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My feelings on Gotham 3x20

Someone asked me to draw the Meet The Artist Challenge a while ago and I thought it would be a nice way to celebrate my blog reaching 1,000 followers last week and say thank you for all the love you guys give me all the time! I’m so happy that so many of you decided to stay and support me and my art, and I genuinely hope there’s going to be more and more of you in the future!
I’m super grateful to every single one of you, really. Keep being awesome! ♥

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Siren Danny in "Cool Sunsets"? (If the reblog was for us to send you prompts, that is)

It was to send me prompts, but I got sidetracked and took forever ;W;

(from this colour prompt by torddkin)


Took a drive up in the mountains this morning. It’s still pretty up there even though these pictures should have been taken 2 weeks ago.

It’s DHMIS’s anniversary and I just HAD to draw something to celebrate!! It’s a quick doodle because I don’t have the time to make a beautiful picture. I think it still looks pretty good though! :D
(((this is also the first time I’ve drawn some of the characters (i.e., the butterfly and steak thing), so please forgive me if some look a bit wonky ;w;)))

//JuminV week is less than 2 weeks away, and yet I’m being lazy af. *side eyes all the half written fics* Have this prototype of the day 1 theme. 😂 I am the best at art.

jul-sep 2017 fic summary

time for the 3rd quarterly fic roundup of 2017!


three rings (fb, gradence), 300 - just a challenge to myself to see if i could write some drabbles (with the traditional definition). i really want to write some more drabbles and ficlets but i’m not sure my ideas are small enough? if i do, i might turn this fic on ao3 into a ficlet/drabble collection.

who cares what picture you see (fb, gradence) 2000 - credence and graves go to the pictures! i still think this one is pretty cute, though i might have bogged it down with research. oh well. i’ve got a friend i know would be proud that i worked in an appreciation of buster keaton’s fine arse, though. ;D

avada kedavra, my love (fb, gradence) 35k - chapters five and six posted

the one thing in which I find solace (fb, gradence) 11k+ (collab with @almost-annette) - chapter two was posted. still having a lot of fun writing this fic! :D


quicken (fb, gradence), 3060 - vampire au! it’s something i might like to revisit, but i’m also happy with it just being a one shot.

avada kedavra, my love (fb, gradence) 35k - chapters seven and eight posted

the one thing in which I find solace (fb, gradence) 11k+ - chapter three was posted.


the one thing in which I find solace (fb, gradence) 11k+ - chapter four was posted.

avada kedavra, my love (fb, gradence) 35k - FINALLY FINISHED! HUZZAH! this fic is my baby. i’m really proud of it. it makes me so happy that other people have enjoyed it, too! it’s never going to be my most popular fic, but i love it a whole lot. i am definitely planning an epilogue and i may already have notes for a sequel. i can’t keep away from this ‘verse. 

follow up AKML snippet here on tumblr (fb gradence) 536 - graves getting knocked out/hit over the head is going to be a Thing, i’m afraid.

beside the sea, at waikiki on tumblr (fb, gradence) 1556 - another timestamp for AKML. graves and credence drinking cocktails on the beach. more or less. written for @braganzas because of a conversation we had some time ago!

as timestamps go by (fb, gradence) 2k+ - fic on ao3 to collect all of the AKML timestamps i write in one place (including the two above).

word counts

published: ~34417

unpublished (wips, shelved & some notes): ~29388

total: 63805

running tally (published only): 98k+

what i’m working on

the one thing in which I find solace is still ongoing. then there’s the rest of the lighthouse keeper au (chapter one is already up icymi), hopefully a fic for the halloween challenge, the epilogue and possibly a sequel for AKML. my motivation for this ‘verse is kind of going back and forth, but the overriding feeling is that i just don’t want to write anything but private auror graves and his crooning songbird boyfriend, to be honest! 

i’ve got a few fics i told people i would write that i started but haven’t yet finished. (still working on that 5+1 accidentally married one, for instance!) i started a pwp one shot that was inspired by wwii souvenir lingerie but so far it’s all build-up, no smut. i might finish that soon. maybe. i have a feeling it’ll end up shelved.

as mentioned at the beginning of this post, i really want to write some more ficlets and drabbles (as a challenge, and as a change) but, despite my ridiculously long list of ideas, i haven’t many that fit that smaller scope. help! haha.

oh. and i started notes for some kind of adventurer au i’ve been pondering for a while (inspired by indiana jones, the mummy and romancing the stone). basically, my ‘short list’ of fic i really want to write is…not so short. D:

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twenty one pilots / Indianapolis / April 19, 2014

“A Whole Year I Can’t Believe It! Are You Ready To Start The Party Bakura?”


“Then Let’s Go!”

((Let The Shenanigans Begin, Everybody Strap On Your Party Hats And Guard Your Snacks, We Have A Lot Of Pies, Cakes And Random Party Interactions Ahead Of Us :D Also Thanks To @deyogee For Colouring In The Party Announcement! <3))

You know, I see a few people including myself wondering where Louis is in all of this, and then I realized that he can’t be doing all these big gestures like harry is, not yet at least, but he HAS been doing things..wearing Harry’s shirt ALL DAY the day that Eleanor showed up for example, and then refusing to be publicly seen with her. that’s what he can do right now. she is still pretty clearly in the picture no matter how strained it is, so as long as she’s around, I wouldn’t expect Louis to be dropping massive hints the way harry is. WE can put two and two together pretty easily, but could you imagine how obvious it would be to everyone if Louis started acting the way harry is? I don’t think they’re quite there yet. I would expect it as time goes on though, but I feel like the process has just begun.