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Farewell (Newt Scamander x reader)

A/N: And I am back! After like, six weeks of not writing? I’m finally back! Please send me requests because I literally have no idea what to write. 

@themcuhasruinedme  Hey Jessie!! Could you do this one: 3) A scarf, a present wrapped very poorly, a kiss with Newt please? I just love your Newt fics ❤️ They’re so cute!

word count: 906

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Valentine’s Day was never a date you made an effort to remember. It was because you never had a reason to. A day filled with love where couples exchanged presents and their words of adoration towards each other. It was a holiday that you had always looked down upon, but not this year. This year was different.

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Top 25 Larry Fics of 2016

I read a lot of fic and the majority of it is larry. I like making lists and I like larry so I thought I’d do some minimal research of the top 25 larry fics published/completed in 2016 in order of least to most kudos (with links). All of these fics are top notch so you should all check them out!

An honorable mentions list will probably come soon, because there are so many brilliant fics that don’t reflect in their kudos.

25.) I Love You Most by @alienproof (11k)

Friends with benefits has always been enough for Louis. Until, of course, it isn’t.

24.) Just Like the Wolf Before He Bites by @crazyupsetter (11k)

He’s loud, Louis is, and that’s far from unusual for him, but the volume of it still has Harry pulling back the curtain. There’s a half-formed thought in the back of his brain about telling Louis off, because it’s fucking half three in the morning, but then.

But then Harry’s eyes get stuck on the soft glint of Louis’ stubble in the light, and he’s making his way across the room before he even realizes it.

Louis, for his part, just tips his chin up to give Harry space and keeps talking, waving the joint in his hand around for emphasis. He doesn’t even bother to greet Harry, going on with his story to his semi-rapt audience, just settles a hand in between Harry’s shoulder blades and pushes him down firmly.

Harry just. Relaxes. His eyes slip closed, pushing his entire face into that spot underneath Louis’ chin, where his hair is still growing, neat and prickly. The scent of Louis’ cologne drifts into Harry’s nose, light and fresh, and it’s calming. Comforting. His breathing syncs up with Louis’ quickly, and Harry feels so much better than he had five minutes ago he almost wants to cry.

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Part Nogitsune. 

Part Emissary. 

100% chaotic protector of the Hale Pack.

While the trickster spark provides guidance to his Alpha, his mate, he also attempts to nourish his insatiable appetite while protecting their pack from those unfortunate enough to cross their path harboring ill intentions. The Nogissary will stop at nothing to ensure the safety of his pack, his family.

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PS: The runes tat says “Hale”    

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Favorite Drama Bits:

Do you want to eat dinner with me or go out with me?

its just hilarious to me how after 80 the pikelan ship is just like


Request by @supernaturalymarvel: I just found your blog and omg *-* i was wondering if you could write me a reader x dean winchester (seriously love him) where the reader grew up with Sam and Dean and when she turns 21 they take her out drinking and lets slip of a little secret (shes a werewolf or something you can decide :*) and he flips out and so does sam and they get all mad and shout but they realise hey! I still love her and dean gets all fluffy and says he loves her and things XD

Word Count: 4213

Warnings: None

Version en Español: Veintiuno

“Hurry up, Y/N!” Dean called through the bathroom door. “If you’re not ready in five minutes, we’re leaving your ass.”

“You wouldn’t,” you responded with confidence, applying your mascara carefully. “It’s my birthday and not even you’re mean enough to leave someone behind on their birthday.”

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Reigniting the Oracle - Chapter Three

>>Chapter One<<        >>Chapter Two<

Hey, guys! Saber here :D

As usual, I want to thank you guys first for your awesome messages and support. Every one of you mean so much to me and I’m really grateful to have you all. And fanart? That’s incredible! It really gives me a lot encouragement to draw more and write the next chapters.<33

Anyways, chapter three is finally here!
I hope you enjoy.<3


     Hurtling towards a pirate ship from five hundred feet in the air while screaming lyrics of Leo’s favorite song wasn’t the way Nico planned to die.

