still body of water

Concept: Calum walking out of the bathroom his briefs clinging tight to his hips. Water still dripping down his body, as he rubs his messy black hair with the towel to dry it. Throwing it across the room he comes to the end of the bed. Grabs your ankles and pulls you to the end. A light squeal escapes your lips but a smile forms on his lips as he towers over you. Leaning down lightly kissing your lips. A smile forming on your lips at the sound of cals chuckle. Because nothing felt more real then his half asleep post shower kisses.

Theo Raeken Imagine

Hey, Could you do an imagine where Y/N is standing in the shower (with clothes on) and is like screaming and crying because she was in Eichen House and is now traumatized. And Theo her boyfriend storms in and helps her calm down. Thanks😚😘

Hope you like it xx

Word count; 794

Warning; traumatized reader

Pairing; Theo Raeken x reader


Water drops fell from the shower head onto her still clothed body. The water was running down her face, camouflaging the constant stream of tears. However, she doesn’t seem to notice. Her once flowy skirt was now clamped to her legs. The skirt somehow represented her emotional state. She used to be so happy, outgoing and capable of seeing good in everything bad. But since she came back from Eichenhouse she’s been quiet. She stared at the shower wall. Images of her traumatizing time in Eichenhouse playing in her mind. The way they strapped her down to the bed, the way they yelled at her to stop her foolish act and give them all the information she had on Scott Mccall. She refused to. She might not be a part of his pack anymore, but she wasn’t going to tell on him. She knew it would get him and his pack killed. They tried electro therapy as well. But the way they did it confirmed every suspicion of it not being medically appropriate.

The knock on the door didn’t seem to faze her. “Y/n, are you still in the shower?” Theo asks through the closed door. She doesn’t answer. “Babe?” He asks again. But still no answer. He opens the door carefully, as if he wants to give her enough time to cover herself, should she be naked. Just as the steam of the hot water, a scent of fear and sadness filled the room. “Babe, are you okay?” Theo steps into the bathroom, worried. He’s used to her long showers by now, but ever since she came back from Eichenhouse they became even longer. She once told him those long showers help calm her down. But lately they seem to have the opposite effect on her. When he sees her in the shower cabin with her back towards him, he sighs. Today was one of those days where a long shower doesn’t help. “Y/n” Theo speaks again. When she doesn’t respond he opens the glass door of the shower cabin. He carefully takes her wrist in his hand. It’s like she’s in a trance, causing her to not recognize him. Because the moment he touches her she takes a deep breath and screams. He flinches and takes a step back. Her scream sounds inhuman, almost reminding him of Lydia’s banshee screams. When she stops screaming to take a breath, Theo steps into the cabin with her and turns off the shower. Sobs fill the room.

“Y/n, it’s okay I’m here. It’s just me, don’t worry” he whispers, his voice soothing her. “Let’s get you out of the shower, okay?” She doesn’t blink or look up. But she nods, and that’s all the confirmation Theo needs to know that she’s back. “Ssshh” he hushes. He hadn’t noticed the red/purple bags under her eyes, until she finally shifts her gaze to meet his. His hand reaches up and cups her pale face. “I’m here” he whispers again. She just nods. He hated seeing her like this, but there was nothing he could do about it. Except making sure she was okay afterwards and protecting her from all the other evil in Beacon Hills. He carefully sat her down on the edge of the bathtub. “I’ll be right back, okay? I’m only going to your bedroom, I won’t be far” she didn’t say anything but he left the room anyway.

