still cant get over these pictures

So in the middle of this little photo shoot I scroll over to find- surprise, surprise -Louis taking shirtless selfies

So I thought “fine, whatever. you wanna be a dramatic little shit? I’ll let you be a dramatic little.”

And what says “dramatic little shit” better than a shirtless, black and white denim ad surrounded by LIVE BUTTERFLIES?



It went pretty well! There was a lot of people! I’m happy the majority of the poeple i invited came!

Even my ex 3d animation teacher was there and i was so happy cause he is a really good person

(he kind of told me about how to get some really cool concept art books so i was glad i invited him hahaha)



*breathe in* *breathe out*






(turns out my teacher that was holding the exhibition changed the prices. She HIGH THEM BECAUSE SHE SAID I WAS SELLING ME TOO LOW. AND FREAKING PEOPLE WANTED TO BUY IT STILL)





I still need to know the details but omg 

is this like getting a job? idk idk idk omg this is so much

my anxiety was over the roof tho, too many pictures. i only wanted to talk with my friends xD



Hey can yall uh report blasterlizard on instagram?

hes been reported before for animal abuse and he still continues with his behavior of endangering blaster (the bearded dragon he owns)’s life by hooking his claws in his mouth, bending him over, and filming “funny and cute” videos of his lizard literally FALLING OFF A BED and landing on his neck. I cant currently include pictures but hooking claws in your lizards mouth can cause cuts which, in the incredibly bacteria filled environment that is a beardie’s mouth, get infected and most often lead to death. Bending your bearded dragon over in a scrunched up pose to fit in your hand is dangerous short term AND long term because it can cause spinal damage and breathing difficulties. beardies dont have diaphragms which prevents them from compensating on the difficulty of breathing when scrunched up. overall, hes a horrible pet owner and anyone who speaks out against him is 1.) told “oh i didn’t know thanks for telling me I shouldn’t do X” and then 2.) blocked if they speak out again. he spends money to promote his profile on instagram to many more people and he refuses to change. Please report him to get him off of instagram for good, blaster’s life is at risk.

I cant tell what the best part about this picture is

1. Joey

2. Joey wearing a different outfit

3. Joey wearing red or pink or maroon idfk

4. Joey’s HAIR

5. Joey looking at Kaiba

6. Joey standing 3 feet away from Kaiba while bending over a lil bit


8. Joey just working in general I hope he gets good pay from this one

9. Kaiba being all tsun and pretending he doesn’t even notice Joey’s there even tho he has complete authority to have him fired but Joey is serving Mokuba a drink so he OBVIOUSLY is still working there

10. Joey served Kaiba tea. JOEY. SERVED. KAIBA. TEA. …OR COFFEE? WTVS.

11. Kaiba just looking overall beautiful

12. Did I already mention Joey in general?

Eric Richard Bittle is a saucy little shit and let me tell you why

  • he literally dressed up as a puck bunny for halloween. while seriously dating an NHL player. those shorts were so little. eric please.
  • as discussed previously, he listens to some pretty vulgar music, 212 being one of them. he probably has listened to this music while in the locker rooms with jack, or at least before a practice with him. i wonder what kind of lyrics are going through his head when jack jumps on him after he scores. e ric
  • when asked to describe jack by a poor, innocent 18 year old boy, bitty blushes and says “passionate!” 
  • anyone who is not jack zimmermanns close friend would be completely bewildered by this and yet he days it anyway and goddamn eric that blush its the middle of the day we dont want to hear about your sex life
  • i still cant get over the puck bunny thing i mean. when did he buy that? did he and lardo go shopping and when she was trying on her sexy reff costume thats when bitty saw his? did ransom and holster buy it for him and surprised Bitty with it the day of the party? Did JACK buy the costume and laugh his dumb ass off watching bitty blush??? WHAT IS THE STORY BEHIND THIS
  • bitty has a picture of a shirtless girl on his wall i mean yes its beyonce and yes hes gay but really bittle
  • but seriously, where did bitty FIND those shorts? they were booties and he is a 20 yr old guy goddamn it bitty are you trying to send jacques to the hospital or what
  • basically bitty knows what hes got and loves to work it thank you for your time

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This cant be a coincidence. That they're pairing in time the mi/arren pictures kissing all over his social media + articles using those pictures with the heavy Versace promo. In the last couple of days FX not only announced the airing date of the show but also published the pool video and paid media to promote the show sexualizing Dare and RMartin as a bait. Do you still think that FX and Ryan will let Dare come out during the show? Why then we're getting this nohomo promotion paired with it?

