still a little off kilter


I tend to go for roles that are a little different and a little off-kilter while still being accessible. It’s always been a thrill for me to sit down with a new script and immerse myself into the role. The downtime spent creating and crafting a character before the start of shooting is always rewarding.

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For the character meme: Levi

send me a character i’ve written & i’ll tell you the top 3 to 5 concepts i keep in mind while writing them. [meme]

  1. Ass goblin. Bitch ain’t hot. He’s got a short squat kind of face and lacks a defined chin and he looks like he hasn’t slept since the first pyramid was built. Other characters don’t think he’s hot, and in fact they find him pretty odd-looking, so if he draws stares in public it’s because he just…looks weird… Like at first they think he’s a teenager and then they get closer and he looks like he was alive to see the Crusades. They are confused. Bewildered. How many knives are hidden inside his eyebags? How long has he been 34?
  2. He has feelings but he’s really fucking bad at showing them in a conventional and easy-to-understand manner. Some of this is nature and a lot of it’s nurture but the kid started his life traumatized, basically, and even though you might think it’s something you end up desensitized to it’s…not? Especially when death is something that’s been a reoccurring part of his trauma since he was a little kid. It makes it hard for him to say things that the rest of us spit out every day to friends and partners. Even if Levi loves a person I don’t think he’d say it. BUT AT THE SAME TIME he’s not a bumbling idiot who stammers over speaking compliments and blushes sweetly. Imagine having feelings but not really understanding all of them: an unwanted, unnecessary tangle of emotion that serves to only make things more difficult; you can’t cut it out but you don’t really want to acknowledge it, either.
  3. The dude knows how to appeal to people like Hange and Erwin because he’s known them a long time and is, IMO, invested in their well-being. He’s also observant.
  4. Deadpan garbage bin humor. He’s not a comedian and he doesn’t pretend to be. He does, however, seem to seek, sometimes, to lighten the mood a little bit, and while it works on occasion, there are times it just…falls flat (mostly when other people can’t tell whether or not he’s being serious).
  5. Levi is human. There is some good in him. He’s probably aware of how different a person he would have turned out if things had gone differently for him but I don’t think he likes to consider it because, like a lot of us, when you’ve always acted/felt a certain way, it’s hard to want to actively be different: it doesn’t feel like being you. I won’t say he’s happy with the person he is, but he’s accepted the card he was dealt in life and seeks to use it, now, for the greater good. Still, his way of thinking is sometimes a little off-kilter and he’s more likely than most soldiers to consider strategies and ideas that are outside of the box (this is probably why he’s often working alongside Hange and her squad)(and why he gets along with Erwin). Even though he’s definitely in possession of some empathy, he is capable of setting it aside for a greater goal…which goes to show he’s pretty good at seeing all sides to a story and is most likely to pick the outcome that benefits the most people. That said, sometimes I think his feelings go to war with logic (the latter of which is his dominant mode of thinking) but it’s a rare case when feelings win.