still can't dance

희미한 불빛이 되어 별들 사이로
~ i’m becoming a faint light and go among the stars

LAST DANCE inspired Seunghyun fanart because I got emotional once again listening to the song and I will honestly miss him so much.

please open the image for higher resolution, tumblr loves to blurr things

You got that swag, boy ~ ᕦ(▀̿-̿-▀̿  )┐

If anyone’s looking for me, I’m over in that corner, lamenting my existence.

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Happy late Valentine’s Day! 

These took wayyyyyyyyy longer than they were suppose to, but I am finally done! ^^

Here we have:

Windblade Starscream for my wonderful friend karrashi (and all the Screamer fangirls~)

TFP Knock Out for the lovely hellovivirose (And Doc Knock lovers~)

TFP Arcee for one of my Instagram buds “noisyboyHD”

AND LAST but certainly not least, A TFP Optimus for ALL THE OP FREAKs (like moi) 



Manon: Hey, Alan, let’s dance too!
Alan: Eh… No, I…
Manon: C’mon, hurry up, hurry up!
Hari-san: Rimarima!
Platane: Having fun is a victory, too. Do your best, Alan.
Alan: Professor…
Manon: Come on, come on, Alan too!
Hari-san: Harihari!

Eureka: Hey, hey, Professor, let’s dance too.