He opened her closet and searched for the hoodie she used to steal after spending the night. After finding it he took her soft pink pajama shorts with him as well and went back to the bathroom. “I got your favorite hoodie and your pink pajama shorts” he told her, “would you like me to help you change?” He rested his hand on her right knee as he crouched down in front of her. She looked at him and nodded. He smiled softly, knowing she was slowly starting to calm down. He carefully helped her out of her soaked clothes. He took the hoodie from between his legs where he had held it while undressing her. He pulled it over her head. He took the shorts in his hand and helped her stand up. He held it for her as she stepped in, holding onto his shoulders for support. “Do you want to watch a movie” he asked her, but she shook her head. “Cuddle?” She croaked out as she held her arms out for him the same way toddlers do when they want to be picked up. “Okay” he agreed and picked her up bridal style. He carried her to her bedroom where be gently laid her down on her bed. After climbing in next to her, he pulled her closer. “I’m always here” he whispers, kissing the top of her head. “I love you, y/n” he said before hearing her yawn. He rubbed her arm hoping it would help her fall asleep. She really needed a some rest. And he wouldn’t mind having to hold her like this all night. He was glad that she had finally calmed down. He doesn’t know what they did to her in there. But when he finds out who was behind sending her there in the first place, he would make sure they’d get what they deserve. Nobody touches his girl.

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Let’s talk about Eyewitness and the symbolism of water.

During my umpteenth rewatch of this show, I can’t help but notice the repetitive allusions to water on this show. So many scenes feature large bodies of water in the background. Many scene transitions are simply long, beautiful panning shots of bodies of water, still or moving. I love the symbolism of it and how it’s used throughout the show. Classically, water has been used to symbolize life, cleansing, and freedom. We definitely see that on the show, and more. It’s also used to symbolize the struggles of our characters. 

During the opening scene of the show, the very first lyrics we hear: When the water starts to rise. Our very first look at Tivoli, and we see the Hudson River in the backdrop. As we meet Helen and see Philip filming Lukas on the bike, we hear vocalizations of I can swim, I can swim, I can swim on repeat over and over. It’s such a great opening sequence for this show. I love these lyrics because it’s a clear metaphor for the intense shit storm that’s about to hit this town and the characters, while also giving us hints of the strength in these people that we know nothing about. 

We get so many beautiful shots of (what I assume to be) the Hudson River. Sometimes the waters are violent and rushing, other times it’s calm and soothing, clearly representative of what’s happening in the story. Rivers are constantly moving bodies of water. I see this especially in Philip and Helen. Philip is trying to move on to this ‘new’ life despite his mother remaining stagnant, struggling with drug addiction back home in the city. Just as Helen is struggling to move on with her life with Gabe in Tivoli, despite being tethered to and hanging onto the tragedy that happened in Buffalo. 

Multiple times on this show, water has been shown to be a calming presence. Or a distraction from the troubles of life. Whenever Helen or Gabe face an emotional crisis, they take the boat out on the water. “I want to move.” Just like a river moves. Kamilah goes swimming after Sita’s death. “Can’t hear the real world under there.” Philip’s unexplained apprehension of water aside, we also see him use water as a means of escape. “No one could get to me. No one could touch me. I was safe […] It made me forget how bad things were.” Sita kills herself by jumping in the river. Lukas throws the murder weapon into a pond.

Water cleanses and generally symbolizes life and freedom. But we also see it used as a symbol of how these characters handle difficult life scenarios. The only person who hasn’t been shown to use water as a means of escape is Ryan Kane. He seems to prefer using Murder Music as a way of calming himself. Well, it’s pretty clear to me why he’s the bad guy on the show. 

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Hello! Are you still doing prompt requests? Cause if so I was just thinking about Shoot mornings where Shaw is just admiring Root while she's asleep and has a lot of thoughts about her or something :') (or it could be the other way around either is hella!)

I am still taking prompt requests! Thank you so much for sending this in! (Hope this is sufficient…)

Scarred Summer Mornings

Root’s bare back was to her, the rest of her body obscured by the tangle of sheets wrapped around her legs, making her look like a washed-up mermaid of sorts. The morning sunlight shone brightly through the window, soaking into Shaw’s black tank top. Root was sound asleep, her ribcage expanding with each deep breath, her body still as calm water. Her scars glowed. The ribbon-like one between her shoulder blades—the one from a knife fight with a Samaritan agent two years ago that Shaw didn’t witness—was a particular one that stood out. It was tempting to run her fingertips over it, as she’d done many times before now, just to feel its unique texture: very different from the bullet scars or the scars left over from skidding on sidewalk or asphalt. That scar was raised more and bore slight indentations because of the stitches someone had applied; definitely not a doctor’s work.

