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Norman Reedus Appreciation Week Day 1: Favorite Movie Role → Young Man in Dark Harbor (1998)

Your worst nightmare always seems so far away. Then, all of a sudden, there it is, like a monstrous tidal wave. You try to escape, but you can’t. You struggle and you struggle and you struggle, your desperate cries unheard. Then, something strange happens, you stop struggling. Your cries take flight. You forget you’re drowning.


My designs for the main Sister Location crew!
I’ve had this lying around for weeks and since I often use it as a reference for myself I thought it would be a good idea to finally finish and post it
Maybe somewhere in the future I’ll make an updated version with Lolbit and the little guys


Do people really tell Tara Strong this?

So I’m a little baffled.

Porgs are considered to be birds or bird-like. And yet they don’t have beaks.

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Platypuses (platypi, platypeople, whatever) are considered to be mammals. And yet they do have beaks: 

WHAT IS THIS WORLD THAT WE’RE LIVING IN?!!!!!!!! Where animal anatomy is all over the place?

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(Yes I’m aware porgs aren’t real, but still it’s kind of a mindfuck)

idk how someone can say hannigram isn’t a legit thing when bedelia legitimately asked will graham directly to his face if he ached for hannibal and will was left speechless at the utter realization that he sincerely does ache for hannibal. pay attention.

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Do you know any fics that chanyeol abuse baekhyun? Or kinda have forced sex in it?

!!!forewarning for abuse, noncon, dubcon themes!!! ^^,

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A little story about how we randomly met a Stucky shipper in a bar.

Listen, guys, listen to this!!
So me and divineaerilyn were in our usual pub today. And like an hour before we leave two guys suddenly at random come and sit with us. One of them a punk with a mohawk and other normal dude. At first we didn’t know what to expect since this doesn’t happen often but then we started talking about movies! And he goes:

Punk: “So you like Captain America”
We: “Hell yeah!”
Punk: “I don’t like him much.”
Us: “Booo!”
Punk: “He was all lost and running around with a shield, not knowing what to do at first.”
Us: -glaring- “Steve is awesome!”
Punk: “I am just Team Tony! Sorry!”
Us: “We are Team Bucky!”
Punk guy: “They way he was beating Cap at the end of the second movie……..he so banged Steve even before the war!!

And THAT floored us completely, we totally died because that RANDOM punk hetero guy suddenly became our friend and turned out a total shipper!!

His theory about the end of Civil War: “I can totally see it, the last scene: Bucky and Steve kissing sweetly, like in a fairy tale. And then Steve covering them with the shield. The end.”


and probably met our soulmate. end of a fucking mindfuck of the day. (also considering we went to see Ricki and the Flash earlier too…)


ESPN’s special Star Wars: The Evolution of the Lightsaber, via DailyMotion!

Spin the Bottle

A/N: This was posted soooo late but I did have a busy day, sorry!! I went to see Interstellar, too. Still mindfucked. Anyway, this has a little bit of all TFW but mostly has a specific pairing. ;) I hope I wrote this correctly. I’ve never played this game before.

Spin the Bottle // TFW x Reader ; Dean x Reader

Words: 2322

Warnings: It’s all just cute. That’s it. That’s all!

Request: imagine where tfw play spin the bottle and things get heated up between Dean and the reader?

– – – – – – – – –

Mist was what you’d been trying to see into for the past hour or so. It had settled in slowly but surely until it had encased your motel. You imagined yourself in some other dimension, the grey haze being the only thing to greet you if you wandered outdoors. It was way too dangerous to drive in; you couldn’t even see past the window.

“Looks like we’ll have to stay another night here,” you sighed, putting your hand against the frosty glass and turning towards Cas, Sam, and Dean. They were all lounging around the cramped motel room, minding their own business. “Hello? Did you hear me?”

“Yeah, we did, Captain Obvious,” Dean snorted, looking up from the deck of cards in his hands. “There’s nothing we can do so try not to complain.” He said it lightly, a smile teasing his lips, and he was looking back down at his cards again to avoid your hard gaze.

