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Prompt: Love You Goodbye
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: SasuSaku
Rating: T (Major Character Death)
Summary: Sasuke has always known great loss. It is what has shaped and controlled his entire life. When another great loss touches Sasuke’s life, he struggles to cope without falling into darkness again.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of characters. I am making no profit off of this and am only writing it for my entertainment.

A/N: Unbeta-ed.

So I’ve been suffering through a horrible period of writer’s block these past few days, but I really wanted to get this out for you all. I’m playing with a slightly different format, so let me know what you think! I hope you all enjoy it.

[ao3] [fanfic]

Seven days.

It had been seven days since Sasuke’s world came crashing down around him. He couldn’t feel anything. He was numb. Maybe he was getting used to the universe shitting on him. Maybe all the bad karma he’d managed to store up had finally come for him. He wished only he could take it all back if it would mean saving her.

He stood with his back to Konoha. It was the very same hill he’d stood on to look over Naruto’s wedding, only this time, he couldn’t bare to look at the place that had been his home for such a short amount of time.

He’d been a fool.

It would never be his home again. No where could be now. All that was left was the mission.

His jaw set. His entire being strained to stop the prickling at his eyes. As much as he never wanted to see that place again—the place that only brought him pain—he knew he’d be back. Even if he was just passing through, eventually he’d be back. For now though, he had to say goodbye.

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So um. I'm kind of new to the whole witchcraft thing. But is there some kind of 'don't do it while you're emotional' rule or something? Cause I was just using a little tea light to do a write out your wishes and burn them thing and it kind of erupted in a geyser of flame when I tried to put it out and then I used tongs to carry it to the sink and it exploded? And I had to run it under water for a minute to douse it, but it was just a slip of paper and a tea light in a ceramic holder?

I’ve had this happen to me. I was doing shadow work that involved journalling on specific topics and then burning the journal as part of an intense ritual. Because there was a fair bit of paper to burn and Florida runs to high humidity, I put a tealight in the bottom of the cauldron and fed the paper into it. Which worked well except the tealight was still buried under bits of glowing paper ash and I wanted to end the ritual. So a poured a little water from my water bottle into the cauldron.

WHOOSH! Flames shot out of the cauldron! Which is a good way to break yourself out of a meditative mode. I grabbed something heavy, slammed it on the cauldron as a lid.

Then I sternly reminded myself - tealights are petroleum* based (they’re usually made of paraffin wax, which is a petroleum product.) And any decent kitchen witch knows - don’t throw water on a grease fire! Use a lid to put it out.

You used water, didn’t you? Don’t worry. You’re in good company. Just don’t do it again. And don’t, for the love of the gods, use Florida water. Because I know someone who tried that, not realizing the Florida water is mostly alcohol.

*Note - you can buy non-paraffin candles, which are more natural, but I still would recommend not pouring water on them.

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Could you write a newt x reader where the reader is Tina and Queenies younger sister xx

Thank you so much for requesting.


After days spent on a cramped ship, Newt was positively giddy when he was finally able to get back on to dry land. Unfortunately his long legs hadn’t quite caught up with his brain and they began to wobble, stumbling about like a new born fawn, he grabbed on to the railings by the docked ship. Now that he was finally here, his nerves began to set in, his stomach going into knots at the thought of all of the things that could have changed in his absence.


He had grown rather fond of the Goldstein sisters and of course Jacob throughout his previous time in new York, but the youngest of the sisters could not be shaken from his thoughts for long, she always seemed to wander back in, no matter the situation. He didn’t want to lose that, it had been so long since he was able to call someone a friend, but a lot can change in six months.  


Having Regained his balance, he began to walk the vaguely familiar path to his friend’s apartment. Allowing his mind to wander back to the time that he first met you.





Newt stood awkwardly, in the corner of the small living room of the Goldstein sisters apartment, clutching his case and trying to stealthily edge his way around the wall and out of the door. This was utterly ridiculous, he just needed to check on the creatures, see who was missing and get them back to where they could be safe. He couldn’t fathom how eating dinner would help with this situation, surely it only meant that the escapees would get themselves into more mischief than they already had.


