still can't get over it ended already

[spoilers] I just realized, I think they WERE setting it up for Carl to have his S7 Negan storyline in the finale. In the comics, Carl is a lot closer to Glenn… (not to say TV Carl doesn’t care about Glenn ofc) which makes sense when he takes his death personally and runs away to take out Negan/more of his men. But, the fact that they had TV Carl seem very adamant about ending everything in the finale and even had him say a few times “I’m never gonna let anyone die like that again.” etc… and the stare-down he had with Negan – all leads me to believe he’s gonna get really angry over whoever got Lucille’d (my bets still on Glenn tbh) and that small interaction he already had with Negan set the stage for the strange respect Negan will eventually give him.