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thac!! which one is rafferty and which one is solace? :DD they're so beautiful!!

THANK YOU @ikeracity AND @camisadobondaxx!!! Sorry that I took so long to answer! Here are some facts about my OCs :)

This takes place in a parallel world where humans may or may not exist, but all humanoid mythological creatures we can think of do. Every species lives in their own discrete territories, and aside from trade or war, interaction between all the species is at a minimum.

So that’s Solace, the mermaid king of the pacific ocean. Sol’s personality fluctuates between that of a child and a very old, powerful deity. Sol has always been very lonely because of his status and his power, which his fellow merpeople shun, fear, and yet also hold the utmost respect for. But all he really wishes for is a friend - he’s never really had one. As it is with all merpeople, he loves pretty things, and he’s ridiculously vain and meticulous with his appearance, but he isn’t remotely anything proud or arrogant. He’s a very passionate soul, and can be both extremely gentle and so extremely temperamental that he has caused devastating earthquakes and tsunamis. But mostly he’s gentle.

Rafferty is a knight of the sky, sort of a low-ranking angel. Angels are sort of a militaristic species, so Raffie is very reserved, shy, and can seem emotionally distant to those who don’t know him. Generally, Raffie is very, very gentle. His power is sensing life force and manipulating it to a certain degree; he can heal wounds, speed or slow down the growth of living things, but nothing too extreme. He loves impressing Sol with growing flowers from seemingly out of nowhere. He has rage, too, but it doesn’t manifest as anything as dramatically physical as Sol’s fits - instead, it’s an eternal ember that kills you excruciatingly slowly and painfully if you happen to be the target of his rage.

He would never say exactly how it came to be, but Raffie keeps his eyelids closed all the time, so Raffie is effectively blind. Nobody really knows whether he has damaged eyes, or that he is just no longer allowed to use his otherwise functional eyes, but we know for sure that his sightlessness was the work of a superior angel who was furious with him for falling in love with a mermaid. Blinding was chosen to make sure Sol was punished too.

I’m gonna be drawing my OCs every once a while, depending on my mood, and I hope you’ll come to like these precious beans. :)

James March: Without You

*trigger warning*

Los Angeles, 1926

Ah, the roarin 20’s. Your fiancé, James had all of the connections and took you to the most extravagant parties. Even though he wasn’t the dancing type, he loved seeing you happy being surrounded by all of the people and music while he sat back and sipped on his bourbon with the hosts of the parties. He’d rather melt your heart over and over again by slow dancing with you to jazz music.

You met James a year ago at a mansion party that was hosted by a friend of his. His motive with you at first was to take you home and kill you, but once you opened your mouth to speak, revealing your hopes and dreams, he was drawn to you romantically and just had to have you. It was as if he’s never met a woman like you in his lifetime. And from his gorgeous dark brown eyes to his attire, along with the smoothness of his swagger, you were instantly attracted to James. After only a few months of dating, he proposed and you happily said yes.

James recently opened up a hotel named ‘Hotel Cortez’ which was built for his dark hobby and for a place to call your palace. The both of you simply enjoyed living in the suite on the top floor since it overlooks Los Angeles. It was most beautiful at night.

Although James loves his kills, his main goal was to finish his work known as the Ten Commandments killings where he would kill anyone who is guilty of each Commandment. While he worked on his hobby, you either helped with paper work in his office or tended to the front desk to check in guests and potential victims. 

As for the wedding, the plan that the both of you agreed on was to celebrate it in the lobby of the Hotel Cortez, but to your misfortune and his, your life came to an end when you caught a terrible sickness before the time came, leading to your death. James did not take it easy, (as a significant other never would) that he went on a rampage and killed anyone that crossed his path. Your opinion on his way of grieving is that if he’s sloppy, he’s going to get caught from the police and won’t be close to fulfilling the Ten Commandments murders.

After your passing, your spirit even watched over James and even though in his mind you were gone, you were always there from being next to him in bed late at night to following him along the hallways as he walked towards his office. 

You only revealed yourself to Miss Evers because the two of you were fairly close. Both of you were surprised at how realistic you looked, felt and made contact with people and inanimate objects. She didn’t take your death too easily either and she even gave you grief for not showing yourself to James, with knowledge that he’s taking it really hard.

The reason behind keeping yourself hidden from James was that you didn’t want to become a distraction and hold him back from his goal in finishing the Ten Commandments murders and helping the Hotel Cortez strive. 

“Miss Evers!” James found Hazel laundering sheets in the laundry room. “It seems I have an important deed I must tend to. So I ask that you do not disturb me for the rest of the evening.”

“Of course, Mr. March.” Miss Evers obeys and continues laundering the sheets, then James leaves to his office. Of course, he didn’t know that you were standing around, keeping Miss Evers company.

“That busy busy man.” You commented as you were leaning against the wall with your arms crossed in front of you.

“Indeed he is, Miss Y/N.” Miss Evers replies with a smile on her face, being happy as ever cleaning.


Both you and Miss Evers assumed that James was just going to his office to work on his ‘hobby’. But no, it was the complete opposite.

Unfortunately, your hopes for James to reach his goals was crushed because he felt utterly depressed without you. He’s never felt this low in his entire existence and he even thought that giving himself time would ease the pain, but time only made it harder.

In fact, he held a gun in one hand and a knife in the other, deciding which one he wanted to use on himself instead of on a victim of his, per usual. He lets out a dramatic sigh and sets the gun on the table, choosing the knife to slit his own throat to end his life. Before he does so, he looks over at a photo he saved of you, frowning at the fact that he misses you so much.

The knife made contact with his neck and just as he was roughly sliding it across, that’s when you decided to check up on him and you screamed from what he’s done, which ended up revealing yourself. “James! No no no! What have you done?!” 

His eyes widened when he saw you, then he took his last breath and it was too late. The deed has been done. His body slowly fell to the floor as the blood was gushing out of his throat. You fell to your knees and held him close, allowing tears to stream down your face. “Why?! You bastard!”

Barely even a minute later, you hear a male voice behind you. “Dearest?” You were too distraught from your crying to realize whose voice it was until you turned around. You wanted to shoo that person away, but you saw that it was your beloved fiancé. 

You looked back and forth from his dead body and ghostly figure. You gently placed James’s deceased head on the carpet with your palms before standing up to face him.

James assumed you would greet him with a long kiss, but instead, you welcomed him to the afterlife with a hard slap in the face and James was in complete shock. Everyone knows that you’re the only person on this planet that’d he’d allow to do that. “I can’t believe you!” You sniffled and wiped away your tears with your fingers, then turned your back to face him, taking a few steps away.

“But darling, we’re reunited. Why are you unhappy with me?” James rushes towards you, clutching onto your small left hand.

“You’re supposed to finish the Ten Commandments! And the Hotel! What are you going to do?” You shouted, shaking his grasp from you.

“None of it matters if I’m not in your presence.” James said with a softness in his voice, but you were still upset. 

“You imbecile!” You scoffed as you sat on the foot of the bed with your elbows on your knees, hugging your forehead with your palms.

James walks towards you, kneeling in front of you so that that two of you were at eye level with each other as he still kept the softness in his voice. “You see, I couldn’t go on without my queen. And I’ll find another to finish my work. Miss Evers can look after our Hotel or find someone suitable.” He notices that you still wont make eye contact with him, so he gently grabs your chin to make eye contact. “After all, we have eternity, dearest.” James leans over and kisses your forehead.

You aren’t necessarily going to forgive him right off the bat for doing such a terrible thing on a whim, but you’ll forgive him eventually. He’s willing to wait, even if it takes as long as forever, just as long as he’s with you.

Hey, guys, I hate to have to do this, but as you can see I’m pretty serious right now as I’m using correct grammar and punctuation. As some of you know I recently went through a breakup. Because of that I’ve been living with my mom. While it’s not a terrible living arrangement, it really is not ideal. My mom and her boyfriend’s house is small and I’m currently sharing a room and bed with my younger sister. On top of that, they live 35 miles away from my place of employment, which is really not good for my bank account, as driving 70 miles a day, 5 days a week is costing me about $70 every paycheck, which could be used for other things (like food). My cat, Koda, whom you all know is my son and I love dearly, is still at my ex’s place as I can’t have him at my mom’s (they have 2 cats and a dog already), and I miss him terribly.

