still accepting these any time

everyone is going on and on about how horrific or how great the beauty and the beast “explicitly gay moment” is but it’s literally just le fou dancing with another dude?? like?? how is that explicitly gay?? apparently straight dudes dont dance (not that le fou isn’t gay, this just isn’t undeniable proof that he is) 

(and honestly some disney villains (jafar, scar, dr. facilier, even ursula, etc.) are more obviously gay-coded than le fou is??)

and if my mother, the adamant Everything Must Be Straight and Wholesome helicopter parent, didn’t notice it, then it’s really not a huge deal


stupid hands can’t draw anything but these two. Anyways somehow my sick imagination managed to suggest some kind of a relationship between them and how Karai deals with Leo’s constant attempts to sacrifice himself

well, another book is done...

Deluge is live guys!!!

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you can go ahead and order on amazon, and if you still want a signed pre order, ill be accepting those at any time from now until the end of time i suppose. same for Brontide. But yeah! another book is done and its on to the next!

The next book, Petrichor, is my next main project for the month of April. I’m still finishing up my big bang fic right now so as soon as that’s done, I’ll be moving onto the last book in the Tempest Series…or is it? (guess you guys will have to wait and find out if there’s more!)

I want to thank everyone out there who has supported me through this second book! It really means so much to me to have a fanbase as kind as all of you who put up with my bouts of inactivity as i work on these long projects, and who stand by me when i do publish. It means so much to me to have you all as a support group, helping me to make my goal of being a full time writer a reality. I really hope you all enjoy Deluge, because I’m really, really proud of this book.

Please leave reviews on amazon and goodreads if you’re able, and keep an eye out for more news regarding my upcoming projects! Thank you all so much for supporting me, and until next time~

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holy shit I never thought I'd see beatricethegolden again. They was in my main fandom several years ago and were known for writing lots of rape fics as well as aging down characters to write shota porn. Apparently they're just as disgusting now as they were back then!

people like them are disgusting and im so angry that they can do this shit with little consequence simply because they put this fuckshit in writing

- mod cornstarch