He had managed to reach the door and was inches away from turning the door knob, when Queenie turned her golden head of curls, her brilliant blue eyes giving him a knowing look before breaking into a smile. “Mr Scamander, would you prefer pie or strudel?’ he knew he’d been caught, and it hit him how rude he was being, his mother did not raise him to be ungrateful; she also didn’t raise him to spend the night in a ladies home, but that was by the by. Queenie continued to smile as these thoughts scampered through his disorganized mind. “I don’t really have a preference’ Newt said a little quietly adding a small smile on the end.


Newt watched Jacobs face as Queenie made the strudel. it was almost mundane to him, but to Jacob it seemed that all of his Christmases and birthdays had come at once. Newt smiled slightly at the muggles reaction.


The door suddenly opened beside newt, and he nearly jumped out of his skin. In the threshold looking rather apologetically at him, stood a woman, hair pulled back into a messy bun with several tendrils escaping. She wore what he recognised as a healers uniform, it was rumpled from the day’s work. she had large kind eyes that he felt he could swim in. “Mr Scamander’ Tina almost had to shout to get his attention, he had the good grace to flush at his blatant staring. “yes?’ Newt managed to choke out. “ this is y/n our youngest sister. Y/n this is Mr Scamander, I’m helping him find some things that he’s lost’ you raised your eyebrow slightly at him before allowing a smile to spread across your face.




Newt smiled fondly at the memory, as he made his way towards the Goldstein sisters apartment. He ran up the rickety staircase as quietly as he could, so as not to rouse the suspicion of your traditionally strict land lady.  He made it to the front door without detection, and knocked softly.


He smoothed his trousers and jacket and checked the bow tie that you and your sisters had sent him in congratulations on the completion of his book, it had tiny feather quills and scrolls of parchment embroidered on the silk. He was still fiddling with the tie when Queenie swung open the door and held her arms out to him. “there’s our sweet author’ she beamed at him as she bundled him into a tight hug ‘I know someone whose missed you’ she stage whispered at him, he hadn’t realised just how much he had missed the blonde witch. Her bright smile and equally sunny personality never failed to make him feel just a little bit better.


Not daring to hope that she was referring to you, he just smiled slightly as she guided him into the familiar cosy  living room. Where Jacob sat on the sofa, as he entered, the shorter man jumped to his feet and pulled Newt into a hug as though they were brothers. Newt smiled fondly at the man, he still smelled vaguely of pastries and cakes. “it’s good to see you’ the dark haired man beamed at him. “Tina is still at work, she’s been buried under a pile of paper work, poor thing. She’s hoping to be done in an hour or so.’ Queenie told Newt as she returned to her previously occupied seat, next to jacob. “ it should give you and y/n time to catch up a little bit before dinner’ a smile spreading across her face. Newt felt his face grow warmer, he cleared his throat trying to compose himself, he was just about to ask if you were also at work, when you entered the room.


You were even more stunning than he remembered, hair slightly ruffled around your beautiful face, from when you had been running your fingers through it. Oh how he would love to be the one to stroke your hair, treating you with the care and kindness that you so rarely showed to yourself. He realised that he was staring again and averted his eyes.


A smile broke across your face ‘well, look who just jumped into the bath with me’ you chuckled as you held your hand out flat to show picket. Newts face paled slightly, he hadn’t even noticed that the small creature had scurried down his arm. “y/n I am so sorry, are you alright? He has missed you an awful lot, not that that’s any excuse for jumping into a bath with someone’. You cut off his ramblings by gently placing Pickett back into the breast pocket of his jacket, ‘there you’re safe and warm at home, on your very own walking tree’, your hand stayed on his chest a few moments more than was really appropriate, before your eyes met and you each smiled at the other.


He had imagined seeing you again so many times before, in his mind he was far more confident, far surer of your feelings towards him. Never had his imagination taken him to this Sanrio. He would have to have a talk with the little bugger, currently residing in his pocket looking up at him, like butter wouldn’t melt.


“how have you been Mr Newton Artemis fido Scamander? How are the children?’ you teased him gently, he rolled his eyes slightly, forgetting that he had printed his full name, a smile still sliding onto his freckled cheeks, at the realisation that you had read his book. “we’re all well, Pickett wasn’t the only one to miss you’ you raised your eyebrows questioningly, realising how that had sounded, he quickly added ‘the mooncalfs, the mooncalfs have missed you too. Actually, we’ve all missed you’ having finally found his courage he looked you in the eye and smiled genuinely, his own eyes wrinkling at the corners .


