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That time of the month

Request:  hi can u do an imagine where the reader is on her period and peter is just really cute with her? thank u 💖

Summary: It’s your time of the month and Peter scrambles to do all he can and provide cuddles

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Peter knew you better than you knew yourself, so it should come to no surprise when he’s able to read you like a neon light, but it always does. He was looking forward to a weekend with you at his place with movie marathons, attempted bakery, and late night city tours. But when you told him you weren’t sure, when he invited you, he was confused by how uncharacteristic it was of you. 

His features scrunched up in bafflement as he read your text. His thoughts quickly raced around to figure out what could possibly be wrong. Through his puzzlement, he concluded that it’s likely that you were sick, on your period, or much to his paranoia: breaking up with him. Regardless of his assumptions, he sent you a text reading “on my way”

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"You Look Really Good Today!”

A/N: Hello there! So I wrote this and had it sitting in the Notes on my phone weeks before I ever posted any of my writing here on Tumblr, but I rather enjoyed this and even though it didn’t fit into the other plot line as smoothly as I would have hoped, I still thought it needed to see the light of day, so I decided to post it all on its lonesome as a one shot. I didn’t tag anyone unless you explicitly requested I do so, but if you want me to add you to my “forever tag” list for any of my future fics I post, just let me know! I hope you enjoy! 😁❤️

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Yikes!! Ya better watch your back, it’s Pinstripe Potoroo!! 

Oh, I’ve been waiting forever to doodle up this gunslingin’ gangsta!! Aside from Cortex, Pinstripe was my favorite from the first game!! Probably because he has a Tommy Gun, and was rapid-firing it everywhere! Yeah, like most of the first game bosses, he’s somewhat easy to beat but it was still kinda alarming!! It was awesome to younger-me, and still awesome to slightly-older me!! 

@forevertableflip: Tongue is my favorite of your spicier one-shots and I’ve been meaning to draw some love for it since FOREVER. Keep up the fabulous work, friend!

Aaaah you are too kind!! This looks AMAZING! I absolutely adore the expressions here, both Symmetra’s shyness and Junkrat’s mischievous grin! Their body language is perfect and it really portrays the scene so well. Thank you so much, my friend! ;v;

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What's the fox hole court?

ok so, ‘the foxhole court’ is the first book in the ‘all for the game’ series which tells a story of one neil josten.

  • neil (originally nathaniel wesninski) is the only son of a dangerous gangster called the butcher of baltimore who has an affinity for knives, cleavers and axes and a penchant for child abuse
  • when neil was ten his mother took him away and they’ve been on the run ever since, going through a bunch of countries and fake identities
  • neil’s father and his people were after them (occasionally catching up with them) and after seven years of running neil’s mother is fatally injured and dies while trying to get neil to safety one last time
  • after her death neil does the only thing he can - he changes his identity once again and holes up in a small town called millport where he lives for a year before the beginning of the first book
  • now see, neil is tired, he’s exhausted and terrified and feels like he’s nothing
  • so neil does something his mother would disapprove of (and probably beat the shit out of him for doing): he joins the local high school exy team
  • exy is a made-up sport (kinda like lacrosse but played indoors) that neil used to play when he was a child and it’s the only thing in his fake life that makes him feel real and in control
  • after a year of playing for the millport team neil is scouted by palmetto state university’s exy coach david wymack and requested to join the palmetto state foxes
  • which is a terrible idea because
  • one: playing for a university team would put him in the face of cameras which could lead to his father’s people noticing and recognizing him
  • and two: kevin day plays for the foxes
  • neil met kevin when they were both little kids and even though eight years have passed there is still a possibility of kevin recognizing neil as the son of the butcher of baltimore which is something neil wants to avoid
  • but the thing is, kevin is here in millport with coach wymack (and andrew minyard who literally takes neil’s breath away by knocking him down with an exy racquet to the stomach) and he doesn’t recognize neil at all (dyed hair, colored contacts and eight years are enough to do the trick)
  • and neil really wants to play exy
  • he just wants something good in his miserable life
  • and he figures that if kevin doesn’t recognize him no one else will either, at least not immediately
  • so he decides to join the foxes and disappear at the first sign of kevin realizing who he is
  • and so neil goes to palmetto state university where (after dealing with some really bad shit) he finds himself a family and a future he never thought he could have

the main reasons why i picked up the series are:

  • interesting and flawed characters
  • sass master neil “i’m fine” josten who can’t resist dragging people (especially if those people are called riko moriyama) even when he’s scared of the consequences of doing so
  • canon lgbt+ characters who don’t get killed off
  • and
  • families of choice (which will forever be one of my favorite tropes ever)

the series was a fun and quick read for me but i was unpleasantly surprised several times while reading because the books are full to the brim with potentially triggering content. like, there’s a full trigger list going around and it’s long (and people are still adding to it) so read it before deciding whether or not you want to give the series a shot.

