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So this has been the news of Ireland for the past day. 796 remains of children where discarded and hidden away by the Bon Secours nuns in a septic tank on the grounds of an old “mother and babies” home in Tuam Co. Galway from sometime in the 1920s until the 1960s. These homes were common in Ireland to where unmarried mothers were sent to because they’ve brought shame on their family in the eyes of their religion.

I’d appreciate it if this was spread around on tumblr because many people don’t realise that this was what happened in this country. The General reaction from Irish folk was dismay and disgust and most importantly many were “not surprised” when this report’s findings were released. And The Catholic Church still has a stronghold on the country today.

And in unsurprising news the Irish pro-life groups and infamous spokespeople have been silent so far in condemning the actions and atrocities of the Catholic Church.

I’m disappointed to not find a scrap of information here about the Strike4Repeal event happening tomorrow in Dublin and beyond. As part of the women’s strike, there’s a massive wave of us demanding abortion rights (again) because in Ireland it is considered a crime worth 14 years in jail (still) - no exceptions. Seven women a day travel from Ireland to the UK to access abortions, and all of them are at risk of arrest if they’re “caught”. The estimated monetary cost is about €600, and takes about 14 hours from start to finish if travelling direct from Dublin to London or Liverpool. It’s a twenty minute procedure.

Unfortunately this is still a Catholic State, even though there’s horrifying evidence of every type of abuse, neglect, and murder inflicted on vulnerable women and babies by the Irish Catholic Church coming to surface now. (Google Tuam babies/ the Magdeline Inquiries if you’ve a strong stomach. It is literally the stuff of nightmares, and only one small part of it all.)

So, I don’t know, there’s a LOT happening here right now. We need support. I get that Tumblr is basically a hub for Americans, but I thought there might be a little more talk going. So I figured I’d bring some information to you, instead.

There are Strike4Repeal marches happening all over the country and in several others, too. Use the tag #strikeforrepeal or #repealtheeighth to find info about local marches, or to show your support.

Women have died over this. It’s time for change.

Every Lent I remind myself that in terms of restraint Catholics have probably the most soft-core fasts of at least the Abrahamic religions. Like damn I remember going to brunch with my Jewish bff during Passover. No BAGELS? at BRUNCH? That was true suffering right there; I can be a vegetarian once a week with no complaint.

Kj seems like the guy who would totally go to church with you and that makes me feel all warm inside

Pete| Lingerie |Dunne

Title; Lingerie

Pairing; Pete Dunne/Reader

Words; 2669

Summary; The way you’re wrapping around me is a problem.

Warnings; NSFW. Smut. Public sex. Lingerie. Latex free. Choking. Smut for smut’s sake. liiiggghhhtttt dom/sub.

A/N: Loosely based off of THIS imagine. Smut on Easter… I’m a terrible Catholic. Still trying to recoop what was lost in the Great Sam Is Bad At Computers Meltdown of 2K17.

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I was raised Catholic and still practice the faith. I am 1000% pro-choice, pro-LGBT, and pro-women joining the priesthood. Because many members of the Church are either strongly against or uncomfortable with these stances, it sometimes leaves me frustrated. Especially with abortion, where people from my parish cannot even have open-minded, nuanced discussions about it, and it leaves me frustrated. They behave like hypocrites, despite calling themselves 'pro-life'. Do you have any facts, >>>

>>> articles, or writings from women of faith that would help reaffirm these stances?

Hi there! I don’t read many religious writers myself, so I’m not much of an expert on feminists of faith, but for Catholics I would recommend starting with Catholics For Choice.

“Catholics for Choice believes in a world where everyone has equal access to the full range of reproductive healthcare services - including access to safe and legal abortion services and affordable and reliable forms of contraception. CFC works to change the conversation regarding sexual and reproductive rights to one where the individual conscience of each person is recognized as the keystone of moral decision making.”

Hope that helps!

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What, if any, religion do you think Lance would practice?

since he’s Cuban he’s most likely Catholic. Now, he might not necessarily be a practicing catholic, but he was raised with Catholicism because— although there are many non catholic Cubans— the Catholicism is fairly ingrained in the culture. That stems from the Spaniards the came and brought Catholicism to Cuban centuries ago.

To those of you going to St Patrick’s day parades, donning green leprechaun hats and beards and yelling things like ‘kiss me I’m irish’ will sipping on shamrock shakes as you declare your irish heritage in whatever fractions you so please, I implore you to keep in mind the direct human rights violations the irish state imposes on people with uteri that the world chooses to ignore when talking about Ireland.

It really bothers me that people only choose to care about ireland one day a year and it’s based heavily on the dangerous stereotype of getting drunk and causing chaos. Please, I beg of you if you’re going to take one day off from being a US central site and set your sights on ireland, DONT ignore the repeal the 8th movement that exports our shame in numbers of 12 everyday because we have no access to abortion, or even proper education on the subject. The Catholic Church still has ireland in shackles that keeps it behind the rest of the world in terms of progress. and people are dying as a result.

I’m sorry if this comes off as condescending but I’m so tired of the world ignoring us. We’re committing a major human rights violation by keeping the 8th amendment enshrined in our constitution and the government and media chooses to ignore the hundreds of thousands of voices calling out to see it repealed. Please be aware of what’s happening here. We aren’t a happy green country filled only with rainbows and leprechauns and joy. We’re suffering and the world doesn’t care.

  • Ancient Rome: The day you realize that it's all thanks to me, you'll realize I have the heart of a parent.
  • South Italy: You've just insulted parents all around the world.

