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This is the first fanfiction I write for Tumblr. Gif does not belong to me.

Pairing:Jason Todd x Reader Warnings:slight mention of sex and small insecurities. Not nsfw . A bit angst.

After many years of fighting alongside to Batman and his sidekicks you, of course, had to fall for Jason Todd. With his aggressive and angry manners, his attitude, the fire of goodness that burnt deep in his heart and his good looks. That jet black hair with the white strand hovering above his forehead all the time, whether he was angry, happy, sad or sweaty it complemented him perfectly. Even the color accent of his eyes spoke to you; that color between blue and gray and a glass of whiskey hit by the sunshine lights would warm up your heart everytime you looked at him.
Naturally, you hadn’t (and wouldn’t) confess your love to him. You were convinced he was going to reject you because you knew one too many things about him like: the last person he’d been with was Talia Al Ghoul who was way older than him, while you were two- almost three-year years younger than him.
You also knew his body standards in girls, or at least you assumed, because every girls he’d been with had the same common feature. It wasn’t hair like Dick’s was, it was boobs. He was such a boob man that it made you really really angry…. that you had to live a life with a pair of B-cups and push up bras.
Of course, you were against plastic surgery since forever -watching the Kardashians really made you angry sometimes- but you had tried ways to make your boobs grow bigger. Nevertheless, when Dick’s girlfriend, Tay, noticed she gave you a lecture along with Dick and Bruce and you had to admit your feelings for Jason aloud for the first time. Tay assured you that no man should have a certain standard on women, looking directly at Dick, and that if Jason did not appreciate what you had to give to him the he was, well, an asshole. Dick also added that Jason wasn’t such a shallow man, nor that immature and that you should not change your looks or personality for anybody. He reminded you that even if he had a thing for redheads, his girlfriend was a brunette and she was prettier than any redhead he had ever met. He told you every man expected a different woman to sweep him off his feet.
And it somehow made you happy.

And that led you here, now, in the batcave that was very silent at this point of day, training with Tay, talking once again about Jason.
“(Y/N) come on! What do you have to lose?” She asked and threw a world shattering kick to her punching dummy. “ I was afraid too, you know, that Dick would reject me because my hair wasn’t all curly and orange, but I had reached a point that telling him was my only option. I had to get it off my chest!”
You chuckled, punching your dummy. “Have you talked to Jason?” You questioned.
“Yes, honey. He says, you haven’t talked to him in like forever.”
You growled at her words; of course you had been avoiding Jason as lately he was talking about a certain girl. “ How come this family’s consistency is of supermodels?”
Tay laughed at your outburst and you growled again, remembering she was a supermodel too. Suddenly she hugged her dummy to calm it, sweat dripping from her forehead, and she breathed steady in and out before she spoke.
“ Look, Dick and I are going on a date. Nothing fancy, Jason keeps complaining you’re avoiding him and you haven’t left the manor except for going to college. I think coming with us would be good for both of you!” She said and there a towel to your side.
Luckily you caught it mid air; you’d never wipe your face with a towel that had fell on the Batcaves’s floor.
You nodded to her and she rushed upstairs, followed by you.
Once it was 8 o'clock Dick came knocking on your door. You silently prayed that Jason wouldn’t have agreed to come, the thought of you having to be with him for the whole night was intolerant.
You opened the door and faced a stunned Dick. After a small chuckle he said “ I see that Tay has perfected her way in straightening everyone’s hair!” You laughed, a little more than you thought you should have but Dick laughed too and it was nice. Laughing with someone that has served as your brother for so many years. He was the one who had convince Bruce to keep you in the manor after that freak accident that killed your sister, the only family you ever met.
At the door now, and you met with Jason and Tay would must have been talking about Dick because she had blushed and telling him to stop.
The four of you ended up eating burgers at a place called ‘fat belly’ that Dick and Tay insisted was great. And over all you didn’t disagree. If the lighting in that place was more decent, in a way it didn’t make you want to have sex with a country song on a table, you’d might as well be going there more often. But you understood why the gorgeous couple kept on coming here. It would be ridiculously silly not to listen the groans and the sound of skin on skin under the table, or to realise both of them were flushed and eating with one hand, before they excused themselves to the toilet.
Once they left, you got up from next to Jason and carefully sat where Dick and Tay were and he laughed because you thought liquids would be everywhere.
“Sit down (y/n) they weren’t having angry sex on the seat.” He said smirking and you laughed hard, once again harder than you thought you should. And he laughed too, pleased with himself for making you laugh. You sat down, a smile plastered on both your faces, before he went back to serious to begin speaking.
“ Why have you been avoiding me?”
You blinked once, twice. Then you spoke.
“I haven’t” you smiled again as you filled your mouth with the delicious beacon burger.

