still burns a lil

the things we lose in the fires we start pt.2

picked up my heart
it almost burnt to ash
the house is demolished
all our fire consumed it
a display of proof of the destruction
that i can cause
when it comes to you
yes you
the knight covered in your own lies
you didnt wash em off
no need for the kerosene
no use for an extinguisher
we only have
fragments of the floor
every single time
you try to rebuild the steps
you destroy them
& that breaks me a lil more
i still get burned the most
how many times
has this all burned to the ground
how many times
can you push it away?
how much longer
will i stand in this fire consumed place?

exo dorm: kaisoo's room
  • Kai: *looking in mirror* hey Dyo
  • d.o: *sitting tucked in his bed, not looking up from his ipad*
  • kai: hey Sooooooo
  • d.o: what
  • kai: does this look good? *turns around* I bought this outfit a day ago while shopping with Tae-
  • d.o: *looks up from his ipad, slightly annoyed*
  • kai: -min, I think it looks good but should I wear it to the airport tomorrow? Will fans like this?
  • d.o: *looking at Kai with a straight face* No *continues watching his ipad*
  • kai: oh, oh ok Soo.. what should I wear then? What about these? *shows pair of trousers* I got these sent to me the other day *jumping on one leg trying to pull off his skinny jeans* wait I'll try them on
  • d.o: *can't really help but looking at Kai trying to take off his jeans and almost falling and stares at him for a few seconds* *he catches himself staring, shakes his head and then quickly focuses back on his ipad*
  • kai: *finally finished with the trousers* Soooo, what about these? *stands next to D.o*
  • d.o: *looks up to Kai and is immediately taken aback by Kai wearing a very flattering outfit and starts blushing just a little bit*
  • *stutters* uhmm, yes, that looks ok, yes
  • kai: *smiles from ear to ear* ooh you like it dyoo-
  • d.o: *pulls himself together* eh, yes, but is it comfortable tho? we have to be in a plane for a while.
  • kai: hmmmm *starts looking around* ah but Kyungsoo hyung aren't you going to wear your black sweater? *throws a big fluffy soft sweater at d.o*
  • d.o: ah yeah, I will its comfortable and-
  • kai: ah well, then I'm ok, I will just snuggle up to you in the plane then whenever I need to be comfortable.
  • d.o: *blushes and immediately holds his ipad up his face and stutters* uhh yea, I guess, yes ok *sinks under his bedsheets