lord, that’s gonna be a funny one! Thanks for submitting this, I had TONS of fun writing that. So, let’s suppose it’s a friend of them getting married and not one of them, okay?

  • Ignis and Noctis are dressed up formal as fuck, while Gladio and Prompto chose more comfortable, yet still chic, clothes. Ignis probably chose Noctis’ attire because if it was just from him, he would’ve gone with his everyday clothes.
  • Girls are obviously all over Gladio and he’s actually into it. He’s not even trying to flirt, he just attract every single girl in the place. He’s just being his usual self, classy but charming Gladio, and Prompto is definitely jealous of all the attention he’s getting from the ladies.
  • Prompto takes toooons of pictures. He’s the type of guest that’s just gonna outshine the official photographer by taking pictures all the time and - let’s be honest - his pictures are better than the actual photographer. He also likes polaroid and just takes selfies with all the guests and hands all the polaroids to the newlyweds at the end of the night.
  • Gladio is always the one starting drinking contest. He’s also the last to get drunk. Prompto drops first, followed by Noctis, while him and Iggy just stays perfectly in control. He never understands how Ignis can resist to enormous amounts of alcohol with the frame that he has, but somehow, he was never able to win against him, it’s always a tie.
  • Prompto walks into a cake. Do I need to explain why?
  • Ignis loves to slow-dance and he’s a master at it. He usually borrows a girl from Gladio to invite them to dance. At the end of the song, they usually stay with him for a while because who can resist a guy that knows how to dance like that?
  • Noctis and Prompto like to act like fools on the dance floor. At that time, they probably had a couple of drinks by then so they just look like two fucking dorks. They challenge each other to come up with the stupidest dance move. Noctis always wins because Prompto always ends up hitting someone while dancing.
  • Ignis is probably the one who gave advice to the bride and groom on the food they chose for the reception.
  • Noctis bought them tons of gifts for them to get comfortable in their new life because he’s so happy and proud of them and just want his friends to be happy forever.
  • Prompto is the first one to cry during the ceremony and he’s loud. Gladio is tearing up but is never gonna let it show. Ignis is just smiling because he’s really happy for his friends and Noctis is holding back tears because he’s too pride, but he just wish he could join up Prompto and cry like 2 high school girls.
Imagine: Body positive hetalia headcanons

Imagine APH Belgium with freckles. And she’s still a cutie.
Imagine APH Ukraine with a fat body. And she’s still adorable.
Imagine APH Vietnan with bruises. And she’s still hella rad.
Imagine APH Hungary with body hair. And she’s still awesome.
Imagine APH Taiwan with a tiny body. And she’s still a major sweetie.
Imagine APH Monaco with stretch marks. And she’s still really friggin chic.
Imagine APH Seychelles with scars. And she’s still cheery and lovely.
Imagine APH Belarus with almost transparent skin. And she’s still really badass.
Imagine any hetalia girl in any way you want. They’ll not be any less perfect. Be proud of your body the way it is.


762 Saguaro Way

Hey guys! I’ve got another build for you today! This single wide trailer in Oasis Springs proves that you can live in a small house and it still be chic. It’s a one bedroom, one bathroom house built on a 20x15 lot priced at around $34,000. It features a sun room on the front, a small kitchen/living combo, and an above ground pool. Enjoy!



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In honor of being less than two weeks away from seeing SHINee up close and personal in concert, I opted to for a photo of my duel SHINee biases. Also decided that Belle needed to get in on this selca action, which she very much wanted no part of. 

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“Blondie” was created by cartoonist Murat “Chic” Young. The strip started on  September 8, 1930 and is still running. Chic Young drew the strip until his death in 1973 and then his son Dean Young took over.

Columbia Pictures made a series of 28 B- features with Penny Singleton and Arthur Lake as Blondie and Dagwood.