I had an appointment today (4/28) to look at an apartment in the same town I work. I really liked it and the landlord said she would hold it for me until I get paid next Friday (5/5) so I can put the application and deposit in. This is where the problem lies. My paycheck will be around $710, I have a car payment due next week of $255, and the other half of my phone bill ($55) is due next Friday as well. That leaves me with $400 for the following two weeks. The deposit for the apartment is $275 + an application fee of $25 + a PET deposit for Koda of $300. That’s $600. And I’ll need money for gas and other necessities over the following two weeks on top of that while still living with my mom. I can use about $250 of the remaining $400 I’ll have to put towards the deposit, but if I want to be able to get the unit and keep my cat, I’ll need another $350.

It would mean so much to me if any of you could donate anything to my paypal ( ). And if you can’t donate it would mean just as much to me if you would reblog this post. I need to be closer to work and be with Koda again. Thank you all! 💜

I Will Comfort You

@allyadarth asks: Hi darling! I finally found a request for you. I got some news this week that made me feel discouraged and thought maybe I could ask a Newt X reader where he comforted her? Your writing calms me down and is so pure, I thought it would be perfect! Love you ❤❤  @allyadarth

Darling, I hope this helps to comfort your heart. :) I am sorry it is a bit short as I have had a PILE of responsibilities on my shoulders this last week. I hope whatever is going on in your life gets better. Enjoy some Newt cuddles in the meantime and know that I’m thinking of you.  ❤

Just a side note: my requests are officially closed. I am just keeping a promise with this one. When my life finally settles down I will hopefully be able to do some but we shall see. :)

It had just been one of those weeks. Nothing was going to plan. Work was an absolute nightmare. You burned your hand trying to cook pasta. You received terrible news that left you feeling really discouraged. Then, to top it all off, you missed the train ride home. Burdens were piling up inside your heart and you were not sure how much more you could take.

Upon arriving home that evening your melancholy feelings only continued. The apartment was still and quiet.  Newt’s case was resting wide open in the middle of the sitting room rug. As much as you needed him you decided that rather than disturbing his nightly rounds you would just curl up on the sofa and wait, kicking off your high heels. 

Feeling defeated, you hesitantly shut your eyes and drifted off to sleep, hoping that when you awoke the world would seem a little more cheerful.

Presently, the scent of mint tea and buttered toast wafted through the air. Your eyelids fluttered several times. Sitting next to you was Newt, holding a mug of tea directly in front of your face. The precious sight of his eyes peering into yours melted your heart.

“Hello, darling. You never came to tell me you were home. Are you hungry?”

Newt knew that something was wrong. He could tell by the exhaustion in your eyes and the frown upon your lips. 

“I am a little hungry.” You mustered with a faint smile.

“Right, then…” Newt could tell from your resting position that your energy level was completely drained. Concerned, he moved next to you and held a piece of toast to your mouth, waiting for you to take a bite.

You took the smallest bite and chewed slowly as tears filled your heartbroken eyes.

“Come here, love.”

Newt put the toast on the plate and propped himself against the arm of the sofa. He pulled you between his legs and rested your back against his chest before running a hand down your arm. He laced your fingers together, “Darling, what happened?”

Your voice quivered, “This week has been so difficult. I hardly know where to begin…”

Newt sucked on his bottom lip, pondering, he had been so wrapped up in his work that he had not noticed anything out of the ordinary. His heart broke a little as he noticed the tears start streaming down your cheeks.

Over the next several moments you spilled your heart out to Newt about all of the horrible things that had happened. “Then I received this news… that really discouraged me. Nothing feels right, Newt. I’m just so overwhelmed.”

“Oh, my dear. Let me help you. Please. Let’s go lie down. Would that help?”

You shook your head yes, not finding the strength to argue.

Newt assisted you from the couch and led you to your bedroom where he helped you change into something more comfortable, “The purple one or the blue one?” He laughed, holding up two different pairs of pajamas.

“Which one do you like?” A small smile formed on your lips.

“I really don’t have a preference.” He teased, choosing the blue.

Newt cupped your cheek in his palm and sighed, “Everything is going to be fine, darling." 

You sighed as he dressed you. You felt somewhat robotic. You loved that he was being so loving and sweet but your heart felt too damaged to respond. Sensing your pain Newt quickly helped you get into the covers before changing quickly himself. 

He carefully pulled you against his chest an let the warmth of his body comfort you. You traced your finger over the lines of his pajamas and sighed. If nothing else, you felt protected and that was what you really needed at the moment.

"Darling. What do I always tell you?”

You thought for a moment. There were MANY things that Newt Scamander always told you. However, you had a feeling that you knew exactly what he was going to say. Your voice was small, “Worrying means you suffer twice.”

“Exactly.” He smirked, kissing your cheek, “Do you believe me?”

“I do…but… Newt, some days are just too difficult I find it hard to remember.”

“I know, darling. Did I ever tell you why I chose to live by that philosophy?”

You shook your head no, unable to recall if he had ever fully explained it.

“One time… as I was serving on the eastern front in the war, with the dragons, I sustained a horrible injury.” He pointed out a long scar on his arm, “I know it does not look like much but this caused me to lose a lot of blood - too quickly. I laid there on the battle field. I thought I would die… and this soldier… next to me… he was dying. Horrible injury.” Newt shuddered at the memory, “He looked deep into my eyes and smiled… he SMILED as he lay dying and said, ‘Scamander’?”

Your heart broke a little, thinking of the hardships Newt had seen but never really spoke about.

“He said, 'Scamander…don’t worry… you’re going to be fine… if you worry – you won’t make it. It will only cause you to suffer more than is needed.'” Newt paused, “Darling, he was dying yet he had the strength to comfort ME. I hope I can do the same for you, my dearest love.”

You sighed, tucking your head under his chin. You could feel his breath fanning your face and it was the sweet smell of mint tea and cinnamon. The familiarity of it grounded you and made you feel peace and strength. 

“Are you falling asleep on me?” Newt teased, kissing the crown of your head.

“No… I was just thinking of how brave that man must have been.”

“You are brave too, darling.”

Your heart melted. You didn’t feel brave. “No, not like that.”

Newt tilted your chin to gaze into your eyes, “No, not like that… you’re not fighting in a war but you are fighting the battle of day to day life. Sometimes, that can be even more difficult. I am desperately proud of you, love.”

You smiled, for the first time, and felt your heart soften. Newt was just what you needed.

Newt  rested his forehead against yours, “Are you feeling better?”

You shook your head yes.

“That’s wonderful. Now…” He ran a hand down your neck, “May I kiss you, darling?”


Newt kissed your nose gently before melting into your lips. You felt his heart beat quicken as you raked a hand through the curls at the back of his head. 

"Merlin…” He gasped.

You couldn’t help but giggle at his messy hair and the goofy sideways smile that formed on his lips.

“I love you, Newt.”

“I love you more.” He smirked, affectionately pulling you closer for another kiss. “Everything is going to be just fine, darling.”

Somehow, in your heart, you knew it was true.


Imagine long distance with Chris.

A/N: Hello, this is Part 1 of Chapter 2 - Little Ways Away. Now I know I’m jumping into the next chapter of the mini series, but I just don’t have inspiration to write anything else. This chapter’s going to be a bit of an emotional ride, so there’s my little heads-up. You can read the related mini series, and the first chapter of this spin-off here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini Series Spin-off, Chapter 1 ‘Unexpected Reader’ - Masterlist)

Ava smiled when she heard your phone ringing from her bedroom; the set ringtone told her that Chris was finally calling. You’d been waiting a while for his daily phone call now, a mishap on set pushed filming back a little which was why he was late. It’d been a rough couple of months for you with Chris being away, business picking up at the Italian restaurant where you worked part time, and your school’s workload piling on. It was almost suffocating, everything that was going on in your life.

As it turned out, that week you took off from school to go spend some time with Chris was a terrible idea; you got back and found yourself overwhelmed by everything you missed out on. Two months later, you felt like you were still trying to catch up. But that was the thing, you just felt that way because it was all in your head. It was always all in your head, which was why your mom, your best friend, and your boyfriend were always so worried about you; you were too much of a perfectionist to give yourself a break. You were an incredibly intelligent and diligent student who was ahead of the class despite being in Boston, but your mentality after returning back to Los Angeles without your boyfriend ruined your stride. So here you were; overworked, sleep deprived, and stressed beyond belief.

So Ava was glad to hear ‘Under The Sea’ coming from your phone, she knew you’d benefit from hearing from your sweet, loving, and reassuring boyfriend. Up until Chris came along, your mom and her were the ones to reassure you. With them, it didn’t always work- you’d still doubt yourself and let your anxiety chew away at your brain. But with Chris? He had a way with you that no one understood, it was like he had the handbook; he always knew what to say and when to say it. It was sickly sweet, and it was proof that soulmates do exist.

