still before 2 am est here

[Info][Emergency] Voting party counter attacked MCoundont Global

Hello Starlights!

Following up the success of the Hastag party we are now announce that fy-Starlights and Sralights station will open the voting party

As everybody can aware of Vixx is leading on MCountdown Global voting however the gap between number 1 and 2 is very small and we are still having little than 6 hours to maintain and secure our place before voting period closes at 9am KST. Hence we decided to open this “Emergency” party

Please refer to StarlightStation’s tutorials on how to vote and make accounts

Please this is just to help them secure number 1 so one more vote would be helpful at this point

The time of the party: Since this is emergency we will be open the party at 6 am KST. Here are converted time:

  • 2PM PST
  • 5PM EST
  • 9PM GMT
  • 10PM GMT+1
  • 8AM AEST

We are understand that not everybody can join due to timezone difference but please don’t feel left out and keep supporting VIXX. We hope this party will help Vixx secure #1 in the last few hours.