    Shadow travel had left Nico disoriented. The effort of keeping his eyelids open was more like lifting a hundred pound weight over his shoulders. If Will didn’t start yelling, who knows what would have happened. Nico snapped to his senses. He immediately regretted it.

    A few minutes ago, when both of his feet were on solid ground, Nico had explained to Lou Ellen and Cecil how he and Will planned to infiltrate the nearest pirate ship and find a cannon so they could open fire on the Hydra. Surprisingly, their questmates agreed pretty wholeheartedly. It didn’t seem any like of them were very enthusiastic about battling an eight-headed, venom-spitting, bib-wearing beast on an empty stomach.

    Cecil had brought up a point about the cannons: why didn’t they just use greek fire again instead? As it turns out, they’d lost the rest of the explosive fire during their crash into the ocean. It seemed like the fates were really on their side during this quest.

    After some persuasion, Cecil and Lou Ellen agreed to lead the Hydra to the edge of the cliff where it would be easiest to target it from the pirate ship. While they kept the Hydra busy, Nico and Will had made a plan to board the nearest ship by shadow-traveling. Nico was still a bit confused by Will’s easy acceptance of another shadow-traveling experience. Maybe he was finally seeing straight through that thick head of his and saw that there was really no other option but to trust Nico on this one.

    Before he and Will ran off, Cecil had tossed Nico the pirate coat with a cheery, “good luck cap'n!” That somehow spread more warmth through Nico’s chilled bones than popping a cube of ambrosia into his mouth.

    The dusty, oversized coat probably the reason why they were in this mess in the first place, but he was oddly attached to the old ratty thingy. Nico settled on slipping the pirate coat on over his dirty Camp Half-Blood tee before he and Will melted into the shadows. The coat always reminded him of the games he used to play with Bianca when they were kids. Reflecting on Bianca usually left Nico feeling a little more bitter than sweet, but the memories where Nico would charge in and save the day when playing Pirates left him with only fond memories. The pirate coat filled Nico with a strange sense of security, and the sea salt smell that clung to it… It reminded him of someone. 

    Nico had run through his options over and over, countless times. Anything but shadow-travel sounded appealing. Nico didn’t enjoy it any more than Will did, especially in his weakened state. Nico was so desperate for another way, that it actually crossed his mind to Iris-messaging Percy Jackson and ask him to summon Blackjack to fly them to one of the ships. Nico shuddered. He wanted to stay out of Zeus and Poseidon’s territory as much as possible. They were on a quest to retrieve the Oracle after all, which was Apollo’s business. Apollo was on bad terms with the other Gods, so going into their territory again wasn’t a great idea.

    At the same time Cecil and Lou Ellen bursted from the bushes to attract the Hydra’s attention, Nico and Will had rushed into the shadows. Admittedly, shadow-traveling again wasn’t one of the brightest ideas.

    Nico had a bad history with shadow traveling hundreds of feet, even miles into the air when he wasn’t sure on a set land mass where he wanted to reappear. This happened while he, Reyna, and Coach Hedge were on their way to deliver the Athena Parthenos. Nico had shadow-traveled them right above an active volcano and almost got everyone killed. Talk about embarrassing. The goal was to impress himself, not Will of course, and actually teleport soundly onto the ship’s deck.

    Too bad his subconscious was too boggled to let that happen.