‘Man, someone has to teach me manners’

You though as you smiled again, this time with your mouth filled.
“ Yes, you have” he complained. “Whenever I come to the manor, you greet me and excuse yourself to go read, or have a bath, or go to sleep because you have to go to school early the next morning, even though it’s still noon.”
By the time he had finished, all the food had been swallowed up. You swallowed again, some spit this time as your mouth was dry; it’s not that you never thought he’d notice, but it was too soon.
“Do you have a boyfriend or something? Doesn’t he let you interact with other male beings? ”
“No!” You blurt
“Whooph! Cause then, the fact that you interact with Dick and Bruce and Tim and Damian, oh- and Alfred, would have led you to a very abusive relationship.”
You looked at him again.
“That isn’t the case, right (y/n)? Please don’t tell me it is and you’re afraid I’m going to burst this guy’s brains out!” He got up, causing some odd looks on you two.
“No Jay, sit down. I’ll tell you!” You grabbed his arm and he slowly sat down, feeling a little stupid for jumping at conclusions so fast.
“It is about a certain someone. But I’m not in a relationship. Plus, I would never allow myself to get involved into an abusive one.”
“That’s what the all say” Jason said and this time, his mouth was filled.
“Okay… is it someone from Gotham?” He said, still chewing his food.
You thought about it a bit. It was this game, you knew you’d either end up lying to him or confessing and at the point you didn’t know what to do.
“No” you hung your head, almost guessing the next questions.
“Work? Wait.. you don’t work anywhere” you opened your mouth to speak but you decided to keep it shut until he reached his destination. Until he found his answer.
“I cant get over the fact you’ve been ignoring me for a guy (y/n)! We’re friends!!”
You smiled nervously and thought about it for a second, even if Jason did not feel the same way you did, even if he rejected you, a weight would have been lifted of you chest. You’d breath again. You’d be sad, and it could be hard to but eventually you would get over him.
“Do we know him? Like does Grayson know him, or me, or Bruce?”
You nodded.
“tell me you dont like Tim”
“Whaaaaat?” You raised your eyebrows and Jason seemed to sink into his thoughts once again as you shifted on your seat. Where were Dick and Tay? How could they leave you alone with Jason when they kne-
You looked over to the bathroom door only to see their heads poking out and you cursed them inside you. You swore you’d kick their asses once you returned home but for now you had to focus on Jason and what he could say next.
“I can’t help… I can’t help but think you are in love with…” he never finished his sentence as Dick and Tay came interrupting him.
“Guys we’re…uhm… sorry…” the brunette said.
“Ad long as you finished what I walked into some hours ago it’s all fine!” Jason spit. Why was he so bad around Dick you could understand anymore.
The rest of the night was agonising for you. You had your hand clutched onto Tay’s until you begged to go home; you had to attend morning classes.
And now you stiffed in your bed, as you swore you heard a very intense and loud moan. You couldn’t sleep, not without acknowledging you almost confessed to Jason.
“You know… you never told me who the guy was”
You screamed as you felt the breath on your neck and the voice ringing in your ears.
And as if it wasn’t enough, you also fell miraculously off your comfy bed.
“Jeez (y/n) I wasn’t trying to sneak up on you” you noticed Jason, as you silently growled in pain, rubbing your forehead.
“You know very well who sneaks up on people. I just wanted to know…”
“Why?” You yelled. You were mad at him. For making you fall for him, for being so perfect, for sneaking up on you, for asking you all these questions.
“Why? Because simply it’s been eating you. Can’t you see what that stupid crush does to you?”
You stood up anger plastered on your face and you pointed at him with your finger before you said “Don’t you dare call it a stupid crush. You don’t know for how many months or even years I’ve been keeping it in me Jason. Do you think it’s easy? Watching you being with whoever you want? How hard is it to not compare myself to all these perfect ass girls you’re fucking from time to time?”
Jason stood stunt, there, barely putting any weight on your bed, wondering how could he have been blind all this time.
“I..” he started but you were determined to take it all out. Tonight was enough. It was the edge of the cliff and you chose between falling or escaping.
“ No! You will listen to me Jason Peter Todd. I don’t care whether you don’t like that I have small breasts or that I’m into the vigilante life. Know that i, I’m in love with you for such a long time period that I don’t care anymore! please reject me now, so I can move on. So I can have a proper relations-” you were cut off by him. As he stood up and hovered above you, for the first time in your life you acknowledged his height. How small you looked before him and how he didn’t care when his lips crushed yours, cutting you off everything else you had to say, almost chocking you as went out of breath.
While kissing you he pushed you, trying to find the closest wall to pin you to. And once he did his lips finally unlocked yours. “Why are you doing this Jay?” You said and tried to push him away, your pride not letting you admit what had just happened between you two.
He grabbed your chin and forced you to look at him with his eyes half lid.
“For the same reason you just confessed to me”
He pecked your lips. Then again, then again and again.
And had you pinned there until you realised he meant what he said. In as many ways possible.