Ava waited a while and felt her eyes narrow when the song didn’t stop playing. She closed her MacBook screen then walked outside, sighing when she found you asleep at the dining room table with Dodger at your feet. You were surround by your textbooks, assignment notes, class timetables, work schedules, and other bits and pieces. Ava guessed you were trying to plan out your week again and fell asleep after overwhelming yourself. It was typical Y/N, every Sunday evening you’d sit and plan your whole week like life was just going to do what you wanted it to. She walked over and held a finger up to her lips when Dodger looked up at her, whining slightly. She gently pried your phone out of your hand; breath held when you stirred. She let out a quiet sigh when you remained asleep and answered the call, walking a distance away before she spoke because the last thing she needed was to disturb your much needed rest.

“Um…Hello?” Chris’ voice came through sounding confused at the lack of your chirpy greeting; you always answered with “oh Evans, my Captain. To what do I owe this pleasure?” Always, every call, without fail- unless he caught you while you were half asleep then it wasn’t so chirpy and coherent. “Sweetheart,” he chuckled softly, “are you there or is this your cute butt I’m talking to?”

“This is actually her cute best friend you’re talking to,” Ava quipped and Chris chuckled. “Sorry, Cap, but your girl’s passed out at the table.” Ava heard Chris sigh and began to explain to him what he already knew had happened. “It’s Sunday so she-”

“Overwhelmed herself by planning her week again,” Chris finished for her and Ava noised confirmation. “God, I leave her for two months,” he commented with a weary chuckle. “Other than her usual Sunday activities, how’s she doing? I feel like I have to ask you because she’s not going to tell me the truth about anything bad. Every time I ask how she’s doing, she says she’s fine but- if she’s falling asleep while planning her week, things must be a little chaotic.”

“A little, she’s stressed. But-” Ava looked over at you with a small smile; she wished you’d let up a little. “When is she not?” Chris nodded in agreement, a weary eye roll was used. “But she’s okay, I mean- she’s a tough nut to crack.” Both your best friend and boyfriend chuckled at that because it was true; they’d seen you persevere through so much. “Dodger and I’ve got her sorted, don’t you worry.”

“Thanks, Ava.”

“I’m going to have to hang up on you though, I don’t want to wake her up. She really needs her sleep, she asked for an extra shift at the restaurant and that’s in an hour so- Let her sleep?” Ava made it sound like a question, but it was more of an order; Chris said nothing because he knew what his options were. “I’ll tell her you called so she can-”

“What time is it?!” You shot up from your quick ‘rest-of-the-eyes’, worried you were late for work. You scrambled for your phone then looked up and saw it in Ava’s hand. “Is that Chris?” You asked and she nodded, walking back over to pass the call to you. “Hey, sorry.” You said into the phone, then mouthed a “thank you” at Ava, who nodded and went back into her room to give the two of you some privacy. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I’ve just been really tired lately.”

“There’s really no need to apologize, sweetheart,” he told you. You held the phone to your ear with your shoulder as your hands started to fiddle with the pieces of paper in front of you. “You’re busy, I get it and it’s fine. I just want you to take care of yourself, please.”

“Yeah, the weather’s been lovely,” was your response because you didn’t actually process anything Chris said to you. You were too preoccupied, scribbling all over your planner to listen and respond accordingly. “A little warm, but perfect for my afternoon walks with Dodger.”

“Step away from the table, Y/N,” he instructed in a firmer tone and you found yourself dropping the pen you had in your hand. You took the phone back in your hand as you stood up and walked over to the couch where you couldn’t fiddle with anything; Dodger followed, settling by your feet. “How are you, really?” He asked, surely with furrowed brows of deep concern. “I know you don’t want me to worry, but lying to me- that’s even more worrying.”

“What did I lie to you about?”

“Every time I call and ask about you, you tell me you’re fine-”

“And I am-” you interrupted.

“I just talked to Ava and she tells a different story,” he cut you off and you huffed, wishing your best friend would just keep your struggles to herself. “What’s going on? What’s got you so stressed out? It can’t be school, you’re doing so well.” You sighed because you wished you knew. “What can I do to help? Ava said you’re asking for extra shifts, do you need-”

“I don’t need your money, Chris,” you stopped him before he could offer and he sighed. “I’m fine, honestly,” you let out a laugh to lighten the mood. “I’m just- I miss you and not having you around is affecting me a lot more than I thought it would. So don’t worry, I’m fine. School’s great, work’s good, my financial situation is perfect so- don’t worry about me, okay?”

“That’s like telling water not to be wet, darling,” he chuckled and you smiled. “You promise you’ll tell me if something’s up?” You nodded, 'mm-hm-ing’ your response. “That you’ll keep things honest between us?” Another 'mm hm’ left your throat. “That you’ll ask for money if need be?” He winced as he said that because he knew he was trying his luck; you were one of those 'make-my-own-way’ girls. “Y/N?” He quizzed when he heard nothing come from the other end.

“No,” was all you said.

“I can afford to support you,” he reminded you.

“And I can afford to make my own way,” you retorted.

“I know,” he sighed. “I’m just reminding you, in case you get sick of working while studying.” You smiled because he reminded you every chance he could, and while you did appreciate his offer- you couldn’t take it. You knew how it would look and you didn’t want it to look like that, perhaps when you were his wife and not his nineteen year old, student girlfriend. “Are you sure you don’t need anything, baby? Can I at least pay for Dodger? He is living with the two of you, I can-”

“Baby, no,” you chuckled, reaching down to pat your boyfriend’s cute dog who you were more than happy to support for nine months. “Right now, all I need from you is your maximum effort to make Infinity War absolutely amazing.” He chuckled softly, nodding. “Then I need you to come home to me and Dodger because we miss you,” you felt your eyes well as you told him that.

“I miss the two of you too,” his own eyes watered as he reached for the Polaroid photograph he kept on his desk in his trailer. The photo was of the three of you, the morning after you got together; you had a copy too which you kept in your planner. “I’d count the days, but that’s just going to make us both sad.”

“Yeah,” you chuckled with limited humor.

“I’m going to let you go,” he said and you felt yourself sigh. “You need some rest before you go to work,” he explained his leave and you nodded in agreement, running a hand through your hair. “I’ll call you tomorrow and have an actual conversation, okay?”

“Okay,” you nodded.

“I love you,” he ended the conversation like he always did, smiling despite how much his heart ached for you. He wished he could be there with you, hold you and tell you things were going to be okay because you clearly needed that. You lied about being okay, and he knew you were lying, but you were going to work and he didn’t want to put you in a bad mood by calling you out. He was going to save that conversation for another day, when you didn’t have classes or work to go to or worry about.

“I love you too,” you responded then stayed silent until you heard the dial tone. He hung up and you did the same, putting your phone aside. You sighed and buried your face in your hands, only looking up when you felt Dodger nudge his head into your leg. “How do you do it, Dodger?” You asked the pup, cupping his furry face in your hands. “How do you survive without Chris for months on end? Because it’s hard, like- it’s really fucking hard,” you chuckled to stop yourself from crying. Dodger licked your face when you bent over to kiss his forehead, making you smile. “Yeah, I know I’ve got you and Ava.”

Nine months; two down and seven to go.

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Part 2

White Noise

For OQ PromptParty. 69. Robin is so used to sleeping in the forest he won’t fall asleep in houses etc because of the missing forest noises (birds, frogs…)

She’d never admit it to anyone, but Regina Mills sleeps better with a partner.

She went so long without one – the king may have wanted her to make regular appearances in his bed, but he never expected her to stay (thank the gods), and her nights curled against the cozy warmth of Maleficent were few and far between. So it had taken her by surprise, the solid, restful sleep she’d gotten on the nights she’d bedded the Huntsman to mutual exhaustion and let him collapse beside her on the mattress, both of them dropping off into satisfied sleep, her body and his heart safeguarded by a few whispered words from her into the glowing, pumping organ.

She’d blamed the first few times on the mind-blanking intensity of the sex, but it had persisted even after the curse, even here. When he was Graham, and she was just Regina, and there was no good excuse to send him scurrying away after, no chambers several floors away for him to find rest in once dismissed. He’d simply roll over with a sated sigh, drop an arm over his eyes, and fall asleep on her.

She’d expected it to keep her awake the first night here - the sex had been adequate but hardly earth-shaking, and she wasn’t pumped full of pleasure to the point of near-exhaustion.

And yet.

She’d lain there and listened to his breathing, the space underneath her covers growing soothingly warm as the autumn air crept in around the windows to chill the room around her. She’d been asleep before she knew what hit her, and woken refreshed.