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Happy shipping ♥ to my beloved romanogers/stevenat squad/ship: @sunnie91, @thegraytigress , @heyfrenchfreudiana , @iavenge , @aesthetically-broken , @perfectioninc , @sassaspazz , @spanglecap@mssweetserialkiller , @vbprodz , @multifandom64 , @elcapitan-rogers , @rxgersrxmanxff , @romanogersarmy , @romanogersassemble , @chalantness, @chrisakameatball, @ym4yum1, @yvonne228, @lbs29, @from-wizards-to-soldiers @gaatarra, @lotsoflove115, @pleasesayitsnotso, @avengerwidow9, @liamsbabychimera, @mrshermionegranger, @faeryaeryn, @ladiestarks, @blakeilvely, @uncoolguy, @seaductress, @romnogerss, @bookmatcher, @barbavagordon@dresupi , @damadeltiempo, @remy-lebeaus, @i-wike-it-alot , @marvelousdorito , @crimsonxblaze , @multi-fandom-crazy-fangirl, @chrisakameatball , @agntromanff, @shieldandgun and everybody else I haven’t mention that is still on board of our beloved ship (I love you guys, I know is difficult when is not “canon”) sorry if I’m missing someone in the post, it’s because I can’t properly remember the names of accounts ;A; or if you changed the account name, please let me know x’D. 

Hope you like this AU gifset because in my head is canon ♥ ♥.
Love you all :).

Something special

Pavel Chekov x Reader

Author: Me (alliwriteistrash)

Length: 1155 words

Prompt: None

Warnings: None. It’s just some fluff

Note: The idea for the plot is from my best friend :)

You just stepped out of your transport ship and entered the famous U.S.S. Enterprise when you were already greeted by a man in a red shirt whom you gave a copy of the cargo list. God. How jealous you were of all those lucky people who have the privilege to work on the best spaceship of the federation.

You are a pilot, but not an important one. You just deliver spare parts for the machinery and medical equipment to actual ships and then fly back to the station to repeat the process. You thought of yourself as just a fancy delivery girl.  An important job sure, but still not as glamorous as working on the enterprise

But before you could go to your given quarters, you had to go to the bridge to report of your arrival as well as your engine problems. Should not be a big problem, right? Well, you thought wrong. The Enterprise is not a normal ship and definitely not as tiny transport ship as yours. It is gigantic! And for someone who was never on such a huge ship it was really difficult to find your way around.

You have been walking around the Enterprise for a while, until someone noticed how lost you were. The person, who introduced himself as Montgomery Scott, was friendly enough to accompany your to the bridge without making a rude comment about your sense of direction or lack of it.

The second you stood inside the elevator, which was on its way to the bridge, your heart started to race. It was not your first time on a bridge, but you’ve never been on the bridge. By god! The enterprise is something special! This crew you are about to meet saved uncountable numbers of people, saved the earth twice and just last year Yorktown! You have every right to be nervous.

As the doors opened, and you saw the busy staff rushing from one destination to another, you forgot how to breathe for a second. Were it not for Mr. Scott nobody would have taken notice of you. “Oi Captain! This young lass needs you to sign some papers”, he said rather loudly, causing everyone to stop what they were doing to look at you and your companion.
You tried your best, but could not stop your cheeks to get warm as you walked towards the Captain. “Sir, it is a pleasure to meet you as well as your crew. My name is [Y/A] and I am the pilot of the transport ship you requested. I need you to sign off the cargo, to make sure it has reached its destination, Sir”, you said and were positively surprised that you didn’t stutter or let anyone notice how nervous you were to be here.

“Of course. I just need to let someone check if everything on this list is here before I can sign anything. Would that be all for the moment?” Captain Kirk asked while he browsed through the list to which you answered with a shot “Yes, Sir”

You just wanted to leave the bridge when Captain Kirk spoke again “Mister Chekov, unless I am mistaken your shift is finished. Would you please accompany Miss [Y/L/N) to her quarters. And give her a little tour while you’re at it. The Enterprise is quiet big and we don’t want her to get lost again”. Of course the Captain noticed that you were lost. Why else would you be so late and in the company of another officer.
You could already feel your cheeks getting hot again, when Mister Chekov got out of his chair and walked towards you. Of course you heard the stories about the Russian whiz kid who was the navigator of the best spaceship with only seventeen years.  But what the stories didn’t tell was how cute he is. “Hello, my name is Pavel Chekov”, he introduced himself even though the Captain already said his name.
“I know”, was all you said not even noticing how stupid that sounds. But it was the truth. Everybody who studied at Starfleet knows this crew. “Good, zen let’s get zis ‘tour’ going”, he suggested with a big smile. If you didn’t know he was from Russia before you would know now because of his adorable accent. You nodded and followed him on the tour.

