still a wonderful ship though

OK but like – the Leverage trio going to see The Force Awakens, right?

Hardison drags Parker and Eliot along and – of course Hardison loves it, mouth slightly open and stars in his eyes, but Parker was just there to be polite until she saw Rey. Rey who climbs around inside starships, Rey who is orphaned and angry and alone and still full of love, Rey the unlikely hero of the story. It takes all of the credits for her uncurl from where she’s sitting hugging her knees to her chest, eyes wide and stunned as she watches the screen.

And Eliot who, okay, yes, he’s seen the original trilogy and even the new three, but he was surly about going anyway because he’s not a massive nerd, Hardison, and he didn’t need to see it the second that it came out. But the end of the movie finds him hunched and scowling in his seat like they won’t be able to tell he’s trying not to get emotional. Later all he’ll say about Han dying is end of an era, man, but he smiles to himself as Parker and Hardison talk in a furious storm of delight over Rey and Finn – and Poe Dameron, who clearly is in love with Finn as well, will they end up together, will all three of them end up together, Eliot snorts but looks pleased about it anyway, and he doesn’t actually say no when Hardison and Parker drag him back again the following day.

I do NOT want Caitlin Snow to be Iris West nor do I want her to become her replacement. I love her just the way she is. And it is exactly because Caitlin Snow is who she is and Barry Allen is the way he is that I love snowbarry so much. They have helped each other’s growth throughout the season and it is exactly that interaction that I love so much. I just can’t wait for the Killer Frost arc and all the angst coming from that.

Besides that, Iris West is a wonderful character and I do NOT want to see her replaced. I want her to have her own story line and grow as a character. I want her to become the amazing journalist that she’s meant to be and I want to see this growth on screen.

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Hi! I was just wondering, are you still shipping Rinharu even though you like Makoharu so much?

y-yes…..I’m still…shipping…rinharu….good lord life of a multishipper is conflicted and hard, but hell it is worth it:D