“But I’m so bored,” you groaned, slumping down onto one of the beds were Sam was seated, a book in his hands as he scribbled some notes down. “Come on, guys. Don’t let me die here.”

“Y/N, this is hardly dangerous enough to be your cause of death,” Cas said seriously, eyebrows furrowed together as he shifted around to look at you. He’d been busying himself by walking around the room, taking interest in all of the little knick knacks that were there, but now he was looking straight at you.

“Metaphor, dude,” Dean piped up before you could say anything. “Just a metaphor. Anyway, if you want to do something fun, I have an idea for a game we can play.”

You looked pointedly at his cheeky smirk and his deck of cards, instantly shaking your head. “If the word ‘strip’ is in front of your little game, it’s a no.”

Dean frowned and held his cards close to his chest, sounding indignant when he replied, “Not every card game has to be gross like that, Y/N. How about some regular poker? Or blackjack? Let me swindle you out of some money.”

“Well, we’re all broke here. But a game sounds like fun! Let’s think of some fun games to play,” you insisted, a bright smile lighting up your face. You leaned forward and rested your elbows on your knees, hands cupping your jaw as you thought hard on a good game to play.

“Why are we just ignoring my game requests?” Dean complained but you waved him off, turning to look at Sam.

“What do you think we should play?” you asked him, and he sighed heavily once he marked his place in his book and set it down so he could look at you.

“I really don’t know, Y/N. It’s up to you at this point because I’m all gamed out. We could play spin the bottle for all I care,” he scoffed, leaning back against the pillows as he relaxed.

That was it! And, judging from the way your eyes lit up, Sam knew he’d made a big mistake. You were determined now, though, and you couldn’t have thought of something more genius.

“We’re playing spin the bottle!” you declared and immediately hopped up to find some empty beer bottles that you knew were lying around. Only one had to do the trick and you quickly found one by one of the nightstands in the room, picking it up and waving it around like some sort of trophy.

Nobody else seemed to be as excited as you, though, and you frowned when you saw that they actually looked the opposite of excited. Dean and Sam were shaking their heads lightly and Cas looked more confused than anything else.

“Why would you want to spin an empty bottle?” he asked you curiously, genuinely confused about the point of it all, and you had to stifle a giggle as you walked into the center of the room.

“I’ll explain it if you play,” you bribed. It was enough to get Cas to join in, but now you had Sam and Dean to convince.

“I was joking when I said that, Y/N,” Sam said with a small grin, still resting on one of the beds and following you with his eyes. Dean was still sprawled out on one of the chairs, also unmoving, his hands shuffling his deck of cards over and over.

“Plus, it seems like a bad idea,” he agreed with Sam, brandishing an accusatory finger at you. “Let me remind you of just how slim the chances are of this being fun. No way in hell I’m playing this stupid game with my brother.”

Dean did have a point but you were too enthused in the idea to care.

“We’ll have limits and rules,” you assured him, already situating yourself on the floor with Cas. You placed the bottle in between the two of you and you were happy to see that Dean and Sam were bored enough to actually follow suit, both of them crossing their legs beneath them as they sat on either side of you.

“Ugh, this game was so cool way back when. Those blocked out middle school memories are coming back to me again. It’s like having war flashbacks,” Dean whined, giving you a little pout that made you laugh. He wasn’t completely wrong. Who played this game other than bored middle school students at a lame party?

Well…you guys, apparently.

“Shut up, Dean. Okay, Cas. You’re spinning first, got it? So you understand the basics of the game. Think of it as training,” you chirped, gesturing to the bottle for Cas to spin. He hesitantly grabbed onto it and looked at you with a slightly worried look on his face.

“Am I doing it right? I’m just supposed to…spin it?” he asked you and you nodded.

