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Five Hundred Miles (A Marco Reus OS)

a/n: For my Marco anon. It’s short, but I hope you like it anyway :)

They have only been driving for a bit over one and a half hours and Marco already feels restless. He dislikes long road trips; he always prefers to travel with airplanes or trains, since it’s much easier. So, he still can’t believe that he lets Eva talk him out to drive from Dortmund to Kiel.

They’re going to Kiel to visit one of their mutual friends, Lisa, who moved there two years ago and now just has gotten a baby. Eva is the one driving, of course. Marco is still ashamed of himself whenever he thinks about the driving licence thing… but, let’s not go there, shall we?

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Here Is my MIRAME post. The Mexican pride in me didn’t show itself until late high school. Growing up in a predominantly white community made me want to be just like everyone else. I grew up speaking Spanish first in my grandmas household but I was stubborn and ashamed so I forgot. I can still understand most Spanish luckily. It was when I started educating myself I knew I was lucky to be different. I grew up immersed in culture. Even though I don’t “look” Mexican.. I relate to other Mexican Americans because of how I was raised. Also it is very annoying when people don’t believe i’m Mexican even though my dad was born in Tijuana and my mom in El Paso.

Also, I twitch in irritation whenever I read a “Y isn’t Chewie greying liek Han???”

Son, don’t make me take out my Lore Glasses and sit you down for some Star Wars Splainin’

Written for the bagginshield anniversary :)

“Do you remember the day we met?” Bilbo asks, propping himself up on one elbow, fond smile on his face as he looks down at his husband. There’s a rather becoming flush on Thorin’s cheeks still, though their breathing has finally returned to normal, and his bare chest looks so lovely in the firelight that Bilbo can’t help but trace absent patterns across it with reverent fingers.

Thorin smiles, and Bilbo kisses the crinkles by his eyes because he can.

“I do,” Thorin answers, large hand playing the knobs of Bilbo’s spine like a harp, “I was rather… frustrated by how lovely you were.”

Bilbo pulls back with a frown, “Lovely? Thorin, you do realise I was there, don’t you? You called me a grocer!”

Thorin does, at least, have the grace to look a little ashamed, “Yes. Dwalin still laughs at me about that.”

“Laughs at you?”

Thorin sighs, “I am not always so rude to respectable hobbits, you know. He was well aware of the effect you had on me, even if the others were not.”

The colour on his cheeks is brighter now than it was before, and it seeps down and across his chest in a way that Bilbo would find dangerously endearing if he weren’t busy blinking in surprise.

“I – effect? Thorin, I love you dearly, but even you cannot deny that our first few months of acquaintance were rocky at best.”

Thorin hums in acknowledgment, eyes falling to watch as his own free hand comes up to cover Bilbo’s, “I did not know you then as I do now, and I admittedly did not think you were suited to our quest,” Bilbo scoffs and Thorin’s eyes meet his again with a shy smile, “But I thought you a fine thing, even then.”

Sometimes, the way Thorin looks at him makes Bilbo’s breath catch in his throat and his heart feel like it could fly. He looks at Bilbo like he can’t believe he’s there, and Bilbo has to claim another kiss before he crumbles under the weight of it.

“I suppose I thought you quite handsome,” Bilbo smiles against the king’s lips, “For such a self-important, overly serious, arrogant – ”

Bilbo yelps out a surprised laugh as Thorin, grinning, pushes him back into the bed and leans over him until his dark hair trails across Bilbo’s shoulders like silk.

“Insolent hobbit,” he admonishes, kissing the laughter from Bilbo’s lips again and again and again.

They’re smiling like a pair of fauntlings by the time they finally pull away, Thorin letting his forehead rest against Bilbo’s.

“Why did you ask, ghivashel?” Thorin murmurs, leaning back just enough to see Bilbo’s face, “About the day we met. Did you think I could forget it?”

“No, it’s just…” Bilbo smiles, twisting the marriage braid in Thorin’s hair around his finger. It’s only a few hours old and Bilbo lifts the bead at the end to his lips, “Here we are.”

Thorin reaches down to press a kiss upon Bilbo’s own marriage bead and when their eyes meet again, Thorin looks as awed as Bilbo feels. “Yes,” he breathes, eyes shining with more than just firelight, “Here we are.”

Confession:  During Easter, my grandparents came over to my house for a family dinner. They asked me the usual questions about school and work, and eventually they were curious as to if I had a boyfriend yet. Being in college, I was too ashamed to admit that I still haven’t had one, so instead I described Fenris and Alistair in great detail, and now they think my imaginary guy has a split personality, and that I’m way too obsessed.


I’m def not afraid to show people what I used to look like I was a little chubby and I lost weight but I’m not ashamed now I used to only show my neck up because I didn’t want to be called fat my exes family would call me fat all the time I never took it to heart but I did keep it in mind I would’ve never shown these pics a couple of months ago I would’ve just pretended like my body has always been semi perfect but I realized there are other girls who are not comfortable with there bodies and going through what I went through trying to lose weight if they can see this just know anything is possible fuck other ppl I’m still in the process of getting right but I’m still not ashamed

look its great if youre not ashamed of your self harm scars, you need to still tag them as triggers. be considerate.

No but seriously, I think my feelings are genuinely hurt.

I mean, I’m not a bad person. I don’t say awful things on facebook. I lead a very good live where I pay all my bills and work a full time job. Hell, I also work a part-time job on top of that! I’m educated and kind and funny. I have my life together, way more than he did when he was my age.

It just feels like I’ve been rejected, for him to add me then back out. I uploaded a ton of wedding photos I had forgotten to add to my albums…maybe that was it? It’s hard feeling like you’ve really got it all together, but your conservative, Christian dad is still ashamed of you because you happen to be married to a woman instead of a man.

He’s so lucky! Does he even realize?! He so lucked out with me and how fucking amazing I am. Goddammit. Why does he not see that? That he raised a fucking intelligent and capable child? 

Long Time No See | Butch & Gwynn

Butch parked in front of the big mansion. His darling Gwynn now lived in one of these houses. He couldn’t believe it but he couldn’t have been more happy. He was still ashamed of himself for all of his srupid behavior before and the dinner with Allie made him realize how awful he could be… but now Gwynn was happy with her squirt and he should see her. He walked up to the door , unannounced, and rang the doorbell.

I should be ashamed of myself… 

Not sure if this still counts as flabbergasted Ganondorf or just plain horrified Ganondorf. I have a bad habit of taking things too damn far.

Loved all your suggestions! Thanks so much for jumping in with your thoughts! I think I might do a few more of your ideas. Also, I came up with a headcanon you guys might like that I’ll be drawing out soon. :)

They’ve got love all figured out but I’m
just a trespasser at their door,
thinking I know what it means to
give another my everything,
when really, I have nothing at my core–
they say all you need to love is a heart,
but I fucking lost mine when I tore us apart
and I can never find words good
enough to apologize, because somehow
they will always amount to twisted lies,
so I will take all your profanities and
curses and I will hole them up in my chest,
because they are the only things I deserve,
and they are the only things I will never regret.
—  I am ashamed that my heart is still beating after I have broken yours

Even though getting a job at this point would mean me juggling work, a leadership position in an active club and of course schoolwork I would gladly do it because I’m weak to pretty things and shopping so my lack of finance (I don’t like spending my parent’s money oddly enough) just hurts. 

Ask me how I blew 80 dollars online alone over the course of a day and a hafl. 


IMAGINE Kol saving you from a werewolf attack, but you are still hurt and are ashamed of your injuries.

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