still beaut

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no joke. I'm a midget and a guy. I wanna kill myself. This world laughs at people like me.. what else am I supposed to do

Hun, your still beaut, don’t listen to the horrible people who laugh.

Memories fill
My mind. You were
My lifeline
My ups
My downs
My heaven
My hell
Mainly, you were
My destruction, but in my
Mind, the
Most painful and beautful
Memories still overflowing, the way we
Met lead me to believe that
Maybe my destruction was actually
My strengthening
—  Poetry challenge (each line starts with M)
Inspired by emotionsforthepicking

Status of NWHL Rosters - July 14, 2015

The Beauts still lag behind the other teams in terms of player signings but added more players (4) since July 2 than any other team, while the Riveters look like they’re making a team composed almost entirely of forwards and are the only team to not have signed a goalie. The Pride added 3 new players since July 2, while the Whale and Riveters only added 2 new players each.