still can't handle the feels

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

anonymous asked:

You're such a big ray of sunshine. To have an artist like you is such a blessing. (To be honest I followed you way back when and it was sad to see you gone) I saw you again by chance and I was wondering if you were the same artist as from before or not and you were!!!! I was so happy to find you again! And seeing how you are more active and just. You are great! Keep being you! Your comment about angst too is true, we need that cute fluff!!!! May happiness rain down on you!!!

I???? Wow I actually don’t know what to say, umm…….

Well first off, I really appreciate you being a long term follower of mine; it means a lot!! I apologize for leaving so suddenly back at that time, but I’m really glad to see that you found me again! I hope you enjoy your stay! Secondly, just know that seeing this made me really happy! You’re honestly too kind. I don’t think I can handle this?? I’m still pretty speechless actually…, but thank you so much for this! I hope happiness rains down on you too!!


Today Mob felt extremely stressed at school.

DEAREST FMO, today I’ll celebrate my feels for you. I enjoyed the conversations we’ve shared(albeit limited), enjoyed discussing meta, enjoyed chilling out; I’m really thankful to have met you in my time.


Happy birthday, and lots of love!


The noise I made when I saw this was not human. 


Originally planning on doodle some sexy Law…..
Guess the anime and last weeks chapter was a bit to much for me to handle… 

Someone, please give that guy a hug T-T

I gave a talk about my research to my Discrete Math students yesterday, and one of them got really stoked on the form of odd perfect numbers and if that kid discovers the first odd perfect number then I will have justified my whole life, like the purpose for my existence was to grow up and stay alive and learn enough about number theory to tell that guy about it so he could change the world. That’s why teaching is amazing. That’s why I never want to do anything else for the rest of my life. Whenever someone tells me I made a difference, or just goes around doing rad stuff with math, I feel like the whole universe has improved so much and I helped do that and there’s just no better feeling than that. 


i only want to be remembered
for being the one who’d always say
that i’m gonna love you (x)

But guys, can we just talk about when Peeta says “I wish I could give you this rose, Katniss”?!

You could hear the “crack” of my heart.

My poor baby, he was so torn apart inside but his tenderness, his sweetness were still there. Such a heartbreaking moment.