Note: If you want a second part just ask!

The World Could Burn


8-The floor is lava 

114- No, you’re MY bitch.  

With Juice

There were so many thing you had in common with your old man. You were both big kids into the same things. It was one of the reasons Juice had fallen so madly in love with you. You understood him and you both were so similar. You both got along great.

“You’re my BITCH!” You yelled at him as you took no mercy in the video game you had both been playing. You thought for sure you had it in the bag. There was no way he was beating you.

“No, you’re MY Bitch!” he replied as he gave you a video game ass whoopin. He stood up and dropped the controller like a mic and put his hands up in the air. “I am…THE MAN.”

“Oh what ever, Ass!” You throw all the cushions and pillows you could get your hands on at him and he dodges or counters each attack.

“You cant even beat me in real life either. You missed!!” he began to laugh.

“Oh yeah! Well. The floor is lava!” You say as you jump from the couch to the love seat. You begin to toss those cushions all over the floor too.

“Seriously?” He asked while still laughing.

“You’re dying dude. I bet you’re melted up to the knee caps by now!” You continued to jump from piece of furniture after the next. “You are losing the game bucko!”

“Oh no I’m not!” He said as he jumped onto a cushion and began to leap after you around the room.

“You shouldn’t even be alive Juicy. You were in the lava for so long!” You giggled. You both were laughing so hard your sides hurt.

He was getting closer by the second. You squealed as he finally caught you by the waist. You both fell onto the couch while you laughed.

“I love you Mr Ortiz.” You said as you looked deep into his eyes.

“I love you too Mrs Ortiz!” He said as he kissed you deeply. The excitement from the lava game and his kiss made your bodies hunger for each other. He began to undress you as you undressed him. “Lets take this to the bedroom shall we?” He began to get off the couch when you shrieked at him.


He bent over and picked you up and took off down the hall to your bedroom. “Id run through lava for you baby!” He laughed as she tossed you on the bed and jumped in after you.

Every day with you was perfect. The world could be burning around you but you didn’t care. At this moment in time, no one else mattering but the two of you.

