still a wip i guess

Hello! You might remember me as a person who sometimes draws comics on this site! I’ve been busy as heck with end-of-term work and also some work-related travel(!), so it’s taken me a while to get everything done and then also remember how to draw. The good news is that I’m working on a new Summer Comic Project–

–and the other good news is that I’m drawing it completely print-ready for once, so I’m hoping to make some A5 minicomic booklets out of it (and possibly some older material: the last 6 months or so of comics are–totally unintentionally–exactly the right size, horizontally). The bad news is that there’s no way I’m gonna have it done in time to print/assemble it for Anime North in May so I won’t be able to hand out freebies and probably won’t be attending the con at all due to work/budget restrictions. (Everyone else have fun, though! Especially you fellow artists!) The consolation is that I’m hoping to finish this thing in batches and then post it a few pages at a time based on where it’ll split up naturally.  

P.S. I’m still trying to sort out the JJL timeline in my head. It’s really weird to be making something that you want to be at least plausible while running with the limited information that you have in the moment.  So many things make so little sense as they stand now…

not sure if/when i’ll ever finish these but, i have a thing planned and heres your preview


8 weeks of improvement

A big sorry for the lack of art on this blog and sometimes even weeks without a new upload! I may not churn out as much content as I’d like to, but painting all of my stuff allows me to improve faster, even tho it’s pretty time-consuming and sometimes a bit nerve-wrecking (I have no idea what I’m doing like 80% of the time haha… but I’m getting faster).

I gained a lot of new followers recently and wanted to thank yall for your supportive messages, the tons of notes and your lovely tags (I’ve read every single one of them)! It motivates me to no end and makes me work even harder. So thank you for your support, it means a lot to me!!!

I FINALLY got the motivation to make something. These past 3 days seem to have just not been very nice to my art inspiration and motivation. But thanks to varsyl, rykitsu, and nymphveon I finally got the inspiratio to create a thing.

Btw this is a 6 armed alien bab, the floating had is a ref for me when I actually start to draw them in and he’s got antenna and horns.