still adorable as ever though


The results are out! 🎉

Looks like Scorpio has kept his place at number one for the 2nd year in a row~ Congratulations 👌🏻

Im honestly surprised Eisuke didn’t make it into the top 3 but not even mad (at least now there’s less hate amirite?) muahahhaha still getting bridal stories for Soryu and Eisuke 👰🏻

Ahhhh and we nearly got the actual King’s route RIP gg… Kaito how dafuq you make it into top 10?! 😂 This is the most confusing thing to me tbh

Last time Victoria and Lord M saw each other they parted liked this

If this is how they say goodbye from now on, I will die a happy death.

Hey Taylor!

It’s Nikkie! You followed me two years ago and I’ve never really done something like a follow list because I feel like you see enough of those on your dash, but this one is a little different.

This is a follow list dedicated to the Swiftie Amino App. Swifties, if you don’t know, is an app dedicated to fans of YOU. The app has been out since 2015, and it’s weird to think that you’ve been following me longer then I’ve been a member there. In 2016, Narvii released an app called the Amino App and it combines all the communities they made, and even gave people a chance to create their own.

Amino is such a unique atmosphere. Nobody is vieing for attention. It’s not about likes, reblogs, or even being featured. It’s about Swifties coming together and sharing their love for you. There are 26k members in this community, and obviously I’m not friends with all of them (and not all of them are regularly active on the app) But here is a following list of users I have met on Amino, that I’m sure you’d enjoy on your Tumblr Dash:

@officialswiftiesamino - the official Swifties Amino Tumblr Page. We post fun things like weekend challenges, memes, and creative posts users make.

@beginagainswiftt - Kacie. Louisiana Swiftie. Saw you during Super Saturday Night (she’s the one I had PMed you about) One of the three fabulous leaders of the community. Actual angel and muffin. If you were catfishing us, you would probably be Kacie.

@happyfreeconfusedlonelyrachel - Rachel. One of the three fabulous leaders of the community. Communications major/theater minor. Absolutely lovely soul. She comes in to group chats, says the most wise things, maybe drops the perfect gif, and then leaves again 😂😂

@jamesdeanandredlips - Kay. Florida Swiftie. TOTAL BADASS. The last of the three leaders of the community in her free time. Most of her time is dedicated to saving lives as a Nurse at a hospital. Always knows what to do.

@sam-l-15 - Sam. Although he’s not a leader, nor a curator. He’s still one of my greatest friends from amino. He’s a 20 year old speak now Stan from Oregon with a somewhat rough life. He’s really sweet and has a lot of potential.

@servicedogswiftie - Kenzie (although that’s not her real name, that’s what she goes by on the interewebs so her parents don’t know). She has multiple chronic illnesses and is obsessed with Disneyland, weather, and dogs. She has the cutest dog named Angel and hopes to either be a meteorologist or a service dog trainer when she grows up.

@look-whatyoumademe-do - Alex. Left amino for what feels like 5 ever. I still love and adore her though. Huge Potterhead.

@luckyswiftie12 - Chris. Super awkward New York Swiftie with a big heart. Sometimes he doesn’t know where boundaries are but if you explain your feelings to him, he’ll try to understand and respect you. Super caring. Super supportive in dreams. Huge Red Stan.

@tayswiftiestarbuckslover - Amberleigh. Or Amber. Honestly I thought her name was Brianna when she first joined Amino. Talk about embarrassing. Oh well. She’s sugar and spice and everything nice with glitter sprinkled on top. 10/10

So yeah. If you would follow them that would be amazing! If you joined the amino app, I would probably die. Die. Dead. R I P me.
Alright ❤ Love ya!


“I guess… We call the artist again.”

isn’t she lovely?

partly for me because i was really anxious and needed something to do, and partly for earth-shines because she’s been working so hard lately and she deserves nice things in life. 


The baby has Spirit’s eyes.

It should be more revolting than it is, because Soul had spent a good deal of his adolescence dreading interaction with the elder scythe out of respect for his meister and the fear for the safety of his junk, but when big blue eyes stare up at him in wonder he feels nothing but a flooding warmth.

Blue eyes look good on her. Blue eyes are innocent and pure, expressive and beautiful, and Soul chokes up a little as he tugs her dress over her head.

She wiggles and blinks, stares at him and garbles nonsense.

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