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Once Aaron is ready to move on with his life, if he was in the pub & went to kiss Robert, what do u think Roberts reaction would be? I wonder just how much he's accepted who he is, weather or not he's still ashamed to admit it in public

I don’t think he’d have much of a reaction tbh. He might be a little taken back at first but I think he’d just return the kiss. He admitted to Chas how he feels twice pretty much in the middle of the pub where anyone could hear, I know a kiss and admitting your feelings are not the same but if he’s saying all this now then when they do reunite I think he will have fully accepted who he is (if he hasn’t already), he’s going to prove how serious he is about him so when it does come to that I don’t think there will be any problem, he’ll be more than willing to show everyone how he really feels about him tbh.

I had the most disastrous tutorial today. My essay got torn apart and I deserved it. It was, to use my tutor’s word, “sloppy”. Plus I had some very questionable arguments. However, I think she’s being slightly ridiculous with how strictly she wants me to follow MLA, down to margins and formatting the first page - I’m usually pretty good with citing, but I’m not writing a freaking thesis every week. Anyway, I’m surprised that I’m not more ashamed of myself and that I still like her / think she’s cool. Maybe that’s why? She seems like the kind of girl I’d have a crush on - although thank god that didn’t happen - so maybe that’s what’s making me to want to do better next week instead of hating and resenting her and the class.

exo in vancouver

it’s something i just realized is that it is mostly the asian north american fans who crowd airports and stuff. LIKE CHILLLLLL…………why in the hell are you guys calling out k exo ls and you do the same????? i hardly see black or white people doing this (i’m not saying some don’t) but still …. some times i’m ashamed to be an exo L and i want to leave this fandom but then i remember my boys and i just can’t do it………sighhh


Fragments: a Reylo fanfiction

Chapters: 2/?

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He is in her dreams, as a child, a young boy, a broken man: all begging for her to end his pain. She does not realise that they are bound, and the dreams were not just dreams, but a call from the Light that still lived in the hearth of her enemy’s soul. They are fragments, fragments of the Light that fought to live within him. Fragments of the Darkness that sought to claim her.

sneak peek:

There was no denying that ‘till this day he still felt the pull of the Light. The Knight was ashamed to admit it, he feared the possibility that perhaps he would never be rid of its calling. There was still hope, hope to finally immerse himself in the Darkness that he was destined for. It was within him, a chasm that grew each time he used its power. Though slow to work, it was most definitely succeeding in snuffing out the Light that clenched at his heart. The white flame was soft and small, a tender hearth that Leia Organa forced into his body when he was an infant. It was a strong little thing, he wondered how the woman had enough power to put something so tiny yet so powerful within him.

He absentmindedly ran his hand along the scar that ran from the left corner of his forehead to the edge of his right cheekbone, feeling the raised skin that formed over the laceration. If he had just been strong enough, the Knight might have been able to heal the wound himself, but he was weakened by a fever he caught from the freezing cold of Starkiller base. For a reason unknown to him, his spirit was more unwilling than his own flesh. ’You deserve more pain than this.’ a voice whispered at the back of his head that night as he lay unconscious on the medical table of their starship. He knew it was his own, it was the voice of the flame that Leia Organa placed inside of him.


6 facts about yourself and then tag 10 peeps

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1. I’m an asian chinese, currently studying in university!

2. I love food I love sushi pasta eggs icecream tea EVERYTHING except bitter gourd

3. I’m an ISFJ hehe

4. I collect stickers since young and I still do now at this age. (I am not ashamed)

5. I hope I will be able to play in snow one day.

6. I’m left handed!

You don’t have to do it but I tag: @sokitaaa @hopeofbts @pikapistef @namdoom @damnnjoon @wreckitrapmon @justonetae @hobigivesmehope @tatianamm @jidregon 

GMHS2 Taping! Spoilers ahead.