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Soulmate AU


Would Includes


Valentine’s Day Special: Love Languages

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Your family invited Bucky along to Easter Sunday mass. You're both atheist; you only came to appease your family who are still heavily devoted Catholics. While you're nodding off during the sermon, Bucky nudges you to grab your attention. He has an idea. You whisper to your family that Bucky needs help finding the bathroom and you two leave. You instead find an empty religious ed classroom in the back, where Bucky gives you a better reason to say the lord's name over and over and over again.

Okay I love this one, alot. Like, alot. 

Sinful Sunday™

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i always heard gerard and marilyn hated each other is that true

truth be told they probably never even met lmao. there’s no actual beef. the only member of mcr i know who’s met marilyn manson is frank.

here’s some quick history tho. important to know: manson thinks he invented men wearing makeup, as if he ain’t rip off david bowie for an entire album cycle. manson thinks he invented being subversive and gender ambiguous. like i love him but dude iggy pop was wearing dresses onstage while you were still in catholic school in canton ohio so chill. ur not revolutionary.

anyway. so i guess manson tried to call out gerard for “copying” his makeup look. this was when gerard appeared in a bunch of photoshoots and on taste of chaos wearing the black band across his eyes. and manson was like “i did this in the beautiful people video in 1996 try harder”. but we all know gerard didn’t get it from manson - he got it from comic books. manson had earlier admitted to stealing the look from blade runner anyway so it’s not like he invented the look lmao

then basically kerrang, being kerrang, blew it way out of proportion and acted like they had major fucking beef. frank called manson an asshole off the record somewhere.

a couple years later manson puts out mutilation is the most sincere form of flattery, which is basically a fake deep diss track at the entire emo genre but everybody thought it was specifically about my chemical romance bc everybody thought they had beef

then about a year after that they end up playing the same festival and i guess frank went to manson to clear the air and they chatted and frank apologized for calling him an asshole the end

so… there’s no beef and there never was beef, manson’s just kind of a douche and kerrang made everybody think there was

also, here’s an audio post of manson talking about speaking with frank, complete with manson dragging him for being short

Good old wholesome AU

May I mention this is a Klance AU

this has been in my head since Christmas of 2016 and I have no idea how to word it, but it’s kind of like a college AU mixed with church??

Basically, these kids are Catholic. HeaR ME OUT NOT ALL CATHOLICS ARE BAD OR JUDGY, I MYSELF AM CATHOLIC. So,,, the roles kind of like this:

Lance - Cantor. everyone loves him, everyone loves when he brings his guitar up to the ambo, he’s a really fluent reader and hits the notes really cleanly. Also the children’s ministry director.

Keith - a pretty new parishioner. The first time he goes to mass he’s 10 minutes late and kind of sits in the wing of the basilica that’s mainly for older people/cantors/readers/Eucharistic ministers. That’s a miSTAKE bc here he is sweating during the homily/sermon next to this gUY who has the prettiest voice he’s heard in any church. (surprise, it’s Lance)

Pidge - an usher and co-director of the children’s ministry. Neighbors with Keith,, whenever Keith is late she always seats him next to Lance bc she knoWS. Also an altar server with Matt,,, one time Matt dropped the consecrated bread/body and Pidge won’t let him live it down.

Shiro - Regular reader and occasional cantor sub, usher and teacher of one of the religious ed classes. Allura’s bf and Keith’s brother. is super happy that Keith has fiNALLY decided to attend church weekly instead of being an EnC catholic (only Easter and Christmas mass). Keith pulls him over one day after mass and is like, “Shiro, that cantor’s hella hot can you get his number for me”,,, anD SHIRO JUST LAUGHS AND IS LIKE “yknow?? you can just check the back of the bulletin or directory since he’s the children’s ministry director and RCIA assistant”

Hunk - Lance’s neighbor. Is still an EnC catholic. Listens to Lance’s ranting about the sweaty cute guy that sits next to him every Sunday. He loves helping coordinate the receptions for first communion and confirmation with Allura. One day he’s like, “look Lance, isn’t he Shiro’s brother¿? Just ask Shiro if y'all can hang out and try to see if Keith can be there too” anD LANCE IS LIKE “OHOHOHO N O”

Allura - Really chill. Helps coordinate events and loves decorating the church with shiny things around the Christmas season. She really loves Christmas. Coran’s…. niece? Family friend? Family friend sounds good.

Coran - Priest!! Is really short and sweet with his sermons/homilies and is loved by all children. He wears heelies with his priest get up and everyone loves him for it. Allura and Shiro’s family friend, good friends with Lance and Hunk. Pidge and Matt are his favorite altar servers, even though Matt dropped the consecrated bread twICE. Always has really awkward confession sessions with Keith bc as soon as Keith steps into the confessional and kneels behind the screen he says, “Father, I’m having homosexual feelings again”, and Coran’s like ????? okay broski you do you, that’s not a sin but feel free to gush about this boy to me.

THAT’S THE THING!!! PRIESTS ARE UNDER AND OATH THAT THEY CAN N O T BREAK THAT SAYS THAT THEY CAN’T TELL ANYONE WHAT THEY’VE HEARD IN THE CONFESSIONAL. why?? bc your sins are for you to get absolved and for God to forgive, supposedly. AND CORAN IS IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS,,,, Keith constantly gushes about anonymous boy who’s most obviously Lance, and Lance talks about Keith with Coran whenever he’s setting up for his classes.

ONE DAY CORAN’S HAD ENOUGH AMD HE’S LIKE, “hey, have you been confirmed?” to Keith, and Keith says N o anD THEN CORAN’S LIKE “hey join the RCIA program and maybe that boy’ll be there,,, tell me how it goes”

OHOHOHO that’s all I have now, feel free to elaborate