           The shoulder Shaw had shot through wasn’t visible. It was hidden by a curtain of hair and wall of pillow. Root often referred to that wound as their second fight or first kiss. “Had I been given a little more time before your friends showed up,” Root told her once, a few months after the tied-to-a-chair incident, “I would’ve kissed you.”

           It would’ve been anger-fuelled, Shaw thought, propping herself up on an elbow. It would’ve been fiery and consuming and a singularity of lust. So very unlike their kisses now, where Root kissed her hello and goodbye, kissed her when they were sitting at the park together, kissed her tenderly if Shaw’s mind happened to be in a dark place. Back then Shaw hadn’t known such a tender, fragile-hearted woman hid underneath that shell of superiority. Back then Root had suffered in silence. Now they were here, together, post-war and gluing pieces back together, where they could feed off each other’s strength and be the other’s support. Back then things were different. They all led up to this one moment, where Shaw reached out to Root’s bare, unmarked shoulder and ran a thumb over it, where Root inhaled deeply and turned to face her and smiled that happy, sleepy smile that let Shaw know she was okay.

           “Hey sweetie,” Root murmured. She propped an arm underneath her pillow. Her long fingers were stroking the top of Shaw’s hand. There was that scar Shaw had left, a star-shaped one on the outside of her left shoulder. This one she kissed, her lips tender and slightly dry, still tasting of sleep. “What was that for?”

           “Nothing,” Shaw mumbled against Root’s lips. Somehow that face fit perfectly between her hands.  

When people say how are you
I say good
It is a rule no one can answer
Crying in the Gap by my therapist’s office
or I am still angry at my parents
for traumatizing me 
through organized sports
Dangerous and satisfying body of water
I can almost remember heaven
or Still a woman slaughtered for wonder
or Unfortunately misplaced grip
I am not doing a good job waiting
When I get to heaven I’m going
to wear my good bra
so no one can stay mad at me
I won’t have any feelings to hurt just
cheeseburgers on cheeseburgers on 
deep colored slumber
Just men offering their golden bodies
And I will take the offering on my tongue
And it will not be a vault
And someone will not invade me
And I will kneel to pray 
And I will address the prayer to myself
And I will be allowed.
—  “Heaven be a Xanax,” Morgan Parker

When feeling stressed out, upset or angry .. one of the things women tend to do is say “I’m not hungry”. Although you may feel like you are not hungry, your body still needs food and water. Take time out of your day and plan your meal times. Do something today that your future self will thank you for 💜

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Please keep my school in your thoughts

As many of you know Hurricane Matthew is heading towards the coast of Florida, and sadly that’s where my school is located. My school, house, and friends all live one block away from the beach.

My band room holds many instruments, our brand new uniforms, and all of Satellite’s music. Some of our doors have huge gaps between the door and floor. Our auditorium has many holes in the roof.

Most of the residents of the school live on the beachside surrounded by the ocean and other bodies of water. Many evacuated, but still some are still there.

Hurricane Matthew is a category 4 hurricane with winds of 140mph. The ocean may swell up to 11 ft.

Please keep my school and band program in your thoughts or prayers at this time, because many are scared that my little town might be wiped off the map. Due to the storm and expected power losses I may not be posting for a while.

All my love.


Request: imagine where you let it slip while drunk that you’ve been having suicidal thoughts and he gets super upset and protective of you and you don’t remember why until you confront him about it

You were cleaning up the bedroom, the sound of Thomas in the shower is the only noise as you let the silence relax you. The pounding in your head was loud enough, your memories from last nights party were completely wiped away after your fifth shot, and now you were paying the consequences. Bending over to pick a pile of shirts off of the floor you stub your toe, screaming out in pain because you are overly dramatic, especially when you have hangovers. You hit your dresser out of anger, making the book on top fall onto you foot causing you to scream again.

“Where are you?” Thomas comes running into the room, a towel wrapped around his waist and his body still covered in water. The shower is still running in the other room. He sees you on the floor, running over to you and kneeling down. He grabs your arms, eyes searching them as if looking for something. “Bloody hell why the hell were you screaming then?”

