still bummed that they ended the way they did

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I’ve never thought of Yoon Bum as innocent but goddamn if that didn’t escalate quickly. All of the stress from being Sangwoo’s prisoner and how shitty people have been treating him in life really built up huh. Bum himself was already unstable, he totally had good reason to feel the way he did, but how he went about acting on those feelings was pretty extreme. 

I don’t think he’ll just go on afterward being totally chill with murder, he’s still in shock and the high of emotions. Given how fast this murder went, it would take time for Bum to stop reeling, however, this would be the perfect opportunity for Sangwoo to manipulate him even more. Now that he knows what Bum’s capable of, he would move on to getting him under control again (that expression at the end was basically ‘what have I done’ lol Sangwoo digging your own grave).

Yoon Bum if you don’t feel ok yet you’re totally welcome to stab that prick sitting next to you too.

Lion Rampant

Author Ladyoftheteaandblood

Standing in the shower at the end of a long day working at the kids playgroup, I let the water pours over me and the paint, glitter and glue of the day, wash down the drain. I heard the front door and held my breath, it would either be good news or bad. 
Tom found out today if a much loved projected he had been working on would finally be made, and if it was yes, he’d be an unbearable happy, bouncy bunny. If no he’d have the look of a smacked puppy and be in his basket all night.
The door opened. The tall frame appeared round the door and the light showed the biggest grin EVER!
This would be a long but happy night.
“So are you now going to tell me what you are doing, or is it all still hush, hush and secret squirrel?”
He didn’t say a thing he just undressed slowly, with as much teasing and “look at me I’m hot”, as he could. I’ve have yet to see a man who can manage to take off his socks in a sexy way but there you go. He ended with his trade mark bum wiggle, and then opened the shower door and joined me under the hot water, giving me a big hug.
“Shit! you’re really cold”
“Well do your duty women and warm me up" 
So while my hands and body did the talking, with the help of the soap, he final told me all.
“It’s official, The film will go ahead and I get to Play Robert the Bruce” The grin was huge
“Does this mean Scottish accent, beard and curly hair?” I asked, thinking this with a kilt would be all my Christmas’s rolled into one.
“Yes my lady it does” he said in the lovely Scottish accent of his father.
“Oh do that again” I sighed and let my soapy hands wander a bit further down his body.
“Madam you seem to have me at a disadvantage, things seem to have arisen between us.”
I giggled and carried on my washing, massage, and general enjoyment of my hands going over that firm body and all those lovely muscles and little places I knew made him go Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
“My lady should you carry on in this way I will have to take you where you stand” my hands didn’t stop and his mouth found mine
He moved my body around pushed my back against the cold tiles of the shower wall and with the sound of slapping flesh on flesh and tiles he showed me how rampant the lion could be.

Picture not mine I just played.

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The rest of the messages in my inbox are pretty much all various shades of feeling sad, bummed, bitter etc about the kiss, or asking what I think of it, so I’ll try to address it all in one post.

I understand that some are feeling not so stellar about it. It was something that no other Ash/main girl ship ever got before. Obviously I can’t do anything to change that, nor tell you how to feel about it. So I’ll just say that, to me, that didn’t change the way I feel about my ship one bit. It didn’t remove meaning from anything. Every moment that happened between Ash and Misty, every meaningful interaction, every scene that shows how much they cared about each other and liked each other possibly-in-that-way is still there. Everything that makes me love it to bits and pieces is still there. And even if yesterday’s scene had shown Ash more explicitly reciprocating Serena’s feelings, it would STILL all be there. It wouldn’t–and doesn’t–mean that Ash never loved Misty or she him. It doesn’t mean that they can’t still meet again, whether in the anime (and yeah, that’s unlikely, but it was just as unlikely the day before yesterday and what Serena did or didn’t do didn’t change that) or in fic/art/headcanons and pick things back up from where they were left.

And it especially doesn’t mean that pokeshipping is dead. The door isn’t closed. The possibility is still there. We may never see Misty again, yeah. We may never see Serena again, either. We may never even see the end of the anime at all because it will still be ongoing 70 years from now when we’ll all be dead for all we know, so the way I see it everything still has the same chance to happen or not-happen that it did before.