Okay, so while I am VERY pro-spoiler, I absolutely draw the line at giving away the details of an ENTIRE episode in full. That’s just beyond what I’m okay with, sorry. But, I’m going to clarify some stuff that’s already out there a little as well as give you some disjointed stuff to have fun speculating about until these episodes air on June 3rd & 5th (why two days apart? beats me!)

What’s already out there:

In the bakery scene at the end, the boys (Lucas and Farkle, primarily) are still pretty ashamed/humiliated/feeling awful about leaving Maya and Riley in the hole. Zay and Smackle feel bad too, but Lucas and Farkle feel the worst and say the most about it over the course of the episode. (And you get some more context on this beforehand in an earlier bakery scene, which involves mainly Lucas & Farkle talking about the girls. Only Riley is mentioned by name, however. Buuuuut that’s not as bad as a lot of y'all are gonna think it is, and I’ll explain why *when it airs*. I repeat: WHEN IT AIRS. All I’ll say for now is that WORD CHOICE MATTERS). That’s the context of Lucas’s “don’t look at me” (may have been “don’t look at us,” I can’t recall, maybe someone else who was there will recall it more precisely) line before the shirt grab. There’s a great bit of matching Lucaya and Riarkle in this scene BEFORE the shirt grab, but I’m not gonna give it ALL away.

When Riley and Maya sit down next to Lucas in the bakery scene at the end, they parallel the senior triangle—almost. Maya asks Riley “You still like him?” Riley answers “Yeah, I still like him. I like us all.” (Or maybe it was “all of us,” I forget). And then she does NOT return the question to Maya, which as we already know is how it goes with the senior girls. And man…I have some THOUGHTS on the senior triangle and this parallel, but I’m gonna save them for now because I think it’ll give too much away. Plus I could be wrong about what I think I saw and I wanna see the finished episode first.

Some teasers:

Maya’s in red (it’s a deep red), Riley’s in yellow (more of a goldenrod?).

Lucaya physical contact: four times. (three of which are in the final bakery scene)

Riarkle physical contact: two times.

Rilucas physical contact: none unless you count sitting next to each other (which, before anyone asks, I did not count for Lucaya).

The blocking in the final bakery scene and in the final hallway scene is Lucaya and Riarkle (well, Rismarkle) af. Rucaya too, obviously, in both (pretty sure it was in both, I’m 100% on the bakery, 85% on hallway bc we only saw it once and I can’t remember now). Anyway. You’ll see what I mean. Well, you will if you’re the sort of person who understands that blocking MATTERS. 😉

There’s an absolutely darling Augava/Corpanga moment. A bunch of them, but one in particular is a standout.

There’s a lot of stuff about make believe vs real life in the Augava scenes. Definitely a dreamer + realist thing going on there. Auggie tells Ava something he’s never told anyone in an attempt to cheer her up. Topanga says this means Ava is the “most special person in the world” (because of Auggie telling Ava what he tells her), and I ABSOLUTELY think it’s a hat-tip to Rilucas and the “I’ve never told anyone this before” bit in GM Boy (but I’m not stressed about it, for reasons I’ll get into WHEN IT AIRS, I repeat: WHEN IT AIRS). Later, Ava thanks Auggie for “trying so hard.”

Towards the end, Cory says something along the lines of “you can’t depend on your past successes anymore.” (Sorry I forgot the exact line!) Refers to the kids not being “kings” anymore on the surface level obviously, but probably also serves as more meta about how THIS show isn’t gonna be like its predecessor.

There’s a hilarious Lucas/Zay Texas-pride moment. It’s been amped up from what we knew about before and it’s great. Lucas/Zay bromance is on point in this episode.

Farkle and Smackle both faint. She lands on him. It’s adorable.

Sarah, Darby, Yogi, Wyatt, Yindra, Dave and a couple of the other regular side kids whose names I don’t know are still in Cory’s class.

There’s a lovely callback to Mr. Feeny’s “Do good.”

Aaaaaaand that’s pretty much all I’m comfortable saying for now in terms of spoilers.