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Rfa + V + Saeran reacting to MC watching a kdrama? And she's watching an episode that really makes her bawl her eyes out while eating ice cream or something. Lol, I've been wondering who to submit this to! And I chose you because I noticed you usually reply to the anons so that comforted me haha I luv u

AWWE THANK U BEB I LUV U TOO also this was relatable so i wrote it well (; also jus pretend that u live in a small apartment by urself but the members visit u every now and then (in scenes where they visit u)


  • he came from school and decided to visit u by surprise bc u didnt log onto the messenger all day
  • he had a key to ur apartment too so if u werent home thatd be okay !
  • he opens the door and
  • there u are
  • crying. eating ur feelings out.
  • yoosung is like what the h*ck mc r u ok
  • u slowly turn to him and put the ice cream bowl down
  • he drops his bag and sudddnly starts crying too
  • hes one of those sweeties who cry when others cry awwe
  • and so you two just cuddle on the couch
  • he eventually gets snatched by the kdrama too so


  • he came out of the shower and heard u crying loudly
  • so he ran out and saw u in ur truest form
  • a burrito of emotion eating a burrito
  • but you were just holding the burrito, crying
  • he asks whats wrong and you point at the screen
  • you started crying more and he was just
  • staring at you
  • lets not forget hes in just a towel thats covering his bottom half
  • he sits next to you and rubs ur back
  • while ur crying with the burrito in ur hand hes watching the show
  • from the context of it he begins to understand why u were so emo
  • mindlessly he says that he once played the role of a guy like the main lead
  • that makes you cry even more
  • so he shuts up and holds you until you’re okay again


  • you guys had a sleepover at ur house !
  • after some talking u two went to bed and watched a drama
  • you stayed up, and was rly rly into it
  • but she was sleeping 
  • and ur crying woke her up
  • she asks you whats wrong
  • cry no more mc !
  • she takes the pizza box off the bed first
  • then cuddles you and tells u comforting words
  • shh its okay beb 
  • then she helps you make tea
  • and she lets you finish the episode
  • jaehee is secretly watching it top
  • you later calm down and she hugs you to sleep


  • he invited you over because originally he wanted to spend the day watching a kmovie with u
  • bc he wanted to spend the day with only you jaehee had to watch elizabeth 3rd
  • poor jaehee she doesnt deserve this
  • he found it boring after a while but you liked it so he kept watching 
  • and then you started c rying
  • he didnt understand ? 
  • yes mc i saw
  • he stroked ur hair and gave you sweet rolls to eat
  • he actually found this side of u cute !!
  • next time u guys watch a movie he gets picky and makes sure to pick a not so emotional one


  • he was over at your place, just because
  • and while u were watching the drama he was playing a game on his phone
  • when you started making those loud crying noises he asked what was wrong
  • you throw down a bag of chips in frustration 
  • hes so confused bc isnt it just a drama
  • but he comforts you
  • ofc he cracks some jokes tho
  • he researches the drama later while ur cleaning
  • wow the plot is very depressing
  • he asks if ur okay and ur like ya
  • after that u guys just sleep it off


  • poor guy is like whats happening 
  • he begins watching with you
  • ur like hogging the popcorn
  • whenever a really touching scene comes on he holds u tighter
  • just constantly comforting you
  • if u fall asleep he’ll clean up and put you to bed


  • nope, doesnt get it
  • doesnt even let u explain
  • but he’ll feel sad that ur in a state of emotional pain
  • so he brings you a pint of ice cream !!
  • and when youinvite him to sit with you
  • hes iffy
  • but he sits by you in the end
  • whenever hes about to cry at a scene he’ll tell himself
  • he’ll say its stupid then go to the room
  • his eyes r sweating
  • it couldnt handle the sadness heat
  • he’ll comfort you later, but try to look strong in the process

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I know you did the punk nico/jock will but you should definitely do punk will/jock nico too ok ily

i kinda took this in a slightly different direction than what u were probably expecting and i took it so far in that other direction that its getting a cut bc its fricken long my friend so here it is