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what would you say is your favorite clexa moment?

Alright anon. The reason it took so long for me to reply to you is as simple as it is complex.

At first, I went through all the seperate scenes. When was my favorite moment?
Was it when they met? Was it when Lincoln was resurrected? Was it when Clarke downed a shot to prove Raven’s innocence? Was it when Lexa said ‘Not everyone. Not you.’? Was it when Lexa took the biggest gulp of gulps and said ‘Maybe we do.’?

No, but yes.

The thing is, it was all of it. Every part of their story, from start to (FUCKING) finish, was my favorite moment. I can’t possibly choose anything, because everything that happened was necessary for them to become the OTP That I Will Never Get Over™.

And just for the sake of it, let me make myself cry a little.

Maybe my favorite moment never happened. Maybe that’s why I’m (still) so heartbroken over them.

Maybe my favorite moment would’ve been Lexa giving Clarke a kiss on her forehead, waking the ambassador up ever so gently, in preperation of another day of uncertainty and chaos, and the only moment that was ever calm, for both of them, was that moment.

Maybe my favorite moment would’ve been when Clarke reached for Lexa’s thigh under the table, when they’re having a ceremonial dinner with the leaders of all the clans, and instead of leather she finds Lexa’s hand, which was there because Lexa was surpressing that exact same impulse the entire time.

Maybe my favorite moment would’ve been Lexa teaching Clarke how to fight, not even that gentle, Clarke getting better and better and better until she’s found a way to distract Lexa, sweeping her to the ground in a sudden move, challenge bursting from her eyes, and the surprised look on Lexa’s face turning into a soft, proud stare. “Good.”

Or maybe. Maybe it would’ve been (and this is a reaaaal fucking fantasy but you asked me so) when Clarke cut out Lexa’s chip, came up with some lame ass excuse of how Lexa was murdered by stray Azgeda warriors who still followed Nia in their minds, and returned the chip to the Fleimkepa, saying she wants to bury Lexa alone and with dignity, for she was her lover, demanding the right to keep Lexa’s body for herself, while instead they lived in secret together for as long as the radiation would allow (though they’re both cunning enough to find a way to survive it, I’m sure).

That’s just it, anon. I honestly think my favorite moment never came. I think I was robbed of my favorite moment, and that that’s the reason I just c a n n o t let these two go, ever. Not just Lexa, but they deserved so much more. And to be honest. I hope that writers never stop writing fics, because at this rate, the time I will approximately be over them, is never.

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(thalia/bainca anon again) and ok thanks no worries! :) how about: what is your favorite canon fic? like one tht takes place at camp half blood not too long after the war.

I can’t choose just one, i have a lot of favorites :3

@eclaire-de-lune: i’m sorry but he will be anthony (tony for short) in my heart forever

my two favorite things about the York Names Discourse:

  • it was 100% a shitpost, but it STILL gets me the occasional straggler like “is my name for him ok?” (YES. LMFAO)
  • i have literally been given dozens of suggestions and still don’t have one.

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冻结的  { }       4. Who is your tank main?
my tank main is followed very closely by zar.ya ♥

冻结的  { }       14. What Arcade game type is your least favorite?
one shot, one kill.  i`m a really poor sniper ;; 

冻结的  { }       24. Which event non-legendary skin was your favorite?
uhmm…  tbh nihon,  demon hanz.o,  coldhardt,  and qipao are some of my favs.  i have too many favs to be honest ;;  like this list could really go on forever bc i really don’t hate any of the skins out there.  i have such an appreciation for them ;;

冻结的  { }       34. What has been the hardest achievement to get for you?

     ow questionnaire  ( acc )    |    @hubcityquestion

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Please rec your favorite CS fiction or authors. I'm desperate.

