still adorable as ever though


“I guess… We call the artist again.”

isn’t she lovely?

partly for me because i was really anxious and needed something to do, and partly for earth-shines because she’s been working so hard lately and she deserves nice things in life. 


The baby has Spirit’s eyes.

It should be more revolting than it is, because Soul had spent a good deal of his adolescence dreading interaction with the elder scythe out of respect for his meister and the fear for the safety of his junk, but when big blue eyes stare up at him in wonder he feels nothing but a flooding warmth.

Blue eyes look good on her. Blue eyes are innocent and pure, expressive and beautiful, and Soul chokes up a little as he tugs her dress over her head.

She wiggles and blinks, stares at him and garbles nonsense.

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