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These two boys thought they might try drowning this evening. We took them to Buffalo Creek for a walk and they thought falling into a deep section of it was a good idea, right by an escarpment too steep for them to get themselves out.

So I had to slide down and avoid falling in myself, scraping myself up on the way down, then yank them out one at a time by the scruff, trying not to think about crocodiles. Then when they clambered up the bank I had to pull myself up with reeds. At least my phone didn’t fall out of my pocket into the creek and nobody drowned or got eaten by a crocodile. Thanks boys, we won’t be coming back to this spot in future.

/I had to do another variation of the meme because/

*there is a board in the room which reads “murderer” with a slip of paper above it*

Ripley: There is only one thing worse than a murderer.

Ripley: *removes slip of paper to reveal the word “child”* Boom.

The Queen: *stares at Newt* A child.

Ripley: No.

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thats exactly what i was thinking. david disabled walters AI programming and transferred his own into walters body. (but walter is still inside there somewhere offline) explains how david mimicked walters injuries, right?

Tbh when I came out of the theatre my first thought was what if David hadn’t destroyed Walter and he’d surprise bitch us all in the next film but that’s just because I couldn’t bear the thought that poor Walter was left to rot in that godforsaken planet. But now I’m gonna hold onto this ‘Split’ theory.

I often have a weird craving for fem!doctor/rose. So here you are ♥

I actually had hayley!doctor in mind, but this could easily be fem!ten or even Clara - take your pick! ♥ (I also have a version of this without the “girls like girls” but I posted this one because I listened to that song on a loop while drawing)

So I was thinking back to something that happened in Grade 4, and realized I could see that kind of thing happening to Craig and Tweek.

Me and this other guy were left alone outside the classroom with our class guinea pig. I was a little freaked out by it, and the guy told me, “Hey it’s ok look how cute he is”, and laid down on the floor and put the guinea pig on his face. 2 seconds later it peed in his ear.

“What are you looking at, human?”

💎 Caesium 💎


happy birthday, mabel and dipper! no matter how old you get, you’re still the mystery twins! i wonder what adventures await you in the future!

mabel: @dasheranne
dipper: @pinesmoke

Some of you may recall my post from last week analyzing Emily’s character and drawing a conclusion that, contrary to the popular fandom belief that she’s simply full of herself and believes she’s better than everyone, Emily is actually extremely insecure and simply masquerading as confident to hide that insecurity.

Well, today while watching my brother do a “different choices” run, he had Josh pick Emily as the person he dislikes the most in the group. Dr. Hill says, “Ah, a bit too bitchy for your tastes?”

And then, interestingly, he says…

“Often a LACK of confidence manifests itself as over-confidence. Think about that.”

This just further reaffirms my analysis of the writers intending Emily to be merely putting on a front of cockiness. In my original post I even said, word-for-word, that people with low confidence “may also adopt a false bravado, fake confidence, so that people won’t be able to tell how little they actually think of themselves and abandon them or treat them poorly. This tends to backfire, and oftentimes the person will still end up alienated because others around them find them cocky or narcissistic.”

(Another interesting tidbit - after this line Dr. Hill goes on to compare Josh and Emily. He says, “Is that not just a little bit like…you?”)

Emily is much more complex than many fans give her credit for. I’m glad the writers included a line like this for people who say they dislike her the most.

The 100th episode of Arrow was…


Wow, it was wonderful. The emotions were gorgeous, the progression was lovely, everyone remembering who they were and the moments where they realized what was real and what wasn’t, and the heartbreak that went with it.

(Seriously, where is Amell, I need to high five him or something because ACTING.)

I need to watch it 3430 more times, but overall?

Everything I wanted. Everything I thought it would be.

(And I absolutely cackled at the alien ending because I’m still very aliens are on Arrow omg)

“Why are we still here again?”
“Because alien bug dog things from another dimension wrecking stuff and killing people left right and centre is bad for business? Also the little shits wrecked our bar.”
“Point taken. …We probably gonna die, huh?”
“Probably. On the other hand, if we don’t, the bartender promised to forget our tab when they’re back in business and there’s that new bank on Third we haven’t hit yet.”
“Okay, good enough for me.”

And off they go :D DCAU Rogues again, more or less. Could be any Earth-threatening situation, really; those guys have an ingrained “get off my lawn” attitude about their city (and by extension the planet), because it’s got banks and jewels and booze and they’ve got a nice thing going here. And they have terminal determination, bless their blue-collared crooks’ hearts.