“I stubbed my toe, calm down.”

“Calm down? Are you bloody kidding me? You almost gave me a heart attack! I thought I was about to lose you!” Thomas stands up hastily, gripping the sides of the dresser as his arms flex in anger, his eyebrows scrunched up in frustration.

“What the hell are you talking about Thomas?” You stand up to face him, confused by his anger.

“You can’t just go around screaming like that, do you know how scared I was? Dammit you have no idea!” He pounds his fists against the dresser, his chest rising and falling uneasily as he tried to calm himself down. Thomas covers his face with his hands, leaning against the wall to calm down.

“What are you playing at?”

Thomas takes a deep breath, “last night at the party, we were drinking on the back lawn and you finally opened up to me. You told me-” his voice breaks, dropping his hands from his face to look at you, tears threatening his eyes, “you told me about the thoughts you’ve been having - about what you wanted to do to yourself and bloody hell when I heard you scream I just - I just thought-”

You walk over to him, stopping his rambling by pressing your lips to his. He wraps his arms around your waist, pulling you close to him as if he was afraid if he let you go, he would lose you.

“Thomas what I told you, that was a long time ago. Then I met you and it changed. You helped learn to love myself and that is something I can never repay you for,” you whisper against his lips, drops of water falling on to your skin.

“Repay me by promising to never think like that again because I love you and I can’t live in a world without you. Deal?” He brushes your hair out of your face, cupping your cheeks to look into your eyes.

“Deal,” you reach up and kiss him. “Now go turn off the water!”

Seventeen as bad pickup lines
  • Woozi: You are hotter than the bottom of my laptop.
  • DK: You are so fine, I wish I could plant you and grow a whole field of you!
  • Joshua: What time do you have to be back in heaven?
  • Jeonghan: Did you die recently? Cause girl, you look like an angel to me.
  • Seungkwan: Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?
  • Hoshi: You must be jelly, because jam don't shake like that.
  • The8: Your mom told me to say "Hi" to you.
  • Dino: Kiss me if I'm wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right?
  • Jun: Your body is 75% water, and I'm thirsty.
  • Vernon: Dang girl, you're cute, let me get your email address.
  • Mingyu: Can i punch you in the face... with my lips?
  • Wonwoo: I heard you're good in algebra, can you replace my X without asking Y?
  • Scoups: My love for you is like a fart. Everything about it is powered by my heart.

She adored the ocean, the salty wind that blew through her chocolate brown hair and just the feeling of being beside something so vast, so blue.  “Come on be more creative with your own words Alea, you can do better than this.” She chuckled to herself with her bright green eyes still glued towards the large body of water. There was just something so beautiful about stating the obvious, and she loved it.

All of us do it. In the moments when we can’t believe it, we have to say it. It’s like pinching yourself to make sure you’re awake because only at those times, something as simple as “You’re so kind” can brighten up someone’s day. It’s the same for beauty, stuck in the obvious, the way it forces people to admit how it exist, or the way how every time it snows there is always someone around to say, “It’s snowing.”

“Where do promises go after sundown? When the moon reads bedtime stories to sunlight… Do they just disappear?”

It was then the memories of the past returned for her to think about, just this time it felt nostalgic, and she longed for more to flood her thoughts completely. To let her relive those moments, just for a second before it all ended, fading into the darkness.

“I wonder…”

There was no one holding her now, so she held herself in her own arms with just as much love and that same type of warmth that someone else once provided to her. That he once provided her.

“And they say…words can never hurt you. Liars…of course they do.”

  • Collab - Do you still love her?
  • Teacup13 and Allwordsunspok3n

Do you still love her?

Yes.. Well no? I know sometimes I long to hold her, but I know it isn’t my place anymore.. If you had asked me that same question, just months before.. I would have said yes without fail.. but time was never like sand for me, no. It’s always been more like a sledge hammer, or like that moment right after you jump of the diving board, before you take the plunge. My minds still in the air, not able to understand as my body struggles to adjust to the water. I still think about her when it’s 2 am and I can’t sleep because of the thoughts running through my mind… I still remember the times we were together because I haven’t felt as alive since then.. but everyone has to sink or swim eventually and I don’t think I can just float for much longer..