“I think I’ve missed you all, more than I can say’ your voice was barely above a whisper but it still swam in his head as you ever so gently stroked the leaves that sprouted out of Pickett’s head. Newt was sure that you could feel is heart hammering against his chest.


“go and see the creatures, you’ve got time before dinner’ Queenie giggled as you both jumped slightly, having been so wrapped up in each other. “are you sure Queen? I was going to help you with dinner’ you asked with both hope and concern. “I’m sure honey, I’ve got Jacob, I know how much you’ve missed the little niffler’ she said lightly, while placing a hand on Jacobs knee and sending a wink Newts way. Your face turned a lovely shade of pink at your sisters comment.


Newt placed his precious case on the living room floor, and opened the lid. Taking your hand, he guided you inside, before he stepped in himself, Jacob with a wide smile on his face and a pat on newts shoulder said ‘good luck.’ With that Newt closed the lid of the case behind him. Taking a few calming breaths as he descended the ladders, he turned to see you, peering at one of the healing balms that  he hadn’t long since finished.


He always found himself far calmer and more confident in the natural habitat of his case. He approached you, and placed a large calloused hand on your back, ‘would you like to see the mooncalfs, love?’ he asked, his voice soft on your ears. You smiled brightly and nodded eagerly, he lead you to their darkened habitat, hand still resting on your back.


“goodness, look how big they are now’ you marvelled at the creatures as they hopped over to you both, one in particular nudging it’s head into the back of Newt’s long legs, in the hope of getting extra treats. “Arthur, you have already had extra food today, and it’s not supper time just yet’ Newt’s tone was firm but still full of fondness for the chubby creature. Newts will power began to melt as the beast looked at him with those large bright blue eyes. “Arthur, don’t look at me like that’


You were smiling broadly at his actions from your crouching position, gently stroking one of the mooncalfs that was clamouring to get to you. You got to your feet and cautiously made your way to him, being careful not to step on any toes.


Newt felt your arm snake around his slender waist, his heart seemed to leap as you leant on him a little. “is your mummy being mean to you?’ you asked the small creature. “don’t make me feel worse, he’s getting chubby as it is’ he said in a hushed tone, so as not to offend the innocent looking creature.


“it’s so beautiful here’ you commented absent mindedly, gazing across the burrow and the seemingly never ending field up to the blanket of stars hanging in the sky. Newt only hummed in response as he wrapped his own arm around you. He placed a gentle kiss on top of your head, you sighed in contentment and snuggled closer into him.


“y/n I, I er’ deciding that his stumbled words were never going to do justice for his feelings towards you, he took the lead from his creatures and relied on his actions. He stroked the hair out of your eyes, his gaze met yours and he placed a soft kiss to your  forehead, and one to your nose and at long last to your soft lips. It was gentle, almost innocent, but not entirely, there was passion behind it, begging to be let loose.


He pulled away slightly to catch his breath, he rested his forehead against yours and closed his eyes. He could tell that you were still smiling, your hands still rested on his hips, his own on your arms. “I’m sorry that took so long’ his voice barely above a whisper, ‘you were worth the wait’ you raised your hand up to push the hair out of his eyes.


Newt felt more nudging to the back of his leg, he let out a small breathy chuckle ‘Arthur, it’s still not supper time’.


“it is our dinner time though, come on before they come looking for us.’ You strolled back to the shed, hand in hand. He brushed his lips against your fingers before letting your hand go and climbing the ladders, as he lifted the lid, three pairs of eyes were on him, taking note of his flushed face and wide smile. He froze when he heard your voice from inside the case, ‘come on Newt, I’ve got a nice view and everything but I’m getting quite hungry’ if it was possible, newt felt his face grow even redder at your comment.


As he helped you out of the case, he kept your fingers intertwined. Everyone seemed to notice, as all three of them had the brightest smiles he had ever seen on their faces.


“come love birds, dinners ready’ Queenie chirped



This went in a completely different direction than I had planned.

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