“The name of the game explains the whole thing, smart one,” Dean teased, giving Cas a gentle clap on the shoulder. “Let’s hope it doesn’t land on me or Sam because I don’t think either of us would like a kiss from a newbie player.”

“A kiss?” Cas repeated, eyes widening just the tiniest bit. He looked to you now, clearing his throat. “You’re supposed to kiss the person the bottle points to?”

You nodded vigorously and urged him on, watching as he reluctantly twirled the bottle around gently, so gently that it barely even did half a spin. It landed halfway between you and Sam.

“It’s for you,” he laughed, throwing his hands up in front of him in surrender. “I insist.”

You laughed with him and agreed, scooting forward and knocking the bottle out of the way to give Cas a casual smooch. It didn’t even last for more than a second but his entire face flooded with color and it made you grin.

Since you had been the designated kisser, it was your turn to spin. It spun in fast circles, earning a snarky remark from Dean about how strong your hand was, until it finally slowed down. Your heart raced when you saw it almost stop at Dean, but then it went just a little further, and it ended up on Cas.

“Hey, no! We need a rule for this. Can’t kiss twice in a row,” Dean declared, a little too loudly, and you and Sam shared a look of surprise.

“Okay…” Sam muttered, nudging your side gently. “Go ahead and spin again.”

You did just that until it landed on Sam himself, and he flashed you a bashful smile. You were about to lean in and plant one on him, but Dean had tugged you backwards instead of forwards, until you were basically leaning against him.

“Nope! Can’t spin twice in a row, either. My turn, yeah?” he suggested, his grin way too big to not be suspicious. You narrowed your eyes at him but huffed out an agreement; these were some shady rules he was putting out.

Dean spun carefully, deliberately, but the bottle spun out of control until it collided with your shins gently.

“Look, it landed on you!” Dean announced happily, about to lean in, but Cas cleared his throat and pointed to where the bottle was pointing. Sam.

“It seems like the bottle is pointing to Sam. That’s how it goes, right?” Cas interjected and you let out a loud laugh when you saw Sam and Dean’s faces pale.

“That’s it, I can’t be here for one more second,” Sam declared, standing up from his spot on the ground. The rest of you stood up and you whined for him to stay, but Sam shook his head.

“No way, Dean was right. Playing with him is weird,” he pressed.

“Alright,” you grumbled, but then gave him one of your sweetest smiles and pecked his cheek softly. You noticed the blush but he only tugged on a lock of your hair affectionately, heading to the bathroom.

“Nice try!” he called over his shoulder, shutting the door behind him. You could hear the sink running and the faint sound of Sam brushing his teeth, but nothing more.

“Alright, well, looks like no more spin the bottle,” you told the other two. Cas was fine, but Dean seemed heartbroken.

“What? Why?! Because Sam doesn’t want to play? Sam is a fun sucker, Y/N. We don’t need him to play with us!” he insisted and then pulled you back down to sit on the floor again.

“It’s getting late anyway, Dean,” you told him gently, watching Cas settle for watching some infomercials on the television.

“You’re a cheater,” Dean scoffed. “I never even got my kiss.”

You raised a brow at that, nodding towards the bathroom door where Sam was locked away. “It was pointing to Sam.”

“Maybe, but it touched you,” Dean muttered.

As nervous as you were, you leaned in when he least expected it, your lips barely brushing his in a gentle kiss before you pulled away from him quickly. A blush had overtaken your face as well Dean’s but the two of you were smiling like a bunch of idiots.

You didn’t move from your spot and resorted to looking down at your lap, but your eyes flitted back up when you saw Dean move from his position, sitting across from you now with the bottle in between the two of you.

In awe, you watched as he spun the bottle again. It didn’t point to you but instead to one of Sam’s boots not too far away, but that didn’t seem to matter to Dean.

“It’s in your general direction,” he tried to reason, but you were already inches from his face, your lips so close to his that it made him mumble his words. He captured your lips instantly after that, hands at your waist as you climbed into his lap. It was short but it made you breathless, and smiled when Dean broke the kiss to look at you and scan your reaction.