I traced a thousand autumns across your lips, praying that this kiss would feel like love. But my hands love the way the cracks in your voice color winter in hues I long to sleep in. My ribcage loves the suffocation of smiles we close on daylight playing hopscotch with the tremors of decaying breaths. And while the remainder of this overture balances on the edges of clouds we paint to suit our mood, there has never been a shortage of memories to fill these too shallow pockets in order to exchange sunlight for answers. Though that’s not a heartbeat, it’s the footsteps of every ghost I’ve ever loved trying to leave my chest before it collapses, my lungs have enough room for one more toast: farewell


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babe and I are home now, it’s so weird that she’s a week old

I’m so much happier now that they’ve figured out that I had a heart issue and treated it. my body is still emptying out all of the water retention but I look like a new person. I’ve never looked this thin in my entire life, which is hilarious because I just had a baby. I noticed even just going up and down my stairs that I can actually breathe. 

last night was probably the easiest night I’ve had since she was born. 10/10 no complaints, which is excellent because I decided to take her to my place rather than go stay with a friend for a while. it’s just us here and I like it. she’s the chillest baby in the world. right now she’s snuggled asleep between my boobs, the only thing about me that hasn’t shrunk. I’m gonna miss her being ~5lbs when she gets bigger.

I’m thinking I’m gonna play some TS3 this week but I’m gonna redo all of my CC. I’m not going to play J&D anymore and since my game takes so long to load all of their stuff I should just start fresh which will be… a process

The High Tide Chapter13 (Calum Hood Fanfic)

Your POV

I stirred awake to the sound of the waves crashing in the cove. I looked to my side to see Calum wasn’t there. I looked around for a sign of him, even standing up with his coat wrapped around me to see if he went back.

I heard the waves one more time and turned to see that he was getting out of the water, still bearing his beautiful, clean body.

I smiled seeing him pull on his long, white button down, “Good morning.”

He returned the smile, “Morning.”

“A little morning dip to wake you up?” I walked over to him and pressed a kiss to his lips.

“Something like that,” he chuckled and then glanced at my neck with big eyes, “You got hurt?”

He reached down and stroked the purple blurry mark on my neck with his thumb.

“You gave them to me,” I laughed, “And they don’t hurt at all.”

He smiled and kissed me, “Should we get dressed and head back?”


“Your highness!” Nicolette said in surprise as she entered my room, “You’re awake? And you’re still in your gown?”

“Hmm?” I said looking down at my red velvet dress, “I-I was just so tired from yesterday’s ball, that I just, fell asleep with my attire on.”

“Silly thing,” she giggled taking my lie, “I’ll have a bath drawn for you immediately.”

She hobbled to the bathroom and I could hear the bath water running before she left me alone.

I sighed with a giddy smile on my face and stared out the window of my reading nook.

“Did you enjoy your time at the ball, Princess?” Prince Stefan appeared at my door to my surprise. I turned away from the window with the sunflower crown in my hands to face him.

“It was wonderful,” I nodded, “Did you enjoy your time?”

“Unfortunately, no,” he walked towards me.

“I’m sorry to hear that, but Prince Stefan,” I placed the crown on the reading nook by the window, “I believe it is forbidden for a prince and princess to be alone in her chambers. Especially, if they must stay virtuous before any nuptials.”

“Well, you don’t have a problem with being alone with Calum,” he cleared his throat, “Especially, while he was indecent in the bath.”

“What are you implying, Prince Stefan?” I raised an eyebrow at him with a stern look in my eyes.

“I feel as though,” he began, “You have forgotten about our courtship, Princess.”

“I can assure you, that I have not,” I compiled myself from looking like a fool, “He is my guest. And I just want him to feel welcomed.”

“He’ll be leaving soon,” Prince Stefan began to walk away, “He is an explorer after all. As if that has any value. And you’re a princess. Your duty is to your people, serving your kingdom, in these castle walls. Not frolicking in the town square, drenched in sweat! You can’t tie down an explorer to a life like this. If he even is an explorer. You’re not even sure if he’s telling you everything, are you?”