It’s a great episode. Y'all are gonna love it.

Jacobs gave a little recap of part one, talking about how the group basically fell apart in the first half of the ep.

At one point someone asked about the bulletin boards and the host said that Jacobs himself is involved with those and that he’s very hands on with everything. The host elaborated a little more, I think, but I couldn’t make that part out from where I was. (From what I could see, the current bulletin board has a big 3-D planet, a bunch of space stuff, and some classical art. I picked out the Mona Lisa, but it was kinda hard to see it all. Really wish I’d gotten a closer look or a photo, but didn’t get the chance. Next time, maybe, if it’s still there.)

Somebody else asked about the cinematographer (or cinematography? not sure) but I didn’t really catch the full question or the answer. Hopefully someone else did!

I didn’t get to meet anybody because they cut off the meet & greet before everyone could get a turn (kids were tired). Maybe next time.

Also, Ben Savage is SUCH a goofball, wow. He danced around to the DJ’s music a few times and it was hilarious.

Gonna do a post on what it was like to watch the taping and kinda describe the experience later because I’m exhausted and I got a meta to finish for y'all first!

Hope this post satiates y'all. ☺️

The insidious thing about catcalling (and overall the feeling of having your body be public property) is that when you’re not being catcalled on a daily basis you think “ok, thank God I’m not, but also… there something wrong with me?” because there’s this constant need of male validation being pushed onto us. 

The same way, if you’re being catcalled and later on you feel like you didn’t have the right reaction to it (no sassy comment, or you ended up talking to them, or you gave up your number because you were scared), it’s not your fault. It’s ok to be scared, to be tired. You don’t have to be a walking punchline machine. 

Catcalling is an assertion of power, its sole goal is to make you uncomfortable, to make you feel unsafe. You aren’t over reacting.

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chara, cause the internet think's your a demon!! that's why! (in another timeline, you killed frisk!)

Asgore: *I will NOT have my child be blamed for the actions of those who claim control of other timelines. I do not care what you believe is true, and what you believe you have power over. You will NOT blame a CHILD. Much less one who is MY CHILD.

*You should be ASHAMED. You have pleaded guilty and yet still you find it amusing to pin your sins on Chara. It is disgusting. I may not be a ruling figure any longer, but I still have the power to turn every monster on the surface against you for this behavior, and I still have plenty of power of my own to serve justice where it is necessary.

*Now I will have NO MORE of these accusations and questions. Do not step out of line again. This is your only warning.

*…Thank you for alerting me of this madness, Flowey.

//Chara is temporarily unavailable for direct questions while they calm down. Good job everyone, traumatizing a child!//


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Imagine dating Peter and he wants to keep it a secret and you keep wondering why.

——— Request for anon ———

“Are you…” you ask, looking to your feet as you take a worried breath, “Are you ashamed of me?”

“What?” Peter asks, moving towards you as he reaches out to grip your arms gently, making you look back up at him, “Of course I’m not ashamed of you.”

You can feel the insecurity still running through you even with his refusal, “Then why do you want to keep me a secret, Peter?”

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I always, always thought that Louis was ashamed of his sexuality. Like, not of loving Harry, but of loving a man. Now, though, I realise that he's PROUD of who he is and who he loves and he can't wait to show that to the world. I'm so excited for that day to come. I hate this. I hate them having to go through this. So much. They need to end it. I honestly can't see this lasting much longer.

This ask is so SO important. I feel like a lot of people start out where you did (and unfortunately, a lot of people are still there), thinking that Louis is reserved or ashamed about being gay and that some, if not all, of his closeting is self-inflicted, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Harry and Louis have always been in very different closets and unfortunately and infuriatingly, Louis’ closet has always been externally enforced via 1DHQ on his social media with aggressive displays of hetero masculinity and outbursts of homophobia. It’s easy for people to mistake this for Louis’ genuine opinions.

He is SO PROUD of who he is and who he loves and I know it would mean so much for Louis that his fans see that.