The nights without him held the peace of solitude, but none of the warmth. Her bed was chilly, and she’d wake in a cold sweat from dreams she couldn’t quite remember the details of. Or worse, from dreams of the horrors she’d wrought in the years of her torment, or vivid memories of the hell she’d been through at the hands of That Man, or the hands of her mother. Dreams of Daddy’s eyes as the life faded out of them.

She’d never admit it to Graham, but she liked sharing a bed with him. Even if it was all a lie.

And then he’d died. And there had been all those lonely months. All the nightmares, and nights spent trembling and sobbing and gripping her pillows, wishing for some kind of warmth to chase away the chill of all her bad decisions.

And now, Robin.

She sleeps like the dead now that Robin is regularly taking up space in her bed. Sinks under to the rhythm of his heart beneath her ear, the cozy warmth of his skin along hers. Wakes from sweaty nightmares to the soothing press of his hands and the slurred, soft shushing of his voice, the gentle presses of his lips along her brow.

She’s never been better rested than she is here, now, even with the stress of Emma as the new Dark One, the mystery of what happened in Camelot.

But Robin, not so much.

Robin greets her every morning with bleary eyes, and the scratchy rasp of poor sleep still clinging to his vocal cords. He’s not resting, and she thinks she knows why.

She thinks it's… what happened. Zelena. New York. The baby.

She thinks, but she doesn’t want to say it. She’s a coward, too reluctant to lend voice to the ugly truth of things, especially in those quiet moments before sleep. When they lie together, and he pulls her close, and there are soft kisses, and warm touches – sex, more often than not. They’d been apart for so long, and there’s this wall between them still, and every night finds them grasping for ways to reach through it, around it, over it. Coming together as best they can.

And then she sleeps, and he does not, and the guilt gnaws at her.

So tonight, when she wakes to him sighing his frustration as he flops over from back to belly, the bed bouncing a little with the agitated movement, she swallows her fear and rolls toward him.

One hand scouts the terrain of cooling sheets between them, finds his back and rubs it gently, as she rasps, “Hey.”

Robin jumps slightly and guilt nips at her, but he settles almost immediately, exhaling heavily, so she skates down his shoulder, back up, in a rhythm she hopes is soothing.

“Sorry,” he mutters into the pillows, turning his head toward her and adding, “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

She means to ask if he wants to talk about it, about It, All of It, the Everything that is surely clogging up his mind with too much anxiety to sleep.

But all her cowardly tongue can manage is, “You okay?”

Close enough. (Not nearly close enough.)

He sighs again, her hand rising under the filling of his ribs, sinking down with the emptying of them. And then he says something that makes her blood run cold: “You know I love sleeping here beside you every night…”

There’s a hesitation to it, an inevitable ‘but,’ and her mind flips through all the possible ways to end that sentence. Or at least, she imagines it does, but she doesn’t expect the way he actually finishes: “But it’s so bloody quiet in this house, I can’t ever seem to fall asleep.”



Is that all?

“I’m used to… more,” he grumbles, finally rolling again from front to side, reaching for her and pulling her close as he gripes, “The chirp of crickets, and the croaking frogs, and owls and, gods, I’d take the bloody howling wolves over this silence. I’d welcome you snoring, at this point. How does anyone sleep here with no noise at all but their own thoughts?”

She tries not to smirk at him, really she does. But his frustration is so simple to solve, and therefore so… well, adorable. He’s adorable, all frustrated like this, now that she knows it’s not because of… everything. All of that.

“You should have said something,” she murmurs, leaning in to press a kiss to his lips and then rolling to fish her phone from the nightstand, the blue light of her screen making her squint as she unlocks it and pulls up the app store, tapping a few keys as he says something about how there’s nothing to be done about it, short of sleep apart from her.

“Which I adamantly refuse to do, after so long apart,” he tells her, coaxing up a smile he can’t see as she scrolls through a couple of options, then presses her thumb over “GET,” and waits for that little blue circle to finish.

“And I don’t suppose relocating the whole family to the forest is an option you’d consider,” he sighs again, resigned and not terribly serious.

“Mm,” she agrees. “I think your love for me would rapidly dwindle after several days away from running water, a gas stove, easy access to my washer and dryer…”

“I’ve loved you without all of those things before,” he murmurs into her shoulder, still pressing kisses there, working his way toward her neck in a way that has goosebumps rising.

He’s talking about the Missing Year, she knows, and she can’t help it, can’t stop her tongue from forming the words: “You didn’t love me then. Not yet.”

“Oh, I did,” he assures warmly. “I’ve loved you since nearly the moment I clapped eyes on you.”

She snorts, disbelieving. He says this, has said it before, but she remembers those early, snarky months, and while she’ll accept that he was attracted to her then (because she was to him, oh God, how she was…), the love came later. He couldn’t have loved her then, she’s sure of it.

But it’s not an argument she imagines she’ll ever win, so she lets it drop and rolls onto her back. Her hip notches in against his, his thighs slipping beneath hers until she’s cradled comfortably against him, his hand spreading warm over her belly.

She tips the phone toward him slightly and asks, “What would you like to fall asleep to tonight? We have thunderstorms, gentle rain, crickets…”

She sees his face in the light of the phone, watches as he squints a little then takes it from her, still endlessly fascinated by technology.

He’s learned the symbols for play and pause though, and he presses the little arrow beneath the thunderstorm option, his brows popping up slightly as the room is filled with the quiet noise of rumbling thunder and pouring rain.

“Is this a recording?”

“I suppose,” she shrugs. “It’s supposed to help you sleep – for people like you who can’t stand the quiet. And you can—look—” She taps the button under the crickets and they roar to life, competing with the storm. Regina drags a little volume marker beneath them to make them quieter, drags the one under the storm to make it louder. “You can do different combinations, see?”

“Fascinating,” he murmurs, and he spends the next minute listening to different nature sounds, combining them, adjusting them. “This would have been nice in New York,” he grumbles, and she presses a kiss to his shoulder, because she doesn’t know what else to say.

And because she’s too cowardly to say all the things she ought to.

He settles on rainfall with crickets, and a running stream, and Regina just hopes the latter doesn’t inspire an intense need to use the bathroom in about forty-five minutes.

But he hasn’t slept properly in days, so she’ll live with the babbling brook.

She sets the phone back on her nightstand, and snuggles back into the spoon of his chest, belly, knees.

Robin’s exhale is a rush of relief against her hair, his nose nuzzling in until he can plant a kiss on her scalp.

For several minutes they lie there, and she feels herself grow heavier, feels the warm comfort of his body pull her closer and closer to the abyss.

And then she hears a soft, sleepy snore from behind her and smiles. 


But I Won’t Forget The Good Times

Life can be amazing, joyful, colorful, just the best. The days where you laugh so hard you can’t breathe or smile so much it hurts. Cotton candy days, filled with nothing but sweetness.

Other days, life is dark and sad, unforgiving and questioning. Days where you could spend the entire day in bed and not be bothered. Days where you don’t feel like anything will get better and it seems hopeless. Thunderstorm days, filled with crashes of sadness and heavy broken hearts.

Today was a thunderstorm day and still is for me. Most days, I try to keep my cotton candy feeling going, but it does break. I do not share my raw emotions to be a raincloud, but as a safe place. I know others will get me, be supportive and know I can come out of this fighting.

I had to push myself to let my emotions hurt. I cried so hard as I listened to Therapy, Missing You, Holding Onto You, and Trees. I let myself just fall apart and exposed every bad emotion stuck inside my body and soul. Yet, I still went to work today, got my box ready for my friend Ash, did laundry and folded it, oh and got something to eat even though my demons and eating disorder didn’t want me to.

Why am I sharing this? To remind all of you that it is okay to have really terrible days. It is okay to share it on here and ask for support. No one should ever make you feel like you cannot be yourself. We are not always going to be sunshines and that is human nature. Be upset, cry, yell, do not let the emotions shatter on you one day.

Take care of you through these bad times. Eat something, hydrate, make a blanket burrito, cuddle a pet, watch a movie, listen to music, do whatever you need. If it is a day of not leaving the house, so be it. Let yourself fall, because then you can start to put yourself back together. 

I love you all. I am going back to my regular posts, aka Josh, Alex, cute things, happy posts, All Time Low, Twenty One Pilots, and moodboards. The moodboards will get started back up tomorrow.

You all deserve happiness. You all deserve to fall down. We will catch you. We will get through this together.

The sun will rise and we will try again.

Let’s not forget the good times.


Laura 👽💜🌻

Picture Perfect - Chapter 16

And we’re back for another installment.  I’m so sorry (always) about the time between updates, but between the Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Thon (@olicityhiatusficathon), Camp Nanowrimo, and my Real Life being complete crap, I swear I got it to you as soon as I could!