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no like but the alst time i cried was when i got overloaded in class. felicia was there and she can testify to this.

the time before that i cried more at the end of the mbmbam show, when justin was talking about how much he loves his brothers and how meaningful the show was.

but like… car boys is something else. the entire show has felt like a person l journey and it’s followed my personal growth immensly over the past months, helping me become a better person and a more consious consumer of media. its really helped me when i was feeling down and god it’s so funny.

and it’s so obvious that nick and griffin were just doign it for themselves, as two friends playing a dumb game.

but like, god… just the idea of them getting seperated but still at the end jsut being stuck together for eternity is just… bittersweet. both endings. the fucking music and dialogue just got me. it’s so real, despite being made up.

anyways i cant stop crying this is the hardest ive cried in a very long time, at least a year

you know i say “play mother 3” a lot without describing it

mother 3 is an rpg by nintendo for the game boy advance that came out in japan only in 2006. its the last enstallment in the series but dont worry you can play out of order.

the story centers around a boy named lucas whos currently trying to save everything he knows from industrialization and brainwashing

a bad summary is “star trooper pig nazis turn animals into chimeras and a 13 year old uses the power of love to stop the 10000 year old 12 yr old mastermind”

its an amazing game with turn based combat and scrolling hp (so if you get a fatal hit you can still recover) it also has rythem mechanics!!

its very funny and lighthearted but also heart breaking at the same time. the story is about the world being taken over from a kids perspective so you see the corruption from his point of view

it has one of the best known fan translations that fixes bugs, is extremely accurate, and completely free to download

but if you cant play i recommend chuggaconroys lets play, he’s very good at showing the little tidbits and extra stuff you’d miss on your first playthrough.


i still cant get over the “junkrat is autistic coded” thing like theres already a canon autistic character in the game. how do you take the most obnoxious comic relief character instead and be like “yeah thats my autistic representation” and then be willing to get into drama over it

here’s my gift exchange for @ninyard , i hope you like it <3 (these are,,,random kandreil hcs set in the pjo verse pls bear with me)

  • so i think we all can agree on the fact that neil is a child of Hermes, the god of messengers, roads, travelers and thieves (he’s also described as cunning, witty and quick)
  • in this au neil def takes after his dad; he loves to outsmart his opponents, is the fastest demigod in camp half blood n has,of course, a smart mouth aka he can never shut the fuck up n gets into trouble 24/7 and poor andrew has to deal it all the damn time
  • but we all know that andrew lovehates neils ability to twist andrews words around and use them to win arguments lmao

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im in a kikisadie mood today if u cant tell so:

  • sadie and kiki becoming friends and bonding over being stuck in food service hell / having well meaning but overbearing parents
  • they get along so well with each other because all the other girls their age just wanna talk about boys all the time!! whats with that!!! i mean we’re still straight but
  • strictly platonic sitting on the pier talking abt their feelings holding hands
  • steven realizes the reason sadie isnt into lars is because she has a gigantic crush on kiki, changes game plan immediately (garnet helps)
  • nanafua keeps inviting sadie over for dinner and telling her all the stuff kiki said about her, begins calling sadie “miss sparkling eyes”
  • kiki already kinda knows she’s gay but is afraid to tell anyone, sadie hasnt figured out shes not straight yet
  • kiki and sadie both go to jenny for advice for asking the other out
  • boardwalk dates!! watching horror movies together!! smoochin!!
  • sadie goes to all of kiki’s track meets and shes too shy to cheer for her so steven makes her a flag. (sometimes barb comes along and cheers for both of them)
  • lars goes on vacation to sweden for an indefinite period of time
boyfriend! mark

“can u do a boyfriend! mark pls?”

“boyfriend mark please!!!”