“What are you going on ab-”

He interrupted, “I put it together quite easily, you see.”

He placed an old book from behind his back, onto my desk. Barnabus’ Book of Incantations Vol.2

“What is this rubbish?” I stood there appalled.

“I believe Calum,” he began, “Has put a spell on you, Princess. So you’d be infatuated with him, so he could steal your crown. I suggest you give yourself the benefit of the doubt and get rid o-”

“You’ve lost your mind, Stefan,” I brushed pass him in anger, “Jealousy is not a good look on you. Bringing up spells and folklore! I ask that you escort yourself out of my chambers and rethink your words!”

He sighed and walked to the door, “I don’t believe I have lost you just yet, Princess.”

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Necromantic Scrying: Stagnant water.

This method requires:
*A still/stagnant body of water
*a pure oil
*The blood of your left palm.
Begin by mixing the oil and blood until they are well blended. Approach the pool of water and drop a single drop of the blood/oil mixture into the water.
Next, starting just below your chin, draw a line leading down to your heart.
At this point, gazing into the water should reveal a number of spirits. Do what you wish and end the ritual. To end the ritual swipe down on the floating drop of oil, using that hand wash away the line from your chin. Lastly, dump all the oil into the water as an offering and leave.
This ritual was created by sorceress Cagliastro.

Mirror Spirits

Mirror Spirits are created entities similar to tulpas. They are aspects of the practitioner that can be partitioned off for examination and negotiation, generally serving the purpose of aiding in emotional well-being, self-knowledge, and self-acceptance. They are not tulpas in that mirror spirits are not fully independent, and can be reabsorbed if need be. Given enough time and proper intent, they can become full fledged tulpas.

When undertaking the work of creating a mirror spirit, it is often best to begin constructing a small inner world in which you can imagine a source of emotions. Mirrors, bodies of still water, and hearths are good examples. Mirror spirits rise up and fall back into this source as needed.

Thanks to @whitesnakeprophecies​ for assiatnce with terminology

Hiraeth Creature #620 - Airitrozan

“Found in herds across bodies of water, the Airitrozan stand on the surface of lakes, moving in sporadic bursts to reach their destination. The jungle is abundant with water, but the Airitrozan primarily stay in the lakes that are scattered around, as the rivers flow is too fast for the Airitrozan’s taste. In the lakes they can take their time and raise their young with little fear of being separated from one another. Airitrozan larvae are quite smaller and less developed, with basically sticks for legs that are efficient for water skating, but are incredibly fragile– the adults of the herd work together to watch over the energetic young.

Airitrozan look like very bulky and top-heavy beasts, but they are actually physically puffing up their body to help keep them afloat. They can still stand on the water when deflated, but in their skinnier state they can dive under the water, where they use their teeth uproot water plants to eat. The jungle lakes hold gardens of underwater flowers, in which the Airitrozan blend in with surprisingly well, meaning they often need to descend underwater to avoid hunters, whether they come from land, air or water. The villages of the jungle hold respect for these creatures, and by watching them they learned where important and rare water plants hid. Shamans also mimicked the Airitrozan, and created spells to let them walk on the surface of the water, letting them cross rapid rivers in times of need and preform new rituals over sacred lakes. Small shrines and totems can be found in ancient temples depicting an Airitrozan– known as the "Lucky Ones”, for their ideal home they share with powerful water spirits, and where blessed flowers grow in abundance.“

Nekoma Aesthetics

Kuroo: Animal paws, close ups of dog teeth, skulls

Nobuyuki: Potted plants, fields/meadows

Yaku: Melted ice cream, coffee, pastries

Kenma: Pixels, glitches, glitter

Yamamoto: Sunsets, blurry Polaroid pictures, smoking, piercings

Fukunaga: snow, sleeping cats, weed

Lev: Forests, still bodies of water, fog

Inuoka: Pizza, comic books, baseball uniforms, bubble gum

Shibayama: Leather jackets, milkshakes