still can't believe this is a thing haha

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I love how many tags on Isak/Even gifsets this season have been "I can't believe they're that couple who [...]" haha. I think we can safely say that they're That Couple, full stop. Whatever ridiculous and cheesy couple-y thing you're thinking about, Isak and Even are That Couple.

god, this is so true. their friends are in their own relationships and still ragging on them for being That Couple. 

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i can't believe in the year 2017 y'all are still fighting over a bland, uninteresting white boy ship lmao,,,, y'all are hilarious 😂😂

haha yeah man i wish i could be as awesome as u and spend my days sending anons to people i don’t care about just to show them how much more superior i am for not enjoying the same things they enjoy lmao you’ve got it figured out, dude!

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I can't believe the first proof that you started Skam was you sending your friend a screenshot of Jonas with 'starting some norwegian thing and also that eyebrow game'. Like ahhshshd iconic

Omg, haha well thank you ! I honestly still remember starting the show and when the speech of anti-capitalism began I was like ‘…the fuck?’ and then Jonas popped up on those stairs and like yooo dude halla


1 - Well, it could be? I guess? But I actually had Adrien in mind when drawing, haha. I just like drawing him with longer hair! :)

2 - Ah, I checked it out, and it is indeed pretty, and also really creative, I like it! Oh, and Adrien with hoop earrings, yes please.

3 - Thank you for taking your time to write such a lovely message. I’m really glad the words I put together brighten your life ♡ Knowing things like this make writing so much better, and my whole day as well.

4 - Thank you! Hmm, I haven’t thought about massages specifically, but it sounds really nice… I’ll see what I can do! :) and I’ll do my best not to think of the implications of a massage from Chat Noir, yeah…

5 - My beta still has to read over it, but as soon as she finishes, I’ll post it!

6 - Oh. I’d love to, but I’m not sure if it’ll go well with the story. We’ll see what happens, maybe I can add him :)

7 - I’ll do my best to take my time with it hahah I don’t want the story to feel rushed x) and thank you! It was really fun developing the concept of the fight and the akuma powers. I had to search for paintings that are on the Louvre as well haha. And yeah, I know what you mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I’m sure Chat knows it better than me though.

Just got around to watching the Re-Find the Tower Minecraft let’s plays and Gavin stealing Ryan’s porkchops behind his back is probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Thus, art.

It Feels Like Home to Me

Pairing:Eren/Mikasa, Shingeki no Kyojin

Setting: In canon; Before they leave for Shiganshina

Rating: K+

Words: 2062

Notes: Okay, guys, here it is. The very last entry for this set! When I started this two years ago I never in a million years it would end in 100 chapters, and 600 reviews. Like it blows my mind. Thank all of you so much for giving me such encouragement to keep going all the way to the end! I never had a fandom that was so sweet and so supportive before. I cannot be more appreciative for the way you’ve made me smile, challenged me, and made me feel like all the weeks and months of writing I do are all worth it. It’s bittersweet that I let my very first piece go, the stepping stones I took to get where I am now.

That being said it’s still not goodbye! I have zombie AU I’m still working on, and the massive amount of stories I post on tumblr (that will be added into collections here whenever I decide my time in the fandom is complete ^^) . I have the AU challenge set to complete too plus a few other projects to help on.

I saved this one for the very last one and it’s very much inspired by the whole collection here and of course the song I named for the title, “Feels Like Home” by Chantal Kreviazuk.  It’s a song I knew was theirs from day one of my loving this ship, and it will forever be a song close to my heart after everything I put into this set.

Thank you guys so much. I’d never have grown like I did if it wasn’t for your support!


Eren wasn’t sure what time it even was anymore; past midnight probably, before dawn definitely. Yet even as he stared at the moon outside the window knowing it would turn to a sun far too soon he couldn’t fall asleep. They’d be leaving for Shiganshina soon, and who knows if they’d ever come back. Months and months of training and planning and Eren had no idea what would even come of it. They had to try of course and he wanted to try but he knew deep down it very well may end where it all began.

Was he okay with that? Guess that was the question of the hour. It wasn’t his first time going into something and wondering if he was gonna come out alive, but this seemed so much heavier. He knew the type of mission this was, he very well knew who he’d be meeting in his ruined village. This is what everything led up to.

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"hiii no idea, maybe he was at the dr’s to see about the baby" Aww, that's such a cute image. ^_^ Can you maybe do a gossip girl post about Harry getting a baby checkup? :D

Gossip Girl here! Though its been a bit quiet, it seems that Harry Styles has been out and about with the tiny Tommo once again.

Haz was seen having a spot of brunch with his married pals on the weekend, perhaps after a nursery painting session?

Father to be, Louis T, was also out and about this week looking well rested and comfy cozy. 

Not to mention still wearing a certain someone’s yoga headband.

Are the daddies to be taking yoga classes together? Gotta keep baby healthy! Which is what we thought Mr Styles was up to this morning.

But alas it was not a Dr’s visit, but a test drive of a swanky new set of wheels. 

If we didn’t know any better, we would think this was a surprise for the ‘rumored’ fiance. 

Lucky guy that Louis Tomlinson, hopefully he has kissed the belly that’s under this adorable jumper today.


Can I see you again?”

The words tumbled out in a rush, shy and eager and entirely uncertain of what Magnus would answer, and Magnus felt the headlong rush of adrenaline and excitement that came from the start of a new adventure.

“Yes,” said Magnus, still lying on the floor. “I’d like that.”

“Um,” said Alec, “so—next Friday night?”

“Well …”

Alec looked instantly worried, as if he thought Magnus was going to take it all back and say that actually he had changed his mind. He was beautiful and hopeful and hesitant, a heartbreaker who wore his heart on his sleeve. Magnus found himself wanting to show his hand, to take a risk and be vulnerable. He recognized and accepted this strange new feeling: that he would rather be hurt himself than hurt Alec.

“Friday night would be fine,” Magnus said, and Alec smiled his brilliant, light-up-the-world smile and backed out of the apartment, still looking at Magnus. He backed up all the way to the top of the stairs. There was a yell, but Magnus had already risen and closed the door before he could see Alec fall down the steps, as that was the sort of thing a man had to do in private.

—  The Bane Chronicles, The Course of True Love

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It's your communication student anon again. OMG at that social media manager introducing himself... that's not normal. If you say that, then the tweets being sent out will have less credibility. Why... would... anyone... admit... that... like... are you trying to discredit the people or the organization or the company you are working for. And like... no person who wants to keep their job would say that unless.. that's what you were told to.. which in this case.. why is he trying to ruin 1D..

Comm student anon again. Like yeah there’s an understanding that social media accounts are managed, but you don’t put a face on who does it! That’s just wrong! Now every time that account is going to post, they’re not going to see your client! They’re going to see you! I’m just in awe. Oh my god. Who would do that…

I know, I know, it’s disconcerting! Completely, totally, absolutely not going to happen normally. There’s such a mess around here, we’ll never be able (and it’s not even worth trying anymore, if you ask me) to figure out the whys and hows, but this certainly wasn’t an organic slip or a naive employee.

It reminds me of that time some people were SURE Louis would be a judge on the XF becase Oli said so in a private FB conversation, haha, still one of my favorite moments! Wake up, please, if you keep this attitude up, you’ll end up believeing every single lie and sent your way. One day you might even end up buying a paternity story where the supposed mum was blatantly never even pregnant. Oops.