still at work but missing you all terribly!

2possharknado asked:

Dear girlfriend

Dear Girlfriend,
You are the prettiest, cutest, most adorable, caring, passionate, loving, lovable, goofy, amd just all around awesome person that I have ever met. I hurt you terribly but we’re kinda over it. But I still think about it. I miss you when you’re at work and when I’m at work. I miss you when I don’t see you. I miss you when I’m not with you. I miss you all the time. I’m really happy with you and I’m really happy we’re together. I wish you lived closer to me so I could see you more often but that just makes the days we do see each other 10x better. We will go bowling and ice skating and roller skating at some point. We will go on cute dates and stuff. We’re obviously the cutest couple ever. And I miss you. I’m really glad you put up with me and my unwillingness to talk about anything but I’m glad you’re there for me to talk to and I’m glad you remind me every chance you get. I’m just really happy with you like all the time. I mean I’m not sure if we’re girlfriends again. I guess we kinda are. But it’s cool. I like you.

Girlfriend (Aka Me)

nordic-lover asked:

Hey sorry to bother you, btw really like your blog. I have a request, do you have the doujinshi Burgundy Cherry NorIce by any chance? If you do can you scan it? I have been dying to read it. Thanks~

Thank you. I did once own it, but it now belongs to a dear friend. I’m very sorry. 

***Also, just to update everyone. I’m currently focusing on school, work, my relationships, and as well as my physical and mental health. I’m terribly sorry but I will not be scanning doujinshi any longer. I absolutely enjoyed sharing and working on them for y’alls enjoyment. 

I miss all of y’all, but I’m still lurking out in the shadows. Just working really hard to obtain my goal of becoming a Mental Health Counselor. 

I started my henna journey in Aug 2013 being self taught. Then in Oct 2014 I flew out to California to join @henna_con for 3 days of immersive henna education. It was the experience of a lifetime where I met SO MANY of my henna idols, and was able to learn from them, watch them work and even take the odd fangirl selfie with(!) I made some amazing new friends and connections, who I missed terribly the moment the convention ended (and still miss now!) I was an emotional mess on the plane journey home as the entire trip was phenomenal for so many reasons. It really was the biggest catalyst for my development as an artist and much of what I learned there is still unlocking itself even now. Though I can’t attend this year, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this to all henna artists of any skill level to attend. The inspiration alone will fuel you for YEARS to come. Thank you once again to the entire Henna Con 2014 instructor team and the superb @hennacaravan team for the amazing experience. I plan to be back in 2016. Can’t wait!

July 26th 2015, The End.

It hurts to see this all finally come to an end because truthfully there is nothing to show for all of the stress and heartache that was put into it. My messages never got across to George and I ended up destroying myself trying to make this work. I’ll miss him honestly, and I really do still care and wish I could stay committed to him the way that I was but honestly he’s terrible for me and he doesn’t care enough about himself. I’ve started to realize that if he wasn’t the way he is then most of my bad sides in general wouldn’t have been brought out/would’ve improved. I’m really upset that out of all of the people you could’ve proved wrong it was me. For over a year now I’ve not only been waiting for you to change, but I was waiting for you to realize what it takes to be genuinely happy. You were always a negative person, possibly worse than me. But I knew I couldn’t call you out for it until I fixed myself. You should live a life surrounded by people you not only enjoy but can be deep with, you should work hard so that you can feel accomplishment, you should prove the people who care and support you right, you should spend most of your time bettering yourself. I know all of these things for a fact. So with the path you are taking, no I have no faith left that what I was waiting for will happen. After praying to your daughters and your grandfather and friend so much I feel as if I can’t go to them anymore because I asked for too much, if I wasn’t then something would’ve changed. It hurts so much. And I shouldn’t care, I can be much happier, healthier, and more on track without you. But I still don’t want to be another person who just gives up on you. I really wanted to ride this out to the end, have us both be successful and happy. And none of that is going to happen with you anymore. Its painful and bitter. I’ll always love you, you foolish boy. And I really hope you manage to get everything that you want in life. Goodbye Colonel. You’ll always mean something to me even after my last breath,

midnight-master asked:

I miss talking to you! How are things?

Hey! I missed you too! Things arent going that well right now. Still not recovered from my tonsilectomy. My laptop is about to stop working. The stupid smokedetector keeps going off in the middle of the night. One of the remote control things to open the garagedoor broke. I had a terrible dream in which one of my best friends died. So yeah. This was all last night. Ugh.

But how are youuu?

Let me just say a few things I’ve been thinking bout today. We’ve all heard the old very cliché saying ‘it gets better’. And yes I’m going to say its the truth. Looking back to a year ago, I was in terrible company and mental state. I wanted to die on my birthday and I didn’t care about anyone else, I was completely selfish. yes I do still have a lot of anxiety/depressive states, but I am still a work in progress just like everyone else. to be here, alive and to have experienced all the things I would’ve missed if I attempted to kill myself, is a blessing. I want to remind you all that you were put here on earth for a reason. You might have some bad circumstances or environment, but just like the seasons everything changes and especially when you make that change yourself. Nothing is ever new if you’re in the same day to day routine. The way you feel when you’re the happiest should be how you feel every day of your life. The things and people you love become your biggest passion, so let yourself be free and find them if you haven’t yet. There are so many opportunities if you just look.

After the loveliest year, today I said goodbye to Dogs for the Disabled. I have absolutely loved working with the loveliest bunch of people, doing a job that I still can’t quite believe I got paid for (taking photos & videos of puppies = the dream!) - but it’s time to move on to pastures new. Thank you to everyone at Dogs for the Disabled for making this year so much fun and for my lovely leaving presents (I may have shed a few tears over the photo album & card - and I held it together so well earlier!). I will miss all of you terribly (and the dogs, of course!) and will definitely keep in touch! Don’t forget me! ❤️