still can't sew

i have no right to say i can sew
  • me: *cannot sew in a straight line*
  • me: *uses pins, still can't sew a straight line*
  • me: *measures everything, STILL can't sew a straight line*
  • me: fuck it *never measures anything and suffers later*
  • me: there are different thread types?
  • me: i... can take the needle out of this machine?
  • me: what's a ballpoint needle
  • me: why can't i sew this jersey stretch fabric????
  • me: oh.
  • me: i don't even fux with zippers
  • me: where do i even find a zipper foot google is so VAGUE
  • me: *forgets seam allowance as usual*
  • me: i can't even read templates
  • me: my sewing machine is eating this fabric.. again
  • me: *thread breaks* *JUMPS RIGHT OUT OF SKIN*
  • me: *pile of wasted thread to my immediate left*
  • me: i don't even know what this foot is for.
  • me: *breaks a sweat from sewing* ???? why???
  • me: *touches toe to foot pedal gingerly* hhhhhhhHHHH
  • me: why do i even sew??? what the fuck
  • me: *puts off sewing project for exactly a year and a half* ok

there’s that one post about making a voodoo doll and treat it nicely

goddamn all of my credits are just ‘that one post’ and ‘I fucking forgot to archive it again’ I need to be more organized

also the doll in the first page should be purple but I fuckng forgot to edit it I am a mess and very sorry