And for the next two weeks you two were inseparable. Every moment he was free from his work as navigator, he spent with you. The two of you talked about everything. He told you about everything. He told you a lot about himself, the Enterprise and its mechanics, while claiming that nearly everything on board was ‘inwented in Russia’.
You told him everything about yourself, that you named you transport ship Albatross even if only actual spaceships got names, how you always wanted to be a space pilot and that even if you technically fulfilled this dream you were not happy. You told him that you wanted to be on the Enterprise but just didn’t make the cut
It have been just two weeks you spent on the Enterprise but still a strong friendship formed between the two of you.

Everything seemed to be perfect until the day you feared arrived. Your broken engine, the only reason you were still on board, was fixed. To put it simple your stay on this ship was now over. Meaning that you had to leave your newly found friends and go back to your boring days as a fancy delivery girl.

You were already beside your transport ship when the doors suddenly opened. Chekov, who seemed to be out of breath, ran towards you.  You did not tell him that you were leaving, not wanting to say goodbye because you knew you would just start to cry like a baby.

“Why did you not tell me you are leaving? If it was not for ze Keptin I would not have known it until you were gone”, he asked you, clearly upset with your dishonesty.

“I-..I just didn’t want to say goodbye. I’m not good at this.” you stuttered. Even though you tried your best, you couldn’t stop the tears falling down your cheeks which lead to you getting pulled into a firm hug and him promising you that it is not a goodbye forever, that you will meet again and that you can always video. Not wanting to let go you just nodded, while brushing away your tears.

You do not know for how long you two just stood in the hangar embracing each other, but when he let you go you saw that he also had tears in his eyes.
“Goodbye Pavel”, you said, trying not to sob so it would not be harder for both of you before you opened the ship’s door. Waving one last time you entered you ship before you flown away, hoping his promise would fulfil soon.

Flour and Chocolate 145k

Louis is a single dad and Harry works at the newly opened bakery down the street.

In this Light  99k

Harry is a wardrobe stylist who likes to live in the moment, and Louis is a popstar who looks dreamy in double breasted jackets. Harry never stood a chance.

Is this Seat Taken 35.5k

A borrowed suit from Zayn, a cigarette and the right attitude, and Louis went from security breach to misplaced celebrity instantly. He could practically see the wheels in the security guy’s head switch from ‘could be dangerous’ to ‘could get me fired’.
L.A was so predictable.

Louis makes a bet with Zayn that he can sneak into a music awards event without getting caught, and when he ends up posing as a seat-filling member of staff he runs into superstar Harry Styles and sparks fly. Que the music.

And Down the Long and Silent Street 86k

The year is 1881 and if you’re alone in this world you might as well be dead, because starving dogs have no mercy.

Or: Wherein Louis and Harry are on the opposite ends of the social ladder, but their paths still cross on the filthy streets Louis calls his home. The odds are staked against them from the beginning, and even more when Louis’ past finally catches up with him.

Paint the Sky with Stars 62k

On 10 April 1912, Harry Styles boards the finest ship the world has ever seen. Still grieving the death of their mother, he and his sister are being sent to America to live with a callous uncle who cares more about his business connections than family. Harry prepares himself for a long, disappointing voyage alone in his stateroom.

Louis Tomlinson has borrowed and saved, and finally has enough to purchase a Third Class ticket to America. With all of his belongings in a single ruck sack, he boards theTitanic filled with hope for a brighter future. Never one to sit still, he can’t resist exploring the massive ship, and soon goes sneaking into First Class in a stolen steward’s uniform.

Or, the historically accurate Titanic AU with a happy ending.

Tell Me what You Want 10k

“Harry is looking for a new roommate after Liam moves in with his girlfriend. After a few bad dates he’s done with men for the moment and wants to concentrate on school. That’s why he’s looking for a female or a straight male roomie. When Niall tells Louis about the free room he leaves that little detail out. Louis, desperately looking for a room, pretends to be straight, thinking it would be easy, until he discovers that Harry likes to be naked at home. His best female friend posing as his girlfriend doesn’t work very well either.”

