still can't draw guys but it tried!

Your eyes say, “For Now,”’ Laurent said. ‘Your eyes have always said, “For now.” | captive prince realism project

i wont be able to color this for some time but i just want to share haha?? imagine they all eating in a random family style restaurant in beijing on the night of first day of cup of china aaahhh im dying (is it possible tho irl)

some personal headcanon

  • i just can’t not imagine phichit bringing selfie stick even in restaurants
  • yuuri is still kinda uncomfortable being photographed but he’s trying
  • victor isn’t drunk (yet)
  • leo would totally be the guy who tries to put peace signs as rabbit ears behind unknowing people’s head
  • guanghong has a great fashion sense but sorry it’s obscured by viktuuri
  • georgi is wasted and he’s the drunk crier type
  • chris is totes chill and decent outside the ice and he doesn’t make inappropriate comments to the younger guys. fight me on this

For tobinci​ who requested taoris fanart! omg i totally strayed from your sweets theme tho and make it more pastry/ baker!AU (;*△*;) im so sorry!

& i thought it would be cute/ cheesy if their bakery was named “XOXO Boulangerie” what am i doing (ˊ̥̥̥̥̥ ³ ˋ̥̥̥̥̥) sorry guys

Kirby Inktober Day 24 – Most desired fight scene (e.g. Meta Knight vs. Dedede, or Magolor vs. Galacta Knight)

a fight between meta knight and dedede would probably be pretty cool! (although we’ve technically already seen that in meta knightmare ultra….. but shhh we’ll forget about that)

i feel like the two of them would fight pretty differently! meta knight would be very quick and precise, but would do small amounts of damage with each hit, while dedede would be more slow and easy to hit, but would do a lot of damage whenever he would land a hit. who would win? who knows! they’re both pretty strong in their own ways!

i didn’t really like the lineart or composition of this drawing, so i tried to make it look cooler through shading… i hope you guys still like it!

kojinshi  asked:

Ever tried drawing women? I have this problem where I can draw a mans body on fleek 👌 but I can't even woman. Even though I am one myself. I'm wondering if you have a similar situation.

Yeah, of course lmao but I usually just like painting them. I’m not that good in drawing girls either but I still sketch them every now and then. I enjoy drawing guys more though. Of course because I like guys lmao. I think they’re pretty much the same but girls have more of a soft and smooth figure. They also have wider hips, slimmer waists, and shoulders. While guys look more sharp and bulky lol idk

this is all i know aaa im not even good at anatomy why are you even asking me