You pecked his lips a few more times as you caught your breath, sharing quiet giggles whenever your noses bumped together or lips landed together in a weird way, and you only pulled away when you heard Cas pipe up from the bed.

“I thought we weren’t playing anymore,” he murmured, bemused, and you ducked your head to hide your smile.

“We aren’t,” Dean confirmed. You could hear the smile in his voice.

Sam came out of the bathroom a few seconds after that so there was really no privacy at all and he shot you a goofy smile as he plopped down on the bed that Cas wasn’t occupying.

“Can we get goodnight kisses?” he teased you; it made you laugh, but Dean was stoic as he stood beside you.

“Hey, I think I left something in the car, can you come with me? I don’t want to go by myself with all that fog out there,” Dean mumbled to you, already making his way to the door. You followed silently after sticking your tongue out at Sam, gasping when he grabbed your wrist gently and pulled you to the Impala just a few feet away. It still took longer than you expected, you couldn’t even see that far ahead of you, could barely even see Dean, but once he’d found the Impala, you felt the familiar feel of the backseat under your touch when Dean pushed you inside.

“What did you forget?” you asked him, your breathing quick and your heart racing. You knew he didn’t leave anything in the car, you knew it far too well, but you wanted to hear it from his mouth.

The door slammed shut behind Dean as he situated himself next to you, grabbing your sides so you could throw your legs over his. All around you was that hazy mist, thick and dewy, but it did a good job at keeping reality at bay; it blurred around you and encased you in this little world that you and Dean were sharing now. It was just the two of you, just the way you wanted.

“I’ll show you what I forgot,” he chuckled, and his lips were on yours again, more urgent and intimate than the last time. You melted into the kiss and brought your hands to his shoulders, pressing him forward to feel him there, close to you.

“Still having war flashbacks?” you teased him between kisses, earning a laugh from Dean. He shook his head quietly as an answer, his lips trailing over your cheeks, jaw, and neck.

“This one good experience makes all the other times disappear. But I don’t want to do it again,” he murmured against your skin. You felt the rumbling of his laughter against your skin as well and arched into him when he pressed one final kiss to the spot right under your ear. Then he was back to your lips, overwhelming your senses once more. 


fuck me like my degenerate pulse doesn’t lie dormant as
your heart did the first time i kissed something
instead of your mouth.

like that impenetrable mind i threw silver dollars in
for hopes of getting back more than the
stale thoughts associated with your lips
and the relapse that happens when some-
one falls out of love with you and / let alone
/ admit it to you, refuses it themselves.

you make me flammable and intoxicated,
the kind where my insides turn to
sacred geometry
and this is why i could only fuck you
with drugs in my system.

last night i bent the trees outside into halos.
i wanted to believe something that takes 100 years to grow
is capable of knowing when to give up.

i am letting nature teach me to be human.

she is a passionate lover,
good in bed and still mindfucks me, too.
i am in constant awe of being inside these neurons
and all my poems are doing
is trying to get past the boundary of discourse
made by having language fuck better
than my hands or mouth ever could.

it gives me hope that i can start a poem with you
and end it on the consciousness
of letting go.


So I think all the vets this season with probably a lesser extent for Da have “Underdog syndrome” where in their respective seasons Frank, Nicole, and James were all underdogs and were targeted a lot. Nicole reacts so she can always be in the know because she was left out of the loop in S16. She doesn’t care who is targeted as long as she’s in with the group doing the targeting and her and Corey are safe. James thinks his power moves from S17 probably didn’t have an impact because he still got mindfucked by Vanessa so he just wants to go with the house. And Frank tried to have a social game this season which sucked but he tried more than S14. My problem with these returnees is they’re still living in their own seasons for whatever reason, they just think everything they did was wrong and that’s simply not the case. These returnees are their own worse enemies and their past seasons will be the downfall to their games.