Enough about me and on to the main event!!  Tags are below the Read More. Don’t forget to let me know if you want tags in future updates and sneak peeks!

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Oliver was at war with himself.  More accurately, his emotions were at war in his head.  He was simultaneously furious and terrified all at once, both emotions clashing to figure which one would win in the end.

How could she have kept this from him?  How could Diggle have let her keep this from him?  And it had been going on for months now.  Months.  Oh, God.  Anything could have happened to her.  Stalkers escalated.   And she’d had a stalker for months, one that apparently everyone knew about, including Bruce Wayne.  

That stung.  Felicity had trusted Bruce Wayne with her safety instead of him, her resident vigilante.  What did Bruce have, really?  A big bank account?  So did Oliver.  But Oliver also had mad ninja skills, as they were lovingly dubbed by Felicity, and she had to know that he would put every single skill in his quiver to use to protect her.  She was family.  More than.  And just like he’d put everything on the line to help his mom, he’d do the same for her.

He looked back down at the calendar and his stomach dropped, the anger fading into terror once more.  A stalker was after Felicity.  His Girl Wednesday.  Felicity, Diggle, and Bruce obviously knew nothing about him or he wouldn’t have been able to get this close to her.   Diggle would’ve taken care of him the second he had a lead on the guy, without question our hesitation.  Which meant Felicity and all of her genius hadn’t been able to track him down, despite the fact that he’d been delivering her things.  He’d been in her apartment.

“You’re not going home.”

Felicity spluttered at his proclamation.  He would have found it adorable in any other situation, but right now he was too wound up, too focused on the safety of the woman he knew he couldn’t live without, to appreciate how cute she could be when she was shocked.

The fact that she now had a stalker who was clever enough to evade Felicity Smoak’s tried-and-true location tactics was likely Oliver’s fault, and the only thing he could think about was how badly he needed to fix it.  People with the kind of skills required to successfully keep themselves off of Felicity’s capable radar didn’t just go after unassuming IT girls.  No, it was much more likely that someone had discovered her association with the Hood and had set out to hurt her to get to him.  It was his greatest fear come to life before his eyes.   This was why he’d told her he couldn’t be with someone he could really care about, which she absolutely was.  He was a man with a mission which could create so many enemies, so many potential threats to her if anyone were to find out about their relationship.

It killed him that she was already in danger.  But he could save her from this one.

“Yes.  I am.”

But only if she’d let him, apparently.  Okay, he needed to try a different tack with her.

“How secure is your home?  When were your locks changed last?  The windows?”  He’d been so lax with her security.  How could he even claim to care for her?  He’d known something was going on, and sure, he’d trusted her to take care of her own security.  Computer genius, remember?  But apparently, that had been a terrible decision.  He should’ve taken her safety as his top priority.  He hadn’t, and now here they were.

Before Felicity opened her mouth to respond, Bruce cut in, reminding Oliver that he and Diggle will still in the room.  Well, at least he could count on John being on his side in all of this!

“The building’s security has been updated.  We have cameras and everything,” Bruce assured everyone in the room.

Oliver scoffed.  “And obviously those have worked so well.”

“Probably just as well as Queen Consolidated security.  Or did you miss the part where this psycho has been in here, too?”  Bruce shot back.

As livid as he was, he couldn’t really argue that point.  Wayne was right, the stalker had been up here, too.  “Diggle, I want the Executive Floor sealed.  No one gets up here without our say so.  And I want a security sweep done at Felicity’s apartment.  Anything we can update, we will.”

Felicity’s hand on his forearm was the only thing that pulled him back from his full-on panic mode.  Softly, but forcefully, she spoke, “Okay.  You need to calm down.”

He was in awe of her.  She had every right to continue her freakout. There was a madman messing with her head, threatening her, and she’d rightfully lost her cool.  But the second Oliver lost his, she screwed her head back on straight to pull him out of his spiral.  He should be the one comforting her, not the other way around.  But, he couldn’t help it.  The thought of something happening to her had him panicked with the need to ensure her safety.  If there was anything he could do, anything he could buy, anyone he could maim to keep her out of harm’s way, he’d do it without hesitation.  Felicity Smoak had become Oliver Queen’s oxygen; there was no him without her.

“I’m going home.  I’ll be fine there.” She palmed his cheek, her fingers lightly scratching in his stubble before she yanked her hand back, like her limb had acted without her authority.  He immediately leaned toward her, missing the connection between them, however brief it had been, but her next words stopped him dead.  “Obviously, nothing is happening until Thanksgiving anyway, so logically it’s perfectly fine for me to go home.”

It bothered him, how flippant she made that remark.  Like it was okay that some psycho wanted to hurt her.  Like she expected him to leave her alone until Thanksgiving now that he’d given her a deadline.  And worst of all, it sounded like she thought it was inevitable, that he’d already won, that Thanksgiving was her deadline, literally, and that she’d accepted it.

Everything in him rebelled.  “No.  Your safety is not to be taken lightly.  I need you to be safe, Felicity.  Please, you have to come home with me,” he pleaded with her to let him keep her near him and safe, to not stop fighting.

“I’ll be perfectly safe, Oliver.  But I’m not letting this guy force me to stop living my life,” she stated with conviction.  

“Fine,” he acquiesced.  “But if you won’t come to the manor, please let me make sure you’re safe.”

She grabbed his hand and the relief he felt at having her back in connection with him is palpable.  “Oliver, I will be safe.  I promise.   Bruce lives across the hall,” she gave him a small glare at his audible scoff before she continued. “The security system is off the charts since he bought the building.  It’s fine.”

“That’s not enough for me.”  It wasn’t.  It obviously hadn’t worked yet, and he’d be damned if he was leaving her protection up to some half-cocked pain-in-the-ass who had only known her a few months.  There was another option, but she wasn’t going to like it.  “If you insist on going home, I’m coming with you.”

Her eyes widened, mouth dropping open.  “That is not how I wanted to take you home with me.”

Oliver ignored the verbal faux pas and the amused smirks shared between Bruce and John, focusing solely on the most important thing: getting Felicity to agree to let him stay with her.  “I’ll sleep on your couch.  Just, please, let me come stay with you until we get this guy.”  It wouldn’t be fun.  He’d seen her couch and it was likely only ¾ of him would fit, but it would be worth it for him to only be twenty or so feet away from her at night.

“You’re being ridiculous.”

“Your choice is a full security sweep, a new security system installed, along with new doors and windows, or you can let me stay with you.  I will sleep on your fire escape if I have to.”  

She held up her hands in mock surrender. “Okay, okay.  I relent, under protest.  You can come sleep with me.”

He was fully prepared to let that one go, too, but apparently, she wasn’t.  “Oh God!  I meant inside my place.”  Then she choked.  “Not my place, but my place.  My apartment! YES! Apartment is the word that goes there.”

He couldn’t describe how it made him feel that her inappropriate babbles were still intact.  She couldn’t be too far gone with worry if she was still making sexual innuendos about him, and that was worth more to him than anything else right then.  Although, he hoped that she didn’t see the eyebrow waggles that Bruce sent Diggle’s way.


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At this point my opinion on the Primaris dudes are largely positive, save some weaknesses in mobility (which will be fixed by vehicles and if you can deep-strike/infiltrate Inceptors and Reivers), close combat (which Reivers hopefully will make up for) and anti-horde (which hopefully Aggressors will make up for). 

I really hope the Aggressors come with flamer option for their gauntlets. I mean, I love the nod to Calgar’s old kit with the dakka gauntlets (aww, he made his dad proud!) but I want them to have double flamers to make charging them a Bad Time. And because what the Primaris seem to lack most so far is volume of fire/horde-clearing, and flamers are the best solution to that. Rolling to hit is for chumps. Maybe if the missiles are low-strength high-rate-of-fire, working like frag missiles do, that’d make the guns a good option even if they’re ‘only’ assault 4 or so. Would mean you could miss with a couple and still lay down effective anti-personnel fire.

Plasma Inceptors are either a FANTASTIC idea (operating kinda like deep striking melta land speeders or dreadnoughts, with short-range anti-vehicle) or a TERRIBLE idea given that they’re probably higher rate of fire than plasma incinerator hellblasters meaning more chances to roll Gets Hot!