“Vernon and Mark as boyfriends please and thank you!! :) <3”

Comments: I accidentally deleted the entire post and had to start where I last saved ): but it’s okay!! Vernon one obviously coming up soon + another that will be revealed when I post ;)


•y'all are so cute okay mark tuan as a boyfriend lets go he’d be the one to always send you cute videos

•waking each other up with kisses

•rap battles after breakfast to see who had to clean up

•him having to constantly buy new shirts because you steal them all

•"borrowing" things from each other

•also using each other’s products, but getting mad when you catch the other doing it

•stupid couples shirts or hats

•laying on him as cuddling

•care packages consisting of different sweets and stuffed animals or little knick knacks while he is gone

•nose and forehead kisses constantly

•late night phone calls

•this would be a competitive relationship like you’d always see who can hold their breath the longest or can balance on one leg

•back hugs

•his deep voice wishing you a good morning

•piggy back rides almost everywhere

•movie night would be full of trying to throw popcorn into each other’s mouths instead of watching the movie

•and then you’d have to replay the movie because 9 times out of 10 it was supposedly a good movie and you missed the entire thing


•pranking each other all the time

•but once in a while it would be taken to far and then one of you would act all cute to get the other to forgive the other

•and by acting cute I mean cheek kisses and hanging onto each other

•you’d be sitting on the couch and he’d walk over and just fall on you with dead weight just to annoy you

•dinner dates once a week

•shameless about PDA

•Jackson interrupting you and Mark’s “time alone” is apart of the package

•buying things for each other when you are at a store and something reminds you of each other

•giving you his jacket when it’s cold

•but when he’s wearing a sweatshirt he’ll just lift it over your head and torso while he’s still wearing it

•and you’ll always be like “Mark I caNT SEE?!?”

•but then he’d laugh, kiss you on to of your head and then give it to you

•playing card games with a twist

•(the twist is whoever loses they have to treat the other, if you are catching my drift)

•"Mark, get off my dick"
•"You don’t have a dick"
•"You don’t know that"
•"Yes I do?“

•he’d like it when you’d kiss his jaw while you guys are cuddling

•blanket forts would be awh

•showers that consisted of you two washing each other’s hair

•and then some

•!!!!¡¡ BAcK hUGS !!!!!¡¡¡¡

•after being away for a while, you two would stay up all night just talking about everything from the universe to a book you read in 7th grade

•and then you’d watch the sun rise with a blanket wrapped around you two

•leaving each other cute little notes on the fridge or on the mirror after a hot shower

•dog piles on you

•back rubs after a long day of work

•he’d be a small spoon cuddler I’m pretty sure

•weekly dinner dates with each other


•dancing in the kitchen with the music on max volume

•teasing each other for cute little quirks

•and then teasing the other with a little more extra skin or other noises

•last but not least while kissing you, he would either cup your cheeks and squish them together or he’d grab the other cheeks

Galifreycrossing's Guide to Glitching to the Void

If you’ve ever wondered how to take cool pictures on top of buildings, those super cool close up pictures of your town, or just how to glitch in general this is your guide. 

Glitching: You hold the net and press and hold A while walking into what it is you want to go through (Ex: a building or through the fence by the train tracks). You can see yourself move pixel by pixel and you’ll pop through. And thats it. Its pretty simple just move very very slowly.

Tip: Ive found that if you cant make yourself glitch properly you can walk back a square and then go back up and try glitching again.

If all you want to do is take pictures on top of a building this is as far as you need to read. If you want to take fancy close up pictures under your town read on!

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Normal Horoscope:

Aries: Nothing caps off a good breakfast like charging headlong into the wind, brandishing a halberd above your head in defiance of any man or god who tries to stop you.

Taurus: The winterscape is beautiful even though it will freeze the spit in your mouth if you go outside. Dangerous and beautiful are often one and the same.

Gemini: Why is envy a sin? Its an involuntary emotional reaction. The emotions are not evil, but the reactions we have to them can be.

Cancer: The stars really like your jacket. 

Leo: You are safe behind the threshold of your home. 

Virgo: There is no special mindset or philosophy that will make you happy. Happiness is where you find it. 