I’m still not going to go over what I think of Ash’s reaction to try and take away meaning from that scene–at least not right now. Why? Because sometimes it still bums me out a bit when I see people who don’t ship pokeshipping do the same with any of our scenes and insist they don’t have the meaning we give them, and I’ve had about 15 years to metabolize them, dissect them in my head in every way and assure myself that, at least in my eyes, they do without a shadow of a doubt have that meaning. So I don’t want to take something that literally just happened and that people are still (rightfully) celebrating about and try to take it away from them. Aside from a couple jerks who have been posting mean things in the tags, they aren’t taking away anything from me by being happy about their ship. Their ship isn’t taking away anything from my ship by existing. I don’t want to take away from anyone’s happiness either. I don’t mean to scold people who have been doing so–if that makes you feel better, go ahead. It’s your blog, it’s for you to vent as much as you please (just be a decent human being and keep stuff away from the tags). It’s just not something I want to do myself, at least here and now.

And anyway? My interpretation is just as good as yours. In fact, it’s just as good as anyone’s. The interpretation of someone who sees that sparkle in Ash’s eyes as clear evidence that he reciprocates Serena’s feelings is just as valid as that of someone who sees the fact that that was his only reaction as clear evidence that he doesn’t. It WAS an open-ended scene. We didn’t see the kiss, we didn’t see a more clear reaction from Ash–anyone can make of it what they wish. The only way we could know for sure what exactly we were meant to take from it is if we could ask the authors, and even then there’s a chance that they’d say “we don’t have an answer either, we wrote it like that on purpose so that everyone could give it the meaning they wanted”. The fact that I run a popular blog doesn’t give me any deeper insight into their minds, so what I personally think of it doesn’t really matter in the end.

So yeah, I guess this is all I have to say. And now I’m gonna go back to working on Pokeshipping Week stuff and hoping my–and everyone’s–contributes can cheer people up at least a little.


Okay so now that I’ve posted my set pictures I just wanted to do a quick little write up about THIS. And I’m honestly still in shock in happened oh my god (shoutout to Ed for the photos of me taking my photos!!)

While they were filming the roof scene, my friends and I were getting bummed because the crowd had gotten way bigger and we pretty much had a feeling that neither Jen nor Colin would end up coming out (or if they did it would be after they wrapped, if people started leaving). Just because it gets chaotic when the crowd is big. So when they went on break while the crew was setting up new camera angles, we didn’t really think much of it. And then we all looked up and coming around the corner towards the fans was Colin AND Jen. Holyyyy shit.

I went to Colin first and took my first photo (the one above, which he looks way too adorable in, naturally, lol) but when I took it, it was SUPER dark (thanks photoshop ayo). So I asked if we could take a different one but turn towards the light so it turned out lol. And then I gave him a quick hug cause he had said he didn’t know how much time they had to be out there (and like I said- big crowd haha). After that I made my way over to Jen! She was being such a cutie and talking to people, and making sure people were angling their arms right for selfies so there wasn’t a shadow being casted on their faces. It was just great watching her interact with everyone honestly. So when it was my turn I went up and took the picture and I turned around and asked for a hug, and not even gonna lie I don’t think I’ve given any cast member that big of a hug before haha. And I think I made an excited little noise when I did because she was like “awwwwwwww!” and then I died even more and she is just such a sweetheart. After missing all the other times this season that she came out, I’m so happy that this is when I finally got to see her.