Another ask I am tempted to not answer because if you read my blog you know my opinion, which for the record, i concede could be far off base and completely wrong. But at this point nothing has occurred to change my mind and in fact, what has occurred bolsters my belief.. But I am in a mood and wish everyone, and this is not meant towards you specifically, would open your eyes and pay attention to the clues that have been presented. There are many and they are constantly being highlighted.

In response, my opinion, one has nothing to do with the other. We were warned months and months ago that the end of mia/rren would NOT be pretty. And it is painfully ugly.  What i witnessed this weekend, in the words of one of my many anons, was a “fucking tragedy.”  It truly was a person being led around as if he were nothing more than a prop while his oppressors delighted at the torture. I hated every second.

But ask yourself this question. If D WANTED to continue the bearding to further his career, if he AGREED with Fox to stay closeted, why would he not even attempt to try?  Because he doesn’t. There is not one example from this weekend of a half decent attempt, on D’s part, to sell his fake relationship. If this was a conscious willing choice, he would try. 

He is a working, successful actor paid to fake chemistry and passion as required, sometimes with people he does not know, and i am sure at times with people that weren’t his favs. And clearly not only is he a working actor, he is a good one or we would not even be discussing ACS as he never would have been offered the role. So why not fake it with her if the intent is remain closeted, perhaps for years, and continue the charade?  Why would he not at least make a decent effort to make it real?  And why would he continuously send clues into the world that the story as sold is not true? He would not, he would make a much more concerted effort to hide. 

But he does not have any interest in continuing the charade. What happened this weekend is part of a negotiated contract with that woman that has defined events and conditions that i am sure included copious and excessive amounts of PDA that are designed to promote her as she is phased out of her role as public plus one. The evidence speaks for itself. He put her in a video, he let her “direct” a video and spent a large amount of money to promote it, and he is now promoting her as we lead into her bar opening. Nothing even remotely close to this has ever occurred. Ever.  Previously the most we got were outings and pics and an occasional tweet to promote her failed attempts at a music career (I still laugh every time i think of the tweet before the tweet about how he is a “fan of a lot of shit.”).

This to me is overwhelming evidence of an negotiated exit. I understand it is timed with ACS promotion, but that is, in this case, a coincidence because he needs to complete the required pay out timely.

I have repeatedly stated, in my humble opinion, based on observation, reviewing the facts, and listening to the clues, D has made a deal with the devil and will be coming out at some point as related to ACS. Unclear if this will be immediate (I think no, i don’t think they will rock the boat until after the premiere), during the show (my guess, but again unclear), or afterwards when marketing him for an award.   And they are going to use his story to garner a ton of publicity. Because his coming out is going to have the blessing and backing of a major studio.

If I am wrong, please feel free to come back and say i told you so. I hope it doesn’t happen. I have to be optimistic that this “fucking tragedy” is ending.

Galifreycrossing's Guide to Glitching to the Void

If you’ve ever wondered how to take cool pictures on top of buildings, those super cool close up pictures of your town, or just how to glitch in general this is your guide. 

Glitching: You hold the net and press and hold A while walking into what it is you want to go through (Ex: a building or through the fence by the train tracks). You can see yourself move pixel by pixel and you’ll pop through. And thats it. Its pretty simple just move very very slowly.

Tip: Ive found that if you cant make yourself glitch properly you can walk back a square and then go back up and try glitching again.

If all you want to do is take pictures on top of a building this is as far as you need to read. If you want to take fancy close up pictures under your town read on!

Keep reading

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Everythig from last night is giving me a headache. so i wont ask about that but i still cant get over the fact D has taken a picture with every freaking other person from eelG besides C. Like it looks soooooo bad. If anythig it looks bad for C in my opinion! Bc C is going to be blamed for it, eventually. The more people D sees more people are going to notice the only 1 he didnt take a pic with was C, and u can bet ur ass mi/arrens will blame C (not that they care) & probs other people too its BS

Suspicious as fuck, no question and no argument.  And in the 10 days since spirit day, we have pics with Heather, Lea, Matt, and Ryan. That is in 10 DAYS. 