Libra: A story-tall figure cloaked in the pelts of creatures long dead. Beware the game wardens. 

Scorpio: They keep a token to remember you by. Sometimes it still glows with your warmth.

Ophiuchus: Even if you cant draw, sometimes its nice to get lost in practice for a couple hours.

Sagittarius: You really don’t need anything but skanking, mambo, and foxtrot. 

Capricorn: The green mother watches over you, and she is grateful for the small and regular kindness you give.

Aquarius: If you astral project hard enough it becomes a threesome.

Pisces: Nothing ruins a party like several pounds of human flesh breaking through the ceiling and landing on the cake.

things i love about the signs
  • aries: their energy radiates. conversations with them just flow, and they always say unexpected comments that make you laugh until you have tears falling down your face. lowkey shy but lots of friends, outgoing. one of the brightest people. they are always smiling, even if they are upset, and their positivy is like a domino effect
  • taurus: such dynamic characters. you'll never be bored because they always have something new to say or do. their smiles are literally contagious. great singers. honestly i can cuddle with them all day and not complain even once.
  • gemini: ride or die. tooons of friends but only a rare few they trust with their entire self, and when you one of those rare few, you feel on top of the world. they have so many interests and debated with them are epic and one of the best people to just rant to or have deep conversations with. they are so fucking caring and will always stand up for you, even if it costs them. cant live without em
  • cancer: such a huge motherly figure. always patting heads and comforting and when they say "it's going to be okay" is the only time i believe those words. the nicest people i know. so selfless. will literally sacrifice anything for the ones they love. family and friends are the most important part of their life
  • leo: extremely exuberant. just bein around them makes me feel so giddy. their eyes are literally always glowing. always knows how to cheer someone up when theyre upset. if you have a leo in your life you are truly blessed. those guys will stick with you thick and thin, no matter what.
  • virgo: hard workers. strongest people ever. virgos are fucking survivors, man. you mess with them, they come back twice as strong and they dont even try to get back at you, they let karma do their dirty work cos they too busy doin more important things than to be messin w you. virgos always got your back, they never let you down even if they have to spread themselves too thin
  • libra: the type to drag you out of hell and do whatever it takes to put you back together again. their love for everyone around them absolutely amazes me sometimes. kindest hearts. best person to just chill with. you can be doin nothin with them and you'd still be havin fun
  • scorpio: will probs destroy you with the blink of an eye. cant be messed with. they are the kindest people ever...until you hurt them, and then you're so fucking done and the games never over. they know how to make people pay. theyre loyal af and if you mess with their family or friends, they will fuck you up. not afraid to get their hands dirty. so intelligent. they probs have tons of dirt on you. confident and know they cant be messed with.
  • sagittarius: lovable small child. such good vibes from these guys. great listeners and they're fashion sense is on point. a bit carefree and laidback. dont need to be surrounded by other people to have a good time. they feel comfortable in their own skin and honestly couldnt give a rats ass what strangers think of them. a sag is a close friend for life
  • capricorn: most likely already has a step by step plan on how to become a billionare by the time theyre 25. caps are strong ass hoes who will fucking start a fire if you get in their way. protective over their friends. their mind is constantly working in gear mode.
  • aquarius: if you ever get into a fight with them, forget it, its over, might as well back down now while your limbs are still attached. straight up blunt. best person to call when you in a tough spot. will probs save your ass 20 times a week. if you got an aquarius on your side, youve already won the war
  • pisces: the way they see the world is so incredible to me. can find beauty in everything, even the darkest places. will just hold you and kiss your forehead until you are ready to get back to life. usually little spoon. will do anythin to make you happy if they love you.

i still cant get over the face that in a game of comp overwatch last night i was cussed out within 5 seconds of the game loading. before id even picked a hero. all because i choose to use open mic rather than push to talk. like the guy literally screamed at me to get out of voice chat because “Your mic is shit get the fuck out Im being fucking honest fucking GET OUT” and i told him my mic is fine its jsut picking up background noise and he left VC.