The only thing that makes me sad is that I’m definitely not going to have the points to field all the Characters I want to. Because as completely fucking awesome as it would be to field Guilliman flanked by Captain Titus, Ancient Lepida, Epistolary Diomedes, couple Lieutenants, a Chaplain and an Apothecary, that… would be like your entire army’s worth of points. :p

…Should make for a suitably impressive display on my shelf, though!

drabble series; big bird

part seven; pg; early msr, maybe season 2? post abduction; Our duo are on a journey to see a huge fucking bird.

part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six


Birding is a sport, and birdwatching is a hobby. Please do not mistake one for the other when speaking to a birder. Birders keep life lists and publish books and carry binoculars to the grocery store. Birders will ruin your sixteenth birthday celebration when, on the way to the restaurant, they’re certain they’ve spotted the ever elusive black-tailed godwit. In a brief spell of utter tyranny, they will pull the car over and whip out a foldable chair, oblivious to your tears and youthful longing. Birders live birds.

Birdwatchers watch birds.

Mulder and Scully, then, are birdwatchers. No one else in Sandwood Trailer Park could be considered a birdwatcher. They do not watch the bird. They tremble. Even Mr. Craig, who may be too stoned to fully appreciate the power of the bird and is too utterly courageous to mind it anyway, does not watch the bird.

The residents of Sandwood Trailer Park do not watch the bird, but they do watch Mulder and Scully. They’ll be sweeping up palmetto bugs or calling their sisters or fiddling with their bootleg copies of Forrest Gump when they suddenly get the urge to watch the crazies who watch the bird. Whole families sit by their windows to watch Mulder and Scully, who sit patiently on their towels and watch, and watch, and watch for the big bird.

Mulder has a pair of binoculars. This seems counterintuitive. After all, this is supposed to be a big bird. Scully wears sunglasses because Mulder left them on her motel bed. Somehow this all works out. For now. They spend hours in waiting, with occasional refreshments provided by Mr. Craig.

Now there are parts of ourselves we lose as we grow up, some of it for the better. When’s the last time you stuck gum in your best friend’s hair? But some of it we should miss.

Shania Cano is ten years old and terrible at math. She has chubby cheeks and chubby arms and chubby legs, and her teacher tells her every day to sit still and stop being so mad. Shanio Cano is tired of looking at Mulder and Scully, and tired of sitting inside while her older sisters fight over a Tiger Beat magazine published the year before.

She walks outside. Nobody notices. Both Mulder and Scully start when she saunters up right next to them and kicks at the dirt.

“You guys lookin’ at the bird?” She says, crossing her arms and avoiding their gazes. There’s a fine red dust over all of her clothes and she doesn’t like the way adults look at her like they’re sad.

“Do your parents know you’re out?” Scully asks, concerned. Shania ignores her and reaches down to snatch the slip of paper hanging loosely in Mulder’s hands.

“Hey!” He says, sitting up to grab it back. Shania holds it out of reach and frowns.

“What is this?” She shakes her head, crumbling up Mr. Craig’s beautiful drawing. “This ain’t the big bird.”

Birthday Surprise

Request: Can I have an Peter imagine for my birthday? Like she was all alone and Peter ditched her and she was all sad and the next day she was starting to ignore Peter because she thought that he keeps things fron her and she feels like she is distracting him and he was sad and he tried to bring his ‘bff’ back(but he loves her) and u can make the end? I just got dumbed and it’s my birthday and Im all alone with my dog… best day ever! But thanks and sorry if I’m waisting your time… love u❤❤

Requested: anonymous.

A/N: I apologize to the other two who’ve requested and I haven’t done them yet, I will, hopefully tonight but I saw it was this anon’s birthday and wanted to get this up for her/him before I have to go out! Your imagines will be up soon! I hope this was able to make your day just slightly better :) happy birthday love!!!! love you too <3

Pairing: Peter x Reader

Warnings: none.

Originally posted by tom-hollcnd

The anger had passed long ago, now all that filled you was regret and guilt. 

Yesterday had been your glorious sixteenth birthday and you’d invited a few of your friends over to celebrate. That included basically only about Michelle, Ned, Liz, a few other decathlon friends and of course Peter Parker, your very own best friend. They were suppose to spend the day, seeing as it was Sunday and then Peter and yourself would be able to spend the night just watching movies together.

Peter never showed up. 

You spent the entire day waiting and nothing. And then when your friends left, you spent the entire night waiting only for him to never show up. It stung and hurt more than anything ever had before. Of course, recently Peter had cancelled a lot of plans for last bit but you really thought he’d bother to show up to your birthday.

You were wrong. 

After you realized he wasn’t going to show up, you’d cried yourself to sleep overcome with sadness and anger. Though when you woke up, you only felt guilt. Peter had been doing this a lot recently, so that much mean he doesn’t care for you like he used to. And the many times you remember asking him about why he was ditching you, he’d only sigh and brush it off.

You were just a distraction.

A nuisance.

Peter had so many better things to do that bother you apparently, so that morning as you walked to school, you decided you would pull yourself out from his life. Give him the break he wanted.

That had been working well all day, you managed to avoid him effectively. And while your other friends questioned you, you answered honestly and left them. You hurt deeply inside and you terribly missed Peter. But you’d rather you be in pain than constantly annoying Peter.

It was the end of the day and you were by your locker, packing up the few things you needed to put away before you headed home. You’d stayed late so you didn’t think anyone was still in the school really, but you were wrong when you felt a hand clamp down on your shoulder, scaring the shit out of you and turning you around.

Panic settle within you when you noticed Peter, his face flushed as he panted. “I’ve been trying to talk to you all day,” he panted, slowly letting go of your shoulder. “I wanted to say sorry for yest-”

“It’s fine,” you cut off immediately. You wanted to yell at him, scream and cry but you remembered your plan and why you were doing it. “It’s cool.”

Peter’s brows furrowed; “no it’s not. Y/N, that was a dick move and i’m sorry.”

You closed your locker, regaining your composer. Turning back to Peter, you shrugged; “I already told you it’s fine.”

Peter paused, confusion filling his system. “Y/N, what’s going on with you? You’ve been avoiding me all day and you’re not even mad?”

“I’m not mad because I realized i’m the problem, not you.” You shrugged, turning to walk away. “It’s better if i’m just not there to bother you all the time, you have more important things then me.”

“What?” Peter asked, shaking his head. “No- wait, Y/N. No!”

“It’s fine, Peter.”

And you walked off, not giving Peter anytime to explain.

You didn’t go home after that, rather just strolled the streets for a good hour or so before finally deciding it was time to head home. Your mom would start getting worried if you didn’t so, walking up the steps to your front door, you placed the keys in, twisting it so it unlocked.

Immediately you smelled the wonderful smell of your moms amazing cooking skills. It was amazing after the day you just had, but before you could reach the kitchen your mom appeared seemingly out of nowhere and grabbed your wrists, effectively stopping you. “Eh, eh, eh, no.” She smiled, “you have a guest in your room that needs to talk to you, now. Dinner after.”

You narrowed your eyes; “guest?” Who could that be?

Your mom only shook your head; “no questions.” She turned you and gently pushed you towards the direction of your room; “go.” Reluctantly you followed her orders, desperately wanting to just eat. Placing your hand on your door knob, you pushed your door open, stepping in. Though you immediately paused when you saw who sat on your bed.

You went to walk out of your room but Peter jumped up from the bed, pushing you away from the door before shutting it behind himself. Nervously he smiled at you, holding out the bouquet of flowers in his hands, stuffed in a basket full of chocolate. You sighed; “Peter I already told you-”

“No,” he interrupted, stepping towards you. “Listen to me, just- please. What I did was wrong yesterday, it was your birthday and I should’ve been there for you. No matter what. You’re not a distraction, you never have been.” He explained setting down the basket. With wide eyes you stared at him, you watched him bring his hands up to grab ahold of your cheeks.

You felt yourself blushing and your body tense as he grinned down at you; “maybe you are a distraction.” He whispered, descending his lips upon your own. You froze, unsure of what to do before you return the kiss, relishing in the feeling. Pulling back, Peter smiled; “but you’re the only distraction I need.”

You smiled, happy with the way things had gone. Laughing, you looked down at the basket; “that’s a lot of chocolate.” You commented.

“I could help you eat it,” Peter offered, “cuddling while we watch movies.”

“Sure,” you agreed. “But after dinner!”

anonymous asked:

you know one of the au's i've been thinking about? a modern day au where whizzer is a professional baseball player in his late 20's, and marvin's already divorced but he has to chaperone jason's little league trip to watch a big league game, and they somehow run into each other at a bar nearby after the game/trip and marvin has no idea who he is, which intrigues whizzer to no end.