That Time of the Month 3k

“If she wasn’t currently bleeding out from the inside and on a desperate mission to put a stop to that she would probably be more appreciative of the girl in front of her, all long legs and long hair and long lashes, blinking at Louis under the harsh neon lights.”

Louis gets ready to go to war over a box of tampons and ends up with something she definitely wasn’t expecting. Don’t say your uterus never did anything for you.

Any other Jassandra shippers not the slightest bit bothered by the previous episode?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to give you shit if you are bothered by it. As a FitzSimmons shipper who absolutely despised the third season of Agents of SHIELD, I totally get it. You have every right to feel what you feel.

But so many people are treating Jassandra like a sinking ship all of a sudden. Why? Because she likes Jenkins, because she kissed another woman? Jenkins doesn’t seem to share those feelings, and I may be alone on this one but I always assumed SOMETHING would happen between Cassandra and another woman at some point.

But she’s bisexual, and that was made clear in season 1. I don’t know how that kiss could possibly surprise anyone. The whole Jenkins thing surprised me, but it wasn’t treated as something with long term implications even by the show. It was merely treated as something that exists and that’s it.

I’m still on board this ship until something happens that actually sinks it. Abandoning the ship after it took a few hits is extremely premature. I think it’s pretty cool that Cassandra doesn’t seem to care about gender or age difference.

Fic: How Lucky We Are (2/?) (M)

Author’s note: Greetings, I come bearing fic! Thank you all so much for your support of this little Captain Duckling story. I really enjoy writing it and it is so good to have my muse back! Enjoy!

Summary: What happens when a revenge obsessed pirate meets a princess at a ball?

Also posted: / AO3

Chapter 2

He purposely put his back to the door; he didn’t want to tempt fate. He hadn’t expected to be gone for so long, he swore time had never moved so slowly. And he’d spent centuries in Neverland, where time stood still. Killian sighed, tossing back a swallow of rum, trying to be patient. He’d done his part, flying the flag of his princess’ kingdom; now all he could do was wait for her.

The tavern was a bit seedy, a bit rough, but they’d decided long ago that it was the best place for their assignations. It was on the very edge of the village outside the palace; despite growing up in the castle, Emma was not well known. Not by sight, anyway. Most subjects rarely saw their rulers, something that played into their favor as they carried on this…affair? Was that what it was? He hesitated to call it a relationship, shied away from labels entirely if he was being honest with himself. He had feelings for her, deep almost inexplicable feelings for her, but those feelings came with a cost. His own self loathing, for one. The fact that she let him touch her, make love to her until they were utterly spent, awed and frightened him. But with that came the guilt. He’d come to this place to gain the prize that would finally allow him to avenge Milah, and he just let it go.

For a lass that could very well destroy what was left of his heart.

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here are some fics I’ve enjoyed and loved reading throughout the month of March and I recommend that you read them in April (if you haven’t already)! 

1. We Were Just Like Glue (23k)
Louis works in a library where his own books sit on the shelves. Also, there may or may not be a Harry Styles involved and he may or may not be Louis’ muse. Not that Louis is admitting to anything.

2. California Sold (123k)
Notoriously closeted boyband member Harry Styles is famous on a global scale, meanwhile Louis, as his best friend, is back home in Manchester, living the typical life of a 24 year old. When Harry needs Louis with him in LA, a publicity stunt gone wrong changes their friendship forever.

A fake-relationship AU between two lifelong best friends.

3. Are You Missing Underwear? (4k)
Just to keep things brief, my cat has stolen a large amount of socks and underwear from a neighbor.

I am very sorry.I live on Cherry Street.

If these are your clothes, please call 112-358-1321

I promise I will give them back, I wasn’t the one who wanted them, it was my asshole cat.

Or, Harry’s cat frequently steals Louis’ underwear.

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