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Siren Danny in "Cool Sunsets"? (If the reblog was for us to send you prompts, that is)

It was to send me prompts, but I got sidetracked and took forever ;W;

(from this colour prompt by torddkin)

Winter was a little…rough on my Echeveria but everyone else is looking pretty good (featuring my new orchid, courtesy of my neighbor)


Spooky morning moon. It was hard to get a clear shot because a) I was trying to get better with the manual settings, b) it was already behind some clouds and stuff, and c) it was also slowly moving as I stood there. It was still pretty cool though.

Not far to the left from this picture, the sky was a yellowish colour because the sun is about to come up soon. I guess this explains where the moon was last night.

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Sinbad || Baal Djinn Equip


twenty one pilots / Indianapolis / April 19, 2014

“A Whole Year I Can’t Believe It! Are You Ready To Start The Party Bakura?”


“Then Let’s Go!”

((Let The Shenanigans Begin, Everybody Strap On Your Party Hats And Guard Your Snacks, We Have A Lot Of Pies, Cakes And Random Party Interactions Ahead Of Us :D Also Thanks To @deyogee For Colouring In The Party Announcement! <3))

You know, I see a few people including myself wondering where Louis is in all of this, and then I realized that he can’t be doing all these big gestures like harry is, not yet at least, but he HAS been doing things..wearing Harry’s shirt ALL DAY the day that Eleanor showed up for example, and then refusing to be publicly seen with her. that’s what he can do right now. she is still pretty clearly in the picture no matter how strained it is, so as long as she’s around, I wouldn’t expect Louis to be dropping massive hints the way harry is. WE can put two and two together pretty easily, but could you imagine how obvious it would be to everyone if Louis started acting the way harry is? I don’t think they’re quite there yet. I would expect it as time goes on though, but I feel like the process has just begun.

Art update

I mentioned a while ago I want to teach myself to draw and asked for advice (which a lot of people helped me with). 

So far I’ve only posted anything I’ve actually drawn on my side blog, but I thought it could be cool to do updates every three months on this blog (so 4 times a year) until I consider my art something I’d choose to post here.

Anyway, here’s the first thing I drew when I decided I want to do this:

I was trying to draw my V3 Miku figure…. and yeah, it’s terrible. Everything about it sucks. I know that now, and I knew that when I drew it.

So, after a month of progress, this is the first thing I drew on a tablet:

Again, it’s terrible. I was having a really hard time using a tablet as well. This is completely original art, though, so I consider it a fair amount of improvement from where I started.

Now this is two months of progess (and one month of using a tablet):

I actually wouldn’t say I was ‘terrible’ anymore at this pont. Still pretty bad though. I had drawn a lot of head + shoulder pictures, so I was getting better at that, and I was way more used to the tablet. However, this was pretty heavily based on other peoples art, so that’s the worst thing about it. And I had no idea how to draw bodies.

Now here’s where I’m at now; 3 months since I started and 2 months using a tablet:

I’m still far from good, but after spending the past month trying to learn atonomy from scratch I’ve gotten a lot better at that. Oh, and this one is 100% original as well; not based on anything else. I still need to get a lot better before I can consider myself good at all, but I’m definetly a ton better than I was three months ago. And I’m sure in another three months I’ll be even better.

So yeah, that’s three months so far. I’ll make another one of these in October.