Marvin drains the first beer in almost a minute flat, desperate to get the echo of eleven loud, shrill-pitched voices out of his brain before it eventually develops further into a headache. Jesus, he was lucky that the stadium was only in the next town over—the two hours trapped on a bus with sweaty, squeaky-voiced Jewish boys still being terrible, but any minute longer than that, and Marvin would have started drinking then instead of sneaking off after checking into the hotel and “turning in for the night.”

And it’s all for some stupid baseball game—not an art museum or science expedition or theater production (you know, something educational that would actually be worth the money and missing work days). Bitterly, Marvin can’t help but think of Trina and Mendel enjoying their peaceful day at home, probably drinking champagne and laughing evilly about how they suckered him into chaperoning Jason’s little league team for some “father-son bonding." 

Yeah right. So far, Jason has sat as far away from him as possible and looks embarrassed any time that it’s even mentioned Marvin is his dad. Great bonding time, Trina, so glad you guilt-tripped me into it.

It’s only the first day of the weekend-long trip, and Marvin is already over it.

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Snake Eyes | 12 (Preview)

A/N: This is just a preview! Unfortunately, I couldn’t finish this part before I left on a trip so I decided to at least give a sneak peak. Some things might be changed or edited when I actually do upload the full chapter, depending on how things go as I finish it. I hope I can have it up soon once I’m back home (:

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this isn't a criticism of them per se, but zuke seems really fond of making her critics out to be homophobic and gloating about ~making the show gay~, which... no. you didn't. and as much as i love su, some of your critics are lgbt, too, and it's not always about you. not every mildly sparky comment is harassment, people are allowed to be dissatisfied in how they wrote peridot as lapis' loyal lapdog

Criticism is AMAZING, real criticism with real words is great, and I really appreciate it! I’ve said it before, I’ve even made some blogs about it in the past, I AM a cartoon critic, a real one, I love analizing doing the goods the bads the so-sos rating things looking at every single detail ANIMATION IS P MUCH MY LIFE.

The thing is that… dude, you’ve seen this mess? I don’t mean that in a harsh way I’ve been here a loooot of time, and I’ve seen the fandom grow and grow, i can tell you, people haven’t been exactly nice and vanilla with Zuke.

Yeah, they got harassed, many times, to the point of needing to close twitter, people spreaded lies about them IN 4CHAN and people on tumblr (that are kinda well known to doubt anything coming out of those chan forums) rather believed them that, you know, finding sources? all bc they wanted a reason to demonize them.

And in some posts they even said, and I’m almost quoting, “only lapidot *f slur* wouldn’t believe this is real” as if forcing people to believe in their bland lies in a twist guiltrippy way.

And you wanna know the funniest part? I’m not even a fan of Zuke’s writing, but i can acknowledge is not terrible, heck, 80% its not even bad! Of course, Zuke’s work more for comedy, and trying to get them to do some plot points was a huge hit-and-miss, sometimes it worked, sometimes don’t.

But I just feel like its… unjustified how much hate they got, like omg, they screwed up like… 3 episodes, 3 EPISODES (at least on the fandom’s views), Barn mates, Gem Harvest and Rocknaldo (that i still stand had almost all the troubles in fake publicity bc the message is great)

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#22 stony please?

#22 - “Muffled, from the other side of the door”

“I love you”, Steve says and his voice sounds muffled through the door that currently separates him from Tony.

He doesn’t get a reply.

Not that he expected one.

With a sigh, Steve leans his head against the door, trying hard to hear any of the noises on the other side.

But even his super-hearing doesn’t work, it seems; the workshop is quiet.

Steve goes through his options.

Yes, the fight he had with Tony was a bad one. Yes, he said things he shouldn’t have said – but the same goes for Tony.

But it’s been two days and his boyfriend still hasn’t come out of the workshop, ignoring all of Steve’s attempts to talk to him on top of that.

“Tony”, Steve tries again, the regret and hopelessness he feels creeping into his voice. “Tony, please. I know I hurt you and I’m terribly sorry. Please come out. I… I miss you.”

He swallows around the lump that suddenly forms in his throat.

“You haven’t come to bed in two nights. I miss your warmth next to me. Please, sweetheart.”

More silence.

Steve is about to give up, to retreat into the empty bedroom on his own – but then he hears a noise, faint, and stops.

“…. you mean it?”, Tony asks. He sounds hoarse, as if he’s been crying and Steve’s heart breaks a little at the realization that it’s his fault.

He knows he has to be careful with Tony, knows that it is so very easy to say the wrong thing to him.

“I mean it, sweetheart”, he assures immediately. “I’m sorry for everything I said to you. Just- please come out there and let me kiss you. Let me make it up to you-”

He’s about to say more, but the door slides open and Steve almost falls backwards because it happens so suddenly.

To his surprise, Tony is now sitting right next to him though; apparently having leaned on the other side of the door just like Steve did.

His eyes are red-rimmed and he looks pale, but he moves immediately when he sees Steve, scrambling forward until they are in each others arms.

Steve hugs Tony tightly, presses him against his chest, one hand cradling Tony’s head carefully. He scatters little kisses over every bit of skin he can reach, strokes his fingers through Tony’s hair.

“I’m really sorry, darling”, Steve repeats again.

This time, he can feel Tony relax against him with a sigh. “I’m sorry too”, the brunet whispers back. “And… Steve?”


“I love you too.”

“You deserve better” part two-Scott Mccall

Request: ‘I don’t know if your doing requests but can you continue Scott Mccall: “You deserve better”?!?! Sorry it was just soooooo goooooodddd!’ requested by the lovely @caughtonwires 

prompt: ‘months after Theo is gone you’re thinking of finally gving yours and Scott’s relationship a chance’

pairing: scott x reader

A/N: scott mccall makes me happyyyy


Originally posted by teenwolfcharacters

Months have passed since you saw Theo for the last time. And Scott has been there for you on every sigle day. Whether you felt a little better or cried, he was ready to put down everything he did to make you feel better. 

Your feelings for him improved every single day. At first, you didn’t really want to feel the things you felt. Somehow, it felt wrong, so shortly after Theo disappeared. You weren’t even sure whether he was dead or not.

And because of Theo, although he hurt you and had killed people, you tried to distance yourself from Scott for a while. But it never really worked. You needed him so desperately. You didn’t know if he had noticed your attempt of distancing yourself from him, but either way, he was still there for you.

Sometimes you would call him at 9pm, just wanting to talk, wanting to hear his voice because that’s the only thing that could keep you calm when you were about to cry. In times like this, you were frightened that you didn’t really like Scott, that you hormones made you feel like you did because you missed Theo.

And those thoughts, they made you feel terrible. They made you feel like you didn’t deserve him at all. 

But six motnhs after Theo’s disappearance and six months of getting closer to Scott each and every day, you realised your feelings were real. 

The both of you hadn’t talked about what he said to you that night. He didn’t mention that he loved you one more time. You thought he didn’t mention it to give you time, just like you had asked him to. You hoped so, at least.

Because by now, you were pretty sure you couldn’t lie to yourself anymore. Lydia suppoerted your decision, she loved the idea of Scott and you being together before you even knew he loved you.

“You need to tell him, Y/N. Or talk to him, at least.”, Lydia said, pulling you out of your thoughts. You sat at lunch, the whole pack sitting together. “Could you please not say that right here? Remember his freaking werewolf senses?”, you whispered, trying to shut her up. 

Lydia gazed over to where Scott sat, seeing him being in a heated discussion with Stiles. As she looked at you again, she looked sceptical. “I don’t think he’s listening right now.”, she smirked, knowing she was right. 

“So, could you please just talk to him, like, as soon as possible?”, she asked. “Why the sudden urge?”, you smiled at her. “Y/N, please just look at the both of you, you’re like the perfect combination, I already ship you guys.”, she laughed, but she was serious.

You sighed, looking over to Scott, taking in all of his beauty. He laughed and it was the most wonderful sound you ever heard. Lydia was right, something needed to happen.

“You’re right, I’m going to talk to him today.”, you said confidently, but you were anything but. You were scared he might’ve changed his mind, or his feelings for you had just faded away, but you knew you had to tell him how you felt.

Hours later, you sat in your living room, waiting for Scott. You had called him and asked him to come over to watch a movie together. Your intention that afternoon wasn’t to watch a movie, but you didn’t want to tell him you had to talk, he wouldn’t have stopped asking what was wrong.

So you told him to come over to watch Star Wars, since Scott had never seen this movie and it was slowly driving you and Stiles insane. 

As the door bell rang, you got up to open the door. You didn’t even know why he was ringing your bell at all, he had a spare key. You opened the door and a smiling Scott stood right in front of you.

