still bored can you tell

Katsudeku Day 6: Mountain Climbing / Adventure

The Sun sets and I see stars in your eyes. 

I’ve never understood all the drama over cats eating people when they’re dead because



Is this not the appropriate response to ‘trapped in house with no better food’???

I guess what I’m saying is that I, too, would eat your face if sufficiently hungry or bored, but you can tell I still love you b/c I’d wait til you passed of natural causes


modern grisha + instagram (pt. 1)

Love& Respect to the Loud House

The episode ‘The Girl Guru’ teaches boys that girls have ‘personalities’.

People need this episode.

For a long time female personalities were Chipper or Bitter.

then you got dynamics like Golden Girls and Sex& the City= the innocent, the sarcastic, the bold, the watcher

The Loud House has 10 females and they are all different. Two sets of twins and still you can easily tell them apart!

There are boring chicks in the world but bring a little more flavor to the world of pink!

  • How I always believe "your-choices-matter/multiple-ending" video games will play out: You make dozens of complex moral and logical decisions and they all have consequences! Drastically different events take place! Options branch out into multiple plot trees! NPCs behave differently to you depending on your actions and you actually impact what happens to them! Massively different ending cutscenes!
  • how they always actually play out: Same game every time. Slightly different ending cutscenes. maybe your shirt is a different color in one scene. who cares. nothing you did mattered. the world is full of lies.

Continued from part 1 and part 2

Ohno・Ninomiya・Chinen becomes a love triangle!?

Ninomiya Kazunari ►Dear Chinen-kun
I want you to say on Wink Up why you like Ohno-kun so much. Like why you look up to him so much….I want you to tell me why Ohno-kun out of all people. (01/2008 issue)

Chinen Yuri ►Dear Ninomiya-kun
Ohno-kun is good at dancing, good at singing, and is very attractive, but he also has that tennen-side. I like that gap between when he is dancing and singing, and when he’s not. (02/2008 issue)

Ninomiya Kazunari ►Dear Chinen-kun
I will never lose to you! (03/2008 issue)

Chinen Yuri ►Dear Ohno-kun
Please be my friend. I met you before, but I never had a normal conversation. I wish we could be able to send each other mail. And, if possible, I would like to dance together! Please! (02/2008 issue)

Ohno Satoshi ►Dear Chinen-kun
I would also like to become friends. Would you like to become mail-friends? (04/2008 issue)

Ohno Satoshi ►Dear Chinen-kun
Do you still like me? Aren’t you becoming bored of me? You can tell me honestly if you like someone else. (12/2012 issue)

Chinen Yuri ►Dear Ohno-kun
Thank you for your message! I still like Ohno-kun very much. I will always like you very much now and forever. I would like for you to take me out to eat already. I will be looking forward to it! (01/2013 issue)

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