still can't quite believe this exists

Thank you for the songs

Songs that a shy little girl

could scream at the top of her lungs

dancing around a cramped room

jumping off the bunk bed

spinning around until she was out of breath

Songs that a dramatic girl

could mouth the words to

as she stared out the car window

on long car rides

sighing at the invisible rain

Songs that a growing girl

could always come back to

even when she thought

she had moved on from that

finding these embers amongst rubble

Songs that a broken girl

could lean on

even when she couldn’t explain

the tears welling

or the loneliness

Songs that a carefree girl

could drive down the road to

belting the lyrics until she was breathless

living vicariously through the love songs

she’s still waiting to feel

Songs that a stressed woman

could breathe through

reliving the days where

she would dance

around the cramped room

Ever since Fearless, I have found myself turning time and time again to your music. Though I fall in love with new songs by new artists, nothing is ever quite comparable to the feeling I get when listening to your music. God blessed me in giving me your music as a constant source of relief.

Thank you @taylorswift


Kastle Appreciation Week, Day 4: Favorite Quote

So I skipped Day 3 because my favorite episode and favorite scene are virtually indistinguishable ^^; Probs I should have split up my two favs over the two days, so… whoops.

Favorite QUOTE though, there’s some pretty stiff competition for that. I mean… daaaaamn. Literally everything Karen’s said about Frank ever? Everything from “They all think that you’re a monster, but I know that you’re not. You’re not.” to “Frank. Why?” to “It was really good to see you.” to “Take care.” There’s THE ENTIRE DINER SCENE which, as previously stated, continues to wreck my fucking life.

And then there’s Every Ma’am Ever. And like… honestly? I miss it. I know, there’s nothing quote like Frank saying Karen’s name every five seconds, but… I miss it. I was sad we didn’t even get ONE ma’am out of Punisher, frankly. (Haha, puns.) I hope we get another ma’am eventually because it just… it was such a mark of respect and admiration and it was fueled with Frank’s sheer adoration for Karen, but also his desperate sense to keep his distance and… you know, but on the other hand, maybe that bridge is burned, maybe we can’t reclaim that distance. Maybe she’s Karen now. And he can never undo that intimacy. So… pros to both. 

But, I think, I think my FAVORITE quote, the thing that absolutely destroyed me, that declared Kastle canon for now and for all time was…

“What would you do if it was Sara? If there was a maniac who was coming after her, what would you do? […] Listen to me, listen! I’m only going to say this once, okay: so is Karen. If something happens to her, I- …please.”

I… You Sure Have Some Feelings There Frank. You Sure Do.

I still… can’t quite believe that line is real, that happened. We didn’t make that up, we didn’t dream that, we didn’t use the combined powers of fanfic to will that into existence, that Actually Happened. …holy sweet mother of fuck.

“I feel for her as you do your wife.” I… HOLY SHIT FRANK. HOLY… WHAT THE FUCK I AM RISEN!

anonymous asked:

Yes. This is just yes! Your designs, the personalities, the story..just yes. Thank you for creating such a beautiful AU with 3 beautiful brothers..

N…no problem! I’m happy that you like my versions of the brothers >///<

(and I’m really really glad that I didn’t quit this AU because of the canon story. I think this blog wouldn’t probably exist anymore without your encouragement, guys! So big thanks to you, too~)