I have been waiting for someone to ask me this for so long…prepare yourself for an earful, my precious pea.

My Favorite Authors

Anything these angels write is gold, and they frequently make me cry tears of blood. I stalk their work like a psycho, and I highly suggest you follow them (most if not all of these precious bbs post new stories quite frequently). Anything by paradisdesbilles, jadeddiva, amiserablelove25, lovingcaptainswan, niniadepapa, and-i-will-win-it, vickyvicarious, colinschest, ohmyohpioneer, onceuponamirror, intolerablystruck, lady-silverblood, la-ilustrada, or swaggercaption is flawless. That being said, here are some of my favorite stories that I could read about a million times…

My Favorite Stories

The Lost Boys - niniadepapa : I legit spent half of my night last night rereading this (and the link may or may not go to the chapter I’m currently on, but please feel free to navigate back to 1). Rock star Killian and actress Emma, you can’t go wrong.

Provocateur - swaggercaption : Perfectly in character, sexual tension through the roof, this is an AU where Killian and Emma are partners in a crime unit.

The Cartogrpahy Of Our Intimacy - jadeddiva : I swear to God, I’ve never had such a violent reaction to a story before. Flawlessly beautiful piece on how Killian comes to accept intimacy.

Into The Fire - amiserablelove25 : Wartime fic in the Enchanted Forest, it will crush your soul in the best ways. Also, if you like reading smut, Col is a genius - all of her stories are also on

Don’t Touch - colinschest : The first in a series of mind-blowing smut, but also super in character. It’s sweet, it’s hot, and it brings the angst. Riot Rhythm, White Knuckles, Exit Wounds, and Be Still are the follow-ups (read in that order).

A Little Too Much Of That Poison, Baby - colinschest : Emma marries Killian after a drunken night out. It’s flawless. Read it.

I also read a ton of one-shots and some of my most-recent favorites are:

This piece of gross sobbing about Killian becoming a ghost and haunting Emma by niniadepapa

This thing that I want to crawl up into and live in forever about Killian returning after a long journey by paradisdesbilles

This delicious smutty goodness about Killian finding Emma in a erm, compromising position by intolerablystruck

This beautiful warmth about Emma and Killian becoming godparents by vickyvicarious

I could actually continue to add to this list, but if you just follow those lovely people up at the top - you can’t go wrong.

Did someone say 900+ follow forever?? I’m not sure, but I’m doing it anyway! I’ve never actually done anything like this before (or at the very least don’t remember doing so–) but I’m all for giving it a shot! No fancy descriptions for individual blogs, but I’ll be bolding some of my favorites~ Here we go then! (Also if I forgot anyone I’m sorry! But you’re still on my list of super gr8 blogs even if you’re not on here!)

# - H

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Read to Me .:Historicalmusicjunkie:.

“Lavi!” Allen shouted across the university campus, trying to get his boyfriend’s attention. His attempts were futile, but he eventually made it through the crowd of people to catch up. He shot a hand out and pulled on the redhead’s hand, making him stop.

“I have something for you.” Allen smiled shyly up at Lavi before beginning to dig in his bag. Their relationship was only a few days old and they were still in that awkward cute phase that still manages to hit after being friends for what seemed like forever. It was stupid, but that didn’t keep Allen from blushing as he handed his boyfriend his favorite book. “Since you like books, I thought maybe you’d want to read my favorite one.”


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What are some of your favorite heartbreak songs that you like to listen to? I like "Forever and Almost Always" type of songs.

It’s Cool, We Can Still Be Friends - Bright Eyes

Some Boys - Death Cab For Cutie

In My Veins - Andrew Belle

The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot - Brand New

Youth - Daughter

I Can’t Make You Love Me/Nick of Time (cover) - Bon Iver

Manhattan - Sara Bareilles

Wrecking Ball (cover) - James Arthur

Warning Sign - Coldplay

Skinny Love (cover) - Birdy

Right Girl (acoustic) - The Maine

Laughter Lines - Bastille

Basically I like listening to songs that make me feel dead inside

Still not over this mani. It’s probably my favorite I’ve ever done. I want to keep it on forever 😍 so sorry for another shot of it, but I like it. And I like my pretty ring 😉💎