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Jikook [1017]: October Moments ~

So like another month has passed and Jikook has been like so much more gay as cute as always. 

Run Ep 22: Chuseok and Jimin’s not so subtle flirting

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Jikoo starting off strong with this iconic moment like how Jm asked Jk to vote for him in the sweetest most seductive voice?? Like boy you realise you’re flirting on screen right? 

Like these domestic asf photos we were almost unable to see like why do they look like a newly wed couple??

Jikook at Fansigns being so friggin sus asf

A fan asked Jm what Jk got him for his birthday and he said SECRET telling OP that he’ll get in trouble if he tells cough cough*  what kind of trouble exactly?

And then there’s Jungkook like…

Who’s the member that comes to your room the most? Ticks Jimin*

Which member would treat you (for a meal) the most? Also ticks Jimin*

…I’m not okay 

And like our bunny was asked when we’ll get a Jikook v-live he replies with a heart like it’s Jungkook we’re talking about, this boy can draw

Satellite Jeon is back but then again when was he ever gone??

  Like look now fast Jungkook whips his head…

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Jungkook was caught many times looking for Jimin like a lost puppy you can find one of them HERE with matching outfits as a bonus

Jungkook teasing Jimin about his last name, “Park?” wink wink* Jeon maybe?

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Grateful to Hobi for this ICONIC moment

Like the way Jimin hooks his small hands around Jungkook’s bicep why are they so cute, why is he so strong?? Why does Jm look so happy??

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whispers* It’s love

BTS Countdown: Like i have no words we are so friggin blessed 

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Who would have thought BigHit making our Jikook office aus a reality?

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Stop teasing himmmm lol

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Jimin’s in it to win it

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Of course, Jungkook picked his mochi

Like they’re team name is literally calico cat??? 

Like what is domesticity???

After winning the fans votes and our hearts too…here my friend’s is Jikook singing their anthem Serendipity

Jungkook caught you starring but that bunny smile, why are they like this…(credits to jimiyoong for the GIFS above)

Jungkook teasing him about his picture for BT21 making

…twice actually

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And of course we can’t forget this soft tweet on Jimin’s Birthday

“..It’s not over yet” excuse me, that’s not what you say Jeon after we waited so long lol 

But I forgive you because this photo is just so beautiful. Park Jimin you angle <3

Jikook in Osaka: aka Jikook haven

Concert Day 1: already an emotional train wreck

After seeing Jimin cry Jungkook cries too, you can watch it here

Concert Day 2: the feels strike again…

Jungkook comforting Jimin when he cried is literally the sweetest thing ever

You can watch it here.

+ more here HERE  when Jm runs back to Jk who gives him a warm smile

Just a short note, you okay fam? Like have you drowned in feels yet?? Too bad we’re only half way…

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I lost count how many times this happened already…

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Jikook at each other throats while watching each other’s parts

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Jungkook stop talking about yourself please (you can watch the original video here)

BTS Run Ep 23: BTS x Dogs

Like we didn’t get proper pics but like wow…can you just imagine jikook at the park walking their dogs and being soft asf?

It seems like Jimin’s taken a liking to Miri or her owner by any chance?

Just gonna throw this one in there too…like why is this so soft it’s melting my screen goddammit

At the PUMA fansign just before leaving Jimin played with Jungkook’s banner, like what is this??

Jungkook where’s your nose?

Even Puma ships them…

Jikook flirting performing on stage:

Jimin wrapping his arms around Jungkook when the lights went out at the end of DNA here is a clearer version

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Then there was this too…

Like what is this not so subtle flirting?

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The here we have Jungkook massaging his hyung and damn talk about that see throuch jacket

…talk about sensual

And so the month was coming to an end and I thought I was blessed with the most beautiful jikoo moments in all of history….TURNS OUT

  • Jikook were spotted leaving Busan airport for Japan(just the two)
  • Jimin’s father and Jungkook’s father sent them off
  • Jungkook saying “Jimin-ah” (informal)
  • So like the rumor was tru when Jungkook had to cancel his tickets, I’m not saying this is Jungkook’s present for Jimin’s birthday but JAPAN of all places seriously?? 
  • Not long after that they were spotted by a fan shopping in Tokyo like I’m not alright here
  • That’s not even the end of it, they even went on a date to Disneyland
  • Jimin was holding a mickey mouse plushie 
  • A photo was taken of mochi resting his head of Jungkook’s shoulder 

And you thought Halloween couldn’t get any better…

Like god bless this photo

I actually almost forgot our Run ep, what a way to end the month…

Well damn…

Me after this months moments

when you’re listening to “Hello Stranger” by Barbara Lewis and just remember how Kevin had Chiron listen to it knowing that it reminded him of him with lyrics like “Please don’t tease me Like you did before Because I still love you so” and just wondering how both of those characters felt in that moment and how its just genuinely one of the best/most romantic scenes in any media and its coming from this lovely gay, black couple


A reminder

Four months ago, we were graced with the masterpiece that was
Double Black episode


— 930302

Happy Birthday to Topp Dogg’s main vocalist and ray of sunshine, Yu Sangdo♡

A doodle of today’s chapter…what a beautiful ending for these two, but i’m still crying over the fact that they are D E A D and gone T__T

I love so much that Percy is a stone-cold motherfucker for big chunks of Critical Role (like, yeah, he can get riled up or cry or get angry Deep Inside, but it takes something huge to actually crack through his mask) and yet we have all collectively decided that he becomes the World’s Softest Dad who carries at least 2 children around at all times and cries every time his quarter elf bbs do anything

- rupi kaur

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“you’ve got your demons, and darling, they all look like me” is a hauntingly wistful, timelessly underrated lyric, and the way taylor captures deep pain amidst her ethereal vocals echoes how her conflicting thoughts and memories of this love affair are quite like the stars above, they may flicker and fade away as needed, but there are moments in time where they are etched as forever beautiful