Right now, people are going to believe what they are going to believe. That C hates D blah blah blah. But the good thing, they have already initiated steps to change this perception.  They went from same event but no acknowledgement at the March. Same event, seen talking by a fan at the after party (and again, I personally believe they asked that fan to tweet but I could be wrong on that fact), to same event, red carpet photos of each in matching outfits (important point, they were talking).  

The next logical step.  An event and group photo.  Maybe 4 people between them. Maybe even with W&M.  It is something.

My theory, and it is a theory, i want to keep reiterating that so I don’t get screamed at if it does not occur, we are seeing the beginning of a multi-phased plan.

End the Bearding, that is happening as we speak. Hard to watch, but it is happening

Darren comes out as not straight by this time next year (likely sooner).  I suspect he will come out as gay as that slams the door on the possibility of her but I could be wrong. And just because i think that is how he will come out publicly for this reason, it does not mean i necessarily think this is how he identifies. Again for him to tell and it really does not matter, the only thing that matters is that he finds peace with the decision he makes and what he decides to tell the public. But it is an interesting question to ponder and there are so many layers involved..

Much stronger rehabilitation of CC’s public relationship. They are starting but it will not go into full effect until she fades away.  They may very well use the glee cast for this purpose. I am curious to see how they handle Will. I have been pretty vocal, I think he needs to disappear. I think to reinforce that relationship once D is out is detrimental to the larger picture and will hurt them.

Then eventually in time CC comes out as a couple.  Interesting to know how much of the truth they reveal and how far back they date their relationship.

Curious to see how much I have right, if any, and how much I have wrong.  It will definitely be fascinating to watch unfold and I think we can all live with any decisions made, particularly C&D, as long as D is free from the burden of lying and being tethered to that woman.

okay not an edit but let me spazz how i cant get over this picture i cant even edit it properly bCS i keep smiling i keep tryin to control my inner side i mean like hELLO LEE JIHOON WHo ARE YOU BOI.

and also guys. i love jihoon x piano so much aND PLEDIS???!!!!

what a perfect combination. a woozi and with glasses and piano yes im bleSSED THANKS pledis 

but pledis im still salty bcs going seventeen for DEinKL plis? we srsly need that :’) 

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Still cant get over how plough claims to be so artistic but uses those fake makeup apps to apply her makeup LOLOLOLOL ZOOM IN ON HER IMVU DISPLAY PICTURE THOUGH? SHIT MORE FAKE THAN KIM KS ASS

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26. A hyper text




[an image attachment is sent: a picture taken of a total score of over 100,000 on Robot Unicorn Attack. it’s only a still image, but it bears the unmistakable feeling of Levin screaming along to Always by Erasure]


[10:45 PM] I regret my life choices seliph :(

Next time I go downtown, I need to find this small shop where they had this taidermy armadillo dressed as a cowboy and take pictures of it for you guys.

It was an interesting display piece, but….the tail….the tail has haunted me since….They’re not squirrels….armadillo tails don’t do that curl thing….I’m crying. It has been three weeks and I still cant get over it.

i am honestly so happy the ship song on volume 10 ended up being for rosemary. like, i would have been over the moon if it were davekat, but i am most certainly in no way disappointed by this turn of events. a femslash ship was given priority and i am so fucking happy about it, because in what other fandom can you say that happens??

and cant you just picture them dancing to lilith in starlight?? they start off slow, a waltz, and then it gets faster and faster paced and they get silly and swing each other around. then it slows down again, and they’re tired but holding onto each other still, and goddamn, they are just so happy and in love.

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Smol karkat and terezi?

some smol karkat and terezi for your troubles

i like to imagine that this picture is of them when theyre younger or something still busy eating crayons and fighting over who gets the troll barbie. what would the troll word for crayon even be? drawing stick. paint trumpet. coloring flute. wax dong. okay that last one probably isnt a good word for crayon.

anyway if you liked this you just pop a squat on my donation button throne and donate a little but if you cant thats okay 

im not doing requests right now (eventually i will again. eventually) but i WILL do commissions so hit me up