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You remember the first time I drove you?

Yes. Of course. I remember looking at you and thinking: What a handsome man, that kind of face never gets old.

How right you were.

ok listen, captain flint/james mcgraw was john silver’s backstory. he is the person that made him who he is. he says he was no one because he believes that to be true. he believes that he was ‘nothing’ before flint. his past wasn’t important, it wasnt what defined him. silver didn’t have a cause before he met him. until flint gave it to him, he had no story. in the same way flint had no story before thomas. no story worth telling, no story worth fighting for. so cant you see it? silver not telling flint his past wasn’t because he didn’t trust him. not because he didn’t love him. it was because flint was his beginning. he was where his war began. and how do you tell someone that? how would james tell thomas that he is the reason for all of it. how would silver tell flint that not only is he fighting for madi, but he is also fighting for him.


This Omake has already given me everything I could have wanted by giving me MORE PIFFLE TIME right on the cusp of us leaving it forever. I WILL TREASURE OUR TIME TOGETHER ALWAYS, PIFFLE. YOU WILL FOREVER BE IN MY HEART. 

Meanwhile we can safely confirm that Kurogane is reading the e-book version of Manga-chan and it is incredible. 

Also apparently Manga-chan’s name is Maganyan and it totally rhymes with my impromptu name so I’M KEEPING IT. 

ALSO also is the bombshell Fai drops here, in that the manga is in every world they go in. 

WHICH is going to be played off humourously in the panels to come BUT. JUST LIKE. IMAGINE THE IMPLICATIONS OF THAT. 

Some of these worlds very much should not have the society or infrastructure or industry required for a monthly (monthly?) manga magazine to be consistently published at all, AND YET HERE WE ARE.


Just FYI, I’ve seen the new Beauty and the Beast about 100 times now and I can assure you it is still the best movie ever and Lefou is still super gay

Honestly one of the hardest things for me to do is give people space after a disagreement/fight/misunderstanding. I go through the full cycle of anger, hurt, guilt, shame, sadness, self-loathing (whether I’m guilty OR innocent) in the space of a few hours usually, sometimes overnight, & on the rare occasion, a full day.

So when it’s over, *I* am ready to just move on & be friends again. I get antsy when the other person takes longer to forgive or needs more time to process.

The best thing to do is give the other person space b/c almost always when I try to force the issue, I make things worse, but MAN, it is HARD.

Oh, and then there’s the AGONY!! The silence eats me ALIVE. I start thinking all sorts of horrible things about myself, often b/c I manage to upset the super nice, patient, generous people you never thought could cut someone off or want out of their life long-term. (I hate that I have such a super skill for this.) I mean, the degree depends on how close I am to the person &/or how much I admire them on a personal or professional level. But GEEZ. It’s enough to make me question making close friends at all.

But then…oh. I NEED IT. Lol.

I’m still hyped for Persona 5, but.  It is pretty bullshit that they designed the MC as a giant callback to Jun Kurosu from Persona 2 – delinquent known as “Joker”, last name “Kurusu”, wears the same mask – and made all NINE of his romance options straight.

Jun is the first openly gay videogame character I can think of that wasn’t treated as a complete joke.  He was the (Liara-style) “canon” love interest in his game!  TWENTY YEARS AGO!!  Holy shit Atlus where did your balls go.

I’m not surprised, just disappointed.

uh, in case anyone wonders why their request hasnt been done….. this is why
so dont feel bad if you think im ignoring you - im not, im just awful and have been letting them build up for a few months :T gotta stop reblogging those expression memes…..
(theyre all requests btw, i answer everything else as i get it)

got dragged by Wolfe earlier. it was brutal

Me: u know when the aliens come im gonna be out there yellin for them to take me away
Me: i wanna go on an intergalactic roadtrip n eat alien fast food
Me: im gonna be in the fields banging together two frying pans tbh 
@commander-roastedwolf:  kajdsfkajsd;lf
commander-roastedwolf:​  ‘eat alien fast food’
commander-roastedwolf​:  sure jan 

I like to imagine that whenever the press ask Otabek & Yurio what their relationship is 5y down the road, Otabek just gives them a Thumbs Up

all this new short haired ladybug art has got me like *heart eyes*