And then my friends and I proceeded to tackle hug each other afterwards, because we’re all captain swan af and we were so happy. It was seriously such a fantastic day and I’m so thankful for these two dorks and how wonderful and sweet they are. Love them forever <3

Nanny McPhee (2005 Film) : Sentence Starters
  • "There is something you should understand about the way I work."
  • "When you need me but do not want me, then I must stay. When you want me but no longer need me, then I have to go."
  • "We will never want you!"
  • "Then I will never go."
  • "I did knock."
  • "I have done nothing, sir."
  • "Decided what?"
  • "It's rather sad, really, but there it is."
  • "Sit up straight, and tell me your name."
  • "How's the reading coming along?"
  • "We know your name... but you don't know ours."
  • "You can't be Poop and Bum!"
  • "I still haven't gotten to the end of the story, though."
  • "There's no need. You are the end of the story."
  • "I NEVER say "please"!"
  • "You must feel at such a disadvantage."
  • "I was confident that there was nothing they could do to upset her."
  • "Except that."
  • "I know my place."
  • "That- that would be totally improper."
  • "Please, _______, go back to your newspaper."
  • "I've always known I was destined for tragedy."
  • "I'll go."
  • "You're not even a whole girl yet."
  • "You can't all go."
  • "There's only one thing men want."
  • "It's no wonder there are so many of you."
  • "I heard you."
  • "I have it in writin'."
  • "I'm your mother now."
  • "I do love my weddings!"
  • "The nanny is a witch."
  • "If there's one thing I won't stand for, it's loose vowels!"
  • "Unfortunately, we must start the story with an empty chair."
  • "That was my idea!... I mean, my fault."
  • "And the worms in the sandwiches."
  • "Sod my manners you old trout."
  • "This is the most fun I've had in weeks."
  • "BANG goes that theory."
  • "Milk?"
  • "Definitely not! Most unhealthy!"
  • "Six, if you please."
  • "I can't support my own family."
  • "I must marry, quickly."
  • "I never have been able to."
  • "It wasn't really the baby they were eating."
  • "It was a chicken, actually."
Highway to Hell || Puckleberry

Puck would never fucking tell anyone, but he’d been a bit miserable these last two weeks. Ever since that stupid date with Rachel, actually. He’d gone home that night and had still felt a bit bummed out about it ending the way it did, but in all honesty, he figured that maybe Rachel just needed some time to cool off and that she didn’t really mean that whole ‘have Kenny call me when he needs us’ thing. Really, he had just figured that it would maybe be a couple of days and then they’d figure something out – they’d been on their way there towards some kind of… not relationship, but maybe a slightly less hateful friendship? But nope. Puck hadn’t heard a fucking word in two fucking weeks and he just couldn’t figure out why he felt so… miserable about that fact. He didn’t understand it at all so instead he turned to the one emotion he knew best: anger.

Anger was so much easier to deal with. He had thrashed half his house, mostly because he could and because it wasn’t like he really had anywhere else to go. He wasn’t allowed to go out and do crazy stuff, not when he was supposedly dating Rachel. So instead, his house had suffered, working the work-out machines until they practically begged him to stop and roughing up everything he owned. He didn’t know how else to get rid of this fucking annoying feeling. Besides, he had enough money to replace to the stuff he broke so what-the-fuck-ever.

It was just another one of these mind-numbingly boring as fuck days when his phone rang – he figured maybe it was Finn, so he picked it up without thinking and answered with his usual, “Sup, bro?” It turned out that it wasn’t Finn however – but it was fucking Kenny. Fucking Kenny telling him that according to that stupid contract, they had to go on some kind of crazy ass road trip now – to go see their respective parents or whatever. Puck merely scowled and said some rather unkind words before he hung up on him – having to restrain himself so he didn’t throw his phone into the wall or something. Road trip. With Rachel. With the stupid stuck-up girl who’s expectations he just didn’t live up to. God. This was going to be hell.

Still though, Puck knew the deal – this was something they both had to do. As much as he hated having to do it, he typed out a message on his phone: ‘kenny called. Road trip. Picking u up tomorrow.’ His thumb hovered over the send button because it annoyed him – the fact that he had to contact her first. But he had to. It was the deal and all that bullshit, right? With an annoyed grunt he hit the send button, quickly muting his phone and throwing it somewhere on the table – turning around to go upstairs and start packing for the trip. He might’ve been the first one to send a message, but when he picked her up tomorrow, he wasn’t gonna be the first one to say anything, that was for sure.