“Hey.”, he said, coming in. “Hey.”, you answered quietly, forcing a smile so he wouldn’t notice that you were nervous. “So, Star Wars it is?”, he laughed and you nodded. 

You made popcorn as Scott already went up the stairs into your room. You took a deep breath, trying to calm yourself down. He had told you he loved you, so why would you tense every time you thought about telling him how you felt?

A sigh slipped past your lips as you closed your eyes. Everything is going to be alright, you told yourself, but you still weren’t convinced. After waiting for a few more minutes, you filled a bowl with the new-made popcorn and went upstairs as well.

As you entered your room, you alwready saw Scott sprawled on your bed, looking up curiously as he saw you. You smiled at him. And it wasn’t a forced smile, it was real because the sight of him made happiness fload your body.

You were already halfway through the film, Scott lying beside you, one arm wrapped around your body as you cuddled into his side. The nervousness hadn’t left your body, but you still felt comfortable.

You caught yourself staring at him for a while, taking in all of his beauty as he watched the film. And as you kept staring at him, admiring literally everything about him, you were dying to finally tell him.

“Y/N, is something wrong? You smell like you’re nervous or something.”, Scott suddenly pointed out. Your cheeks flushed an adorable shade of pink as you remembered Scott could smell feelings. 

“Uhm, maybe a little bit.”, you admitted. Scott sat up straight so he could look at you, a worried look on his face. “What’s wrong?”, he asked concerned, furrowing his eyebrows. You smiled, you loved how caring he was.

“Remember what you said to me the night Theo disappeared?”, you asked quietly. Scott nodded in response. “You said you didn’t want me to answer to your statement, but now I want to,”, you said, taking a deep breath. You looked down at your hands before gazing at him again.

“I have feelings for you, like I already told you. But now I’m convinced to say that I’m utterly in love with you. And with you, I feel safe, as if nothing bad would ever happen again. It’s different to my relationship with Theo. With you, I don’t know. I feel like I’m loved. You care about me, you’re constantly concerned about me. I’ve never had that with anyone before. And now that my feelings got stronger than ever, I can’t think about anyone else than you. You make me really happy with everything you do. And if your feelings for me vanished or you’re not sure about them anymore, it’s okay. Because I know for sure I’ve never loved anyone else like I love you.”, you truthfully told him.

Scott’s eyes had widened the moment you said ‘I’m in love with you’ and he seemed pretty shocked. But all of a sudden, he started grinning. He seemed so happy and it felt so good to be the cause of that.

And within a moment, Scott took your face gently into his hands and pulled you into him, connecting your lips in a swift movement. Your lips fit perfectly and they moved in sync. It wasn’t tempestuous, it was passionate. 

His lips felt so soft and he slowly grabbed your waist to pull you closer into him. Your hands were placed on his soft cheeks and suddenly, you both smiled into the kiss, making you slowly pull apart.

Your eyes stared into his, you were still so close that if one of you would move an inch, you’d be kissing again. Scott stared at you and smiled, and so did you.

“Did that feel like my feelings vanished?”, he whispered. You laughed slightly, shaking your head. “Then believe me when I say I’m utterly in love with you, too and it felt so good to be finally able to show you how I feel.”, he told you and his words made you feel things you didn’t know were possible to feel.

You smiled, pulling him into you again. You looked at him shortly, before closing your eyes and pressing your lips onto his.

Scott missed the ending of the film once again, but he couldn’t care less. He was finally be able to kiss you, to hold you, to tell you everything he felt and that was worth way more.

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Headcannon where you're having the worst day and Severus asks if he can help you and you end up cuddling together (if that's not too hard as a prompt, thank you <3)

It’s pouring outside and you are drenched to the bone.  It has been a horrible day, and it’s only going to get worse.  After all, Severus has been working late all week long and leaving before you’re fully awake in the morning.  Apparently, a new patent is coming through for one of his potions, so he’s been forced into the drudgery of legal bullshit.

But you accidentally chose mismatched shoes in the dark and didn’t realize until you reached your office.  Your boss chewed you out because you missed one typo on the memo and he embarrassed himself by tripping over it during the meeting.  Your friend from the Unspeakables sent you an announcement to her baby shower via interdepartmental mail, which isn’t really bad, per se, but you’ve been dealing with a particularly bad bout of the baby crazies lately even though you know it’s a bad time to start a family and Severus has never really wanted to talk much about it.

Then they were out of avocado at the cafeteria, so you had to suffer through a turkey avocado sandwich without half of what makes it great.

If all of that wasn’t bad enough, you were forced to walk home because they ran out of floo powder just as you reached the fireplaces.

“With my luck,” you grumble at yourself, fidgeting with your keys and swearing when they drop onto the muddy ground, “I’ll probably start my period as well and come down with dragon pox.”

The door opens quietly as you turn and bend down to grab your keys, but you are too busy grumbling and nearly fall forward into the mud.  Two arms grab you from behind and pull you into the house just as your fingers grasp onto your muddy keys and you yelp with surprise as the door slams closed, trapping you in the gloomy darkness of the entrance hall.

“Well, hello there, you,” Severus purrs, pulling you into his arms from behind.

“Meep!” You drop your keys and your bag abruptly and melt into him, your startled squeak changing into a contented cry of surprise.

“Looks like you need a little…change of clothing, yes?” He spins you around in his arms and kisses you on the forehead, pulling his wand from his robes and casting a silent spell with a flourish.  Suddenly, your cold, soggy clothing is gone leaving you wearing your favorite comfy pajama set, complete with bunny slippers.

“The slippers are a nice touch,” you remark, giggling.

“I aim to please,” he replies with a knowing smirk, bowing theatrically at the waist. 

“You know, if you ever released that spell to the public, it would improve nearly every relationship in Wizarding Britain,” you continue, wrapping your arms around him and letting him lead you into the front room, where a tea tray loaded with goodies sits on the table across from the couch.

“Ah, but I prefer to keep the best for the one I love the most,” Severus replies, sitting down and pouring you a cup of tea exactly the way you like best. “Do try the jam thumbprint cookies. I used current and raspberry this time.”

You look at the freshly-baked cookies hungrily.  You know that Severus always cooks to relieve stress, but he’s always had issues with baking. 

“They look perfect, Severus.”

Severus obviously preens at the praise, even though you can tell he’s trying to avoid doing so.

A single bite and your eyes go wide. “This is amazing!” 

“Not as amazing as you are,” he replies, placing his head on your shoulder.

“What’s wrong?” You can tell that there’s something on his mind when he gets this clingy.

“I…had an epiphany today,” he says slowly. “Let me preface this by saying that I don’t want to lose you, but after this week…I’ve begun to think that…maybe…we’re drifting.”

Your heart sinks into your belly and you put down your tea with a loud clatter.

“Are you…breaking up with me?” Your voice is disturbingly even.

“No…that’s not…”

“I just had the absolute worst day at work, you know,” your voice wavers as you hold back tears, “and I’ve missed you terribly all week and…and you tell me….”

You hate how you begin to sob, but his warmth as he wraps his arms around you is still comforting, even though you keep telling yourself that it will only make things more painful in the end.

“Shhhh, nobody is leaving anybody, my love. Now, I know I’ve been rather absent lately, but I wanted to tell you some good news.  The patent is in place and I received a bonus in addition to the advance payment from the supplier. Finally, I…can do what I’ve been waiting so long to do.”

You blink, looking up at him as you wipe the tears out of your eyes. “What?”

“I finally have enough.  I…oh, this isn’t coming out the way I imagined, but…”

He pulls back and rifles in his robes before pulling out a small golden box.

“Please,” he says, breathing heavily, “do me the honor of becoming my wife.”

Your eyes widen and you nearly fall backwards, suddenly feeling so stupid for having doubted him.  

“I look silly,” you say, because you can’t think of anything to say.

“You look lovely, as always,” he replies. “Don’t feel like you have to answer right away.  I understand if you…have to think about it.”

“No!” you cry, feeling bad when he flinches, “I mean, yes, YES, good lord, of course I want to marry you! I’d have to be crazy not to!”

Relief fills his face and his smile is something of beauty as he beams at you.

“Some people might say that you’re horribly mistaken,” he quips, finally, handing the ring to you.

“Some people are idiots,” you reply, slipping the ring onto your finger.

“Can’t argue with that,” he laughs, his eyes opening with surprise as you hug-tackle him and kiss him deeply.

“Hey,” he says softly when you both come up for air, “that was my line.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” you reply softly, poking his nose gently before nuzzling him gently, “I’ll let you return the favor tonight.”

“Bugger tonight, how about now?” Severus replies insistently, kissing you deeply until all you can think of is how happy you are lying in his arms.